Slutty Mom and Daughter Pt. 02

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Carol Taylor gazed out her kitchen window and sipped her morning coffee. Bright sunlight streamed low across the green tops of the distant hills, promising a warm and beautiful weekend. She ought to dress and get started on the yard work that she put off during the week. She’d have to find where in the garage Craig kept the electric weed whacker. He’d always taken care of the lawn when he’d lived at home.

Instead, Carol was still lounging around in her short blue nightgown and slippers, too horny to focus on practical matters. She’d stayed late in bed this morning, getting herself off with her fingers. She’d missed having a late-night visit from Harper last evening, to ease the constant state of arousal that consumed her lately. But for some reason, her daughter had insisted that they stay away from one another while Bryan was home.

Harper wasn’t usually cautious or discreet, which made her mother suspicious. And this morning, the girl had taken off for parts unknown before Carol had awakened, without saying where she was going. That was more typically Harper.

Harper was the wild one, a complete contrast to her brother. Bryan was mature and responsible and reliable. Why, just this morning he’d volunteered to do the week’s grocery shopping. He’d seemed anxious to get out of the house–so eager that Carol wondered if she’d done something to upset him.

Maybe she’d have a talk with him when he got home. Right now, she was going to go up to Harper’s room and see if she could find her daughter’s two-headed dildo. If the girl was going to leave Carol hot and wanting for who knew how long, the least she could do was to lend her mother her fake cock. Fingers could only do so much. Carol needed something big and hard in her pussy.

Craig Taylor had been good for exactly one thing other than yard work. Sure, he was a louse, a run-around, fuck-around bastard. But he was a hell of a stud, with the cock of a horse and balls that never seemed to run dry. Having him in her bed every night to service all her horny desires had enabled Carol to live in denial of the irresistible power of her sexual urges for years. After all, there wasn’t anything wrong or slutty about a lawfully-wedded woman wanting her husband to fuck her several times every day–was there?

Deprived of that ever-ready cock for only a few months, she’d started to lose her mind. She’d started remembering and obsessing over all the guys she’d opened her legs for before meeting Craig. She’d even looked one or two of them up. The school quarterback? Married with three kids, fifty pounds overweight, and working sixty hours a week at the used Chevy lot up on Route 12. Her prom date, the guy she’d lost her virginity to, was a county cop serving out a suspension for drunk-on-duty. He couldn’t keep a boner long enough to cum in Carol’s mouth.

Carol had to conclude that, weirdly enough, she’d picked the best of the batch. Craig was unfaithful, and he had the kind of problems with authority that landed him in trouble at his job too often, but he was an honest-to-God bull stud. Sexually, they were perfectly matched.

And Harper took after them both where her voracious sexual appetite was concerned. Her virginity probably hadn’t survived until sundown on her eighteenth birthday. Who’d been the lucky stud? A guy at school, or one of her teachers? Corey Lawson, the son of their next-door neighbors Jill and Frank? Whoever it had been, once Harper had got started fucking there’d been no stopping her.

Her father hadn’t been gone a month before she’d shocked Carol by putting the moves on her.

It started as just the two of them snuggling in bed watching TV, then kissing, then one night Harper was sucking Carol’s boobs, cooing over how big and beautiful they were, then kissing down her belly, and then, and then…

Harper had seduced her own mother. And Carol had loved every second of it. Nonetheless, she’d insisted in a dutiful parental fashion that what they were doing was wrong.

“Goddamn, Mom, you must’ve grown up in a cave,” Harper had sneered. “There’s nothing wrong with fucking. It feels great, doesn’t it? Why shouldn’t we make each other feel great? Especially since Dad’s a dickhead who didn’t appreciate you. Now come on and spread those pretty legs again. Let’s sixty-nine.”

Remembering her first few suck sessions with Harper ratcheted Carol’s morning lust up another few notches.

Time to find that damned dildo.

A sudden sharp noise from outside stopped her in her tracks–a fox’s cry? Not at this time of day. No, it was a woman’s throaty laughter. It came from the Lawsons’ backyard.

Carol stood stock still and listened. Another laugh, this time a male voice. Seized by curiosity, she opened the sliding door onto her screened-in back porch and stepped outside. Between the slats of the privacy fence that separated their two yards, she could see people moving on the Lawsons’ deck. Sound carried pretty well across the manicured lawns of this quiet neighborhood. She recognized Jill’s voice.

“Where’s bursa escort Wyatt? You guys said there’d be three of you today.”

