Sexy Factory Manager

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My father owned a large group of manufacturing companies in various parts of India. I had just come back to India after my studies in the US. He insisted me that I make visits to some of the factories and offices to improve the processes.

I started of making visits to a couple of places and made some changes to improve the production and my father was very happy but I was getting bored as most of these places were hot and semi-urban areas and above all me being a Horny Guy I did not get a nice gal in any of the places to Suck me Off!! But Work was Work and I had to travel….

Soon I had to visit our plant near Delhi. I took a flight to Delhi. In the Airport I was picked up by an official car and had to drive around 170 kms from Delhi to our plant. I was taken straight to the Guest House. I took a quick shower and got dressed to go the office. By around 3.00 PM I was at the office. I was really impressed & surprised by this Unit. It was clean, tidy, no dust and full of greenery unlike other units.

Soon my Car arrived at the main entrance of the factory. The Manager and other workers received me. I was garlanded and shown around the office. As I walked around I was really impressed with the work being done in this plant. I wanted to know the Unit Head and where he was. I asked the manager and I was astonished to hear his answer….

“Sir, The head of the unit is Ms. Sonia” he said and could not believe my ears. A Lady maintaining a Manufacturing unit and doing so nicely…I was really surprised. I asked him where she was and he told me that she had gone to a nearby factory and would be back by evening. The Manager then told me that they had arranged for a small Office party and her could come and pick me up by 6.30…I agreed and returned back to my Guest House….but in my mind I was still thinking about the Lady!!!

I just lay on the bed and was thinking about this Ms. Sonia and soon feel asleep. I was woken up the cook. I looked at my watch and it was already 6.20. I came out of my room to inform the manager I would take some time to get dressed but to my utter surprise I saw a lovely lady instead of the manager.

I was in my Shorts and nothing on….the lady looked at me and blushed. “Hello…I am Sonia” She said and we shook hands. I asked the cook to get me a shirt and in the mean time we relaxed on the sofa. She enquired about the travel and I said it was fine. Then I told her that the Factory impressed me and she thanked me for that. Her eyes was now traveling across my body…and so was my eyes, she must have been around 5.3, fair, in her 30s and she a Nice Figure. Her tits were firm, erect and she had worn her sari below her sexy, round navel which was visible though her sari. Her blouse was a bit deep cut exposing the top half of her tits….

I excused myself and went inside as I could feel my COCK getting Hard. Within fifteen minutes I got ready and came out and I informed her I was ready to live for the party. As we walked out side she came in front of me and told me that my tie was not ok. She came close to me and adjusted my tie…I could feel her breath and she was smelling so nice….My hands nearly caught her slender waist…but I controlled.

We sat in the car and she drew….all along as we spoke I got a nice view as we were very close. She had long painted nails…a real turn on for me. Her lips were shining with the lipstick she wore and I got a nice view of the top of her tits. She knew I was watching her body. By the time we reached my COCK had grown Nice & Hard….I managed to hide it and soon were in the party. I gave a small talk and praised all the bahçeşehir escort workers and also announced some changes I had thought. I praised Sonia in particular for all the work she had done to get the company to a profit making level. I gave away some awards too.

Soon the party started…I sipped my Vodka and got very busy with the other staff. At the corner of my eye I was watching Sonia and I am sure she noticed this. Soon the party got over and the people started to leave…I delayed purposely and told Sonia that I had to make a call to my wife. As she had a direct line in her cabin she had come along with my too. Soon we reached her cabin and made our way inside. There was absolutely no one around and there was pin-drop silence….she just switched on the lights within her office….she offered me her chair but I sat on the table….Sonia slipped on to her chair…and was sitting right opposite to me…and Close to me toooo…..

Now I thought it was the right time to play my trick….

Now instead of dialing my residence I acted as though I had dialed….I simply started to speak as though I was speaking to my wife….I asked her how she was and how were the kids…and as the conversation continued I started to talk about Sex….I started to tell my wife that I was feeling Sexy and Horny….I started to Massage my DICK….it began to Grow Big & Hard….In the corner of the eye I was watching Sonia’s reaction….She was feeling uneasy…she was trying her best to divert her attention and but she could not….her eyes was getting fixed on my Bulge…maybe she was getting a bit wet between her thighs….I acted as though I did not notice and continued to talk on the phone and by the time I hug up Sonia was Gasping for breath…..

