Slave to My Secretary

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I was typing away on my computer as I took a sip of my morning coffee when I gag on the taste. I take off the cap and look to see its black with no creme or sugar. I sigh as I hit my button on the speaker on my desk.

“Julie stop what your doing and come in here now.” I ordered agitated over the speaker.

“Right away Ms.Morita!” She said quickly before leaving her desk.

My name is Blake Morita. I am a 39 year old Japanese-american woman and work as the head of accounting for the New York branch of Dragon Aviation, a prominent aviation company involved in designing and creating plane parts for both the civilian marketplace and government agencies . My Secretary for the last three years is a 25 year old girl named Julie Mayer. She normally does things I ask her to perfectly, but lately she has been screwing up far too much. Julie comes into my office and stands in front of my desk with a nervous look. She is a very small and petite girl, only 5’3 and weighing about 120, she has dishwater blonde hair kept in a formal bun, with baby blue eyes hidden behind a nerdy pair of heavy framed glasses. Her eyes appear to be red from crying but frankly I could care less.

“What the hell is this Julie?” I asked annoyed holding up my Starbucks cup.

“Its your coffee Ms.Morita.” She said trying not to get me angry, though the way she phrased it got me more mad.

“No shit Sherlock, look inside and tell me whats wrong.” I said tilting it for her to look into. She looks in defeat at the inside of the cup.

“There is no creme and sugar.” She said waiting for me to burst.

“And how long have I asked for my coffee with creme and sugar?” I ask putting the cup on desk.

“Since I first started working for you Ms.Morita.” She said bracing herself for the scolding.

“So why is there none in this cup you stupid fucking bitch?” I ask in a calm tone, resting my head on my hands.

My coworkers, bosses, and even friends have always referred to me as ‘a huge cunt’, I can’t disagree, but I always have gotten my way and I get my job done so I expect nothing but perfection from my employees and when that doesn’t happen I get angry.

“I am really sorry I just haven’t been myself since my girlfriend broke up wit-.” She explained when I held my hand up to silence her.

“Julie I ask my workers to come to work with one thing on their minds, that is doing their goddamn jobs. You fucked up my coffee, yesterday you misspelled several words on multiple reports, and the day before that you left the office door unlocked. I don’t care that your rug-munching fuck buddy dumped you, though I can imagine a few reasons why. I can handle the rest of the work today by myself, go home and get your shit together and if you can’t then don’t bother coming back.” I explained to her she was now struggling to hold back her tears.

“Please Ms.Morita I promise I wont mess up anymore!” She said pleading, my anger started to get the best of me listening to her whining.

“Did you not just hear me you stupid bitch? I told you to get the hell out! Do you need some motivation to go home?!” I yelled grabbing the coffee cup and throwing the coffee at her face.

The coffee was barely lukewarm since I don’t like it hot, so when it hit her in the face it wouldn’t burn her, however it went all over her blonde hair, face,glasses, and the top of her white blouse was now brown. She stood shocked for a moment not believing what had just happened then immediately began bawling while running out the door. I shrugged to myself and wrote a post it note reminding myself to get the custodian to clean up the rest of the spilled coffee. The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful and as Julie did go home.

The next morning as I got out of my BMW and headed into the elevator I thought maybe I was a bit too harsh on her. As I headed into the reception area I found Julie wasn’t at her desk which didn’t surprise me much since she almost certainly quit. Oh well I guess I’ll just look for another one, easy come easy go. As I made my way into my office, words couldn’t describe how shocked I was to find her sitting in my chair, having her cheap heels on my desk with the largest smiles on here face. My mouth fell agape as I had to take off designer sunglasses to make sure I wasn’t I was seeing things.

“Julie why in the hell are you in my chair with your knock off shoes on my fucking desk?!” I asked with all the blood rushing to my face as I set my bag on the floor and my coffee on the desk.

“Three years, Blake.” She says looking at the papers in her lap.

I was a little taken back when she called me by my first name for the first time since she started working for me. Something was much Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan different with her today, she wasn’t wearing those nerdy glasses, she had her blonde hair down, and she wasn’t cheerful or happy as she normally was.

