Sex Buddies

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“What the fuck are you doing?” I bellowed. Cheryl stopped bouncing on the guy’s cock and looked at me. I thought she would be afraid and start covering up but when she saw my face she continued riding the guy.

“I’m fucking Chad here,” she said. “Got a problem with that?”

I just stared at her with disgust and shock. My girlfriend of one year was fucking another guy and she didn’t even seem scared that I had caught her.

I noticed that she had cum on her face and lips and Chad was fucking Cheryl with out a condom. She made me wear a rubber every time we had sex and she never let me cum in her mouth.

Chad seemed scared. She tried pushing Cheryl off but she refused.

“Don’t worry babe, it’s just my boyfriend,” she said. “Just keep fucking me, I’m going to cum. Blow your load inside me. Shoot that fucking load in me like you did last time.”

I was so angry and devastated at the same time. Not only was she fucking him, she let him cum in her, something she never let me do. I froze for a second then gathered my things and walked away. I wanted to surprise her in her dorm room. We hadn’t seen each other all weekend as I had soccer match to play in another school. We lost for the first time this season and I got a red card. It was a horrible weekend and now my girlfriend, whom I was in love with, was banging another guy and she didn’t even care.

I walked away from the rooms then to my apartment. I changed into running shorts and an old gym t-shirt. I took a run. I ran for an hour and the sound of my panting and blood pumping through my head helped to clear my mind. I was so pissed off. How the fuck could she do that?”

I ran for another half an hour and for the last 100m I sprinted as fast as I could. I had good stamina as I played as an attacking midfielder on the team. I used to hate to jog but once I made it to college soccer, I decided it would be better for me to improve my fitness. Soon I learnt to like it.

I went back to my apartment took a shower and got a call from my friend Mike. He was a fellow soccer player.

“Dude, there’s this party just outside campus, you’ve got to come,” Mike said excitedly.

“Nah,” I said. I was so used to turning down parties, just because Cheryl was a jealous girl. She didn’t like me going to parties and it was a habit to turn down offers. I then remembered that she was a whore and that I broke up with her and I decided to go.

“Jake, dude, there’s like a ton of hot girls. I know your prude of a girlfriend doesn’t want you to go but I need you as a wingman,” he pleaded.

“Sure dude, I’ll be there in 5 minutes,” I said. I was single now. There was no need to care about Cheryl.

I met Mike outside this apartment 5 storey building. The roof top was bright and the music was blaring loudly and I could hear it from on the streets.

“Dude I promise I won’t tell Cheryl that you came here with me,” Mike told me as we got to the party.

“Tell her,” I said. “I broke up with the bitch.”

“Serious?” he said. My friends didn’t like her but I knew they put up with her because of me. “What the fuck happened?”

I sighed. “I caught her fucking some other guy. Turns out she’s been fucking him for awhile now.” I explained to him what I saw.

“Whoa. Turns out she’s not so uptight after all,” he said sort of amused. “Well to hell with her. It’s not so bad being single. Look at all the chicks here you can choose from.”

I had to agree, being single wouldn’t be so bad. The girls here were hot. I was a sophomore and Mike was a junior. I was the youngest on the team, making varsity last year. Most of the girls here were juniors and seniors.

“Dude, chicks like younger guys,” he said. “And they like guys who play sports like us.” He was grinning as he finished his shot of vodka. A hot blonde girl walked by. She had nice legs and big breasts covered by a tight low cut top.

“Hey baby,” Mike said winking. She looked at him and gave him a disgusted look and walked off. I had to laugh. Mike was always talking about getting laid but seeing him get rejected was hilarious.

“Doesn’t matter,” he said. “She’ll be back.”

Being his so called Bro, I had to help him pick up chicks. I was good at being a wingman. I’m not good at picking up girls though, unless I know their really interested in me. There were a few but they weren’t my type. Some were flirty with me knowing that I was on the team and just like Mike said, younger than them. They were however quite drunk and I wasn’t into that. I didn’t like taking advantage of girls.

Eventually this blonde girl that was equally as hot as the first one we saw pulled Mike out of the party. They made out in the corner and I lost him.

I sat at on the ledge alone with my Jack and Coke. The city lights were visible from here and it looked nice. I was depressed and my drink was my friend. I think the sour look on my face had sort of scared off a lot of girls but I wasn’t in the mood right now.

