Soccer Mom

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“Oh my gahhh… he has the thighs of a thoroughbred.”

As her friends giggled like little school girls over the coach, Jessica rolled her eyes. She was immune to his physique and charm. His chin chiseled out of granite and pectorals, which did its best to bust the seams of his shirt, had little-to-no effect on the proudly married woman. She had a thin, banana-shaped body: slim shoulders, a small bust, but her abs firm, athletic. Her dark hair, with slight hints of purple, was tied in a ponytail. She had a beautiful but ambiguous look to her, a natural tan that could pass for most ethnicities. And, full, pouty lips. She wore a dress jacket and business skirt, satchel under her arm. “Get your head out of the gutter. We here for our kids,” Jessica playfully reminded them.

“Sure we are,” Roxi, the tall blonde, uttered with little conviction, “but what’s wrong with admiring that Greek god while we do so?”

Steph giggled but nodded, seconding her, “Come one, Jess, don’t act like your eyes don’t linger longer than they should.”

Jessica flashed a sarcastic smile and bluntly said, “No. My husband is good enough for me.”

“That’s because you’ve never experienced anyone else…” Roxi mumbled.

Jessica softly swatted her friend’s shoulder. “Excuse you?”

The short stubby Steph jumped in, adding her two cents, “She is right. You married James right after highschool and have been fuckin’ the same guy for over ten years. I wonder what that’s like?”

Jessica laughed but folded her arms, acting angered. “It’s good. That’s what it’s like.”

“You wouldn’t know,” Roxi stated, “basis of comparison and all.”

“Well, I have an orgasm, so…” Jessica watched her son as he took the ball from the opposing team. She applauded and jumped up and down, cheering alongside her friends. As he passed it off, Jessica settled back down and said to her friends, “My sex life is great I’ll have you know. James knows what he’s doing.”

“Like convulsively good?” Steph asked.

Jessica scoffed.

“What? You don’t believe they can be that intense?” Steph furrowed her brow.

“Have you ever had one?” Jessica returned.

“Well… no.”

“I bet that’s what he was put on Earth to do,” Roxi said, turning their attention back to the studly coach. She jokingly whimpered.

“What would Saul think if he heard you talking like that?” Jessica said in a laugh.

“Ah, fuck Saul. He’s getting his with his secretary.”

Jessica, along with Steph turned to her with matching shocked expressions.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Roxi continued. “They all do. It’s about time we get our’s as well ladies.”

Jessica was taken aback. “Wow. Sorry to hear that. I didn’t kno—”

“Yes, you do.” Roxi returned. “Deep down inside, we all know. What do you think James does on all those business trips?”

“Uh! Business,” Jessica answered sharply.

“Okay. Okay.” Roxi submitted her hands. “Is he on one ag—”

At that time, whistles and hollers interrupted their conversation. Fans, parents, and the kids themselves stormed the field as a fight ensued. The referees did their best to separate the wild fray.

Steph’s mouth dropped. “Jess, is that—”

“Pete!” Jessica hurried after her son. Her heels dug into the soft soil causing her to wobble. She pushed her way through the parents and soccer kids before arriving at the center of the chaos.

Coach Ty had Pete by the arm while keeping a bloody-nosed kid from retaliating.

Jessica snatched her boy from the coach and said, “What happened here?”

“Were you not watching?” a man angrily asked. “My boy stole the ball, and your son socked him in the face.”

“He tripped me, momma!” Pete uttered.

“Shhh! Pete!”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Tarver,” Coach Ty said, “but this type of behavior is unacceptable.”

“What? Come on. He loves soccer,” Jessica pleaded. “This won’t happen again. Promise you.”

“Yeah. It won’t.” Coach Ty raised his hands in the air, calling off the game. He turned back to Jessica, saying, “I’m sorry… but no. He’s out of the league.”

“You need to teach that kid sportsmanship,” the angry dad said, walking away with his kid in tow.

Jessica eyes enflamed. She sneered at him. Her face softened, however, before looking back down at her little boy. His eyes were sodden, chin quivering. He started to speak, explain himself in a blubber, but Jessica just hugged him. She could feel his tears against her neck. “It’ll be alright. Momma, will figure something out.”

In the distance, through the scattering crowd, Coach Ty was alone. He went about rounding up the balls and placing them in a huge elastic net. He gathered his clipboard and loaded the Gatorade jug in the back of his truck.

“Wait right here. Okay?” Jessica said. Her son nodded, wiping the tears from his eyes. Jessica kissed him on the cheek and marched toward Coach atakent escort Ty.

