Southern Nights Ch. 11

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Southern Nights 11. – Under Maracolar

The noise from the outboard engines continued ringing noisily in Linda’s ears as they suddenly went down to just a sloshy humming in response to Angela’s well-practiced navigations. They had been on full speed for a little more than an hour, enjoying the fresh afternoon breeze as the endless surfaces of deep blue from heaven and sea embraced them and swallowed them into a different world of unparalleled peace and beauty. Out here there seemed to be no clear boundary between heaven and ocean; the one floating over into the other in a kind of magic spell that sang a deep tone somewhere far back in Linda’s hopelessly romantic mind.

And the girl didn’t quite know if it was because of her delightfully depraved heart or not, but to her romance was thick in the air. Romance in the shape of two lovely ladies that were going to be her intimate and graceful lovers for the better part of the evening and night.

Angela sighed deeply with a content smile all over her beautiful face.

“This is perfect,” she exclaimed excitedly as she looked around the horizon. Some two miles away the rocky cliffs of Maracolar rose towards the sky, hovering almost threatening over them with its hidden forces of sleeping volcanic ferocity. To Linda it was almost a bit scary having it so close, even though it was actually not close at all. Just so much bigger than it looked from the home base back over the port of Alvarez. As usual it had a majestic cloud hanging like an arch around the craggy top, adding to the effect of overpowering immensity.

But her attention was soon drawn back to two other magnificent objects wincing about on the deck. Her two mistresses had shed their bikinis already right outside the old port barriers and had used the time to chat lustily and rub each other up with suntan lotion. Angela had even given little her a good rubdown on the way, and now they were a golden heap of soft, feminine bodyparts shining deliciously in the glowing sunshine, quickly fuelling the dull underflow of passion that had been lolling right under the surface all the way out. Linda was almost a little surprised she hadn’t been called for any kind of service yet. Not even after they were all rubbed down and hot and stiff-nippled and more than ready for some serious relaxation. Her body already tingled with desire as the two women went back and forth around her with swaying tits and wiggling buttocks, preparing things for a few more hours of lounging and tanning on the front deck.

She got breathless and almost felt ashamed of her blatant arousal when Mary climbed the steps up to the deck with a basket of refreshments, exposing the full glory of her incredibly broad and inviting behind as she went. The mighty globes wobbled delightfully with every movement, making the oily reflection sparkle like raining stars from the peachy skin. And the pussy lips stretched and slipped elastically against each other in an agile pout that practically screamed for some docile tongue attention.

“The locals say there’s a deep underwater trench down here. It’s supposed to be more than 6000 feet just a little bit further out,” Mary informed as she prepared a set of deck chairs around a huge cooling bag filled with refreshments. “I felt that just the knowledge of that adds to the awesome impression of the whole scenery out here.”

“It certainly does,” Angela responded with a quick glance over at the rocks. “That volcano looks like it might come alive and eat me skin and all any moment.”

Mary laughed. “I don’t think so, my dear. It’s been dead for some two or three thousand years or something.”

“I’m definitely glad to hear that,” Angela responded, pulling a can of beer out of the ice in the box and raising it towards the mountain with a short ‘cheers’.

“Imagine being able to look down into that trench. A house would be just like a small dot down at the bottom. And it’s practically right under us…”

Both ladies smiled devilish to underscore all sides of the enormity of the nature around them. Both of them wore heavy sunglasses that added to their almost dour image of stern, cool maturity.

When they looked serious for a moment in between their light, humorous chatting, it gave them a look of almost hostile authority that got Linda’s blood boiling crazily from rampant desire. So much that she had to use all of her self control to stay calm for things to come. Where was the perception of the weak female gender out here? Linda felt like in the company of titans! With people holding a strength and authority that made it an unmitigated honour to serve. An honour and an immense pleasure. More than anything she could ever imagine. If she would finally be called to do so, that is.

The one detail that made her understand that her call was finally imminent was the fact that Mary was in the process of preparing just two chairs at the upper deck. As Linda came up behind her with another pile of fresh towels to spread over them, she was again faced with the full glory bahçeşehir escort of the broad butt as her mistress flipped out the last seat. She got so close she could even notice a pearly drop of sweet juice shining seductively on a fat pussy lip. For a moment it hung on to the delicious flap of seductive flesh, but then it slid down silkily, stretched, and fell soundlessly onto the white deck. Linda felt an instinctive urge to dive down to catch it on her tongue, and got so distracted she almost dropped her pile of towels.

She was brought back again by Angela’s laughter. The woman had turned to get some towels for her chair, and had captured the youngster staring completely hypnotized in between her friend’s mighty buttock.

“I think you’re just about ready to enjoy some real hot pussy, my dear,” she smiled, grabbing a few of the towels from the girl’s arms. “From the look in your eyes, I think we better get ready pretty right away. Remember your mistress hasn’t had her well-deserved pleasure for almost tree weeks!”

Linda shuddered as the meaning of the words sank into her sex-blurred mind. It was time. Finally! After all this agonizing waiting. Time to enjoy the fruits of her hard-endured patience.

And it was true what Angela had said. They hadn’t been together for real since the wonderful evening back home where she met Angela at the down town restaurant.

Mary had had to go on a long business trip for her company, and Angela had been smart enough – although it took a lot of self-discipline – to stay away until the day they had agreed to travel south. She had been quite busy on her own hand too, by the way. Just squeezing a fourteen-day’s leave into her busy schedule was something that cost her a lot of her energy and stubbornness – and even some of her hard-earned goodwill. So she was not going to waste it all by doing some stupid moves before it was all ‘cleared’ by her best and dearest friend in need.

