Sophie’s ‘Poke-Her’ Game

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‘Sophie’s ‘Poke-Her’ Game’

Part four of the “Sophie” series

By The Shadow Rising

The sun shone through the window to Sophie and Josh’s bedroom, glowing a bright orange in the Saturday afternoon light. It was going to be another hot day, judging by the warmth the sun was creating and that meant another hot night.

Of course, it wasn’t just the heat that was going to make it a hot night, Sophie thought as she was looking through her closet trying to find something to wear. Tonight Josh was having his poker night and Ben was coming over to play. Not only the game she thought with a small smile on he face, her boyfriend’s friend would be taking a lot of special care of her.

It had only been a few days since their lustful encounter on the bed next to Josh. Even just the thought of it now made her want to cum. It had been so hot.

She thought about getting her vibrator out and releasing some of the built up lust that was clawing at her inside, until she remembered that she had threw it away as it no longer satisfied her needs. She had gone way past the point where sex was just all action. She had to have risk and erotic situations now to give her the biggest orgasms she could. Every time she had cheated on Josh, she had had a bigger and bigger orgasm. The more risky and naughty, the hotter the fucking and the wilder the climax. She was addicted now. It wasn’t that Josh was a bad lover, she thought to herself as she picked up and discarded a pink sports bra, he was amazing at sex and the best boyfriend she could ask for. He just couldn’t give her the erotic illicit action she needed. He loved to be risky too, but even the riskiest sex they had ever had couldn’t beat the orgasms she had received lately.

She was looking forward to the fucking that Ben would give her tonight while everyone else was playing poker. She loved the stories of husbands or boyfriends betting their women in poker games and losing them so their friends could fuck them. She fantasized about Ben winning her that night and either taking her to their bedroom and fucking her while Josh knew what was happening down stairs, or Ben just fucking her right in front of her boyfriend.

The thoughts made her loins tingle even more. It wasn’t like she was horny from not having sex lately, not this time; she was just addicted to the hot sex now. It had become almost like a drug for her. The more she had it and the more she pushed the illicit boundaries further, the more she needed it and the more illicit things became. For instance, Josh’s boss loved fucking her, and although she didn’t like the old man and was far from attracted to him, she couldn’t resist it because of how hot it was.

She shuddered, partly in disgust of fucking the fat old man, and partly because of the feelings he gave her with his enormous dick.

She stopped herself from thinking about Charles Riley’s dick and carried on searching through the jumble of clothes. She had gone on a spending spree yesterday because Josh had finally been given the promotion Riley had promised him. Sophie smiled at the wicked thought that she may have earned that promotion for her boyfriend, but the fact was after the contract signing those weeks back, Riley would have given him partnership. The sex with Sophie was just a bonus to the old man, as well as satisfying both of their lusts. They both enjoyed the idea of her fucking him for her boyfriend’s promotion.

They had had a significant increase in their income because of this promotion and they had both been spending wildly since. They weren’t millionaires, but they weren’t wanting for cash either. She had bought clothes, lots of them, a new car and had even had the spare room down the hall from their room redecorated. Josh had spent a little more lavishly. He had bought a new car, a pool table, decorated the downstairs room opposite the lounge to put it all in, put a bar in there, and had booked them a holiday to Barbados in a couple of weeks. They had even spoken about moving house, but hadn’t decided on anything yet.

As she looked through her closet she threw a pair of shorts out and suddenly smiled at what she found lying underneath them. A skimpy black French maids outfit. Josh had bought it her a while ago and had really enjoyed it when she wore it. She turned it over in her hands. It was still ok. She hadn’t worn it in over 6 months. Her smile deepened and she bit her bottom lip as she always did when thinking naughty thoughts. She jumped onto her feet and closed the closet door. She had found what she would wear tonight.

Josh Seymour was driving back home in his flash new sports car listening to the radio as he drove along. He was looking forward to tonight. He loved playing poker and he loved it even more when he won and this time he knew he would win. After the success of beating Ben at the games night because of Sophie, he had asked her if she wouldn’t mind dressing provocatively again tonight and flirting a little so he could win easier. Also she could tell him what cards the other’s had and they wouldn’t think because beşiktaş escort of looking at her.