After awhile this junior sat next to me. I recognized her as one beylikdüzü escort of the students in my faculty. I was an Art student. I could paint and all that other stuff but I loved photography. I wanted to be a professional photographer and have my own gallery.

This girl had raven hair that barely touched her shoulders. Her eyes were sapphire blue and her lips were painted red. She had thick eyeliner around her blue eyes. She wore a white Zeppelin t-shirt and a plaid skirt with black boots. Her hair, lips and eyes were intensified against her pale skin. She was about my height at 5 ft 10. She had a voluptuous body and her tits were ample and firm. The t-shirt was tight and it really showed off her curves. Her right arm was tattooed from shoulder to waist in colorful Japanese art. She also had a lip ring.

“Hey you’re that soccer guy that got that red card over that fight the other day right?” she asked. I had gotten booked twice, once for a bad tackle and another for fighting with the referee because he didn’t even give the tackler a card.

“Fuck,” I said. I already got yelled at by my coach. Now everyone’s going to know me for that sole purpose. I got sent off early in the match and I didn’t even get to watch the game. My absence reduced our team strength and we lost.

She just laughed. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I think that asshole deserved it. He tackled you from the back. That’s illegal right?”

“Yes. That’s what I told my coach,” I said. “The bastard wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Well Coach Murray would listen to you if you had tits and a pussy and offer him a blowjob,” she said grinning. I laughed. My coach was famous for flirting with the college girls especially the cheerleaders.

“I’m Liz by the way,” she said.

“Jake,” I said. “You here alone?”

“Nah,” she said. “I came here with a friend. She’s probably getting laid right now. Lucky bitch.”

I was kind of surprised by her bluntness but shook it off.

“You’re an Art student right?” she asked. I nodded. She smiled. “Thought I saw you somewhere. Which class?”

“I’m a sophomore,” I said. She looked amused.

“Ah, so you’re still a kid huh?” she joked. I ignored her. We talked about other stuff and I realized just like me she loved classic rock like Sabbath, Zeppelin and all those guys.

About half an hour later this girl stumbled over to us.

“Hey Liz,” she said. She was really hot. I recognized her as one of the cheerleaders. Her name was Megan. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. She had nice curves as well but was not as curvy as Liz. “Who’s your new boy toy?”

Liz just smiled. “This is Jake and he plays soccer.” Megan looked at me and grinned. She was really wasted.

“I know you,” she said. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while now.”

“Maybe next time sweetie,” Liz said hugging her. I was kind of worried and surprised at Megan’s behavior. She was usually such a nice girl and I never expected to see her drunk.

“What happened to you baby?” Liz asked, rubbing her hand on Megan’s waist. Liz’s hand slipped under Megan’s shirt but remained on her waist.

“I think I drank too much and I was making out with this guy and the next thing I know, I’m here without my panties,” she said. “It’s kind of cold but my pussy feels good. I’m so horny. Look.”

Megan lifted up her skirt and true enough, she had no underwear on. It was clear she was horny as well as her mound was shining with her juices. Her pussy was shaved except for a thin landing strip of blonde hair above the lips.

I stared briefly then looked away. Liz just laughed.

“Wow baby, you are horny,” Liz said. “Your pussy is so wet.”

The conversation between the two girls was making me horny and my erection was pushing against my jeans. Liz saw my bulge and winked at me.

Megan blabbered something and then tried to get another drink before stumbling. She fell on the floor and her skirt rode up, exposing her tight round ass. Liz slapped it and then covered her up.

“Wow she’s fucking drunk,” she said amused.

“Is she okay?” I asked, concerned. She nodded.

“Just needs to sleep it off. Say you look strong for a kid, can you help me take her home?”

I nodded. I felt bad for Megan. With ease I picked her up and we left. Mike was no where to be seen so I left him a text saying I was leaving.

We walked a few blocks with Megan sleeping in my arms. Liz and I talked about music and art until we reached her apartment.

“Just put her on the couch,” she said. She grabbed a bucket and put in on the floor next to her head. “Don’t want her puking on her bed.”

I nodded. “Hey you want a drink?” Liz asked. I saw that it was still early so I nodded and she brought a bottle of bourbon. There was a quarter left. We talked and slowly drank it.

“So I see you’re kind of depressed,” she said. “What’s the problem?”

Liz had changed to cutoff shorts and an old t-shirt. She sat on the couch with her legs up. I couldn’t beyoğlu escort help but notice how long and sexy they were. Her lip ring was gone too and her make up wiped off. Her intense look was gone and she looked really pretty.

