Sergeant Sebastian

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He stood six foot one with a barrel chest. In his uniform short sleeves, she could see his muscular arms. She figured even with both her hands she could not encircle his flexed, muscular upper arm.* Oh my, * she groaned in frustration and thoughts of lustful ideas of getting to know him biblically.

His look of authority was over powering her inner needs. His voice was deep, strong and alluring. How the sight of this uniformed cop gave her a tummy full of butterflies. Then she realized how wet she was becoming.

* Please let me serve you. Please be a Dom that can Master me! Calm down. Just calm down, he is just doing his job, * ran through her head, over and over again.

“Miss, I’ll let you off this time. Next time, watch that you don’t ride on the shoulder, again. You almost hit that truck back there,” the tall sergeant said as he handed back her car registration and driver’s license.

“Thank you. I’ll do that,” she said with a smile as she watched him walk away from her car.* Oh my. What a cute butt in those tight pants. Mmmmmmmm * she thought as he mounted his cycle. “Oh come mount me instead of that cycle,” she spoke as she turned the motor over. She kept an eye on him as she pulled away from the curb, until he was out of sight. “Oh, I would like to get to know him a lot better,” she said to herself as she drove off feeling the lustful needs stirring her belly.

Sgt. Sebastian shook his head as he watched the car pull away. He took out his notepad and wrote down her name and address, along with the license plate number.* When I get back to station later, I’ll look up her record and her phone number. Yes, I will have you Missy. You will be mine, *he thought to himself after hearing her comment about him mounting her. He put the notepad back into his pocket and headed down the road once again.


A couple of days later, Sheronda was laying on her bed watching television when the phone rang. “Hello,” she answered.

“Hello, Sheronda. How are you this evening?” said the deep male voice on the phone.

“I’m doing fine, thanks. Who are you?” she asked puzzled.

“Sgt. Sebastian, the officer that stopped you the other evening,” he reminded her.

The voice was deep, sexy and stirred her nerves. “Sgt. Sebastian? Do I know a Sgt. Sebastian? I don’t recall,” she teased.

“I let you go a couple of nights ago. You were driving recklessly, and I saved you a ticket plus a lot more trouble. Now you have to pay for my letting you go,” he said with a laugh in his voice.

“Oh really . . . How did you get my phone number?” she asked, a bit amused.

He laughed heartily. “Being a cop, it’s not that hard to find out what you want to know about someone. After all, I had your address, name and license plate number,” he said rather sweetly.

“That is true, so true,” she cooed into the phone as she rolled on to her tummy. “What kind of payment are we talking about?”

“Dinner and dancing Saturday night,” he told her.

“Hmmm, that’s a reasonable price. But first, are you married?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Everything . . . I don’t date married men. How old are you?” she wanted to know everything about him.

“This sounds like the third degree to me,” he teased in an authoritative manner.

“In a way it is. You have all the facts about me; it’s only fair I have the same information to make a decision on,” she said, with sarcasm in her voice.

“I’m fifty-two years old, stand six foot one inches tall and I’m a widower. My wife died several years ago from cancer. The rest you’ll have to find out on our date.”

“Sorry to hear that. About your wife, I mean.”

“Thank you,” he said. He heard concern and caring in her voice.* Can she be for real? * He wondered.

“How about we meet about seven for dinner?” she suggested.

“Just a second,” he checked his palm pilot, “seven would be good. I’ll pick you up around then.”

“I prefer you didn’t pick me up. Why don’t we meet at Piazza Italy? I don’t live alone,” she advised him.

“That’s not a problem for me. All right, then, I’ll meet you at seven outside of Piazza Italy.” They continued to discuss the details of the meeting and what they would be wearing on Saturday.

After they hung up the phone, she lay back on her bed and smiled. She remembered the cop from the other evening; tall, touch of gray at his temples, striking eyes. And his voice was powerful, aggressive, and sexy. She rolled over and started to daydream about the motorcycle cop with the will built body.


Since it was Saturday she slept until noon before she got up to take a hot shower. Once in the shower, she let the hot water beat down on her sore neck and stiff back muscles while shampooing her hair. Slowly her mind drifted to thoughts of what the night would bring. He was the fabulously tall dark stranger every girl dreamt about.

