She Picks Him Up

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It was a Friday night and she decided that she was tired of sitting home. She didn’t do the bar scene often but she knew of a small place that just opened up a couple of months ago so she thought she’d give it a try.

She is usually a casual dresser but tonight she wanted some attention. She got out her red party dress. No slinky black dress for her. This was fire-engine red, with filmy sleeves, a tight bodice showing off her generous curves and a soft flowing skirt. It was alluring and very feminine. She had on black lingerie, thigh high hose and black high heeled shoes.

She took great care with her hair and makeup too. She had used hot curlers to add some body to her short hair. She played up her expressive eyes with lots of shading and mascara and liner. Her cheekbones were well defined and her lips… they were bright red with tons of gloss and glitter to catch the eye of whomever she happened to be talking to.

She arrived at the bar around 930. It wasn’t crowded but there were quite a few people there. It was busy enough to not be boring but not so busy that you couldn’t enjoy moving around if you wanted. She went to the bar, ordered a 7 & 7 and took it to a table kinda in a corner but still close enough to the door and small dance floor to attract attention. She took $10 and filled up the juke box with a variety of music. Everything from country, to easy listening, to classic rock to swing to today’s dance music. Music helps her relax. She found herself swaying to the beat of the first song as she stood there deciding what to play next. It was an unconscious movement but one that was not lost on the tall good looking man who was standing at the end of the bar.

He was the kind of man who is comfortable no matter where he is or how he’s dressed. He exudes confidence. He had just come in a few minutes earlier and gotten settled at the end of the bar in a corner. He saw her come in, get settled and work her way to the jukebox. He could tell that she wasn’t used to coming here but she was also comfortable with herself. She was in a very pretty red dress that swayed as she walked. He found himself watching her.

She walked over to the jukebox and put her money in. She made a selection and as the music started she started moving. She kind of “flowed”. She wasn’t even conscious of the movement but it caught his eye. He found himself wondering what she had on underneath the dress. He found himself smiling at that thought. It had been awhile since he’d been with anyone but he was ok with that. He was comfortable by himself, or with others. He wasn’t the type who had to have a lady on his arm constantly. To be truthful, he’s not even sure if he wanted that again or not. But this one… she definitely caught his attention by her attitude.

As she made her selections and they started to play he could tell that she enjoyed music. She had a little of this and a little of that then surprised you with .. woah… that too? He couldn’t see her enjoying the popular dance music but you could tell as she walked that she was enjoying herself. He considered going over and asking her to dance but he didn’t particularly like the popular dance stuff that was playing. He’d wait to see what else came up. As he thought that he realized that he was indeed “up”. He wasn’t completely hard but he was definitely interested. He refused to let himself be ruled by his cock so he turned his attention back to the TV that was playing.

She noticed him as she walked back to the table. He was very good looking and held himself with an air of aloofness. She found herself intrigued. It was a long time since she’d felt that twinge. She had her share of encounters but it had been a long time since she truly cared what someone else thought of her. She was looking at him in his tight fitting jeans and open necked shirt, the short sleeves showing off his muscular arms. She found herself looking at his hands. Something about strong hands just turned her completely inside out. She studied his face. The eyes seemed to dance. Whatever he was thinking about he was enjoying it. Then he turned back to the TV.

She found herself wishing that he was thinking about her. That she could put that look in his eye. Then she thought to herself… there’s no reason why I can’t. Just then the waitress came over and brought another drink. As she paid for it she told the waitress to get the man a refill on whatever it was he was drinking. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but it was too late to stop it now. She wanted to see where this would take her. She wanted to know more about him. What he liked, what he didn’t and what really surprised her was that she wanted to know what he was like in bed. She hadn’t had stirrings like this in awhile.

When she saw the waitress head toward him with his drink she got up and started to walk toward him. . She ran her hand suggestively down his arm and asked if he’d like to join him in a game of pool. There was a table in the back room with no one playing. He looked up in surprise. He had expected her to ask him to dance. She certainly wasn’t dressed for pool. But the fact that she asked bostancı escort intrigued him. He put his drink down and followed her. He watched her swaying hips as she walked and felt the swelling in his pants. He wasn’t prepared for that. She wasn’t his type.