“What Happened??” I asked and Sonia looked surprised by my question…She blushed and got up from her chair and started to walk towards the door….I caught her by her wrist and pulled her towards me….She came right into my Chest….her soft, juicy tits crushed against my hard chest and my arms went around her…. My Lips met her and I started to Kiss….she tried to get away but I was too strong for her….My hands pressed her ass and pulled her more closer….she somehow managed to pull out….

“Tell me….don’t you Want my DICK” I said and pulled the fly and let me Hard, Erect Dick out….pre-sum was oozing….it was too much for Sonia…She sat on her chair took my COCK in her hand and started to SUCK…. “Oh my God….You are So Big and So Nice….mmmmmm real Tasty” she said as she Sucked and Licked…..

She sucked & licked for nearly 15 min and got a bit tired…she got up and we kissed again…her mouth tasted salty due to my Pre-Cum….I asked her not to take off her sari….I asked her to hold the table and came behind her….lifted her sari….she was wearing a Pink lacey panty…I pulled her panty down… it was wet with her juices….I massaged & kneaded her ass and kissed & bit them….I licked her Ass-hole which was Pink & Tight….simultaneously I fingered her wet pussy…she released a huge cry and a set down a torrent of CUM wetting my hands…Good no one was there to hear us….

I applied her CUM around my COCK and opened her pussy lips and plunged my COCK into her…She released a cry again and soon My COCK was completely engulfed into her Pussy….I rammed and boned her with full vigor…after fucked her for nearly 10 minutes I pulled my self out and sent down loads of CUM covering Ass and Ass-hole….

Fortunately for us she had enough tissue paper and we wiped ourselves clean and got dressed…came down to the party hall to see that it was bakırköy escort empty….We sat in the Car and I ttok the drivers seat and drew back to my Guest house….it was 11.30 PM

As we approached I stopped the car in a lonely place….we looked at each other and I pulled her and kissed her again….her hands automatically fell in my COCK which was Hard and ready for action….she unzipped my pants pulled my COCK out and started to Lick….soon I stepped out of the car and cam out half naked….my Huge COCK hanging like a Rubber….I made her sit on the bonnet of the car and lifted her sari….she spread her legs and I buried my face between her legs…..I licked and sucked and soon she moaned and sent down a huge load of her CUM….I drank every drop and she tasted like nectar….I replaced my tongue with my Hard COCK and Fucked her…Soon I came….I pulled my COCK and Sprayed my CUM and she caught them in her Hand….she licked and eat very drop of my CUM….we somehow managed to get into the car and reached the guest house….it was nearing 1.00 AM

We went into the guesthouse without making much noise. As soon as we reached Sonia ran to the bathroom to clean and I followed….we stripped in the bathroom and got naked….I got into the tub and asked Sonia to come and stand over me….she was bit surprised but she obeyed….

“Give me your HOT PISS….Now” I said and soon golden showers of Sonia’s hot Piss poured out from her pussy…. “mmmmm…..” I moaned as she Piss wetted my Chest and other part of the body….soon she finished and I started to Tongue her pussy….she was tasting nice and salty…. “I want you Pee….Please” she said and I got up and soon shot out my Piss all over her body….once I had finished she took my cock and started to Lick….soon My COCK was Hard like a rock….

I lifted her and took her to the bed…we kissed each other and soon we started to 69….I ate her pussy and she licked my COCK….after nearly 15 minutes of sucking and licking each other we pulled out…I took her in Doggie Style and Rammed her Soft, dripping pussy….soon we Cam again and this time I sent my Load into her…we fell next to each other ….. exhausted!!!

When I woke up in the morning by around 7.00 I saw that she was not there and there was a note… it was note saying that she had left by 4.30 AM…

I got ready and went to the office along with the Manager….we were very busy for the whole day as I had to check the accounts and a few other things….also I was leaving the next day early morning….Sonia was very busy too and we could hardly see each other….By the time I finished it was 8.30 PM…the manager drew me back and dropped me….When I enquired about Sonia he told me that she had left by 7.00….