He trusted her completely and not for one minute did he even suspect her of cheating on him. He would never want Sophie to be with another guy, just as he would never be with another girl. He didn’t mind her helping him in flirting though. No touching, just harmless flirting.

He smiled, they would play for real money tonight. He had lots now and with that thought and the jingle of a couple of crates in the back, Josh smiled as he casually drove home to his loving girlfriend.

Sophie Harper stood admiring herself in the bedroom stand mirror. She knew she was sexy. She wasn’t arrogant about the way she looked, she never put anyone else down, she always tried to build them up, but she knew just how sexy she was. She was wearing the black maids outfit. It fitted her better than she remembered. It hugged each of her smooth curves and ended mid-thigh level. The neckline of the tight black silk dress swung very low. She had a large amount of cleavage showing, which was further emphasised by the cut of the dress. There was no need for a bra in this dress; it was a bare shoulder dress. The dress pushed her already large 36C fleshy globes up and together creating the most tantalising view, and that view was a good 4 inches of cleavage. It hugged her hips, emphasising her thin waist and slight hourglass figure, by the small white lace apron tied there. She wore a pair of black fish net tights and a pair of black high heels. Her long straight blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail and hung down past the middle of her shoulder blades. In her hair, at the front, she wore a small maids tiara, which was also white lace but with silver threads.

She looked stunning and she knew it. With her long legs shown off perfectly, her waist emphasised by the small apron tied around it, her large tits shown to their fullest, proudly in full view and looking ready to pop out if she moved faster than a normal walk. Her shoulders bare, emphasising her wondrous cleavage, which was emphasised even more so by her hair being tied back, so there was nothing to prevent a full view. She knew that’s where most men’s eyes would go first, and she wouldn’t blame them. She was all natural and her tits were large, firm but soft also. They seemed to defy gravity and bounced around merrily when she moved.

She stared a little while longer, turning this way and that, looking herself over.

Looking at the skirt, she smiled as she thought that when she bent over, anyone behind her would have a full view of her black lace panties.

At 5′ 6″, Sophie Harper was lust made flesh. Whatever she wore she was sexy, but she doubted anyone, even Josh, would be able to keep their eyes off her for long. Especially Ben. The thought of him fucking her in this dress over the poker table now in the middle of the lounge floor, made her shiver with hot excitement and anticipation as to what the night would bring.

She moved away from the mirror and began to clear all of the clothes from the room back into the closet. She was humming to herself as she went along. When she finished, she walked back to the stand mirror, put her hands on her hips and smiled.

“You’ll do Miss Harper” She said to her reflection, “You look every part the welcoming hostess.”

She traced her hands from her hips, over her stomach, upwards and cupped her large breasts.

“You’ve just got to take very good care of your guests now.” She said as she gently squeezed the firm mounds, “Especially your boyfriend’s best friend.”

She smiled wickedly at herself and once again bit her bottom lip before letting go of her tits and turning to walk out of the room.

Fifteen minutes later, Sophie stood in the lounge placing piles of chips in the centre of the table. She had covered it with its blue cloth already. As she was setting the table out she was lost in thought.

Josh had said who was coming over, but she couldn’t remember many names. There were four of his friends from work, his co-workers, coming over to play poker and Ben also. She remembered one of them, Richie, she thought his name was. He was a short Japanese man, younger than her and Josh, but he was always being odd. He reminded her of a rat, the way he was always heeling people who were important or popular, so that he might be both. He always seemed pretty sneaky too.

So that left three people that she didn’t know. She was sure they were all male though; otherwise Josh wouldn’t have asked her to dress provocatively.

She put the thoughts aside anyway; she was only really interested in Ben coming over anyway. Fucking him while the others were playing cards would be so hot. Especially in this outfit.

A short while after finishing the table, Sophie was in the kitchen having a nice cool drink. The evening was coming on but it was still nice and warm. It would be a pleasant evening again.

She was just starting to drink when she heard a car pull up onto beşyol escort the driveway and then a short while later the front door opened and closed.