He usually went for the Barbie doll type. Who was used to the good things in life. Who expected to get them. The type who couldn’t miss a hair stylist appointment, along with the manicure and pedicure. The woman in front of him looked nice but he could see that she worked at it. He found that he wanted to know more about her. Everything about her. He watched as she leaned over the table to rack the balls. He found his hand twitching to touch her, maybe even to spank her. Damn but he wanted her.

She took her time walking over to the pool table. She could feel his eyes on her and she played it up for everything she was worth. She wanted him to want her. She wanted him to need her. Before the night was out she would have him. Whether he knew it or not yet wasn’t a concern to her. She went after what she wanted and she wanted him. She’d use whatever she had to get him. She licked her lips in anticipation and bent over to rack the balls. She took her time gathering them and placing them in the rack. She knew he was looking and could feel the heat of his stare. She tingled in anticipation. It was working. She KNEW it.

She raised up and turned around. As she did so she asked him if he was a betting man. He answered that it was according to what the stakes were as to whether he’d bet or not. She smiled suggestively at him and asked if he’d bet on their games of pool. If he beat her he could name his prize but if she beat him she could name her prize. She looked him up and down as she said this. There was no doubt in her mind that she was going to ask for him in her bed if she won. And she smiled up at him with a sexy sly smile on her face.

He looked down at her, her curvaceous body just begging to be felt up, her lips just asking for his kisses. She just oozed sensuality. He knew that if he won he would have her in his bed. He just didn’t realize that if he lost he’d be in her bed too. There would be no losers tonight. He nodded his head and accepted her challenge. She told him that they’d decide who went first by a coin toss. He drew a coin from his jeans, pulling them tighter around his growing erection. She watched, fully appreciating the sight. He won the toss.

As he went around the table he brushed the back of his hand against her. She didn’t acknowledge the caress by any other movement other than the curve of a smile. She didn’t realize how much she’d enjoy this. She wasn’t a very social person. She enjoyed her friends but it was also in a private setting. She had never really learned to flirt per se. But she found herself liking the atmosphere. The music. The chatter. The anticipation. It reminded her of a long time ago.

Her dad owned a bar and she and her brothers practically grew up in the back room shooting pool. But to be fair it had been years since she’d played. She was a good player. She didn’t feel she was taking unfair advantage.

As he was choosing his stick she was fiddling with the rack. As he bent over to set the cue ball she leant over to take the holder off the rack. He saw down the front of her dress as she bent over. Her full heavy breasts straining against the delicate lace. Her nipples hard and erect. He swallowed hard. He wanted to taste those nipples that he glimpsed. She could feel his eyes on her and knew that he had seen her. She wasn’t embarrassed. She wanted him to see, wanted him to want her. And from the look on his face right now her plan was working.

She cleared the rack and walked around behind him. She studied him. His ass was tight and round in the jeans that he wore. Her body tingled with desire. She wanted to touch, to feel. Usually she was a passive type person but tonight she threw caution to the wind. She leaned over him, resting her hand on his asscheek. She felt him jump as she whispered in his ear “are you sure you want to do this?”

He looked back over his shoulder and there was desire in her eyes. She couldn’t hide it. He caught his breath. This woman intrigued him with her openness. Most women played games. He was tired of the games. She was like a breath of fresh air. He wanted to get this pool game over with so he could see just exactly she was willing to pay up with. Her desire is making it difficult to move around with dignity. His erection was growing by the second. He felt like a school boy on his first date. But what her eyes promised was not a game. She wanted him. That thought made his blood boil.

He hit the cue and the game started. He hadn’t played in years but he was good. But what surprised him was how good she was. It was clear that she knew her way around a pool table. Just how well he had yet to find out. He had a very competitive nature and that drove him on. For every shot he made she matched. They seemed comfortable with each other but there was an electricity in the air büyükçekmece escort that was unmistakable.

