S’more Lovin’ – Day 01

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Julie powered off her computer and left the office. “See you later Kim,” she called.

“Have a great weekend camping!” Kim replied.

Julie couldn’t wait, her and Jeff had been planning this getaway for a while. It would be so nice to get out of the city leaving the hustle and bustle behind. They were headed up North for the weekend to their cabin in the woods. There was a beautiful lake and gorgeous mountains. Best of all it was theirs and secluded. When she got home Jeff already had the truck packed and she hopped in. In just a couple short hours they would be there. She took the drive to decompress from the week, letting go of everything she was carrying with her.

Jeff unlocked the door. Julie went in, inhaling the familiar smell of the cabin that never changed. “I love it here,” she said out loud. “I know,” he replied, coming behind her and wrapping her in his arms. “Let’s get unpacked so we can catch the sunset.” They quickly unpacked, before settling on the porch in the rocking chairs. The sunset was brilliant as always. As it dipped between the mountains, Julie wrapped the blanket around her tighter. “I’ll start a fire,” Jeff said, noticing her chill. As he went inside, Julie took in the final colors in the sky, thankful she was here.

She heard the crackling of the wood and moved inside. Jeff had set up some of the big comfy pillows and blankets on the floor. “Get cozy,” he said.

Julie slipped the blanket off and began unbuttoning her blouse. Jeff turned as he noticed as her shirt hit the floor. “Is this what you were thinking?” she said with a smirk. “That definitely is a start, let me help you. Jeff walked over to her and began kissing her slowly, his hands traveling down her back before finding the button on her jeans. He pushed them down, revealing that she was wearing no panties, “Surprise!” she said. He couldn’t help himself, he picked her up and laid her on the blankets in front of the fire. “You didn’t wear panties today?!”

“Nope, I wanted to surprise you. What do you think?”

He answered by placing his mouth over her clit and sucking on it intensely. “I’ll take that as a good thing,” Julie said, moaning with pleasure.

He slid his finger into her, finding the spot that would make her moan the most. “Mmm…yes!” she said. He bent down and kissed her passionately, nibbling on her lips as he did. Pumping her slowly at first but picking up in intensity as she began to moan and thrust more. He moved to her breast, so round and full. He put it in his mouth and began sucking on it, she held his head to her forcing him to take more of her. She pulled his shirt off of him and began rubbing his chest, feeling all of his muscles as he moved. “Give me you,” she begged.

Jeff stood and undid his jeans, his cock hard and throbbing. “Looks like someone is ready to go,” she said. She stripped away his boxers and held him in her hands. “I love this cock,” and getting down on her knees she took him in her mouth. Slowly at first, going as deep as she could. He began to moan, throbbing in her mouth. She moved a little faster but didn’t want him to come yet, she wanted to tease him some more so she moved to just the tip of his head. She flicked the tender underside with her tongue while massaging his balls in her hands. “Oh God!” he said, he tried holding her head there while he penetrated her mouth but she stood up. “Not so fast, let’s make the most of our time. She took his hand and brought him back to the blankets. She pushed him down on the floor and climbed over top of him, placing her dripping pussy over her face. She began to ride his face while his tongue fucked her pussy, “Yes, yes!” she screamed. He reached up and grabbed her breasts while she rode his face. She kept going until she came. He knew she was always good for more than one orgasm so he was never concerned when she came first. She got off his face and assumed his favorite position, on all fours. He came behind her and inserted his cock into her still dripping pussy. Grabbing her hips hard he moved inside her, creating their own rhythm that was familiar and new all at the same time. He smacked her ass while she was riding her cock and she squealed with delight. His mind thought about trying something but he wasn’t sure what she would think, ‘why not he thought’ he took his cock out and slid it to her ass. The next time she came back, expecting it in her pussy, it touched her tight asshole. “Oh, God! What are you doing?”

“Just relax, let’s see what happens.” He took his hands and slid some of her wetness back to her puckered ass. He slowly inserted the tip of his cock. She moved back slowly, to Jeff’s surprise. Pushing her ass cheeks open a little more, he slid more of himself in her, when she seemed to have taken enough of it, he began moving in a slow and steady rhythm. They found a pace that made both of them moan. Her tight ass felt amazing on his cock and it wasn’t long until he was cumming. He wrapped his arms around her, thanking her. “For what?” she asked. escort izmir “For trying something new, for trusting me, for not freaking out.” She chuckled, pulling his arms around her tighter. They fell asleep there in their bed of blankets wearing nothing but each other.