“Three years I have been your Secretary, three years I have gotten your coffee, filed your reports, and put up with your shit. I have come in on my days off, on holidays, I put up with your abuse and crude remarks. I put up with your snooty and arrogant attitude, I even put with your blatant homophobia, even though you knew I was openly gay. I am honestly not really sure what broke me, but my money is on having coffee thrown at me, which is why I am sitting in your chair today.” She said looking up from the papers.

“So what? You wanted to try and act all big and tell me to go fuck myself and tell me you quit? I have heard it a millions times before honey, I can always hire another desperate girl right out of college.” I said giving a pleasant smirk.

She didn’t change her demeanor and instead her eyes locked to mine like steel daggers which for some reason sent a shiver down my spine, she never looked me in the eyes before, but now she looks like a lioness getting ready to pounce on a gazelle.

“That’s where your wrong Blake. I am going to make sure you never hurt, mistreat, or abuse another poor girl again.” She said with a soft but stern tone.

“Oh and how do you plan on doing that?” I ask with curiosity while she kept her dagger eyes on me.

“Why don’t you read these?” She asked holding out the stack of papers which I quickly snatched out of her hand wondering to myself why I am playing her stupid game.

I thought the papers would be her official two weeks notice, but my heart sank and my face went pale when I saw they were my emails. There were dozens of them printed on the papers detailing my conversations with many of some very powerful people from wall street I made acquaintances with at corporate events talking about inside trades that were going to affect the market and give me a heads up to either sell or buy a certain stock ahead of everyone else.

“How did you get these?” I asked as my legs started to feel week and my stomach turned into a knot.

“They are from the same email you gave me access to write emails to clients when you were to lazy to do it, you idiot.” She said with a grin. I thought that I was going to vomit at this moment.

“You know Blake insider trading is a serious crime, you could face up to 20 years in prison for that. Though you would have a bunch of weaselly lawyers that would get you only a few years and probation for a decade, or maybe even just house arrest, but when they find out who else was in those emails they would ruin you Blake. No company in their right mind would hire you in accounting, you would probably only be able to get a job as a Walmart cashier.” She said now grinning. I sat down in the chair across the desk from where I always sit before I blacked out.

“Julie you can’t do this. What do you want? I can get you another job anywhere in Manhattan just name it! I can give you a blank check, how ever much you want I can give it to you!” I said pleading to her.

Her grin turns into a beautiful smile as she takes her feet off the desk and rest her head in her hands on the desk, the exact same way I was doing yesterday.

“Oh that would be no fun Blake! You wouldn’t learn your lesson and go right back to being the stuck up cunt everyone calls you behind your back.” She explained with her devilish smile, I was taken back since the most swearing she has said before was ‘crap’ when she got a paper cut on a letter.

“What do you want then Julie?” I ask trying not to sound pleading.

She gets up from my chair and slowly creeps behind me like a cat preparing to pounce on a mouse, my head attempts to follow until she is directly behind me. Suddenly I felt her soft hand grip the nape of my neck, I gasp and attempt to stand up, but she holds me down on the chair by the neck. She leans in close to my ear as I feel her breath against it.

“I want you Blake.” She whispers into my ear.

I had no fucking idea what she meant by that, then it hit me she was upset about breaking up with her girlfriend or something, so does that mean she wants me to be her girlfriend? The thought of that disgusts me.

“Julie I really appreciate you taking a fancy to me, I really do, but I am really not into women.” I said trying to sound sincere.

She laughs out loud and suddenly she grabs a chunk of my long black hair and lifts me to my feet before throwing me to the carpeted floor. I attempted to get up and was preparing to punch her in the face.

“Are you fucking cra-” I tried saying before the sole of her shoe pinned my head down to the carpet. Before I could grab her ankles he stepped on my left hand so it was impossible to use my right to grab either of her feet and even after I tried thrashing on the ground she was surprisingly strong and kept pressure on my head and hand.

“Do you really Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan think I could love a disgusting parasite like you?” She asked looking down on me as she applied more pressure to my head.

“If not that then what do you fucking want?!” I asked through gritted teeth.

“I want you to be my slave Blake.” She said with no compassion.