“I caught my girlfriend cheating on me,” I said. I was a bit tipsy so I felt brave enough to tell this stranger what happened.

“Well that sucks,” she said simply. “Well from how you describe her, she sounds like a total bitch.”

“I guess,” I said swishing the drink in my glass to form a mini whirlpool. We didn’t talk about it anymore.

Megan stirred and mumbled something.

“She’s going to be okay right?” I asked.

“Don’t worry kid.” Liz reassured. “She’ll be fine although I want to know who that guy who took her panties is. I might want to meet him.”

“Do you guys go to parties to get laid or something?” I asked curiously.

“Yup,” she said. “But for the past few months I’ve been busy or the guys I meet are assholes. I love sex but I don’t let any dickhead slip his prick in me.”

“So did you find someone tonight?” I asked, surprising myself with my question. She smirked.

“Are you offering?” she asked.

“What? Uh… N-no… I j-just…” I stammered and blushed.

She just grinned. “Well too bad. I would have said yes. I’ve always wanted to fuck a guy younger than me.”

“What?” I said surprised.

Liz was grinning. She moved closer to me and placed her hand on my lap giving it a light squeeze.

“You know, I haven’t had sex in a while and for some reason you make me feel so horny.”

I gulped. I’ve only slept with Cheryl so I wasn’t used to girls hitting on me to this extent.

“Liz, I uh…” I began, but stopped as I was at a loss of words as she started kissing my neck.

Her hand slid from my thigh to the bulge that was forming in my jeans. She gave it a light squeeze and I shifted uncomfortably.

“This isn’t your first time right?” Liz asked. I shook my head. She grinned. “Well it seems like it.” She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me.

“Nice body,” she said, taking a second to admire me. Soccer had helped me maintain a trim build. I was still nervous. “Maybe this will help.”

Liz stood up and crossed her arms over each other to grab the hem of her t-shirt. She lifted it over her body and over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her breasts were already exposed with her pink nipples already hard.

Her breasts were round and she had an hour glass figure, her ass round and firm in her cutoff shorts. On her left waist, she had black shooting stars tattooed on that reached all the way to her lower back. On her right hip she had a girls name inked on in black cursive font.

“Megan has my name on her right hip too,” Liz said to me. I then realized that Megan was passed out on the couch with us and we were about to have sex.

“Should we go inside?” I asked nervously.

“Nah,” Liz said. “She’s dead drunk. Liz reached over to fondle Megan’s breasts. She pinched her ass but the blonde girl didn’t move. “See.”

Liz then unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and shook her hips in a cute sexy dance to shake off her bottoms. It dropped to the floor where she kicked it off. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and her creamy white thighs were toned. Her ass was round and firm and I just wanted to grab it and spank it.

Liz got on her knees and in between my legs.

“Let’s see what you’re made of kid,” she said grinning. I sat there both in shock and in excitement. The spontaneity of this girl was turning me on. Cheryl was never like this. Usually sex was in her bed with the lights dimmed down at most. Now I was going to fuck this hot girl I just met in her living room with another girl passed out next to me.

She didn’t even fumble with my belt buckle. Very swiftly, she quickly had my jeans and boxers down to my knees.

My cock sprung out and almost hit her face. She giggled. “My, my. What do we have her?”

Liz wrapped her hand around my shaft. Her skin was cool against my warm prick. I moaned at the soft touch of her expert hand as she slowly jacked me off, retracting the foreskin over the head to reveal my purple head.

“This is a nice cock,” she said. “I didn’t know little boys like you had big dicks.” I don’t think my cock was that big. It was certainly bigger than most guys. It was slightly over 7 inches and thicker than average.

“I hope you taste as good as you look,” she said. She licked my shaft from the base to the tip, cupping my balls at the same time. She pulled back the skin and licked the head, tasting my salty precum. She moaned with delight, satisfied by the taste.

Her hungry mouth engulfed the purple head and I felt her tongue flicking over the piss slit and the frenulum.

I couldn’t help but moan. I had only Cheryl to compare too. She wasn’t very willing, just a few licks and an occasional suck. This was outrageously pleasurable.

Her bizimkent escort tongue teased my prick. She knew how to suck cock. She controlled the suction and the pressure of her tongue and she knew when to stroke and how hard to grip my cock. She didn’t even leave out my balls. She kept licking them or cupping them, occasionally giving each nut a suck.