Male laughter, again. “Jeez, Mrs. Lawson, ain’t me and Kevin enough for right now? Don’t worry about Wyatt. He ain’t gonna miss this party.”

“Hope not,” Jill replied, her voice oddly muffled.

Carol wished she could see over the privacy fence. Looking around, she got an idea. She slid the box-crate coffee table across the porch to the window as quietly as she could. She kicked off her slippers and climbed up to stand on the table. Now she had a perfect view of the Lawsons’ entire backyard. She only hoped that, in the bright morning light, Jill and her visitors couldn’t see clearly into the porch through the screen mesh.

Not that Jill would have been paying attention to her neighbor’s house. Not when she had her hands wrapped around two of the biggest cocks that Carol had ever seen.

“Jesus Christ,” Carol whispered to herself. Thirty feet away, Jill Lawson crouched barefoot on the balls of her feet on the stained wood of her deck, wearing only a pale pink bikini that barely held her enormous tits in place. Her naturally fair skin was already deeply tanned for so early in the season and gleamed in the sunlight from a fresh application of baby oil.

Two naked guys stood over her, one on each side. They were both tall and heavily muscled. Carol recognized them as Kevin Miller and Jason Cannon, senior-year players for the football team at the high school where Jill taught English. Their cocks thrust out proudly a few inches from either side of her face, both of them wet with spit and pre-cum. Jill slipped her well-oiled hands back and forth along the length of their pricks, a lewd grin on her face.

Turning to Kevin, she stuck out her tongue and trailed it along the underside of his cock from base to tip. More clear liquid drooled down the groove in the underside of his glans. She licked it up hungrily, then turned to Jason. After darting her tongue out to catch a drop of pre-cum from his cock-slit she licked his helmet all over, paused for a moment, and pushed her head forward to swallow his entire prick. Her control was amazing–she never once paused for breath or choked, just smoothly inhaled that great joint of fuck-meat, her cheeks puffing and hollowing like a bellows, until her lush lips touched his groin. Carol could see his pubic hair quiver as she exhaled slowly through her nose.

“Yeah, suck me,” Jason groaned. “Man, how can you even do that?” He instinctively worked his hips in and out of Jill’s mouth, an inch or two of his soaking cock appearing and then disappearing again on every stroke.

“Teach belongs in a fuckin’ circus,” Kevin agreed. “She’s a sword-swallower. It’s all practice, man. Like the coach always tells us, right? The chicks at school ain’t sucked near enough cock to do what Mrs. Lawson does to our dicks.”

Carol found herself wondering if she could do what Jill was doing with her mouth. Moving effortlessly from cock to cock like that, taking them deep. Wanton as she’d thought herself to be in her teen years, taking on multiple guys had been only a horny fantasy. Watching her neighbor, the horny mother knew that she desperately wanted the chance to try it for herself–and soon.

She steadied herself with one hand against the window sill and reached a hand inside her nightgown to cup one of her tits. She kneaded the big globe, running a finger back and forth across her nipple to tease it into stiff arousal. A flush of heat flowed through her body and she felt the wetness between her legs.

Carol thought it unfair that Jill Lawson should have two young, hard pricks to herself, while right next door she was yearning for a deep fuck from a real, live prick instead of a silicone shaft. She really ought to march right over there and claim one of those studs. Surely the young guys would be more than happy to service two sluts instead of just one, and what could Jill say in protest? Who would she complain to? Surely not her husband.

Carol managed to smile to herself at the fantasy. That was all it was…for now. A fantasy to fuel her self-pleasure.

After a long time, Jill drew her head backward again, pulling free of Jason’s cock. Her hands roamed down to massage the insides of her partners’ massively muscled thighs. She worked her way upward to their big hanging ball sacks. Her gold wedding band caught the bright rays of the sun as her fingertips caressed those heavy, swollen cum bags. Even from forty feet away, Carol could see the fullness of their sacks and the way their pricks throbbed, and she knew that the guys were on the edge of exploding. Would Jill take them one at a time in her pussy, or suck one off while the other came in her cunt, or even–Carol scarcely dared hope–even let them double penetrate her ass and pussy?

The answer was none of those. Instead, after planting a series of soft, lingering kisses on the guys’ balls, Jill looked up at them with the most depraved grin bursa escort bayan that Carol had ever seen and said, “I’m ready, fellows. Bathe me in ball juice, darlings. Do it like I taught you.”

