Snowed In

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In a family of four, Shannon Cole was always referred to as ‘The Black Sheep’. When her siblings grew up listening to contemporary classical tunes and doing their homework, Shannon was blasting God Module from her noise-canceling headphones, taking long drafts of the pink muscato she kept hidden in a discarded bottle of body wash. While her brother Andrew was the star quarterback of their high school football team, Shannon skipped under the bleachers, smoking cigarettes with the other burn-outs. While her twin younger sisters, Maya and Leia, were hitting the books, Shannon was clam-baking in an old Civic while discussing the finer things in life to hate. This difference was solidified in their family picture: There were smiles in their best Sunday clothes all around, with the exception of, you guessed it, Shannon. She was clad in all black and staring at her toes, despite the vehement protests of the photographer.

Shannon reflected on this one day, sitting in the park. She held the picture tightly by the edges. While she stared, her mind wandered. Back to the days where her parents couldn’t stand her and her siblings wouldn’t even walk near her in public. She thought back to the days of hushed whispers as she walked down the hall, venting her rage by clutching her books ever tighter. “Humph.” She quickly wadded up the paper and tossed it behind her. That was all in her past now.

She tossed her head back and began watching the snow surge. She had not prepared for a full-on blizzard, having opted to wear a sweater, jeans, and boots; all in black. Her shoulder-length hair was tied in a neat ponytail, her hair only 1 or 2 shades brighter than her clothes. The snow was coming down in waves now; after it began to slow, she stood up and began the slow trek to her dorm.

To make her walk more pleasurable, she had cranked her iPod’s volume to the point the music could be heard as if it was coming from a speaker, resting her headphones on her neck. Hands shoved into her loose jeans, she hummed with the blaring death-metal that exploded from the speaker. Walking quickly, she heard heavy footsteps from behind her. What she saw almost made her laugh.

Running up the pathway was and a man carrying several books, a freshman, Shannon surmised. He was huffing and puffing, the campus bookstore ironically not on campus. Once he reached Shannon, he stopped to catch his breath.”Could you…” One hand firmly on his knee, his breath finally caught back up with the rest of him. “…tell me where the library is?” Shannon shook her head. “Are you crazy? Did you not look outside when you left your house?” He was definitely unprepared. His outfit consisted of a worn Nirvana t-shirt, and a pair of grey sweatpants. His sneakers were untied; had she not came to the park that day, he probably would have tripped and hurt himself. “I meant to go to the library today but I overslept. The Library closes at six, but I thought if I ran I would get there before the snow started.”

“I’m also guessing you didn’t check the clock before you left?” He frowned and shook his head.

She quickly pulled out her phone and glanced at the time: 6:30. “Well you’re a little late now.”

“Aw, crap…” He was shivering heavily. Night was also closing in. He would freeze to death before he made it back güvenilir bahis to his house. “So, let me get his straight. You left to find a library, which you don’t know where it is, you left and tried to beat a blizzard, which you failed horribly at, and now you’re in the dark cold without a jacket. Did I get that right?” He scratched his brown hair, which were struck with a terrible case of bedhead. “Well I guess so…”

Strange as Shannon was, she definitely was not heartless. “Your gonna freeze to death if you head back now. My name’s Shannon and you’ll stay with me until the snow blows over.” She was not asking. She was telling him. He looked as if the wind had been knocked out of him. “But I-“

“Shut the fuck up and walk with me. My apartment is up the street.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him through the snow covered park.

It was a quick walk back to her apartment. Once they entered the complex and the door closed, she took a quick look at him again before pulling him up to her fourth floor apartment. His face redder then a ripe tomato, he continued to shiver even as the heat swelled around him. He was also tired, much more then he initially let on. Once they were outside her door, he leaned against the wall and tossed his head back, drinking in the warmth. Grabbing his arm tighter than necessary, she led him to the loveseat near her television. She quickly lit to jasmine candles that rested above, creating a natural light that gave the room an eerie feel. Finally able to rest his bones, his breathing began to reach a normal pace.

Shannon placed her hands on her hips, shaking at the old man masquerading as a college freshman. I’m gonna go see how long his snowstorm is gonna last. Can I trust you not to die of hypothermia until I come back?” He flashed a thumbs up. Stopping in the doorway to her bedroom, she turned around one last time. “You wanna tell me your name? I am housing you from the freezing your balls off after all.” He smiled, but did not open his eyes. “Eric.”

Shannon closed the door and sighed quietly to herself. She thought for a second. I’m just too good a person. She quietly peeked out her door. She hadn’t noticed it until then, but Eric was quite attractive. As his chest pushed outward, his broad shoulders rose up and down. He was slightly skinny, but Shannon always preferred her men like that. She closed the door gently, and took a seat on her bed. She laid her head onto the soft bed, soaking in the warmth as Eric did. Her phone vibrating in her pocket broke her stupor. On their way up the stairs, she sent a text message to one of her few friends, and asked them to check on how long the storm would last. “Oh, fuck.” Apparently, it would be snowing all night. That meant Eric would be staying longer than expected. A sudden shiver seized her.

It would be nice to cuddle up with someone for a change, which was something she hadn’t done in a long time. In the interest of staying warm, at least. She forced herself out of her bed, heading the living room to check on Eric. He was sitting up now, rubbing his hands together. “You okay?” She asked nonchalantly.

Eric frowned. “Kind of. My hands won’t get warm for some reason.”

Shannon knelt in front of him, and clasped his hands between hers. She ran her hands back and forth, canlı bahis in attempt to get the blood flowing. “Feel better?” He didn’t respond simply moaned his approval and tossed his head back. She rested her hands in between his thighs for a moment, but that was all it took. Eric’s member made itself known by pitching a tent in his sweatpants.