“YOUR SLAVE?!” I shrieked trying to get up again, only for her to push harder on my head and increase the painful pressure of her shoe.

“Yes you see my girlfriend and I indulged in kink a bit, but I was far too sadistic for her liking, when I asked her to be my slave she thought it was too freaky and weird and left me, but now I have found a lovely replacement.” She said as she licked her lips looking down on me.

“And if I refuse?” I asked gulping.

“Then I turnover your emails to the security exchange commission and the FBI. Those copies are not the only ones I have and if I were to suddenly disappear I have contacts who will email them to the feds and multiple major media outlets.” She explained grinning as I breath hard under the pressure of her foot.

“So whats your choice Blake?” She asks me and she really had me over a barrel and I couldn’t think of anything else to do. So I gave in and submitted.

“Yes.” I growled.

“Yes what bitch?” She asks me.

“Yes I will be your slave.” I reply to her properly.

“Good girl, now the first thing is from this moment forward you are to address me as mistress, understand slave?” She asked taking pressure off my hand but not my head.

“Yes Mistress.” I answered her in a submissive tone I didn’t even know I had.

“As my slave that means I own you. I own every part of your including this ass of yours.” she said yanking up my pencil skirt and grabbing a handful of my ass.

“Who does this ass belong to slave?” She asked digging her nails in to my butt.

“It belongs to you mistress!” I exclaimed while wincing at the pain.

“That’s right!” She said before swatting my ass cheek causing me to gasp.

“Now get up and come to the desk we have some paper work to do.” She explained after finally taking her foot off my head. I felt so relieved as the pressure stopped on my head before I realized she said paperwork.

“What paperwork mistress?” I asked before realizing I said it mistress almost naturally. She pulled out a brown envelope and opened it to reveal two papers neatly stapled together on the spine, she sets the paperwork on the desk as I sat in the guest chair.

“This is an official contract stating that you willingly surrender all checking, savings, 401k, stocks, bonds, property, vehicles, and any other hard or soft assets currently in your possession will now be in my name and under my control. Also all debit and credit cards along with any future paychecks will be put in a new account that only I have access to. Essentially everything you own is now mine.” She said with that devilish smile. I thought I was going to cry.

“Julie you really can’t except me to sign this.” I said trying to keep my composure.

It was then she got angry and pulled out her phone, she taps on it a few times and showed me the phone. It was an email that had been prepared including a PDF labeled BLAKE MORITA INSIDE TRADING EMAILS and it was going to be sent to the SEC, she then brought the phone back to her and hover her thumb over the send button.

“Just say the word Blake and before the day is over you will be wearing orange at Rikers.” She warned.

“WAIT please don’t mistress I am begging you!” I pleaded dropping to my knees hands and fingers interlocked in a classic prayer look. I must have looked so pathetic as she started giggling.

“That was a wonderful performance, you snapped right back into slave girl mode when I showed you this. Now if you really don’t want this then take this pen and SIGN. THE. FUCKING. CONTRACT.” She growled holding up one of my own pens with the cap off.

I inhale deeply and stand realizing I was now entirely out of options and was struggling to hold back tears as I reached for the pen she slapped my hand away.

“NO! Use your mouth and sign it.” She ordered.

With quivering lips I grabbed the pen with my mouth and held it in place with my front teeth, I then guided my face down to the contract line and did my absolute best to copy my signature and took my time to get it just right. She laughs as I finish signing to look up to see she was taking pictures in my humiliating pose. My face goes red with anger and embarrassment as she stands up and pulls the pen out of my mouth and patting my head.

“Well done my slave, now let me finish my part.” She said signing her part of the contract now making it official. She puts the papers back in the envelope and puts it back into her satchel bag.

“Now I want you to go into your wallet and give me all your debit and credit cards, along with all your cash as well as the change, then I want your driver license along with your phone.” She demanded holding out her open hand.

I was very hesitant at first but not wanting to anger her I get my purse and wallet and take out all the money including the change which came out to $350.52 in a mixture of tens, twenties, fifties, and hundreds. Next came my debit plus all of my credits cards finally the drivers license and phone. I put the pile which of my things in her hand, she took it and put it all in her purse.