Carol held her breath, scarcely believing that she was about to see two men blow their nuts all over her neighbor’s pretty face. She moved her hand from her tit to her crotch, gently stroking the hard little fun button at the apex of her slit.

The guys exchanged a look and a nod and both started pulling on their pricks as if competing to be first. After a few seconds, Kevin came with a loud growl. His throbbing cock was only an inch or two from Jill’s face when shots of thick white jism started pumping from the tip.

The blonde’s look of ecstasy as the first jets of cum shot explosively onto her face was a wonder to behold. The first viscous globs spurted onto her cheek and across her upper lip, running down into the corners of her mouth. Her tongue flicked out to lick it off of her lips. Kevin aimed his second volley directly into her gaping mouth. Jill gurgled gleefully while she gulped down as much of it down as she could. Some still splashed onto her nose and chin.

As Jason’s prick erupted he took several steps back from Jill. His jism shot out so rapidly that it was almost a steady spray, hosing her with creamy semen from the top of her head down to her heaving tits. She squealed with delight and twisted toward him, tipping her face up and wriggling and running her hands up and down her body as if she were taking a shower–which she was. But instead of hot, soapy water, she scrubbed up in the kind of incredible torrent of sperm-rich fuck juice that only a very young, athletic, and powerfully virile stud could produce.

Right at that instant, Carol vowed that she would find herself a young fuck partner. A guy who could keep it hard for ages, fill her full of spunk and get it up again in no time. Hell, she was thirty-six years old. She could be fucking a guy half her age without breaking the law. And as for morality, to hell with all that.

Kevin and Bryan finally finished shooting their loads. Jill went right back to work on their cocks, licking them clean of the last dribbles of jism. She wiped her fingers over her face and her tits, collecting and feeding herself all the cum she could gather. Then she stood up and strolled over to the lounger she’d set up on the deck for sunbathing, retrieving a big towel and rubbing it over her face and short blond curls.

“I hope you two don’t have other exciting plans for the day,” she cooed sweetly. “Hubby’s off on a golf weekend with his buddy Craig who used to live next door. And my son Corey’s pulling a double shift at Burger Biggy today. A gal could get kind of lonely.”

“We got all afternoon,” Jason chortled. “If you don’t mind, I think we’d just as soon hang around here and put the prick to you.”

“Mind? It’s what I live for. I wish I could have the whole team here, all big and strong and naked with your cocks out and drowning me in hot loads of jism. I want to spend all day sucking quarts of cum out of a dozen sets of nuts.”

“I guess I’m not a whole team, but maybe I’ll do for now, huh?” A new voice boomed out. Wyatt Foster, the school team’s quarterback, strode across the yard. Carol’s breath caught in her throat. Big, blonde, and built like a movie action hero, Wyatt was clad this morning in nothing but running shoes and shorts.

Carol guessed that Wyatt had been out on a training run already. He was older than either Kevin or Jason–in fact, almost Bryan’s age. Wyatt’s parents had held him back a year to give him a competitive edge against younger opponents on the field. Carol didn’t know if she approved of that practice, but she sure as hell approved of Wyatt’s toned and muscular physique, slick with perspiration and only a few dozen yards from her hopefully-concealed position.

“Oh!” Jill cried happily when Wyatt leaped onto the deck and swept her up in his arms. He kissed her passionately and slapped her loudly on the rump.

“Hey, I thought you guys were gonna work out with me this morning before we headed over here,” Wyatt said to his teammates, who looked at one another and then at the deck planks.

“Yeah, well we decided we didn’t have time for your lame MVP ass today,” Kevin deadpanned. “Thought it’d be a sin to make this fine piece of MILF pussy wait any longer than she had to for us. You know how she hates to wait for dick.”

Wyatt scowled at him, then slid his hand into Jill’s bikini top to play with her tits. “You know what’s a sin, is coverin’ up a set of knockers like yours,” he told Jill as he set her back on her bare feet. “Come on, Teach, get naked.”

“You first,” Jill replied. She grabbed the elastic of Wyatt’s shorts and yanked them down to his knees with a single, quick movement. His naked cock hung down between his legs, swaying gently in the breeze. Carol jammed a knuckle into her mouth and bit down to keep from crying out in delight at what she saw.

Kevin and escort bursa Jason both had big cocks. Wyatt’s made theirs look like her little finger in comparison. It looked as if when it got hard it might be as long as her forearm. And as Jill spun on her toes and strutted out into the middle of the deck to strip, Wyatt was getting a hard-on in a hurry.