He seemed to notice her as he climbed in his pickup truck and said, “There’s nothing more to discuss.”

“Listen, he’s just a child, learning to harness his feelings,” Jessica said. “We can’t cast them out every time they mess up. Our job is to teach them.”

“I have a zero tolerance for kids fighting.” Ty revved his loud engine. “I’m sorry.”

As he put the car in gear, Jessica reached inside his open window and grabbed the steering wheel. “So, you were a South High All-American, right?”

Ty nodded, with an estranged expression. “What’s your point?”

“I was Warlington player of the year,” Jessica boasted.


“I’ll play ya for it,” Jessica challenged. “If I win, my son gets to play.”

“And, what do I get out of this?” Ty asked.

Jessica shrugged. “Whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want?” A sly grin showed upon his face.

Jessica could tell he had a dirty mind by the emphasis on the word ‘whatever’. But, she felt confident in her skills, even though it had been nearly ten years since last lacing up in highschool. She nodded toward him. “Be here. Midnight.”


The headlights from Jessica’s Range Rover shone upon the field, highlighting her as she took practice kicks at the net. She was suited in shin-guards, held in place by knee-high socks, and cleats. She wore fly-by shorts and a Powerpuff Girls tee.

“Where is Pete?” a voice asked.

Jessica didn’t even acknowledge the coach. She was busy warming her leg up. She kicked, and it slightly bent into the net, lacking the curve of her past. “My folks are keeping him tonight. Said I had some important tax forms to work on.”

“So, what are we doing?”

Jessica retrieved her ball with an athletic strut. She roughly shoved it into Ty’s chest, saying, “First to three?”

Ty simpered. “Listen, about what I said earlier, about, you know, ‘whatever’…”

“You’re not going to beat me,” Jessica brazenly uttered, “so it doesn’t matter.”

“Okay…” Ty replied. “Don’t say I didn’t give you a way out.”

Jessica flouted his remark with a snicker.

“Here.” Ty laid the ball on the ground and took a defensive position. “I’ll let you take it out.”

“You’ll never get it back.” Jessica placed her cleat on the ball. “Go!”

Jessica was fast, fluid. She did an inside touch, then a scissor motion using the same foot. The trick caught Ty off-guard and he stumbled over his own feet. She cruised by him and scored. She collected the ball once again, and as she passed him, said, “Don’t break an ankle.”

Ty puckered his lips and nodded, giving her that one.

They reset and started again. Jessica drove to the left side hard. She planted her foot and pivoted. The momentum carried Ty past her, leaving her open for another goal. She flung her arms in the air. “One more and you’re done, big boy. I expected at least a little competition.”

“It ain’t over yet, sweet thang,” Ty replied.

“I ain’t your sweet thang,” Jessica barked.

“I’ll be callin’ ya worse after I win.”

Jessica placed the ball at the starting point and responded with a chuckle, “Oh, this win will be so sweet.”

As she set her cleat on the ball, Ty quickly stole it out from under her and darted to the goal, scoring. Jessica never even moved. Her were hands on her hips, her glower showing disapproval with the cheap tactic.

“My turn to take over.” Ty dribbled the ball back.

“That was cheap, but I’ll let ya have it out of mercy.” Jessica took the defensive position and awaited his advance. Ty softly kicked it out to the side. Jessica guarded him aggressively. Suddenly, he touched the ball on the outside, then the inside. He sold the move with his hips and body. With one slick motion, he cut back inwards, tying up Jessica’s feet. As she lost her balance, he shot and scored. Jessica picked herself off the ground, her nerves now raking with anxiety.

“Uno mas, my dear,” Ty said while resetting the ball.

Jessica didn’t respond. She clenched her jaw, putting on her game-face.

“Why suddenly so quiet?” Ty jested.

“Just go.”

When she settled into her stance, Ty took the ball out. He dribbled to the left, cut to the right. She was on him like glue. He touched the ball towards his defender, and she committed to a tackle, he pulled the ball across his body to the opposite foot. Jessica stopped, her momentum carried off her mark. All she could do was watch in horror as he stormed the net for the game-winning goal.

“The champ is here!” Ty cheered, his arms in the air.

With flames jumping from her eyes, Jessica made her retreat towards the Range Rover.

“Hey!” Ty called out. “I think you owe me a little something.”

Jessica halted. She didn’t look akbatı escort back. “You were serious about that?”

