Sexual Adventurers Ch. 02

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Author’s note.

This continues on from the first part of Sexual Adventurers that was published a few days ago. Although this can be read as a single story, I am sure you will get more pleasure and, I hope, excitement, if you read the other part first.

Whichever way you go, please vote for me and feel free to email me; I will reply to all I promise.

Cat xx


As Ash had told me would be the case as he kissed me at the door of his suite, we did not see other for a few weeks. Then I got a text saying he would be at the Ritz for a few days and knowing that Richard was away would I like to join him and stay the night. I jumped at it.

After a delightful, early dinner in the suite served by the butler, we went to bed and he took me on all fours. Later, by perhaps a couple of hours after he had given me orgasms with his mouth and fingers, I went down on him. I licked along his sturdy cock, all over his balls and behind them going very near to the crease in his bum. I took one, then both of his balls in my mouth and ran my finger nail between his legs and into the deep crevice between his cheeks. I took his cock into my mouth and worked as hard as I could to give him the best blow job he’d ever had. Although, given his record I doubted that I achieved that, it must have been pretty good as it was not long before he said.

“Cat, you have done me I am near,” considerately giving me time to take him out if I wished.

Looking up at him, I shook my head, well as much of a shake as I could manage with his big dick stuck half-way down my throat. He understood and smiling said.

“Thank you, you wonderful sexy woman,” as he began to fuck my mouth. It took only a few moments for my throat to be filled with his cum. Again looking up, I tipped my head back and with an exaggerated gulp, I swallowed it, something I had never done before.

Laying in his arms in the bed we talked more about his concept of sexual adventurers and our relationship.

He told me quite categorically that he did not believe in love and that to him sex and hedonism transcended love. He explained that Esthel was his wife and always would be as he did not believe in divorce or broken marriages. Although an Arab, coming from Lebanon he was Christian and followed the Roman Catholic faith. I was not sure whether he was telling me this to warn me off expecting anything other than sex with him, but I was pleased that he did.

Since taking up with him, I had felt guilty about being unfaithful to Richard and I told Ash that as we discussed his concept of sexual adventurers.

“Don’t be. You are faithful to him as I am to Esthel as a parent that is the most important duty there is. And you are his partner, he does not own you, neither your body nor, especially your mind. What you do with your body is up to you and what secrets you have in your mind about us and other things are exactly that, secrets and they are yours.”

Sipping the, what had become the norm, Crystal Champagne he went on at length about how such love as he described and sex should not be mixed up and everyone was entitled to have different partners for each of them. Whether he truly believed this rather Scandinavian approach to sexual matters or not, or whether it was part of his seduction technique, I did not know and part wondered whether he did either.

Nevertheless, it suited me to go along with it and it certainly helped me cope with the guilt. At the same time, having Ash as my occasional lover helped me cope with the loneliness and waning sex-life of my marriage. It may well have been my imagination, but Richard and I seemed to get on better and we even had more regular sex.

Around eleven after we had both snoozed Ash asked.

“How about going down to the casino?”

“I don’t have the clothes for it.”

“Well I am sure Baxter could rustle up a dress,” he said referring to the butler.

I was tempted, but told him that I was not much of a gambler or casino lover.

“Ok I have another idea,” he said reaching for my hand under the duvet and putting it on his cock. He was stunningly erect.

“Jesus, you are incorrigible,” I laughed kissing him.

“It’s simply what you do to me Cat,” he smiled.

Just as he had told me when we had been chatting earlier. “When we are together, the outside world doesn’t exist and there are just the two of us. At such times Cat, we are lovers and we are in love.”

I thought that was rather convoluted logic, but in a way I understood and agreed with it.

“Come,” he said getting out of the bed and pulling me after him into the main lounge. There were only a couple of dim lamps on so it was quite dark. Both naked, he walked us towards the open French windows that looked out over Green Park and along Piccadilly towards Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge. I was surprised when he didn’t stop before the windows, but led me through them onto the large balcony. Although it was not overlooked it was still quite a blast to be outside in the nude. Despite the drizzle it was quite warm.

He took ataşehir escort me in his arms and kissed me.

“I promised you this didn’t I Cat?”