Shannon had not had sex since high school. The thought of being fucked again had planted itself in her head. Once Eric opened his eyes, he wrenched his hands free and tried to cover it, turning even redder then before. “Oh, crap. Shannon I’m so sor-” He didn’t finish. Without warning, Shannon pushed his back to the couch and leaned forward, stopping inches from his face. “You’re such a prude.” It was physically impossible for his face to have been a deeper shade of red. Her lips curled into a seductive smile. “It really turns me on.” Her lip pressed against, his lighter than a feather at first, but eventually Eric became courageous and pushed his tongue outward, mingling with Shannon’s. As their lips interlocked, he broke the kiss to reach forward and pull on the hem of her sweater, raising it over her head. Shannon’s large breasts spilled out, nearly free of their bonds. He took one in each and squeezed, his thumbs running lightly over the mesh covering her nipple. His hands soon moved behind her, removing her bra after some quick fumbling.

Before he could take in her dark nipples, she stood and quickly glided to the candles. In one breath, she ended their lifetime, plunging the room in darkness. The only sound was the quiet snow pelting her window, and her silent stride back to him. She grabbed his hands and led him to the bedroom. The moonlight had caused an eerie glow to envelop the room. Lit only by the otherworldly glow, they touched lips again.

Eric would not allow himself another missed opportunity. This time, he rubbed her nipples in between his thumb and forefingers, feeling them harden beneath his touch. Shannon moaned softly into his mouth, a familiar sensation cropping up in her panties. When he could stand the foreplay no longer, he become the dominant and pushed her onto the bed. Not wanting to lose control, Shannon quickly rolled him over, straddling his shins.

“Let’s not waste any more time…” Shannon whispered, pushing her fingers inside his pants, and yanked them downward, boxers and all. His 8-inch dick sprang free, throbbing in anticipation. She, however, would not give him that pleasure immediately. Shannon dipped her head downward until she was just a few centimeters away from his raging hard-on. Eric had ceased movement altogether, soaking up the spectacle and awaiting the best. He was a virgin, never having experienced these things before. He tried to soak it all in, hoping this anticipation would finally come to an end.

He would not be denied for very long. Shannon brought her tongue out and, starting at the head, began to lick up and down the shaft. Eric shook as her tongue danced up and down his cock, grunting his approval. At one point, she brought her tongue to the tip again and, after licking around the head once for good measure, took four of his 8-inches inside her mouth. “Oh, shit…” Eric moaned as she gradually took more inside her. Grabbing a fistful of hair, He prodded her onward bahis siteleri as her head bobbed up and down, sucking down the pre-cum that dribbled out.

It was only a matter of time before he felt that familiar sensation in his balls. Shannon too had felt hi cock begin to twitch, preparing to explode. She began to go faster, sucking harder and harder, feeling his cock begin to twitch. Once he was at his absolute peak, she came up one last time before deep-throating his entire cock, sending him over the edge. Eric grunted loudly as his seed spilled down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, but some still managed to dribble down her chin.

Once he was drained she wiped her mouth and crawled next to him, but not without stroking his cock, which had already begun growing again. Eric was panting heavily. “Shannon…oh my god.”

She only smiled. “You seem to have enjoyed yourself,” her voice retreated into a low whisper. “But are you willing to return the favor?”

He didn’t respond, simply surprised her by forcing lips upon her. Eric took some time during his free days, he was researching sex techniques. It consumed his free time. Now he would put those techniques to use. Every conception Shannon had about him was shattered as his tongue created cyclones in her mouth. Without realizing, he rolled himself on top of her, pushing her legs apart. He withdrew his tongue only to drag it down her cheek, past her neck, tracing her collarbone, before finally settling on her rigid nipple. With one swift flick he struck it, and it sent ecstatic shocks up and down Shannon’s body. “Oh, shit. Where did you learn that?” she barely managed to choke out through deep, guttural moans. No response, just more flicking, except this time his hand fell between her legs and began slowly thrusting into her awaiting pussy.

Before she could take in all of the pleasure she was receiving, Eric’s tongue began its advance once again, slowly down her stomach, across her belly button, before finally reaching its destination. He wasted no time in shoving his tongue into her throbbing box, slurping at her nectar voraciously. Her moaning had reached a fever pitch; she spread her legs as far as she could, arched her back, and grabbed his matted hair.

Just when she thought she could hold on no longer, he suddenly stopped. Before she could protest, he replaced his tongue with his cock. She gasped in shock as he shoved his dick deep, up to the hilt. Her tits were bouncing haphazardly, the sheer force of his thrusts smacking them around. Losing balance, Eric quickly reached forward and grabbed her them, now able to thrust harder thanks to his stable support.

After a few more thrusts, Shannon felt her toes curling as she prepared to explode. At the same time, Eric felt himself begin to reach his own climax. With a final push, Eric fell forward, shooting his hot sperm deep inside her. At the same time, Shannon herself came, their bodies becoming one in orgasmic bliss. After their ecstasy subsided, Shannon glanced out the window and laughed. Eric gave her a confused look. “What’s so funny?”

She raised her hand and pointed out the window. “The snow stopped.”

Eric’s eyes fell where she pointed. “Well, shit. Does this mean I can walk home?”

Shannon shook her head and embraced him. “Not tonight. And probably not tomorrow, either.”

He landed on her side, and closed his eyes. “Good night to you, too.” Shannon giggled- something she had not down in a long time- and fell asleep herself.

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