“I told ya…” Ty approached from behind her. “Don’t blame me. I gave you a way out.”

“I am married,” Jessica strongly stated.

“So are most women I sleep with.”

“Ugh…” Jessica uttered in disgust. “Big player you are, huh?”

“Big is definitely right,” Ty bragged. “Just ask your friend Roxi.”


Ty nodded with a shit-eating grin. “And, our pillow talk was a lot about you for some reason.”

Jessica revolved around to him, nostrils flaring. “Like what?”

“How the only man you’ve ever been with leaves you alone at night,” Ty circled, breathing his hot breath on her neck. “How you probably haven’t been fucked good in months—”

“That’s enough. I’m glad she just spills my personal life to everyone.” Jessica folded her arms, her fierce eyes gazing off into the starry night.

“Listen you need this,” Ty urged. “And, uh, since I’m a nice guy, I’ll let your son play regardless of our score. Does that make things better?”

Jessica’s round eyes drifted to the grass, her shoulders stooping. “Where?”

“Right here.”

Jessica scowled. “I’m not fuckin’ you outside, where anyone can just pull up. Sorry. Nuh-uh.”

“Nobody is coming out here.” Ty massaged up and down her arms. “We’ll shut your lights off and it’ll be over before you know it.”

Jessica stayed quiet.

“For your son…”

Jessica sighed heavily, wiping her clammy palms on her fly-by shorts.

“For you…” Ty’s fingers inched under her Powerpuff Girls tee. He slowly removed it over her head. After tossing it carelessly aside, he unfastened her sports bra, revealing her B-cup breasts and dark, hard nipples. He kissed the side of her neck while fondling her bosoms. His hands then slid down her ribcage and gently massage her clit on the outside of her thin shorts.

Jessica didn’t resist. She laid her head back on his muscular shoulder and airily moaned into his ear. Her eyelids flutter as his fingertips snaked under her waistband, caressing the top of her nub. She subtly writhed.

“How long has it been?” he asked, his fingers pruning from her juices.

“Awhile…” Jessica gasped. As he continued, she groped his crotch. The outline of the cock in his tight shorts filled her slender hand. She was amazed at what she felt. But, she never looked down to see for herself. She just lightly stroked her palm up and down his length while gazing into the stars.

Ty stripped her shorts. Her pussy was freshly shaved, bald. “You were expecting this?”

“Don’t get cocky. It’s just a habit,” Jessica returned, her eyes canvassing the empty field and parking lot. It was then she realized, her headlights were still on and she was standing completely naked in the full beam. She started toward the Range Rover, but Ty stopped her.

“Let them shine,” he said. “There’s no one for miles.”

Ty took a knee and unlaced her cleats. He then pulled off her knee-high socks and shin-guards. Her feet were narrow like her hands, with a French-manicure and pedicure. “Get down.”

Jessica strongly whipped her head. “I’m not sucking your cock. I hardly ever suck my husbands.”

Ty stood still, quiet for a moment. He challenged her with a glare, but she didn’t back down. He finally broke the stare-off and said, “Fine…” He wrapped his arms around her waist, and while kissing, he attempted to assist her to the grass.

“Wait,” Jessica said. “Can you at least put your shirt on the ground for me?”

Ty huffed but obliged. He spread it across the splotchy grass and dirt and helped her to her back. She bent her knees and closed her legs together. Ty lustfully eyed the multiracial vixen while dropping his shorts. He sported a semi-hard cock, but even then it trumped that of her husband.

Jessica gulped. The rumors were true. No wonder he beds a lot of women, she thought. But as it crossed her mind, she realized she’d be just another notch on his belt. That did not sit well. She failed to have too much time to ponder on it, however. He pried open her legs and wiggled the tip of his cock outside her vulva, scattering her thoughts and tickling her body all the way to her toes. “Oooof… what the fuck?”

Ty laughed at her reaction, almost mockingly, and delved deeper. “You’re sensitive. And, so wet…”

The crude words bit at Jessica, however true they may be. But, she kept her opinions to herself. Although her thighs were apart, Jessica’s feet remained flat on the ground. Yet, with each strong plunge, they lifted, inch by inch, until they were wrapped around his waist, locked at the ankles. Every thrust, every connection, pushed out a faint whine.

“How does that feel?” Ty grunted into her ear, her lobe pinched between his lips.