“What?” I asked not quite getting what he meant.

“That I would fuck you out here.”

I remembered then that the first time I had been with him he had said that he would and although a little reluctant and nervous, but also hellishly excited I let him fuck me.

“And this time it is even better as it is raining.”

Just as he had the first time we had sex he pushed me onto a table. He clearly had a thing about them and rain; he must have liked the movie Nine and Half Weeks where Kim Basinger got fucked on both a table and in the pouring rain. It was not just being outside in the rain that made this special, but also the position in which we did it. I was on my back supporting myself on my right elbow when he entered me. He pulled my left leg down and I wrapped my ankle round his calf muscle. He then completely surprised me by grabbing my other ankle and pushing that over his right shoulder. I had never felt so open and loose, I suppose, but it enabled him to gain deep penetration and it was a highly satisfying, though very quiet fuck.

With Ash I was increasingly taking longer to come down from the highs of my orgasms and this was no exception. I guess laying on my back, after being fucked on a table on a balcony overlooking Green Park, in the open air with the rain now pouring down on my naked body helped make that climax more extreme than some others!

I stayed the night with him and once again he intrigued me with his views on sexual adventures and his stamina. He really was an attentive and excellent lover and a very interesting man.

For the first couple of times I did not see him for a few weeks, I missed him. I wondered what he was doing and was jealous that he might be with one of his other sexual adventurers. The more he and I talked, though, the more I realised that was the thinking of someone basing a relationship on love.

“Ours is based on sex,” he told me repeatedly. “It is different Cat, we are adventurers not lovers, save your love for Richard and your children.”

Slowly, I came to see what he meant and began to live like that. Hence, when I was not with him, I stopped wondering what he was up to and got on with my life with my husband and family. Ash became like a compartment in my life. A secret compartment to which only he and I had keys. When we could meet, we would open the compartment and go in. Once in there all outside life and our families ceased to exist, it was just him, me and sex. Then when we were finished we would leave the compartment, lock it up and forget about it until we could next meet and go in there.

Life with Richard improved. Whilst I still resented him travelling so much, especially now that I knew from Ash it was not really as necessary as my husband made out, I felt more affection, even a rebirth of my love towards him. We got on better, we had more, though limited by his travelling, sex and generally my life got better.

I had been seeing Ash for almost a year. Our liaisons were not that frequent, perhaps on average once a month, and so far always at the Ritz or near to the Ritz. However, we had broadened our sexual repertoire. Obviously full, penetrative sex was at the heart of what we did, but continually he added diversions: mutual masturbation of ourselves and the other, him fucking my tits, doing it on that balcony with one time being in the daylight, him dressing me in erotic underwear that he provided and in his car.

The first time we did that was one evening on the way from Hertfordshire to Mayfair. To my surprise he was in the car when it called to collect me. It turned out that he had just flown in from Lebanon and rather than drive into London and then send the car out to St Albans and back into Mayfair, he had decided to travel with his chauffeur to collect me on the way.

He put the window between the driver and us up and started to kiss me. As he did his hand, almost as if on autopilot went to my breast. That was fine, but when he slid it inside the dress and my bra I went to stop him.

“Why?” He asked.

“Someone might see from the road.”

“Cat the car has one way windows, nobody can see in.”

“Oh I see,” I replied not having realised that.

He moved from the rear seat and pulling down one of the jump seats facing backwards he said gruffly.

“Now get your tits out.”

I hesitated.

“Come on don’t fuck about,” he said switching on a dim light. “I haven’t see them for so long.”

I didn’t fuck about. I slid the thin shoulder straps off, pushed the top down and scooped my boobs out my bra.

“Mmmmm lovely and look what it has done to these,” he said pinching one of my hardened nipples. That was nice.

“Ok now the bottom.”

“What about it?”

“Roll it up.”

As I did as I was told I noticed that we were now off the M1 and travelling slowly through Hampstead avcılar escort and down towards Swiss Cottage. The traffic wasn’t too bad for the early evening rush hour, but we were travelling into London and not out as most were. Nevertheless it was a bit stop and go.