Would he hold cevizli escort her in his arms tightly when they went dancing? Oh yes, to have his strong arms around her. The sheer thought of her body rubbing up against his on the dance floor got her aroused. She wanted his hands to roam up and down her back and, with luck, down over her tushi. Maybe he would pinch it. Her hand reached back to touch the spot where she imaged he pinched her. She could have sworn, for a moment her cheek felt sore.

After her shower, she put on a terry-cloth robe and headed down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. She was alone at the moment since her roommate was at work. As she waited for some biscuits to finish cooking in the toaster oven, she combed her hair and started setting it. After taking the biscuits out, she placed them on the table to cool. She drank a cup of herbal tea with the biscuits as she continued to set her hair.

The afternoon flew by as she cleaned the house and got dressed for the evening. Not knowing this man well, she went through her closet looking for something that was pretty, sexy and at the same time showed off her deep cleavage. She wished she knew what his favorite color was to help her dress.

Since he was a man, she considered what most of the dominant men on the Internet and those who came to the house all said,’Black is sexy.’ She pulled out her black lacy panties that displayed the bottom edge of her tushi. She put on the matching sheer black lace bra trimmed with red roses. Next she had to decide between pantyhose or thigh-highs. Since she could not find black pantyhose, she went with the black stockings and garter belt that had matching red roses trimming the bottom of the belt. Sitting on the edge of the chair she carefully pulled on her first stocking and then the other, before attaching each to the garter belt.

As she surveyed herself in the mirror, she saw the reflection of Master Bryon leaning against the door jam.

“Very nice . . . You must have a hot date tonight? You should put on four-inch black heels to go with that outfit. Yes, that would make you very appealing that way,” he stated as his eyes inspected every inch of her body.

“It’s a good thing Sabrina’s your lady and not me,” Sheronda said turning to the closet to get her two-inch, black wedge heeled shoes.

“Who is this guy you are going out with?” He demanded to know.

She ignored him and his question. With time, she had gotten use to this bastard watching her from the door jam. Early in his relationship with Sabrina, she had tried to toss him out; it only resulted in Sabrina getting beaten up. Finally, she decided to just let the jerk watch, if he got off at watching her, so be it. From time to time, she did succeed in closing and locking the door, but tonight she was in the mood to show off a little.

Sheronda pulled out her black two-piece outfit. The skirt was trimmed with giraffes at the side slit. The blouse buttoned down the front with a nice giraffe print around the bottom. It could cover everything up or be open enough to show the curves of her breasts and accenting her plunging cleavage. She buttoned the blouse all the way up as Master Bryon watched.

“You should leave the top four buttons open. Show off those delicious tits,” he said with a wicked smile.

“Like I said, you’re not my Master, so I don’t have to listen to your suggestions,” she stated as she turned the lights off to leave the room.

He grabbed her arm, “One of these days bitch, I will have you at my mercy.”

“Only in your dreams, you bastard . . . now let me go. Why don’t you go keep an eye your lady, Sabrina,” she said with a very determined look in her eyes. As she left the house, she took a leather jacket with her in case the evening turned chilly. October was a month known for having nice warm days and cool nights. “Night, Sabrina, see you when I get home,” Sheronda shouted to her roommate.

“Have a great time, Sheronda. And I want all the details tomorrow,” Sabrina called after her at the door as she watched Sheronda get into her car.

“After you get the details, you will tell me everything she says,” Master Bryon ordered Sabrina with his hand on her arm.

“Yes, Sir . . . I’ll tell you everything she tells me,” Sabrina said as she turned to look him in his determined eyes.

“Where is she going for dinner this time?” he demanded to know.

“Piazza Italy by the theaters is all I know,” she informed quietly.

“Go put on something black for dinner. I want to see half your tits exposed,” Master Bryon ordered Sabrina pushing her towards the staircase.

“Yes, Sir,” she went upstairs to get the black outfit she knew her Master liked to see her in.


Sheronda drove to the mall listening to a romantic love story playing on the CD player. The ride was a short one for her, so she got there before him. She reached over to her erenköy escort cell phone to make sure it was on, in case he had to call at the last minute. She took out a diet soda she had with her, and sipped it, watching for him to arrive. In just a few minutes, she saw him walking over to the benches in a casual suit.

