Slutty Sue and the Art Class

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Years ago when I was a struggling college student I did nearly anything to make ends meet. I was a waitress at a local diner and tutored biology students. I still needed more money to get by and one day I was in the student union building and saw a posting on the bulletin board.

“Models needed for Art 202. Starting rate, 9.50 per hour. See Prof Stanley for more information at room AC402.”

I made a note and went over to the arts building to see Professor Stanley.

“Hi Professor. I’m interested in the model position,” I stated.

“Have you ever modeled before?”

“A little in high school,” I replied. This was a flat out lie.

“Well we’re looking for figure models for Art 202. This requires you to pose nude in front of the class. Would that be an issue?” he asked.

“No I don’t think so. I’ve modeled swimsuits before so I’ve been barely clothed in front of strangers before.”

“Great. If you’re interested I’ll give you a chance. Class is 7PM tomorrow night. Can you be here?”

“Sure. I’m done with my last class at 5:15,” I replied.

“Great. I’d advise going without underwear and a bra if you can. The marks on your skin are impossible to hide,” he explained.

“Okay. I can do that. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

I dressed the following morning in a loose fitting top and jeans. My nipples were straining to escape from my top and I noticed that I had more assistance from male students than I’d ever had before. Finally my last class was over and I went and had dinner at the mess hall then walked over to the art building. I saw a few students that I knew but none that I knew really well.

I knocked on Professor Stanley’s door and he welcomed me in.

“You can get ready in the dressing room. Here’s a robe for you to use. Get ready and I’ll get you when we’re ready for you,” he explained.

I disrobed and put the robe over my naked body. My nipples were erect in anticipation and after about ten minutes there was a knock on the door. Prof Stanley asked if I was ready and I followed him into the art studio.

“Class this is Sue. She’s a biology major sancak escort and she’s our model for this evening.”

I took off the robe and found myself naked in front of a class of about ten women and fifteen or so men. I saw the guys watching me intently as they put my naked form to canvas.

The two hours flew by and before I knew it class was over. I had students come over to me and say thanks for coming and being their model. I found the entire situation to be very arousing and I was extremely horny after being seem naked by strangers.

“Great job Sue,” Professor Stanley said to me as I got dressed. “You’re a natural. If you want a regular gig you’ve got it.”

“Thanks. I’m glad I worked out. When’s the next class that you need me?”

“Thursday night. I need to tell you that there will also be a male model as well. Will that be an issue?”

“No. Not at all,” I replied.

I went back to my dorm room and was so horny that I locked the door so my roommate wouldn’t walk in on me and got out my favorite vibrator. I climaxed in record time releasing all of my built up sexual tension.

I was pretty much worthless the next two days until Thursday arrived. I got to the art building and arrived fifteen minutes early. I knocked on the door and Prof Stanley was speaking with a male student when he let me in.

“Karl is that you?” I asked.

“Sue. How ya doing?” he asked.

It was Karl the older brother of my best friend in high school.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m one of the models for art class tonight,” I replied.

“No shit. So am I.”

“I see you know each other,” Prof Stanley stated.

“Yeah. His sister is my best friend from high school,” I explained.

“Will there be any issues?” the Prof asked.

“None with me,” I explained.

“Same here,” Karl stated.

Professor Stanley led us to the changing room and I was very aroused because I’d had a crush on Karl since I was in middle school.

We both undressed and as we were putting robes on I saw his cock sarıyer escort starting to get hard.

“Karl! You can’t go out in front of the class like that,” I said.

“Sorry Sue. I never expected to see you this close up naked. The only time I’ve ever seen you naked was when you slept over at our house.”

“When did you see me naked?” I asked.

“I kinda spied on you and Tracey a few times. I jacked off when the two of you took your tops off and compared tit size.”

“No way! I never suspected anything!” I screamed.

“Sorry,” he replied.

“I’m gonna have to do something so you don’t have a hard-on in front of the class. Give me a tube sock.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Don’t question me just give me a fucking sock!”

I placed a sock over his erect cock and gave him a quick hand-job. I rubbed his balls and that was all he needed. He exploded inside of his sock filling his white sock with warm, white sticky goo.

“Thanks Sue. Now I’m ready,” he stated as I wiped his cock clean and free of cum.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Professor Stanley got us and we went out to the studio. We both stripped naked and there were more women in this class then men and I’m sure the women were lusting after Karl. The two hours flew by and right before the class ended he got a semi hard-on.

Thank god nobody seemed to notice it because the Professor was speaking as we put our robes on. He thanked us both and told us that we could pick up our checks the next day at the administration building. We both went back into the dressing room and we both started laughing.

“Wow! Nobody noticed that you were getting a woody,” I joked.

“I know. It’s all your fault. You’re a little cutie,” he explained.

“Thanks. I’m horny. We need to get out of here!” I exclaimed. “I want that nice cock of yours in my snatch.”

“Sue!” he screamed.

He followed me down the hall and we found a darkened area of the art building. He grabbed me and gave me a long wet kiss. Our tongues were dancing in each others sefaköy escort mouths and his hands were all over me. His hand was up my top and he was pinching my nipples between his fingers. I had my hand down his sweatpants and was stroking his cock.

I pulled his sweatpants down and dropped to my knees. I took his cock in my mouth and before I could actually give him a proper blowjob he picked me up and pulled my shorts off. He picked me up and put my pussy in his face and I wrapped my legs around his neck. Then I took his cock in my mouth and we were 69ing standing up.

“Mmmm! Suck it Susie!” he moaned as he licked my slit.

I had all of him in my mouth and I could feel an orgasm building in the shaft of his cock.

“Get ready! I’m cumming!” he screamed as he fill my mouth with his warm salty jizz.

I swallowed as much as I could and he lowered me on the floor and buried his head between my legs. He was rubbing my tits and pulling on my nipples as he ate me to orgasm. I climaxed in his face and he got up and I saw him stroking his cock back to life.

“Stand up Sue. I’ve wanted to fuck you for years,” he commanded as I stood up and he turned me around and entered me from behind.

We fucked doggy style in the hall and we really going at it when the lights went on and a janitor walked down the hall towards us.

“Hey! What are you doing?” he asked.

We both grabbed our clothes and ran out a side door. We laughed and embraced.

“We’re not done yet,” he exclaimed. “Come over to the bench,” he stated and he sat down and I lowered myself on his stiff pole.

“Fuck me Karl. Fuck me good!” I screamed as we fucked on a bench outside of the art building.

Neither one of us lasted much longer and I climaxed and as my vaginal muscles tightened around his cock he blew his load deep inside of my pussy. We relaxed and cuddled on the bench.

Finally we got up and got dressed right before campus security arrived and asked us if we saw a couple having sex in open.

“Yeah. They went towards Tanner Hall,” Karl explained.

“Thanks,” the guard said as they disappeared.

We both laughed like kids and we went back to the frat house that Karl lived at. We ended up spending the night together and in fact we spent a lot of time together. We continued to model and before every session Karl would get a hand job from me for ‘prep’.

That was how I spent my sophomore year in college. Many more stories to tell.

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