Julie woke up first the next day, she threw on her yoga pants and a hoodie and headed for the porch. She watched the sunrise while sipping her coffee. She thought about everything and nothing that had to be done today and it brought a smile to her face. She tiptoed back into the cabin and began making breakfast. Jeff came up behind her while she was finishing making the waffles. He kissed her gently on the neck. She turned and seeing that he was already aroused, brought him to the table. She grabbed the whip cream and strawberries she was going to use on the waffles and got naked. Julie climbed up on the table and laid down, she began by putting some whip cream on her nipples. She smirked as she saw Jeff’s face light up. Next she added some strawberries. Seeing his excitement she gave herself a whip cream bikini decorated with more strawberries. “Breakfast is served,” she said. Jeff didn’t know where to begin. He decided he would start by eating her strawberry nipples. His tongue tickled her as he slowly licked the cream from her breasts. Julie began to moan and squirm. Jeff, loving her squirming, took her whole breast in his mouth and sucked it vigorously. When it looked like she was going to burst, he moved quickly to her pussy where he slowly licked the cream teasing her clit and lips. She grabbed his head and tried to hold it to her dripping pussy but he pulled back. Jeff continued at his teasingly slow pace. He noticed that one of the strawberries was larger than the others. Taking it in his mouth he brought it down to her opening and began to go in and out of her slowly. He loved the mix of the taste of the strawberry and Julie combined. His cock was dripping with anticipation. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore he stuck his cock in her and began fucking her. He held her legs open so he could bury himself in her even further, the two becoming one. She had been on edge as well and it didn’t take long for either one of them to cum. After their climaxes, they decided it was time to really eat and re- energize before the rest of their day.

After breakfast they decided to head out on their boat. It wasn’t anything huge, but big enough to fish and catch some sun. Julie threw her bathing suit on under her sundress and grabbed a hoodie as she walked out the door. Jeff was in charge of the tackle and poles. He put everything in the boat along with a cooler. They went out to the middle of the lake. It was a quiet day, but oh so peaceful. Julie decided to sun herself on the deck while Jeff fished. After a while, Jeff told her to work on her tan without tan lines. Julie complied and slipped off her bikini. There was nowhere else they would rather be. Soaking up the sun, the water, and the fish. They got lost in their thoughts when all of a sudden a car horn brought them back to reality. “Oh my gosh!” Julie shrieked, scrambling for her sundress.

“Oh, it’s Kevin and Sarah. I forgot to tell you I invited them overnight. I thought it’d be fun.”

Julie, blushing from embarrassment, was praying they hadn’t seen anything. “It would’ve been nice if you had told me!” Jeff started up the motor and brought the boat in.

“Hey, guys! We’re so glad you made it!” said Jeff. Hugs and kisses were passed around.

“I’m so surprised you’re here! Jeff didn’t tell me you guys were coming!” Julie said while giving Jeff a playful elbow. She loved Kevin and Sarah so it wasn’t really a big deal. Yes, she had a weekend of nakedness and love-making wherever whenever planned, but they could still get the job done, they just had to be more creative.

“We were down on the lake, throw your suits on and grab your poles,” Jeff announced. The girls ran off, while the guys stayed by the trucks.

“So does Sarah know exactly what’s going on this weekend?” Jeff asked.

“She has some clue. I told her a few details, like to pack some of the toys, but I think she thinks they’re just for us. I don’t think she gets that there’s going to be things going on between them and us.”

“Do you think she’ll be pissed?” Jeff asked.

“Nah, we’ve been toying with the idea of exploring with other people or couples. What about Julie? I’m guessing she has no clue since she didn’t know we were coming,” Kevin said laughing.

“Nope, no idea, I didn’t want her to freak out, she’s been so damn stressed at work. We have also been talking about exploring outside of us as you know and since I knew you guys were too, it seemed easy to connect the dots. I’m sure she’ll be game after a little bit.

Just then the girls came around the corner. Sarah was in a cute bikini that didn’t didn’t leave much to the imagination. She was tanned and trim. She had a ‘come get me,’ playful attitude about her that drove the guys crazy.