“Oh yes Cat, those I like,” Ash said as I rolled the fairly tight skirt up past my hips. I was wearing black lace, bikini panties and lacy topped holdups. “Lay back and hold your tits,” he ordered me as he knelt on the floor. Taking hold of my knees he eased my legs apart, widely apart almost lewdly apart.

My bottom was on the edge of the seat so I was well laid back, almost lying down really.

He rubbed me through the panties. I did as he told me and rolled my tits around squeezing them and pinching my nipples in the way that aroused me, as if I needed any other stimulatio, and pleased him. He started pulling on my panties, but of course with my legs as wide open as they could be they got stuck just below my hips.

“Hold on Ash,” I said as I prepared to push them down.

“Stay still,” he growled pushing a fingernail through the lace and then with one strong tug he tore them down the side.

I had never had my panties ripped off me before and I had to admit it was quite a thrill.

He peeled the torn sides of them away from me leaving them clinging to one leg but baring my pussy.

Then, as the Rolls moved sedately down Baker Street, across Oxford Street and into Bond Street, he licked me to a wonderful orgasm, which I recalled was the first I had ever experienced in a moving car.

Just as we turned into Piccadilly, I managed to get my boobs put away, took my torn panties off and smoothed my skirt down.

Ian greeted us at the rear entrance to the Ritz that Ash tended to use.

“Welcome back Ashiree and hello again Missus Moor,” he said in his plummy accent asking as we stood by the car. “Will you need the car any more this evening?”

“No, send him home.”

“Oh sod,” I whispered to Ash turning back to the car. “I’ve left my knickers in there.”

“Leave them, it doesn’t matter,” he said as I gripped the door handle and looked in through the window to see the torn panties in the middle of the floor. It was then that it hit me, the windows were not one way at all.

Turning back to Ash and Ian, I saw that they were walking away from me. We never went around the hotel together

In the suite, we rowed about that. I felt that he had misled me and cheated on me.

“How the fuck can you do that to me?”

“Do what?”

“Tell me the windows were one way. Anyone could have seen us.”


“And what?”

“What if they did see us, all they would have was the registration number of the car, nothing about you.”

I got want he meant, but I was still furious with him.

“So are you saying Cat, that you did not like me eating your cunt in the car?”

“Yes. No, of course not, but you should have told me.”

“If I had said before you undressed, so eagerly I might add, that I was going to suck your cunt and people might look in you would not have let me would you?” He said coming up close and putting his arm round me and squeezing my bum.

“Of course I wouldn’t.”

“So what you got was the thrill of being sucked in a car and a great orgasm so what’s the fucking problem?” he growled kissing me.

In my mind, I had to agree, what was the fucking problem as I kissed him back.

We fucked on the floor of the lounge. As expected at the Ritz, the pile on the carpet was thick and soft.

“We’re going out,” he informed me later.



“Where, not in the hotel surely?”

“No to a club in Notting Hill.”

“How will we get there?” I asked remembering he had sent the chauffeur home.

“I’ll walk and get a cab and pick you up at the main door.”

“Is it dressy?” I asked as we both stood up.

“No you’ll be fine in that,” he said nodding at the ‘smart casual’ dress I had managed to drape over a chair.

It was dark blue, fairly fitted, semi-sheath dress. It was low, but not outrageously so at the neck, with spaghetti shoulder straps and the hem was just above my knee. It was tight round my hips and across my bum, but the top was looser.

“Let me have a quick shower?”

“Sure, but hurry for if you flaff around here with no clothes on much longer I will have to have you again.”

Smiling, I said. “You are completely incorrigible.”

I showered, but didn’t wash my hair so I was ready to get dressed quite quickly. That’s when I realised that I had no panties for he had ruined them in the car. Wandering back into the lounge wrapped in a towel, I picked the dress up and knew that it was fine to go commando in. I looked around for my bra thinking where the hell did that go?

Ash wandered in, he was fully dressed in mustard yellow chinos and a dark blue linen shirt; he looked great.

“I told you to hurry and look at you, still naked.”

“I can’t find avrupa yakası escort my bra, do you know where it went.”


“So may I have it please?”



“You’ve got no panties to wear so why bother with a bra.”

“I can’t go braless with these,” I said nodding at my tits.