“Next I want those earrings and ring on your finger.” She said pointing to me ears.

I felt my hand go up to my ear to feel the earring, they were Cartier brand 18k white gold ears that cost over two grand. I caved and took them both out then slipped the Bulgari ring off my finger, feeling so naked with out it. I put those in her hand and she looked them over.

“These look like really beautiful jewelry, far too beautiful for a disgusting bitch like you.” She said laughing again. I couldn’t help but look away as she stashed them in her purse.

“Now lets see what you look like outside those clothes.” She said in a delightful tone. My face went pale as she sat down, locking eyes at me.

“I’m waiting bitch.” She growled.

“Yes mistress.” I responded submissively as I began to quickly take off my blazer.

“Slow down Blake. I want to see you take them off slowly, put on a little show for me. Just down to your underwear, I can help you with those.” She said smiling at my blushing face as I pull off the blazer slowly and fold it.

I then undo each button to my blouse focusing on undoing the buttons while not looking at Julie. I take off the blouse and fold that as well.

“How nice to see you fold your clothes and not make a mess.” She said cheerfully

“Yes mistress, I have been doing it since I was a child.” I explained standing up getting ready to take off my skirt. Before Julie held up her hand to signal me to stop.

“Turn around and bend over when you take it off Blake so I can see that ass of yours.” She ordered.

“Yes mistress.” I said obeying her.

I don’t know why and it wasn’t just the blackmail, but each time she gave me an order I felt as though I was obliged to obey it. I shook the thought out of my head as turned around, unzipped the skirt and slowly pulled it down showing off my ass with each inch of material cover less. The whole time I was undressing I could feel Blake eyeing me like any random guy on the street who hoot and holler at me. After the skirt was off and folded it I was in nothing left but my heels, my matching purple with black lace bra and my cheeky panties, along with my black thigh high stockings and purple garter belt. I felt so embarrassed as I stood before my own secretary in my underwear.

“No money, no car, no jewelry, and now no clothes. You are making a wonderful transformation into my slave.” She said with her devilish grin.

“Yes mistress.” I simply replied back, worrying if I said anything i’d cry since I just handed over every last possession I own to her.

“You have a very lovely body Blake, you keep in really good shape.” She said complimenting me. It was true, I went to the gym four times a week and worked out like crazy making sure I didn’t turn into some cow, so I weighed only 135 pounds and most was in muscle.

“T-thank you mistress.” I said in embarrassment as I blushed.

She got up and began to circle around me like a shark. She came up behind me and grabbed my wrists from my sides and forced them interlocked behind my back. Suddenly I could feel a pair of handcuffs locked tightly around both wrists, she then pushed my down to my knees. I began to breath rapidly as I try to pull my wrists out of the cuffs or pull them apart to no avail.

“Oh please don’t stop on my behalf, I think it’s sexy as hell watching a woman struggle trying to get out of handcuffs in her underwear, though those are military grade handcuffs so its pretty much pointless.” She said going back to her purse and pulling out several things that made my heart skip a beat.

She pulled several pairs of nipple clamps, a ring gag, and a cordless massage wand. The only reason I recognized anyone of these is because one of my friends dragged me into a sex shop to look for an anniversary gift for her husband and asked the clerk a million questions about the toys. She examines the toys, but then notices my designer sunglasses laying on the floor and walks over to them. I started getting a bad feeling as she looked at them.

“Those look pretty expensive.” She said tapping them with her foot.

“Yes they are and are my favorite pair.” I said nervous about what she was going to do.

“Oh really? You know that blouse you spilled coffee on yesterday?” She asked looking at the sunglasses, I really didn’t like the way this was going.

“Yes and I am really sorry about that, I shouldn’t have done that.” I said hoping it would take any bad ideas out of her head.

“You most certainly shouldn’t’ have, that was my favorite blouse. My mother got me that blouse for Christmas and she paid a shit ton for it and doesn’t make a lot of money. So it was a big deal, since she thought ‘bushiness women should wear really nice clothes’ as she said, but no matter how many times I washed that blouse the coffee wont come out and now its ruined.” She said with her voice getting angrier.

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