“Oh my . . . He is even more handsome then I saw in the dark.” She closed the bottle of soda, grabbed her handbag and got out of the car.

As she closed the door, her nerves decided it was time to make her a little jumpy. She walked over to him at a quick pace. “Evening,” was her greeting with a big welcoming smile.

“Good evening to you. You were looking very sexy getting out of your car,” Sebastian said as his fingers softy touched her throat down to her cleavage through opening of her blouse.* A very lovely view, * he thought to himself.

“You are quite dashing yourself in that suit,” she said as she touched his cheek.

“Shall we go in?” he said as he put an arm around her waist.

“Yes, let’s,” she agreed, walking shakily by his side. She felt power from him that she never felt before.* Could he be the one? Will I finally find what Sabrina has now? *ran through her mind.

They were seated immediately upon entering the restaurant. He was looking at the menu to see what he wanted; when he realized she had not even touched hers.

“Something wrong?” he asked, wanting to know. He had never seen someone go to a restaurant and not look at the menu before.

“No . . . not at all . . . I know what I want, an individual veggie pizza with a diet soda,” she said looking deep into his sparkling blue eyes.

“I gather you have been here before. I prefer the three cheese pizza, myself. How about something harder to drink with that?” he closed his menu with a chuckled.

“Hmmmm, I’m not a drinker but I wouldn’t mind the alcohol free Piña Coloda.”

As the waiter came to take their order, the seating hostess put Master Bryon and Sabrina at the next table. Master Bryon stared at Sheronda with a wicked smile at how low down her blouse was unbuttoned now.

Sheronda saw him staring and gave him a dirty look.

“Sheronda are you okay?” Sebastian asked as he touched her right hand.

“Sure I’m fine. Something just caught my eye,” she said squeezing his fingers.

“Anything interesting?” he asked with apprehension.

“Not at all,” she said reaching over with her other hand to touch his. “How was your day?”

“The usual for me . . . I was put on a task force to run a few raids in the next couple of weeks. Other than that, you’re the only new thing I’ve seen all day,” he responded as his thumb caressed the back of her hand.

His smile made her melt inside. “Really?” her voice squeaked as the drinks were put down in front of them.

The voice of Master Bryon caught Sebastian’s ear when he placed his dinner order. After the waiter left he turned toward their table. “Bryon old buddy, how have you been?”

Sheronda’s heart skipped a beat and the color drained from her face.* Oh my God, he knows this bastard. DAMN, * she thought to herself. She was pulled out of her own thoughts as Master Bryon’s words caught her attention.

“Yes, I do, Sheronda is my slut’s roommate.” The word slut made Sheronda look at her date with a strange look passing over his face. His next words made her gag on her drink.

“You know Master Bryon?” his tone was firm and commanding.

She finally swallowed. “Yes. He’s been hanging around for the past year or so,” Sheronda tried to sound casual about it. But the look on Master Bryon’s face told her he had her trapped at last.

Sheronda wanted to say something to her friend Sabrina. But she knew that Sabrina would not defy her Master. Sabrina knew he had been trying to get Sheronda at his mercy for the past few months. And she was being forced to help him. “No wonder you didn’t want me to pick you up this evening,” Sebastian said with a hearty laugh.

“That’s not it at all. We just met and I don’t know how far I could trust you. It’s for my own safety. Plus, if I didn’t like you or you made a move I didn’t like, I could get in my own car to leave. It’s a safety thing. Besides, as a cop, you should agree with my precautions,” she said with her back up. She knew she had him because she saw a professional look come over him for just a moment.

“You’re right on that point. Point well taken, don’t you agree, Bryon?” Sebastian asked his friend.

“Of course, I do. Of course,” he coughed to clear his throat.

* One score for Sheronda and one for Bryon, * she thought with a victory that made her eyes blaze just for a moment.

Master Bryon was just warming up and before the evening was over, he planned to have Sheronda on her knees giving him head as his slave. Next thing he wanted her to learn was she was nothing when it came to two masters having a conversation together. His lesson esenyurt escort involved ignoring Sheronda altogether, and just talking to Sebastian. He hoped this would make Sheronda learn her place.

The food was delivered. “Mmmmm the pizza smells good,” said Sheronda.