Jill’s hips swung sensuously from side to side as she glided along the stained timber floor in a triangle from Kevin to Jason and back to Wyatt. She untied her top and whisked it off, tossing it into the air and arching her back so that her enormous round tits caught the full morning light, shaking and bouncing against each other. Her nipples were brown, as deeply tanned as the rest of her, and easily each the size of one of Carol’s palms.

Jill took hold of the little bows at the hips of her thong and tugged them loose, whipped the suit bottom out from between her legs, and waved it at the guys before dropping it to the deck. Her prominent cunt mound was as tan as the rest of her. She had narrow, nearly invisible pussy lips.

“All yours, Wyatt,” Jill said. “Do me any way you please. I’ll take this big hard pole any way I can get it. Your pals have both already fucked me this morning. I unlocked the house, you know, and waited for them in the bedroom. They took turns on me, right in the bed where I fuck my husband, before we came outside. But a couple of fucks are never enough for me. So come on, use my hot pussy or fuck my ass or face. Your call.”

Wyatt looked Jill slowly up and down, a broad toothy grin on his face. “That’s what I like to see,” he muttered. “You sure got a fine set of fun bags, Jill. As big and as nice as Mom’s.”

“You seen your mom’s tits?” Jason asked, startled.

“Fuck, I’ve seen everything she’s got,” Wyatt boasted. “She’s like Mrs. Lawson, she likes to sunbathe nude out back when she thinks she’s alone. What she don’t know is, I set me up one of them nanny cams in my bedroom window.” He grinned wolfishly. “When she gets all hot out there, she starts to play with herself. Man, I’ve jacked off a ton of times lately, watchin’ her on video rubbin’ those titties, oilin’ up her belly and legs and fingerin’ her slit.”

“Lucky motherfucker,” Kevin spat.

“Not yet,” Wyatt chuckled. “Gimme time. Dad just went off on an overseas business trip this morning. I expect me and Mom’ll be alone together at home for a month.”

Jill’s dark brown eyes grew wide and round. “You’d fuck your own mother?” she gasped. She sounded shocked, but also intrigued.

As was Carol. Hearing Wyatt’s words, she was suddenly gripped by the fantasy of son-fucking incest.

After all, she was already fucking her daughter, Harper.

If only Wyatt were her son, she’d be on him in a hot minute. If only…

“Why not?” Wyatt shrugged. “My cock oughta fit her pussy same as any chick’s. Same as yours.”

Jill stared at him as if hypnotized. “What would you do with Liz–with your mother?” she asked in a hushed voice. “Show me.”

He walked over to stand behind the blonde, a full head-and-a-half taller than she was, and reached around to close his big broad hands over her jiggling tit-melons. He rolled and bounced them in his palms, hefted and molded them, and pinched and pulled her erect nipples between his blunt fingers, She shimmied and ground her bubble butt cheeks back against the huge cock that reared up between the school quarterback’s legs. Now the small of her back shined not only with tanning oil but with the slippery clear pre-cum that dripped from his prick as from a leaky faucet.

Wyatt released Jill’s tits and put one hand on each of her hips. She yelped in surprise when he lifted her over his head, his arms locked, as easily as if she weighed nothing at all. Then he lowered her little by little, her body sliding against his until her butt pressed against his hard, corrugated belly. Her pussy was at most six inches from his cock.

“Spread your legs,” he grunted.

“What? Oh!” The blonde lifted her legs out before her and then spread them wide until they levered out from her sides like she was doing a gymnastics stretch. Carol remembered Jill mentioning once that she’d competed in college. Apparently, she hadn’t lost a move. She and Wyatt looked like a pair of naked figure skaters.

Carol unbelted her nightgown and shook it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the porch floor. Standing completely naked on the coffee table, she planted her feet wide apart and eased two fingers into her dripping pussy, then leaned forward against the screen window. She didn’t want to miss a single word or sight of what was about to happen.

“Ready, Baby?”

“‘Mom,’ darling. Call me ‘Mom.'”

Wyatt laughed out loud. “Ready, ‘Mom?’

“Don’t tease me, dear,” Jill said sweetly. “Make Mama a son-fucking whore.”

Wyatt lowered Jill a few inches. The giant, mushroom-shaped head of his cock wedged itself between her pussy lips.

“Awwwgh…” Jill moaned as Wyatt angled his hips forward and up, impaling her slowly on his prick. Carol’s heart beat faster as she watched her neighbor’s pussy lips stretch obscenely around that giant column of hot, hard male flesh disappearing up into her fuck channel.

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