“So… aksaray escort good,” Jessica admitted breathlessly. Her abrupt honesty even surprised her. Long removed were the weary thoughts of leaving on the headlights, fucking on the soccer field, and cheating on her husband. Her mind grew numb to anything but her pleasure. She, subconsciously at first, began thrusting into him. She didn’t realize how much she missed sex. Never had she been so primed. The dry summer air caused their bodies to sweat.

“You are so hotttt,” Ty groaned. He sucked on her erect nipple. “I’ve had my eye on you for awhile.”

He might not have meant anything by it, other than she was beautiful. However, Jessica couldn’t help but to take it as mission accomplished. As her hips slowed with a sudden regret, Ty raised her legs over his shoulders. He propped himself up in a push-up position, and with better leverage, began hammering away. “Ha, ah, ah, ah…” Jessica silently shivered. Her feet wagged with each impact, shaking the crumbs of dirt from her soles.

“You don’t make a lot of noise, do you?” Ty said, miffed.

“Not all girls or whores,” Jessica expelled in a rushed sentence, followed by a rapid breath. Her toes touched behind his head, and she rubbed them together, fighting the sudden numbness. Her breasts jounced excitedly. Her tone stomach tensed, showing her abs. She gnawed on her lip, closed her eyes, and let out another soft whine.

Ty suddenly stopped his motion. “Did you just cum?”

“Yess…” Jessica said in a heated whisper.

“I’m going to have to get more out of you then that.” Ty rolled her over to her hands and knees.

Jessica went right along with it. She nervously glanced towards the headlights once again and then straight ahead at the soccer net, where she lost her match. As he entered her with a sudden jolt, she lurched forward. Her hands clawed at the soil, her body tensing.

While easing in and out, Ty pulled her hands behind her back and tied her wrists together with her knee-high sock.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked, a bit of anger/fear in her tone.

“Trust me, will ya?” Ty held onto her bound wrists. His constant thrust picked up with speed, power. His arm wormed around her waist and vigorously rubbed the top of her clit.

Jessica twitched. Her body involuntarily lunged forward again. She hunched her shoulders and dropped her cheek to a dirt spot on the field.

Ty tugged on her sock-restraint, lifting her up to her knees. He held her against his chest, and his long cock continued, sliding in and out. “Moan for me. Let me hear you.”

Jessica ignored him. She rested her head back on his shoulder and looked to the stars. Her perky breasts jutted out, nipples pointy like mountain peaks. His strong member tickled her insides so intensely that it contorted her face and blurred her eyes. She lifted her feet off the ground, balancing only on her knees. She spread her toes wide before curling them once again.

“Moan for me,” Ty commanded passionately. “Moan louder than you do for your husband.”

Instead, Jessica growled, fighting against the urge to cry out. He suddenly released his hold and she flopped to the grass. But as she caught a breath, he flipped her to her back again, her tied arms underneath her. He took her other sock, and upon grabbing her ankles, she began to kick. “No!”

“Come on. I almost there,” Ty pleaded.

Jessica rolled her eyes, sighed. She quit kicking, however. She let him tie the knee-high sock around her thin ankles. She was now helpless, something she’d never felt during sex. But, the fear and anxiety of being caught, for some strange reason, turned her on even more. Something she’d never admit.

“Moan for me…” Ty continued to say. He raised her tied feet in the air and entered her.

“Oh…” Jessica said softly. With her ankles bound and thighs pressed together, each thrust seemed to add more vibration. “Ahhh…”

“There you go. It’s coming out,” Ty coached. He pounded away.

Jessica felt the pressure building. Her body raked with an extreme tingle. Her face twisted. Softened. Twisted. Softened. She rode a wave of pleasure that she’d never surfed before, let alone knew existed. Her body tensed. A strong spasm of pleasure spilled over her and forced a moan from her mouth. “Eehhhhhhhh… Yeaaaah!”

“That’s it!” Ty pumped faster. Her ecstatic howls fueled his thrust.

Jessica bowed her back, the crown of her head almost fully on the grass. Her knees knocked. Her legs shivered. And, her body convulsed underneath the starry sky. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy gaaaahhhhhh!!” she belted with force as though relieving herself of months, maybe even years, of unfinished orgasms.

Ty suddenly pulled out. He darted to Jessica’s side and shoved his cock in her mouth, shooting his load down her throat.

Jessica gagged and climbed out from under him. She sat up to her knees and spat the bitter semen aside. She glared at him with a look that teetered between hatred and confusion. The headlights of her car highlighted her disheveled appearance: Her dark, purple hair frayed, and her nude body glistened in sweat. Her harsh look never strayed from Ty as she said, “Untie me now.”

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