Walking into the kitchen, Sophie turned and leaned against the counter looking at her boyfriend as he placed two crates of beer on the counter opposite her; the counter where Ben had first fucked her that day. She smiled at that thought. But she also smiled at her boyfriend. He was so handsome. He was tall and well built, with not an ounce of fat on him. He wasn’t built with big muscles but he was still fit. Not only that but he was the kindest man she knew.

He began talking to her telling her how busy the store was, it took him a full 5 minutes before he suddenly stopped. Sophie just stood there smiling and sipping her drink.

“Whoa! Soph” Was all he could manage to get out as he finally notice what she was wearing.

“What?” She asked coyly

“Where did you find that?” He asked, his eyes wide and obviously staring straight at her tits

“Find what?” She teased him a little

“That outfit! Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” He asked, still not moving his eyes from there obvious attraction

“Oh this.” Sophie smiled and placed her drink down, “Yeah, I thought it would suit well for a hostess. What do you think?” And with that she gave him a little twirl, and then facing him again, she placed her hands on her hips.

Josh stuttered for a little time, fumbling for his words as he took in the whole sight of her.

“Well, er, yeah. Yeah, I think you look great. But don’t you think it might be a little over the top?” He asked still ogling her

“A little. But you said ‘dress provocatively'” She replied with s small smile

“Yeah I did, but…” He began but she interrupted him

“What are you scared one of them might touch me or want to fuck me or something” She held down flutters in her stomach as thoughts of Ben raced through her mind

“No, but, could you blame them thinking it when you’re dressed so….hot.” He replied

“That’s the idea though. Let them think what they want, I can handle them. Nobody will do anything to me except what I want. And that’s to take their mind off the game to help you win, right?” She said and ended with a small smile

“Right.” He said, He did seem a bit more calm now, “Nobody will beat me tonight.”

He smiled at her and walked over to kiss her. This was going to get hot, she thought as he pressed his lips to hers, very hot.

Josh had already put the beer in a cool box by the table and was getting himself mentally ready for a game of poker. Not that he thought that he would need it, after seeing how Sophie was dressed. No one would be able to concentrate on this game, even him, and he was her boyfriend.

He didn’t mind what she was wearing, and he had no doubts about her faithfulness to him, he just didn’t want any of the guys to get a bit rowdy after drinking and start trying anything on with her. He didn’t want her to be upset and he didn’t want any arguments.

He knew she would flirt with them, especially Ben; he was good at poker she had said. He didn’t know what the others were like at the game; he had never played them before. The flirting he knew was for him, to help him. He smiled at his beautiful 22-year-old girlfriend as she walked past. Everything was going to be fine he thought, and smiled at the idea of taking all the money tonight for his little surprise for Sophie next week.

Sophie was sitting looking into the mirror of her dressing table as she was finishing off her make up when she heard music and a couple of cars pull up outside the house. The music was hip-hop and it was being played very loudly.

She listened as Josh went out to meet them and she heard voices as they all talked and laughed on their way to the house. She could even make out a deep male voice and a higher voice, which sent a chill down her spine. That had to be Richie, he always sent a chill down her spine, he was so lecherous and dirty. She could imagine him not taking a bath for months at a time, and she didn’t have to strain her imagination much for that.

Sophie finished up her make up. Her cheeks and eyes were emphasised from the blusher and the eyeliner, although you could hardly see that she was wearing any make up at all. She didn’t actually need to, she was flawless in everyway, but she liked making herself up. Her full pink lips were now a dark red colour, they looked even more full and ready to suck cock.

She smiled at herself and gave a deep throaty giggle. Tonight is going to be hot, she thought to herself and promptly got up and headed out of the bedroom.

When Sophie got downstairs she could hear voices in the lounge. She straightened her dress and took a deep breath to still the butterflies in her stomach and went inside.

Everyone was sitting around the green felt-topped poker table, with open bottles next to their own piles of chips.

Josh had his back to her where he was sitting and opposite him beykent escort two guys sat. One was handsome, very good looking in fact. He didn’t look very tall, only a few inches taller than Sophie herself. He looked very clean and well dressed. He had a shirt and jeans on and was laughing with the others but was far more calm.

To his left sat another guy, he was about the same height as Josh and was at a contrast with the good looking guy next to him, as he was just an average looking man. Nothing really seemed to mark him out from any other guy she had ever seen.