They were evenly matched at the pool table but it was the teasing going on around the table that added the electricity. She would go up behind him as he sighted his shots and rub against him. He would walk around in front of her and brush up against her breasts. They would caress each others’ asscheeks. She even got so bold as to cup his balls. They were getting very excited. Their competitiveness at the table and the sexual tension that was building. They continued along this vein for awhile. They both wanted to win both at the table and off. They had played three games, he won two and she won one. She was winning the fourth. It looked as if they would play a fifth. While he was setting the rack for the fifth game she went over and played some more songs. These were mostly country and ballads. She decided that the playing was over. It was time to be held in his arms. She worked her way back to the pool table.

He looked into her eyes as he took a swallow of his drink. She had the sparkle of invitation in her eyes. As he looked up from the table, there was something different about her. There was a look in her eyes that said, “I want you”. He wanted to be close to her. To hold her. They left the table to others and he drew her out onto the dance floor. She glided into his arms as if she was made just for him. Her head fit right at his shoulder and he found he liked the feel of her. She was smiling up at him as he drew her close. She was where she wanted to be … for now.

She wanted to feel his arms around her. She wanted to look deeply into his eyes. But she wanted oh so much more. She wanted to feel his lips on hers, his hands touching, caressing. She wanted to touch him with her hands and her mouth. She wanted to know him intimately. She would have him. What intrigued her was that the intensity in his eyes changed. The sparkle that she noticed earlier was there but there was a depth to it that wasn’t there before. Before she could wonder about it he drew her close and whispered in her ear “you feel wonderful in my arms.” She tilted her head in invitation. That’s all he needed to start nuzzling at her neck. He took in her clean musky fragrance. He didn’t know if it was her or a manufactured scent but he was definitely appreciating it.

His hands were working themselves up and down her spine. She was moaning softly, showing her appreciation of his touch. They forgot everything but each other. They were the only ones in the bar as far as they were concerned. The sexual tension continued to build with each dance. He held her close for each dance. She loved the feel of him under her hands. The strength in him and yet the tenderness in which he held her. She wanted to see exactly how far that would go.

Time stood still for them. They were both startled to hear the bartender call for “last call for alcohol”. They looked deeply into each others eyes and smiled. The decision had been made without talking. As the bartender started clearing out the bar, he drew her close and said “so will it be my place or yours”. She smiled and replied “I’m just around the corner.” He leaned down and kissed her soft lips, his tongue exploring. As he broke the kiss she looked up at him and smiled. In her eyes he saw excitement and intensity. He couldn’t wait to get her alone and see how she fulfilled the promise he sees in her eyes.

She took his hand as she went to get her stuff at the table. She wanted to make sure that he didn’t get away. As they walked to the door he squeezed her hand letting her know without words that he was with her and had no intention of changing his mind.

He followed her out of the bar. As they stepped outside they both took a deep breath of fresh air. The bar was very stuffy. He motioned her ahead. She walked to her car. She started to unlock the car and he took the keys from her and opened the door for her. She smiled up at him and he leaned down and gave her a kiss. He had meant it as a quick one but their lips adhered to each other and it went on and on and on. He moaned deep in his throat and broke the kiss. What this woman did to him with her mouth…. WOW Looking at her he saw an intensity there. He couldn’t wait to see what she felt like. The fire in her eyes promised a deep passion lying dormant just waiting to be awakened. He felt his body stir at the thought of being the man to awaken her passion. He couldn’t wait to see what the night brought.

She surrendered herself to the feelings he was igniting… for the moment. She would be taking control of the night once they got to her home. It is what she wanted, what she needed… and what she would have. He broke the kiss with a low moan deep in his throat. His gaze swept over the car as she settled herself in. She drove a newer model camaro, red in color, with leather seats and a manual transmission. She was a woman who demanded power and liked control. He wondered how far into the bedroom those feelings would take her. He felt a stirring çekmeköy escort in his body as he thought about what the night might bring. She settled herself in the car, aware of his stare. She fussed more than usual. She caught his attention by telling him directions to her house. It was literally down the block and around the corner. He took another hard kiss before almost running to his car.

