Sisters Forever

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“Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!”

Ashley groaned and buried her face in her pillow as she screamed that phrase for the hundredth time. “Why can’t they just give me some peace?” she cried and wrapped the silken pillow around her head and kicked her long legs up and down on the bed in a frustrated tantrum. But as the loud music and laughter drifted upstairs from the sorority party on the first floor, Ashley sighed and admitted that this discomfort is what she deserved.

Ashley was a sophomore at the local university, not far from her home in Massachusetts. During her freshman year, she lived in the dorms, but had decided to join one of the university sororities. Ashley had rushed for the Tri Kappa Sigma sorority as a freshman, and after several grueling weeks of hazing and serving the established sisters, she was finally accepted and welcomed. As a member of the sorority, Ashley gained all the privileges of a sister, including the option of moving out of the dorms and into the off-campus sorority house as a freshman, before any of the other students were allowed to move off-campus. However, Ashley wasn’t so sure she could handle living with her numerous sisters, whose parties had become the stuff of legend around the campus.

Ashley was an academic-minded girl, attending the university due to a full academic scholarship, and she knew full well just how hard it would be to maintain the required 3.60 or higher GPA to keep that scholarship while living in the dorms, much less at the sorority house. So Ashley declined and finished out her freshman year in the dorms. However, upon returning to school this September for her sophomore year, Ashley was convinced by her best friend and sorority sister, Kali, to move into the sorority house. Now, on this particular night, as the music sounded louder than ever before, Ashley really regretted her decision.

It was balmy September night in the beginning of the semester. One of those last lingering days of summer that just would not relent in its hot discomfort. Ashley rolled over onto her back and kicked the sheet off her body in hot frustration. Ashley was an attractive young woman, 19 with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and light brown eyes. She was in decent shape with small 32B perky breasts, although some would call her a little lanky for her 5’10″ frame. Ashley tried to get comfortable, but the heat of the night was just too much to bear. Even with her two windows wide open and dressed in just a simple black bra and panties, this last summer night would not let go of its discomfort.

A soft knock sounded on her door, almost too soft to hear over the din of the party below. “What!?” Ashley called out in an irritated voice.

The door opened to reveal the form of her friend Kali dressed in a long white robe, who entered in a shy fashion and closed the door behind her. Kali was a beautiful young woman, at 20 a year older Esenyurt Escort Bayan than Ashley, the two had met during Ashley’s first weeks as a pledge and instantly became the best of friends. Kali had long blonde hair that wasn’t the type of hair that simply fell down to her shoulders. Kali’s hair was “full”, as Ashley called it, framing her clear, smooth face and wonderful brown eyes. Kali smiled a little and walked over to sit next to Ashley on the bed.

“You look mad,” Kali said. “I am mad, Kali,” Ashley answered, sighing and staring up at the ceiling. “I knew moving in here would be a bad idea. I don’t know how I let you talk me into it Kali.” “I’m sorry Ashley,” Kali apologized. “I thought we would have a blast living here together, when I should have taken your own situation into consideration. I heard you shouting and decided to see what was bugging you, as if I didn’t already know.” Ashley smiled and patted Kali on the arm to reassure her. “I’m not mad at you Kali, just mad at myself. So what are you still doing up? You look like you’re ready for bed. Party not going as expected?” “Ha!” Kali laughed loudly. “A bunch of horn-dog, drunk guys and my horn-dog, drunk sisters all downstairs getting it on on the dance floor isn’t my idea of a great party anymore.” Kali looked down at Ashley and grinned, absently placing her hand on her friend’s smooth stomach. “Maybe I’m getting too sick of this same old stuff?” Kali shifted to her knees, her robe opening a little to reveal her smooth bare legs. “I guess I’m just getting old, huh?” “Yeah,” Ashley laughed, “20 is very old. You should just give up on guys and become an old spinster.”

Kali laughed and the two friends sat together in silence for a while, listening to the music from the party and the breathing of their bodies. Kali still had her hand on Ashley’s stomach and had been softly running her fingers around her belly button in a slow circle. “You know,” Ashley finally said, taking hold of Kali’s hand and removing it from her stomach. “You are my best friend Kali. I don’t hate it here too much, I’m just glad that we can live across the hall from each other.”

Kali smiled back at Ashley and did something she never thought about doing before. Something that instinct just made her do. Kali leaned down and softly kissed Ashley’s stomach. Puling back, Kali looked down at Ashley, half surprised by her own instinctual action and half aroused by it. Ashley, feeling the same exact way, sat up onto her knees and took Kali’s hands in her own. They entwined their fingers together, holding each other’s hands tightly, and Ashley leaned forward kissing kali gently on the forehead. Leaning her forehead against Kali’s, Ashley looked at her friend and smiled. “What are we doing Kali?” Kali grinned and tightened her grip on Ashley’s hands. “I have no idea,” she answered kissed Ashley on the lips.

That kiss lasted a lifetime, Avcılar Escort Bayan their lips at first gently pressing against each other, then pulling back and coming in contact once more. Kali was the first to move her tongue against Ashley’s lips, parting them and seeking her friend’s. Their tongues played together in each other’s mouths, as their kisses became more passionate, and livelier. Kali released her grip on Ashley’s hands and grabbed Ashley’s face, pulling her into an even more passionate embrace, her thumbs sunning across Ashley’s smooth cheeks.