As usual I lost the debate with Ash laughing as he said, pretend you are a call girl, there’s plenty around here.

Just a short time later we were walking towards the elevators with him following me.

“Your arse is fantastic Cat,” he said quietly as he ran his hand over one of my cheeks. That felt good.

We were alone in the lift and as the doors shut so he pulled me to him, kissed me and slid his hand up my skirt.

“Open your legs.”

“We can’t here.”

“Don’t be daft, of course we can’t, but I want to feel that cunt that I so enjoyed eating earlier.”

Relieved that he didn’t want to go far, I opened my legs and gasped and jumped as he ran his fingers along my sex.

“I see you enjoyed that,” he said nodding at my chest, as he removed his hand and the lift reached the ground floor. Of course my nipples had hardened I realised as he walked out of the lift before me. I pressed the up button, trying to get a few moments so that they might subside.

Feeling embarrassed and awkward on the long walk from the lifts to the side entrance of the hotel where the cabs queue up, I cursed Ash, for doing this to me. I knew that my nipples were still hard and that any keen glance at my chest, and in places like the Ritz women get lots of keen glances, they would be noted. That was made worse by my unfettered breasts jiggling and bouncing as I walked and, of course, the wiggle of my bum that again any keen glance would realise was bare under the tight skirt. His words about pretending to be a whore whirled round my mind as two guys, looked at me as if they were going to proposition me.

Fortunately, I reached the door before they could. It was also fortunate that a few seconds later Ash arrived in a black cab.

Immediately I was inside, hardly before the cabbie had driven off and certainly before we had reached Piccadilly, he was kissing me.

“No not again Ash,” I said pushing him off.

“Ok,” he replied surprising me at how easily he had given in. “Just this then,” he said, sliding his hand up my skirt. I kept my legs closed, tightly. Despite that he managed to run them along my pubic mound and touch my clit.

“We don’t have to join in,” he said when we sat at the bar of the club.

It was obviously a swingers place. A very upscale one, but undoubtedly one where there was a lot going on and where the audience could join in or watch as they preferred.

“Have you ever?” I asked just as a couple walked by naked, arm in arm.

“Of course not.”

“But you do come here?”



“Purely for kicks Cat, we are all voyeurs at heart,” he said placing his hand on my knee. “Come on.”

We wandered around looking into rooms where there were several couples having sex, another that was all guys and another with all women. We saw people swimming in the nude, having massages and simply sitting around kissing and caressing each other. It was quite exciting.

“Let’s go downstairs, it’s the dungeon.”

He led me down some narrow stairs to a basement where there were several rooms with bars, making them look like prison cells. I saw men and women tied up, some were blindfolded and others were being spanked. There was a set stocks like they used to use on witches, large crosses on which one women was tied as if being crucified and several posts to which both men and women were tied.

“What are they doing?” I asked pointing at the woman tied to the cross, the guys to the posts and the one standing with his arm through the stocks. All of them were naked.

“Offering themselves,” he replied putting his arm round me and letting his hand dangle down so his fingers were on my bottom.

“For what?”

“Anything anyone want to do to them,” he told as he caressed my bum.

It was pretty heady stuff in the dungeon, but Ash said.

“Let’s go back and check out the orgy room.”

This was a large, dimly lit room with big rubber or probably plastic mattresses round all four sides. Two side were all glass so voyeurs could stand outside and watch the exhibitionists inside them. Standing looking in I was becoming more and more aroused at seeing men being sucked by girls, girls with guys between their opened legs and several couples simply fucking.

As I watched all that, his hand going up my skirt didn’t seem to be at all out of place. As later, when we were sitting on a sofa, did it seem unusual for my skirt to be rolled up and for Ash to finger fuck me to a pleasant, albeit rather public orgasm; the first I had experienced as others looked on!


As my sexual adventuring with Ash reached its first anniversary, I sort of took stock of things. Although I was thoroughly enjoying the increasingly extreme sex we were sharing and despite Richard and I getting on better than we had for years, I wasn’t completely comfortable with what I was doing. I could not quite work out whether Ash was taking me on a downward spiral of sexual depravity, whether I was being so unfaithful to Richard that I should stop or whether the diversion that Ash provided was actually helping my marriage.

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