She watched him run to his car. He drove a red blazer, 4 wheel drive. He was a man who would not let anything (including Mother Nature) stand in his way if he wanted something. He would take what he wanted. She smiled at that thought. Theirs would be a battle of wills and that thought excited her as much as her appreciation of his body did. She was brought back to the present time by lights flashing in her eyes. She looked and saw him at the wheel and smiled. That was fast. “I hope he’s not as fast at all tasks I give him tonight”, she thought and smiled sexily. She turned on her lights and started forward, making sure that he followed.

As he pulled up he saw her smile and his breath caught in his throat. She looked sexy in the bar but my gawd that look…. It literally took his breath away. He couldn’t wait to find out what was going on in her head. She kept looking in her mirror on the short drive home. It took less than 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes though she thought of numerous scenarios for their “play” tonight. Oh well, she won’t plan anything specific. These things happen best when you just let them happen. It just kept going over and over in her head, how his lips felt on hers, the fire that burned in her body. She needed him to put that fire out… but not for a l-o-n-g time. She smiled at that thought as she pulled in her driveway.

She got out of the car and watched him park his blazer. Her house was small with a porch in front. On the porch were two rocking chairs with a small table between them perfect for drinks in the summer and maybe a snack or two. There were flower beds all over the yard and a small white picket fence. Flowers? A romantic? That didn’t fit with his perception of the woman he had met tonight. He thought of the contradictions he was finding in this woman. The need for power and control versus the romantic who was surrounded by nostalgia and flowers. Tonight is going to be FUN. He couldn’t wait to find out more about this woman.

She watched him take it all in as he walked towards her. She felt his hand on the small of her back as she led the way to the porch and up the stairs. He reached around her to open the screen door. He held out his hand for the keys. She put the keys in his hand and felt a spark of electricity as their fingers met. She looked up at him as he opened the door. She wanted this man in every way possible.

He stepped back to allow her to enter the house first. As he stepped through the door the fragrance of roses hit him. Roses? She didn’t wait for a man to give them to her. She wanted them so she grew them for herself. He expected her to turn the lights on. He removed his shoes as he waited. He was surprised when he noticed movement in the room. She was going around lighting candles. Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones. Another sign of a romantic at heart. More contradictions. She turned on the stereo and soft jazz filtered through the house.

She motioned him to the sofa as she started to walk toward him. She couldn’t have described what was going on in her head if she had to. She was excited, her body aflame from this man’s intense stare and kiss. She was slowly working the zipper down on the back of her dress as she walked towards him. Her eyes never left his as the dress fell to the floor, and then the slip. She was standing before him in a black demi-bra that looked like silk. It barely covered her nipples that were straining against the soft fabric. She had on black lace panties, a garter belt, black hose and her high heels. She licked her lips in invitation as she stopped in front of him

The splash of white skin between the top of the hose and the black of the lace panties drove him wild. She had on hose… not pantyhose (that he hated) but honest to goodness hose. His hand twitched to touch. He didn’t realize that he had actually reached out until his hand was slapped away. He tore his gaze away from her body to her eyes. There was an intensity there. A fire that he wanted to find out how long and in what way it would burn. His body responded to the intensity and his cock hardened against the zipper of his pants. As he was looking at her she slowly gazed down his body. Noticing his broad shoulders, his male nipples that were hard straining against his tight shirt and the bulge in his pants that he could not hide.

She smiled to herself. She knew that she could have him now if she wanted but she wasn’t ready yet. She wanted to “play” awhile. She put one shoe on his thigh and looked at him. He was still for about 10 seconds, deciding whether he was going to play along or if he was going to change the rules. He could tell by her attitude that she wanted control. He found himself hardening at the thought. He wasn’t a man to be intimidated by a strong woman. He found that he liked giving up control sometimes and but only to a point. He decided in those short seconds that he’d play along with her. He reached forward and undid the straps of her shoe. His hand caressed her heel and the length of her foot as he took the shoe off. She put the other shoe up and he repeated the process.

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