I reached the guest house and went inside…I did not find the cook….I closed the door undressed myself….I thought of Sonia and my COCK became Hard….I took a Shower slipped into my Boxer short, made myself a Drink and closed me eyes thinking about Sonia and how beautiful she was….I thought about her tits, erect nipples, her lovely round, soft ass and Breasts and her lovely hairless pussy…..My COCK was erect and I could feel pre-cum oozing….Suddenly I heard some noise….I was surprised to see Sonia standing in front of me…..

“Well….You COCK is too Much to Handle….” She said with a mischievous blush….she was wearing a tight, short, white t-shirt…no bra as her breasts and erect nipple were clearly visible…the jean was figure hugging….She came between my legs and undid the buttons of my boxer shorts and pulled my COCK out and took it into her mouth….after sucking and başakşehir escort licking for some time….she dipped my COCK into the Vodka I was drinking and again inserted the COCK into her mouth….I sipped my drink as she ate my COCK….then we kissed each other and I pulled her t-shirt off and took her nipples in my mouth….she tasted sweet and she told me that she had applied honey….then I undid her pants…she was not wearing a Panty,….she spread her legs and asked me to eat her pussy and I willingly obliged. She had even applied some honey to her pussy and Ass-hole as both of them tasted sweet….i Licked and sucked her juices and she played with my COCK….

She now pointed her fingers to her ass-hole… “Fuck me here” she said…I asked he get onto her knees and came behind her….opened her ass cheeks…she was soaking wet due to me licking her ass-hole….I slowly inserted a finger into her ass-hole. She moaned….I started to finger-fuck her ass…I replaced one finger with two and then with three….I applied my saliva and her pussy juices … she was now Wet and Slippery … I got up and slowly started to insert my COCK…inch-by-inch….she moaned as I went into her….soon I was fully into her….My COCK was completely engulfed by her Ass…..

I started to move in and out of her ass and she was crying and moaning loudly….I was also fingering her Pussy to increase her pleasure….Her pussy was dripping and the carpet was getting wet due to her Cum…Soon I came….I released a Huge load of CUM into her Ass….the load was so huge that some of the CUM leaked out of her ass hole….I pulled myself out and Lifted her and took her to the bathroom and we both took a nice Shower…

We had some nice food to eat I finished first and started to kiss Sonia on the neck as she was still eating….I took some butter and applied to on her tits and massaged….she broke away from her food and placed my COCK between her tits….I FUCKED her between her tits…then I took some butter and applied it on her pussy and began to lick …. I lifted her and put her on the dining table and spread her legs….applied butter on her thighs and belly-button and started to lick…in the meantime she was eating my COCK….

After some time of 69ing she put me on the table and took my COCK in her hand and slowly inserted it in to her Butter Soaked Pussy….and started to Ride me….I was squeezing and massaging her tits as she Rode my COCK….she road me for 15 minutes and then Pulled herself out and started to lick my COCK….My COCK was dripping with our juices and she licked it dry….My COCK was still Hard…

She now took some butter and applied it between her Ass-hole and asked me to Fuck her ass….I obeyed and due to the wetness and Butter my COCK easily went into her Ass-hole….I Fucked her ass for quite some time and simultaneously fingered her pussy….she was moaning and soon she shot her CUM….

I pulled my COCK out of her ass….I turned her over and took her in the Conventional position…My COCK slide into her Pussy and I started to ram her hard….I know I was going to Blast…I pulled my COCK out and aimed it to her Belly-Button….soon I came…With a Huge Cry I blasted my CUM covering her lovely Belly button with my CUM…..

We collapsed next to each other….it was nearly 1.30 AM when I woke up….Sonia was not to be found….I heard the water running in the bath room and when I went to the room she was drying herself….Even I took a Shower and cam out neat and clean…saw Sonia on in front of the mirror naked…she turned around and put her arms around my Neck and we kissed….

“Hey I need to go, it is getting late…it is nearly 2.00 and even you need to leave early” she said and I nodded. Soon she got dressed and bid good bye and left. I came back to the room and on bed I saw a small gift wrap….I opened it and to my surprise it contained her Pink Panty with stains and it smelled her CUM….I just loved it. It made my COCK Hard Again

Next day morning by around 6.00 AM I left for Delhi to catch my flight back Home….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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