The izmir escort bayan girls ran down to the lake and threw themselves down on the sand. The guys grabbed their gear and headed to the dock. It didn’t take long before the afternoon sun made the girls glisten with sweat, “I’m baking here,” Sarah said. “I’m going in the lake.” She stood up and ran to the lake. Julie stood and began to pull her dress up, forgetting she had nothing on underneath. “Take it off!” the guys yelled, noticing before her that she was naked. Julie blushed suddenly. Sarah turned around with the guys yelling seeing the sundress climb higher revealing Julie’s ass. “Yeah, go for it!” she yelled.

“Are you crazy?!” Julie yelled.

“Who cares? It’s just us. Look!” with that Sarah undid her bikini top and threw it on the sand. She wiggled out of her bottoms to cheers and hollers from Jeff and Kevin. “Your turn,” she called.

“You’re nuts!” Julie said.

“Don’t be such a tight ass. We’ve all known each other forever.”

“Fine, you win!” Julie grumbled, but deep down she was feeling exhilarated by being naked not just for Jeff for once. Jeff and her had been talking for a while about exploring outside of just them for a while now, is this what he had planned for the weekend?

Julie ran down to the lake and dove in.

“You’ll scare the damn fish,” Jeff yelled.

“Too bad,” Julie said as she came up splashing him.

“You’re asking for it,” Jeff said as he dove in after her. He caught her quickly and wrapped her in a deep kiss. The next thing Julie knew he had slipped a finger inside of her. Her eyes popped open. There was Jeff with a huge grin on his face. “Relax!” he said, pinching her nipples quickly then swimming away.

“Who wants to play Marco Polo?” Jeff asked.

“That’s a children’s game,” Sarah replied.

“Yeah, but did you play it naked as a child?”

“Good point. Kevin get your ass in here and ditch the trunks.”

Kevin stood and took off his trunk. Sarah caught Julie taking him in, “I know right?!” she said. Julie blushed, still not believing that she was naked seeing 2 of her best friends naked as well.

“You’re Marco first,” Julie said to Kevin.

Kevin counted to 20 as the others scattered. He began swimming around the area calling ‘Marco,’ as the others called ‘Polo,’ he headed straight towards the girls. Within a few moments he had caught up to Julie, he reached out and grabbed her ass. She squealed with embarrassment and delight, she still couldn’t believe this was happening. “You’re it,” he said. Julie began counting as the 3 scattered. When she reached 20 she began swimming around. She couldn’t really hear anyone, “Fish out of water?” she called, “Nope, try again.” She kept calling out and swimming, eventually bumping into someone. “Gotcha,” she said, reaching out, grabbing Sarah’s breast by accident.

“I guess so,” Sarah said with a huge smirk on her face.

Julie didn’t know what to do and in that split second Sarah leaned in and kissed her.

“I’m it!” she said, swimming away, leaving Julie’s head spinning.

The game continued for a little while longer. Sarah found Jeff and then Jeff found Julie again. On Julie’s next turn, she had a hard time again finding anyone. “Come on guys, are you still here?” she kept swimming before bumping into what she thought was the ladder to the dock, it was and it wasn’t. It was Kevin, staying perfectly on the ladder of the dock. What she had accidentally grabbed was his throbbing cock and she kept moving her hands down it. “Uh guys?” she said once she heard the snickers. She opened her eyes to see she had been stroking him.

“Oh my God! I am so sorry! Why didn’t you say something?” by now she was beet red. She turned to see Jeff and Sarah on the beach laughing hysterically in towels. She jumped out of the water and ran down the dock, not bothering to grab a towel and stormed to the house.

Jeff knocked on their bedroom door a few minutes later. “Can I come in?” he asked.

Julie unlocked the door. “What the hell was that? What is going on?”

He took her in his arms, “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you.”

“Told me what?”

“Told you what was going on this weekend. Remember how we’ve been talking about exploring with others? While, it came up in conversation with Kevin when we were watching the game that they were in the same spot. So we thought maybe it would be cool to explore with people we already know.”

“Wait, so you talked with Kevin about our bedroom fantasies and all 3 of you agreed to this sexscapades weekend without telling me?”

“You had so much going on at work and I knew you wouldn’t come if you knew. But I thought if things just unfolded naturally like they have been you’d be fine with it. Just take some time to think about it. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but think about all the possibilities we could have this weekend. It’ll just stay between the 4 of us.” With that Jeff left her to izmir escortlar her thoughts and headed back downstairs.

