Sensory Overload Ch. 05

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Her pulsed thumped in her ears as the security guard opened the door for her, shooting a displeasing grimace her way before gruffly escorting her into a drab, windowless room. If the designer of the mall had the cement bricks painted in attempt to make it look better, they’d failed miserably.

“Sit here,”

Not that Savannah really had that much of a choice. The female officer that Savannah knew as Theresa even though her tag read Evans, shoved her to a sitting position in a metal folding chair across from a desk that looked like it was taken from the set of a 1970’s porn classroom set. Not exactly what she thought of when she thought of a security guard’s office but she’d never really given the interior much thought. She’d spent more time thinking about the hot red head in front of her. Theresa really hadn’t said two words to her outside of “Have a nice day” as Savannah melded into the throng of mall walkers and shoppers. More than once Savannah had run into a bench or tripped over someone craning to get one last look at her. Xavier was right. It was time to do something about it. And she had. Which is why Theresa’s intoxicating green eyes were staring intently at her at this particular moment.

The scent of roses wafted into Savannah’s senses as Theresa sat across from her. They’d never been this close to each other before. Theresa’s light green eyes were simply intoxicating. More than once Savannah had fantasized about pulling Theresa’s hair out of her conservative French braid. She was willing to bet that it would frame her face in a fiery mass of thick curls.

“You’re a little old to be stealing a purse from a trendy store like that. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I… I just needed a present for my little sister’s birthday. And I lost my job,” her act wasn’t convincing enough, it did nothing to break Theresa’s stony expression.

“Whatever Princess. You can wish your little sister happy birthday from the inside of a jail cell,”

“You know I have to call the police right?” Theresa’s hand paused above the phone.

Savannah nodded glumly, “Yes ma’am. But what if I promised to cooperate?”

Theresa’s eyebrows raised, “Well now, if you were a model prisoner, maybe an agreement could be arranged,”

Excitement caused Savannah’s pulse to quicken, “I’ll be a good girl. I can’t afford to have a record,”

Theresa stood up, not taking her eyes off her captor as she rounded the desk, “Before I call the cops, I need to search you,” Gruffly pushing up Savannah’s shirt, she pushed the shirts over her breasts. Savannah’s inhale was staggered as Theresa’s hands slowly traveled up her stomach, fondling her breasts, “Gotta follow protocol,”

Theresa nodded, rolling Savannah’s nipples in between her forefinger and thumb. To give her easier access, she uncuffed Savannah in the front, encircling Ankara escort her hands around the back of the chair, cuffing her again.

“Wouldn’t want you to get away,”

Savannah had no intentions of going anywhere. With her securely detained, Theresa climbed on top of her, capturing her mouth with hers. As their tongues danced together, Theresa massaged her breasts. Moisture dampened Savannah’s panties their bodies grinded together. Taking her tongue in between her lips, Savannah sucked on Theresa’s tongue.

Moving her kisses downwards, Theresa sucked on her neck before settling on her breasts. She traced the outside of Savannah’s areola with her tongue, doing the same with her nipple before suckling on it. A moan escaped her lips as her head rolled back, resting on the back of the chair. The attention lavished on each breast was driving her wild. She tried to move her hips upwards, to show Theresa how excited she was getting, but Theresa wasn’t allowing it. Completely taking control, Theresa pinned her legs closed with her knees. Theresa continued to taunt her by grinding tightly against her. Kissing down her stomach, Theresa slid down her stomach to her knees.

With one fluid movement she had her legs pushed apart, “Spread ’em,” Theresa tightened her thong over her clit, sucking on it over the fabric. The new sensation sent her hormones into over drive. Moving the fabric out of the way, she entered one finger in her pussy as she kissed on the inside of her thighs. The feeling of Theresa’s tongue circling her soft tissue was like nothing she’d felt before. Confident and firm, yet passionate and kind. Theresa flicked her tongue over Savannah’s wet flesh, inserting a second finger into her.

“Oh damn,” her cry reverberated off the walls of the small office. She was a little louder than she intended to be, but it wasn’t something she could help. The abuse her pussy was being given was almost too much. Just as her muscles began to clench, Theresa stood up. A whimper of frustration eked out of her throat, but Theresa ignored her. Standing up, Theresa pulled her hair out hr braid, shaking her hair loose, giving Savannah the visual she knew she’d have. Unbuttoning her pants, she leaned back on her desk, “So you didn’t try to steal anything else. And you’re not concealing any weapons. But I still have to call the cops. Lucky for you,” she paused long enough to push her slacks off her hips, hooking her soft pink tanga in her thumbs. She slid them down her body, revealing a shaven pussy. For effect, she spread her legs a little bit, “I take bribes,”

Savannah had a hard time standing up so Theresa helped her transition to her knees. Waiting until Theresa was leaned back against the desk, Savannah’s tongue trailed along one lip and then the other before snaking in between her flesh and tickling her captor’s clitoris. Theresa Ankara escort bayan spread her legs as wide as she could to help Savannah since she didn’t have the aide of her hands. Theresa’s juices tasted sweet on her taste buds, something she’d wondered about every time she’d been into the store. The fact that this was actually a reality was enough to drive her crazy. Theresa’s moans filled her room as Savannah’s excitement showed through her actions. She flattened her tongue, sliding it in and out of her, scooting forward on her knees to get a better angle. Her hair was being yanked out of its pony tail. Theresa tangled her hand in her hair, holding her head in place. Savannah held her head still, her tongue still out while Theresa bucked her hips against her mouth.