Ashley ran her fingers through Kali’s silken hair, then down to her shoulders, slipping the robe from her body and revealing Kali’s incredible body. Ashley broke their kiss and worked her lips and tongue down Kali’s neck and shoulder, finally stopping at her chest. Reaching behind, Ashley unhooked Kali’s bra and her 33C breasts came into full view. Ashley fondled each one in her hands, kneading the soft flesh and running Kali’s large nipples between her finger and thumb. Kali let out a long and heartfelt “Ohhhhhhh,” as Ashley replaced her fingers with her tongue, flicking the hardened nipples and sucking them eagerly into her mouth.

Kissing the top of her friend’s head, kali unhooked Ashley’s bra, and pushed her back onto the bed. Kali looked down on her best friend and now lover and smiled, running her hands over Ashley’s small breasts, down her hips and to her white thighs. Slipping her fingers beneath Ashley’s black panties, kali pulled them, down, and kissed up Ashley’s thighs to her neatly trimmed pussy. “Oh God yessssss,” Ashley moaned as Kali first licked her wet lips, her hands on either side, pushing her thighs further apart.

Kali licked up and down, sucking Ashley’s long pussy lips into her mouth and gently nibbling on them. Slowly, Kali slipped one finger inside her friend’s wet pussy, moving it in and out slowly at first. Ashley groaned and started moving her hips against her friend’s finger. Reaching down, Ashley grabbed Kali’s hand and rubbed it against her pussy. “Two Kali, use two fingers.” Kali grinned and slipped a second finger inside Ashley’s pussy, moving them faster and rotating them as they slide in and out.

“Ohhhh yesss Kali, faster Kali,” Ashley moaned, moving her hips in rhythm with Kali’s fucking fingers. Kali sped up the pace and her other hand moved to reveal Ashley’s hard clit. Kali sucked Ashley’s clit into her mouth as she slid a third finger inside Ashley’s loose pussy. “YESSSS,” Ashley screamed as she felt the combined pleasure of Kali’s fingers and her tongue on her clit. “OH…YESSSS…” Ashley groaned, as she could barely keep her ass on the bed, lifting it and squirming beneath her friend’s oral talents. Kali knew her friend was close to cumming and did what she liked to have done before she came. Kali bite down gently on Ashley’s hard clit and sucked it forcefully into her mouth, slamming her three fingers into Ashley’s dripping pussy. “OHHHH,” Ashley screamed, lifting her hips off the bed and grabbing her friend’s hair and pulling her hard against her spasming pussy. “YESSSS, KALI…MAKE ME CUM BABY…OHHHHHHHHHH…MMMMMMM.”

Ashley bucked once, then twice, then three times as her powerful series of orgasms surged through her body. Kali kissed up Ashley’s thighs, stomach, and breasts, finally bringing her wet face and lips to Ashley’s mouth. “Mmmm,” Ashley moaned as she tasted and licked her own juices off Kali’s lips and chin. “Kali, that was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced.” Ashley wrapped her arms tightly around her lover and held her in a loving embrace. “I mean, I’ve been with guys who have eaten me out, but that was something so spectacular.” Kali kissed Ashley’s neck and grinned. “I don’t know what came over me Ashley. I’ve never thought about doing that to a girl before, but I just knew it was the right thing to do with you.” Ashley kissed Kali again and smiled a mischievous smile. “Well, I know what the right thing to do with you is.”

With that, Ashley turned Kali over onto her back, and wasting no time, pulled off Kali’s panties. Ashley stared with lust and love at the beautiful, neatly trimmed blonde pussy that awaited her. Without so much as a second thought or question, Ashley lowered her mouth to Kali’s soaked pussy. “Mmmmm,” Kali moaned as she felt Ashley’s first kiss on her pussy. “Yessss, that feels so wonderful Ashley.”

Ashley looked up and smiled, then ran her tongue quickly along Kali’s pussy, then began to lick at it in a quick manner, lick a dog lapping at a water bowl. “Uhhh, uhhh yeah,” Kali cried, moving her full hips in pace with Ashley’s licking tongue. Ashley slide two fingers inside Kali and hooked them slightly, and began moving them in an out at a rapid pace. “Ohhh Ashley…so close already,” kali mumbled as she bucked against Ashley’s fingers. Ashley quickly found Kali’s clit and started to quickly flick it with her tongue, as her fingers fucked Kali’s pussy. Kali, already so excited by doing the same to Ashley did not have to wait long to climax. “OH GOD YESSSSSS,” Kali screamed and gripped Ashley’s head tightly between her thighs, moaning “OHHHH,” as her pussy exploded into orgasm after orgasm.

Ashley licked Kali’s throbbing pussy as her friend’s body quivered in the afterglow of sex. Ashley climbed up next to Kali and the two shared a long and loving kiss. Resting her head against Kali’s neck, Ashley laughed. “What?” Kali asked, nuzzling her face in Ashley’s soft hair. “I was just thinking why this wasn’t on the pledge list of things to do last semester.” They both broke out into laughter and held each other tight. “You know Ashley,” Kali smiled and ran her hand along her lover’s side and firm ass. “I think that we would both benefit by moving out of the sorority house and into an apartment. You think you can afford your share of the rent?”

Ashley gazed up as Kali’s hand rested on her ass, and kissed Kali softly on the lips. “I think we are going to have a great apartment.”

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