Julie was annoyed. How dare everyone else know about intimate details of their relationship, and she be left in the dark? Sure, her and Jeff had talked about exploring more and he’s right, if he had told her there’s no way she would have agreed to this weekend. If any exploration of this fantasy was going to happen, Jeff was right it would have to be by surprise. “Dammit!” she yelled, slamming her fist down on the dresser. She didn’t know what frustrated her more but at the same time, part of her was relieved and intrigued to see what could happen.

Downstairs, the others were gathered and looked up as Julie came down the stairs.

“So now that I know what’s supposedly going on, care to fill me in on the rest?”

Sarah spoke first, “I didn’t know, you didn’t know, otherwise I would’ve said something. What I’ve been told is that we’re going to explore things as a couple.”

Jeff decided to step in, “Kevin and I’ve talked. There are going to be challenges today and tomorrow, both individually and as couples. There’s going to be exploring with the opposite couple. Basically anything that you’ve ever wanted to try but have been too afraid, can be on the table. In fact, why don’t we start there? Everyone take a piece of paper and write down things you want to try and things that are definitely off limits.” They all spread out and began to write. 15 minutes later they came back together and discussed the hard limits for the weekend.

“Now for the first challenge,” Jeff announced, “Kevin and I have hidden toys, restraints, and lingerie in the woods. We’re going to set a timer and you have 10 minutes to go and find whatever you can and bring back here, that will be what you get to use and have used on you this weekend. But first you must get naked and if you want clothes for the next few hours, you’re going to want to find that lingerie. Ready? Go!”

The girls stripped down quickly and ran down the steps. Some things were easy to find and made them laugh like schoolgirls. It’s not every day you see dildo hanging from a tree or handcuffs in the garden. Each girl ran around gathering as much as they could. When Julie got to the anal plug she decided to run past it like she hadn’t seen it.

“Passing on that one?” Sarah said laughing. “Guess I’ll take it…medium size is better than large.” They kept scurrying around finding nipple clamps, ropes, vibes, and lube. Where was the lingerie? Julie didn’t want to be naked the whole night in front of everyone.

“Hey Sarah, any lingerie yet?”

“Yeah, I just found it. Those assholes put it up the tree.”

Julie ran over to see Sarah standing under a tree. “Ugh! I think I can get it,” Julie said,

“Two minutes!” the guys shouted from the house. “Whatever isn’t in your hands when the horn goes off, is out of play.”

“Damn! I don’t know if I can get it and grab my things in 2 minutes.”

“Just try, it’s no big deal if you can’t get it. I’ll hold all the toys and we’ll split them on our walk back.”

Julie scurried up the tree which normally would’ve been no problem but she was naked and feeling bark in all the wrong places. She grabbed the fishnets and garters, throwing them to Sarah. Next she reached for the corset but slipped, scraping her arm and leg against the tree. “Ouch!” she yelped.

“1 Minute!”

Julie reached out again and through the corsets down to Sarah and scrambled to the bottom.

“Time! Bring your goodies in,” Kevin yelled.

The girls walked slowly back to the cabin sorting out what they had. When they got to the cabin the guys were standing there shirtless with grins on their faces. “So what did you find?” Jeff asked. The girls went inside and showed off their treasures. “Not bad, I think you should be rewarded. The next challenge is for Jeff and I. Each of you find a spot in the living room and lay down. The challenge is to see which guy can get his girl to cum first. Anything is fair game. Ready Go!”

Jeff grabbed Julie’s legs and pushed them open. He thrust 3 fingers in her and found her spot right away…soaking sweet sponge. He pumped her fast and hard while grabbing her nipple. “Argh! Julie yelled… “YES!!”

Kevin flipped Sarah on all fours and entered her dripping pussy with his hard cock. He pulled her hair back and said ‘Bark like the dog you are!’ Sarah began woofing, while Kevin pounded her. He grabbed her hips and thrusted in her as far as possible.

The cabin was filled with moans and woofing. Julie orgasmed first, drenching Jeff’s hand. “Yes! My girl came!” Just as Sarah drenched Kevin’s cock. Everyone was panting but smiling. “Nice! I think as a consequence. My girl should clean yours up. Don’t you think so?”

“Definitely,” Jeff replied. Sarah’s eyes twinkled, while Julie’s flashed panic. She wanted this but was nervous. Sarah crawled over, still maintaining her role as a dog. She opened Julie’s legs and began kissing her thighs. Julie closed her eyes and relaxed her legs. When Sarah got to Julie’s lips Julie jumped. “Easy,” Sarah said. She stuck out her tongue and slowly started licking the outside. “Mmm… you taste sweet.”

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