In between the average man and Josh, was Ben. He noticed Sophie the instant she walked in. If she didn’t know better she would say he had been waiting for her. She smiled deeply at him and he returned the favour with a cheeky grin as he looked her up and down.

On the other side of Josh sat a black man, but he was the biggest man she had ever saw. He was wearing only jeans and a white muscle top, which strained over his huge chest. He wasn’t fat at all; he looked to be made out of pure muscle. Even sitting down he dominated the room with his size. He had to be at least 6′ 7″ maybe even 6′ 10″!! He was bald too, which added to his domineering manner.

Finally, in between the big black man and the good-looking guy sat Richie. A small Japanese man with a leering stare and a disgusting look. He too had noticed Sophie walk in and was openly ogling her body, especially her half naked tits. The site of the man made her wish she had worn something else.

Suddenly everyone seemed to realise that someone else had walked into the room and they all turned to her and the noise immediately stopped.

Each one of them was openly staring at her. All with very appreciating looks, very appreciating. Sophie just smiled lightly at them all.

“Who is this hot bitch man?” The big black man asked Josh in that deep voice Sophie recognised from outside

“I am not a bitch, thank you.” Sophie said, what a way to start, this guy was pissing her off already. “And you better not refer to me that way again, or you can get out of my house, ok?”

“Whoa whoa, I’m sorry ok! I meant no offence, it’s just your fucking hot.” He replied to her, holding his hands up in defence

“Fine, and thank you.” She replied. He was going to be annoying she could tell.

“Baby, this is Tyler,” Josh said referring to the big black man.

“Richie, you know” He pointed to the rat faced oriental man

“That’s Paul” That was the good looking one

“And Steve” He said pointing to the average looking guy

They all said hi and Sophie replied her greetings back to each of them. They were still all staring at her, or more likely at her half uncovered tits.

“Hey Ben how you doin?” Sophie asked with a smile for him

“I’m good Soph, you?” He replied cheekily grinning at her

“I’m fine. I’m sure I’ll be better later though, when it’s all settled in.” She said and smiled at him teasingly

The others were just looking at her and Josh was smiling at her, knowing that he already had that money bagged up. She smiled back at her boyfriend and then spoke to everyone.

“I’m your hostess for tonight and I am here to make things more comfortable,” she said and added with a look at Ben, “And more entertaining too. I hope you all have a good game.”

“If you wanna make my night more comfortable why don’t you sit that pretty ass down here” Tyler said to her and patted his lap

Sophie tried to not look irritated; “Because I have my own place to sit” she said and placed her arms around Josh’s neck, leaning forward a little.

“Phew! Keep leaning like that girl and you’ll see how comfortable sitting on me can be.” Tyler said staring straight at her cleavage, which was showing even more so as she had bent forward.

Sophie gave him a wry smile, “You wouldn’t know what to do if I did.” She said to him and stood up straight.

Tyler roared with laughter, quickly to be followed by Richie, “I like this bit….er lady.” He said with a smile at her and raised his bottle, “I think I’m gonna have a good night.” And he took a swig

“I’ll go and get some chips” Sophie said to Josh and walked around the table. She could feel the eyes follow her as she walked out.

When she walked through the glass doors into the kitchen, she heard Tyler say, “Damn man that bitch is fucking hot man, you did good. I tell ya man, watch yo’self with her, every guy must want a piece of that ass. I tell ya man, I’d bounce her on my dick all night just to watch them big titties bounce man.”

She restrained herself from going back in to yell at him, or at Josh for not saying anything. She figured though that if Tyler was talking about her he wasn’t concentrating on the game. Tonight may not be as fun as she thought.

The night began innocently enough, there wasn’t really any incidents and everyone kept their hands to themselves. The only real problem was Tyler’s occasional comments about either her legs, tits or ass, or about her bending over to pick something up for him, and Richie’s constant leering gaze following her everywhere. Other than that things were going smoothly. She even managed to flirt a little with Ben, although with everyone’s eyes except Josh’s watching her, she couldn’t really do much. Not only that but she didn’t want any other comments from Tyler, she knew she would get one if she sat on Ben’s lap.

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