Theresa’s moans were turning to soft whimpers. The curls between Savannah’s legs were slick with her own juices. She was amazed by how she was reacting to what she was doing to Theresa. Theresa was close, Savannah could literally taste it, but Theresa stopped it before she went any farther.

Theresa helped her to her feet, “Have you learned you’re lesson?”

Savannah smirked at her, “Nope. I’d do it again,”

“Insolent little bitch!” Theresa spat. Knocking things off her desk, Theresa forced Savannah to bend over her desk. “I guess I’m going to have to teach you a lesson the old fashion way,” without warning Theresa’s hand landed on Savannah’s bare ass cheek sending painful waves of pleasure through her body. The cool metal of the desk pressed against Savannah’s cheek and bare stomach as she laid there helpless. When Theresa spanked her again, she tried to wail in pain, but failed. There was no way she could pretend like she didn’t like it.

Theresa walked around to the front of her desk, opening it, “Keep your head down!” she ordered when Savannah tried to look up to see what was going on. She was quiet for a little bit, causing Savannah to wonder what was going on. Theresa grabbed her hair from behind, “You know what I do to bad little bitches like you?”

“What?” she whimpered, her pussy ready to find out.

“I punish them,” shoving her head back down, she pushed Savannah’s legs apart. Savannah looked back to see straps around Theresa’s thighs. With one firm pump, Theresa’s strap on was inside her. A gasp of surprise leapt out of her throat. Even though she was feeling it and seeing it, she still couldn’t believe it. Even Savannah’s dreams hadn’t been this vivid. Theresa grabbed the hand cuffs for balance, pulling Savannah’s body back on the plastic dick. The ridges of it moved against Savannah’s insides causing her to gasp and moan.

“That’s it bitch, take it!” Theresa’s hand came crashing down on her ass again. Savannah’s ass jutted upwards, wanting more. She moved as much as she could, her clit rubbing slightly on the desk. She Escort Ankara heard the chair slide against the floor. Looking back, Theresa had her leg up on the chair to change the angel that Savannah was being penetrated.

“More,” she gasped. Her hormones were being overloaded and she was loving every minute of it.

“Oh, I’ll give you more,” Theresa put her on her back, draping Savannah’s legs over her shoulders. Entering her again, Savannah’s head rolled back as their hips created their own beat. Theresa pushed her lips out of the way, using her thumb to massage Savannah’s clit. From this angle she had more control of her movement. She shoved her hips upwards, causing the contraption to push against Theresa’s pussy. Savannah could see the repercussions of this action in Theresa’s eyes. Her mouth stopped and her body took over. Savannah’s legs slid around her waist, pulling her to her. Theresa pushed her back more on the desk so they were on it together. Her arms were still pinned behind her at the small of her back. Theresa was above her still on her knees to take up the slack. Their tongues melding together, Savannah kept her legs wrapped around Theresa’s waist keeping them connected. Savannah’s kisses traveled from her lips to her cheek. She nibbled on Theresa’s ear, kissing at tender spots on her neck.

“Fuck me. I’ve been a bad girl,”

Theresa drove into her so hard that a shiver of pain rocketed through her. Encouraging her, Savannah locked her lips on her neck, wanting, needing more abuse. Savannah’s hips bucked upwards and locked around her not wanting to move. She tightened her pussy muscles around the fake cock, crying out as Theresa brought her to a strong orgasm. Her eyes shot open long enough to see the same look of ecstasy in Theresa’s eyes. Bringing her to orgasm caused Savannah’s blood to pulse harder, her muscles spasming against the object in her pussy. Theresa helped prolong it, bucking in and out of her like a missile as she enjoyed her own roller coaster of pleasure. Due to the constant stimulus, another orgasm hit her, causing her body to seizure underneath Theresa’s body. She closed her eyes enjoying the small bursts of color exploding against the black.

Counting to ten she worked on bring her breath back down to normal. She didn’t really want to open her eyes incase what just happen was a dream. Carefully opening one eye and then the other, Theresa was looking at her.

“So do you think you learned your lesson?” her tone was normal now. Savannah giggled, sitting up so Theresa could uncuff her.

“Well, I’m a slow learner, but yeah, I think I got it this time,”

The room was silent as the hand cuffs clinked open, “That’s too bad,” Theresa sounded disappointed.

There were angry red rings around her wrists, with a few superficial scrapes where they’d gotten a little rough. Xavier was going to be upset that they didn’t set up a video tape.

“I was hoping I’d need to set up a rehabilitation program with you,”

A wicked smile flickered across Savannah’s lips. Who ever said crime doesn’t pay was a damn liar.

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