Liz’s blue eyes twinkled and were fixed on me as she gave me the best blowjob ever. She looked really pretty, even with a cock in her mouth. I reached down and stroked her face, caressing her pale cheeks. I loved how soft and silky her raven hair was.

Being inexperienced at receiving blowjobs, I tended to want to lose control. She sensed this and would take care of it. Sometimes she would stop and play with my balls or kiss my inner thighs. Other times she would lightly chew on the head of my prick with her lips, squeezing it so that I lost the urge to jizz.

While she sucked me, she reached down to play with herself. The sight was so erotic. After awhile she let go of my cock and I groaned.

“I have something better,” she said. She straddled my lap, throwing each glorious leg over mine so her shaved pussy was hovering over my cock. She lowered herself slowly and I felt the head of my member probing her wet hole. She was a bit more forceful and I felt my dick pop into pussy.

We both groaned loudly as I entered her. In a few seconds I was fully buried inside her, my pubes pressed against her smooth mound. She was a bit looser than Cheryl but she kept squeezing her vaginal muscles thus providing me with sexual bliss.

She didn’t waste time and started to lift her self up. In a minute she had gotten a steady rhythm and was bouncing on my dick. I had my hands on her hips just above her ass. I would occasionally squeeze and massage her ass. The feeling of fucking this girl bareback was almost too much. The nerve endings on my cock were on fire as it rubbed against her velvet smooth inner vaginal walls. She was wet and warm.

“Liz I can’t hold on,” I said, disappointedly. I expected her to tease me like she had the whole night but she surprised me.

“It’s okay,” she said softly. “Cum inside me. I want you to blow that huge load of yours in me.”

Cheryl never let me cum in her so this was my first time cumming in a pussy.

I held out as long as I could. I grabbed her right breast and then I felt my balls tightening before I started shooting my load into her. She felt it and moaned loudly.

“Yeah fucking shoot that load,” she yelled. “Yeah I didn’t know little boys like you can cum so much. Oh you’re filling me up with your hot cum. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

She was practically pounding herself on me. Her legs were strong and she was able to go fast. She leaned in and started grinding herself on me, her clit rubbing against my shaft.

I had already shot my load and because she was frantically fucking me, I remained hard. I took her bouncing breasts in my mouth.

“Yeah you little bastard!” she yelled. “Suck my tits. Suck my tits and fuck my pussy!”

She was screaming and for a minute I thought Megan would wake up and yell at us. Instead Megan rolled over and continued sleeping. Oddly it was kind of erotic to fuck in front of her.

Liz starting breathing funny then she screamed a string of swear words that made no sense. I felt my lap being soaked by her juices as she started exploding over me.

As she came, her legs were getting tired. I held onto her tightly and began to thrust upwards, matching her previous speed.

“Fuck me with that big cock!” she yelled. “Don’t fucking stop! Don’t fucking stop!”

I was slamming into her and then she ended her climax and collapsed on me. I slowed down and stopped.

She took less then a minute to recover. Her face was flushed and her paleness was replaced by a little bit of pink. Our bodies were covered in a thin layer of sweat and the room reeked of sex.

“What the hell are you doing?” Liz said. “You’re still hard and I want to cum again.”

I started slamming back into her. Then I pushed her off me.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I said almost growling. I was so horny now. Liz grinned.

I got off the couch and kneeled on it, her ass facing me. Her body was resting on the arm rest. Cheryl let me fuck her like this a few times. I must have came deep in her because I didn’t see my jism leaking out.

I got behind her and admired her round firm ass. I caressed it, rubbing her milky white thighs. I rubbed my prick along her ass crack, teasing her rosebud. She giggled.

“Maybe next time stud,” she said. Next time? I wanted to fuck her ass right now but decided to save it for later. Right now I had a tight little pussy to fuck.

I tried to find the hole but failed. Liz giggled and reached behind to grab my prick. She guided me into her.

“You’re such newbie,” she said. “You haven’t done his before huh?”

“Not like this,” I grunted as I started to penetrate into her.

“When did you lose your virginity?” she asked.

“Two months ago.”

She gave me this sly grin. “That girl of yours didn’t fuck you too well huh? Well let’s just count this as your first time.”

I placed my hands on her ass and hips to support myself and I began thrusting my hips, slamming into her. My pubic bone was slapping her juicy white ass and my balls slapped her tight pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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