“Yes, it does. Can’t understand why someone wants to put all those vegetables on a pizza,” Sebastian said, picking up a slice of his pizza.

“Because it’s tasty this way . . . Want to try a bite?” Sheronda asked with a sideways glance and crooked smile.

Sebastian took the offered piece right in his mouth. “Mmmmm, that is good. Don’t know which taste better, the pizza or your fingers?” he said after his teeth scraped the back of her fingers.

“Perhaps it was the combination of both,” Sheronda smiled invitingly at Sebastian. His teeth made her feel weak. A longing started to grow inside of her, making her feel a little light headed from his teeth brushing against her fingers.

“Could be, could be,” he kissed the palm of her hand.

* Oh my, * she thought. The butterflies were now in full flight in her tummy. Her tummy started to do flip flops at the touch of Sebastian fingers on the outside of her lips. The feelings sent waves of needs to her center of nerves.

Sebastian picked up a piece of his pizza to feed to her. She took a small bite of just to the tip of the slice missing his finger. “That was okay, but I only taste one of the cheeses. I’ll need another bite to see if I can taste the other two.” She pushed her plate out of the way as she leaned forward to take a larger bite of the pizza and his fingers. “Mmmm, a little tastier than a plain cheese pizza,” she smiled wickedly at him. She felt herself sway from the feelings of wanting this man so much.

He laughed as she sat back. They both began to eat their own pizzas while Sabrina started to feed her Master. Bryon and Sebastian started talking which gave Sabrina time to eat her warm veggie pizza. She was used to her food getting cold. She felt great having eaten so much. She knew what her Master was trying to do, but she knew Sebastian well enough from their encounters the battle lines were now being drawn. Who the victor would be was unknown to her. Only time would tell.

“How do you know Bryon?” Sheronda asked Sebastian between bites. Her toes found their way to his pants leg, to tease him.

“We belong to some of the same Dom clubs. I’m surprised Sabrina hasn’t mentioned my name before?” Sebastian replied. He was delighted at her touch; this was indication that she was interested in getting to know him better.

“Not likely with Bryon. Asking her questions and getting answers is almost impossible at times. All I ever get is, ‘Not unless Master lets me answer that.’ End of conversation, move on to another subject I know is safe. But I got the hint. You live by the Master’s rules when you choose to be in a twenty-four – seven relationship.” She saw that Bryon’s eyes were ablaze now.

“Well, you know some of the facts and rules. Since the subject has been opened up, I’m a Dom looking for the right submissive lady,” Sebastian said with hopefulness in his heart.

“Really? Seems we both have been searching for the right mate. I’ve been looking for the right Dom myself. But I don’t want a twenty-four – seven relationship like theirs. I would prefer a well-rounded one,” she said looking deep into his deep sexy blue eyes. She felt herself getting wet from the way he was looking at her. Her insides were melting.

“Perhaps we can go somewhere and discuss it in private?” he looked into her blue eyes, seeing desire there, as he touched her hand.

“I would like that,” now she just wanted to jump in his lap and kiss him.

* Two points for Sheronda and one for Master Bryon, * she thought as Sebastian paid their dinner check.


Sebastian and Sheronda walked, holding hands, towards the theater entrance. They read the list of movies playing and decided not to go in. There was nothing playing that either of them wanted to see.

“Since its still early, how about renting a movie and going back to my place,” Sebastian proposed.

She hesitated for only a moment. “Sure. I can follow you in my car.”

They went to their own cars, which were rather close to each other. Sebastian led the way in his car. The drive was not long before he pulled into a parking space at a strip mall where the video store was. Sheronda pulled into the space right beside his car. As she stepped out of the car, she felt a strong warm hand take hold of hers. This sent a shock of electricity through her. She needed his strength to stand up because her knees felt weak from his mere touch. A wonderful feeling of impending delight washed over her mind,* Are you him * she wondered.

They walked hand in hand into the video store and looked around. The movie they picked was “The Bone Collector” staring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

“I like a good mystery movie and both the stars should make it good,” she said as she carried the new movie.

“I like both of them as well. It should be worth it. Want some popcorn to go with the movie?” he asked heading to the popcorn area of the store.

“Popcorn, sure, popcorn always goes great with a movie. Do you have diet soda at your place?” she wanted to know.

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