Sex with my Ex

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Even though I will never go back with him and we were both seeing someone new, my body called for him. Craved his style of making love. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I called him. “What, do you want” he demanded over the phone.

“You,” was my simple answer. He took directions to my new place and came over in 10 minutes. I led him straight to my bedroom where we started the familiar process between us. I kissed him and my body sighed in relief, welcome and anticipation. My body moulded to his as it had done so many times over the years, hands greedily ran over each other’s bodies taking it all in for this one last time.

I savoured the taste and feel of his mouth moving over and in mine. Greedily drinking him in and wanting it all. I started to pull at his clothes, wanting him bare to my touch. We pulled away long enough to remove our remaining clothes and come back together touching, biting, licking as we moved to the bed. When we bumped against the bed, he turned and pushed me onto the bed and spread my legs. Holding my gaze he kissed his way down my body and tasted my pussy as only he could. Spreading my legs and atakent escort lips open and tasting every inch of exposed pink flesh. After he left me gasping and shaking he joined me on the bed, holding me close, kissing me, touching me to keep the edge of arousal present. When I could move again, I grasped his cock, milking it with my hand. When he got tired of me doing this, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed me facedown to meet his cock. My mouth started to water as I neared him. I started by licking him around the head my tongue dancing n it just the way he likes. I then suck his head in letting my lips, teeth and tongue drive into that frenzy. I then slowly start sucking in the length of him and he groans as the pressure shifts along his shaft and my tongue swirls around him, grasping him. As I pull him deep into my mouth, his feel his shaft begin to contract and pulse. He tries to pull me up but I grasp him and begin to suck and kiss his dick like I’m French kissing it and he quickly loses his battle against cumming and spurts into my waiting mouth. He pulls ataköy escort me up laughing, saying you’re going to pay for that.

I kiss him deeply and say I can’t wait to see how. He roughly turns me over and spreads my legs while holding me down between my shoulder blades. I feel his cock probing my pussy, pushing in a little and then pulling out. He then slams all 8.5 inches deep into me. Making me yell out in pleasure/pain and my pussy grips him tight while I start to leak more juices as he steadily pumps in and out of me with his full length. His groin slaps against me hard and forceful making my entire body quiver with anticipation of the next thrust. I begin to move with him and he groans his pleasure at what I’m doing. He moved his grip to my hips enjoying the way my ass moves as he slams into me.

I bury my face deep in the pillows. Screaming my pleasure into them as I feel as if he’s splitting me in two. I ease myself off his dick and push him to lie down on the bed as I climb over him so I riding his face. He sticks his tongue out and I ride his face as atalar escort I will be riding his dick in a few moments. He pushes me forward so he can taste my ass as well. I feel a new orgasm building deep within my cunt and straddle his dick.

I begin to move slowly on him slamming myself down on him, gripping him tightly on my way back up. I repeat this as he plays with my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples, which make my pussy grip him even tighter. I then start to move faster, harder, I lean forward to kiss him and then align myself so he could suck and bite my nipples as I ride him.

His fingers begin to probe my ass, taking the juices we created and using it to lubricate the opening as he eased his fingers in. I pull the lube out from under the pillows and as if he won’t prefer to use this. While he puts a generous amount on his finger, I turn my body so he can see when he lubricates and when I ride him anally. He loves to see his cock taking my ass. As I ease onto his cock ever so slowly, he get impatient and impales himself all the way into my ass with one swift thrust. I cry out and grip his legs as he begins to brutally fuck my ass. My pussy is weeping as I enjoy him taking me this way and I begin to move with the pace he set. He pushed me forward so I am lying flat on the bed and he moves himself up my body, opens my ass cheeks and begin pushing in deeper, harder and faster, pulling out at the very last second to spill his seed all over my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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