Pleasure would come to those capable of waiting for the goodies. And this was no Cinderella- kind of waiting. Definitely not! The reward was imminent, and it was granted; just a matter of surviving through some few, endless days of sweet agony before they got there.

And when they finally came together to enter the plane that would take them to the long-awaited bliss of those warm and wonderful southern nights, there was a kind of unspoken consensus that they would try to refrain from all intimacy until time and conditions were perfect for a real deep and heavy dive into the divine world of passionate oral action. All to make it a sexual bliss beyond anything they could possibly imagine.

Mary never told her that she had rented the huge, white cruiser until after they arrived. They just got time to get to the hotel to unpack, shower and change before they went straight for the harbour. And still there were several hours of afternoon sun and heat to go as they cruised out into the vast, blue openness right outside the old port.

Now they were so far out even the recognizable profile of the ancient fortress could hardly be seen through the blue mist over the horizon.

As Mary finished arranging everything with the two chairs, she let herself slump heavily into the free one with a deep sigh. She sent a lazy smile over to Angela before she turned her attention to Linda. Her dark sunglasses left the girl without any eye contact as she got aware of the sudden focus on her.

“Linda dear, there’s still a bottle of champagne in the ice box under deck. Would you be a darling and go get it for us, please?”

“Of course, Mary!” Linda jumped to obey before the sentence was even complete. She needed just a minute or so to find the right box. When she came up, she stopped abruptly, and just couldn’t help staring in awe.

The two ladies had lowered the backs of their chairs, and were now lying almost fully stretched. It was a sight so alluring Linda felt her hand trembling and the pulse hammering in her neck. When she moved forward it was almost like in trance, putting the bottle into the ice bath with a completely shaky hand. Then – before she even knew what she was doing – she fell to her knees in front of them.

For a moment she felt this gnawing uncertain. What was expected of her now? She wasn’t supposed to take any initiative herself… or was she? A surge of something near desperation shot through her chest as she let her hungry eyes wander back and forth between the two golden bodies. Through the thick sunglasses she could feel their stare, and for a split second she felt an urge to jump to her feet and just run off. But she knew that was actually the last thing in the world she wanted to do right now!

Luckily a soft murmur from her beloved mistress brought things back in order.

“Linda dear, I think I’m ready for some loving attention… quite ready, actually.”

The two ladies looked at each other and giggled – almost like teenagers. Then Mary spread her gracious limbs bakırköy escort to put her thighs up against the armrests, opening her wonderful body to the youngster’s glowing eyes.

“You remember we decided to wait until everything was nice and perfectly ready, so we could relax and just enjoy our time together fully and without any disturbances whatsoever? Well… I think everything is about nice and perfectly ready. Are you ready my dear?”

“Yes, Mary. Yes… I’m ready!” The girl’s voice was light as a bird’s song as she moved forward to crawl in between the welcoming legs.

“Angela, do you mind waiting a little longer yet? Me and Linda have got some things to pick up on that’s been long overdue. Very long…”

Angela smiled even broader as she raised a hand in a welcoming gesture.

“Be my guest, dear friend. Linda is after all your pride and work. And you deserve every minute of it!”

“Thank you, my dearest,” she sighed as she raised her hips lightly to meet the long anticipated contact with the incredible mouth.

Linda tried to maintain some kind of patience as she let her head move slowly forward to get to her reward. As the hips kept undulating lightly in feverish anticipation, she noticed how extremely most and swollen the outer pussy lips were. The entire body of her beloved mistress was so set for sexual stimulation that it practically overflowed with love juices!

Mary jumped lightly at the first touch of gentle fingertips to her skin. And as she felt the soft cheek brush its way up along her right thigh, she groaned almost gutturally, trigging another light giggle from the lady on the other chair.

Linda noticed it only vaguely as she felt her senses being overwhelmed by the wonderful smell of her mistress’ excitement. A moment later her lips reached their target, and she started planting small, adorable kisses over the full length of the swollen slit. Even before the lips had opened, juices of passions seeped out between them to moisten her lips and cheeks as she continued to show her unconditional worship and adoration. Then she gently opened her mouth and let the tongue work it’s way in between.

It was almost like a dam bursting, and she had to press her mouth over the opening to catch the flood as the juicy lips slipped apart around her invading tongue. She managed to keep her seal tight even though her mistress’ pubic bone jerked abruptly upwards at the first sense of real contact with the adoring mouth.

“Oooooh Linda… dear beautiful little girl… Ohhhhhh… it’s been so long… soooo long…”

Linda put her arms in a persistent grip around the trembling thighs, and pulled her mistress firmly against her as she set to work on the pulsing slit. She let her tongue slip teasingly through the soaking wetness of the full length of the slit, sensing and hearing how the treatment brought her beloved mistress into a shuddering rapture almost before they got started.

This was a heat and passion so intense they both knew the lady wouldn’t last more than just a few minutes. Angela definitely wouldn’t have to wait long to get her share of pleasure as the afternoon would turn into evening.

Linda tried to avoid even getting near the lady’s clit for the time being. She settled with a slow, rhythmical slide up and down, from the opening into the shuddering vagina and all the way up to the urethra as the pussy got more and more agitated against her face. Her lady’s body switched between trembling stiffly, and twitching erratically against her face as they started the climb up to an ecstasy Linda sensed would be the most intense they had ever experienced together. Even superseding the one they had as she had delivered her first perfectly trained service back in the hotel during their first stay.

Even though she had been hiding it well, Mary had felt a slight embarrassment in front of her friend during the day. Not because of her nakedness of course, that was something they had got quite used to. But because of this; the blatant arousal she knew she was going to display the very moment Linda would show her talented tongue up her pussy.

One thing was to enjoy it all in the privacy of her own flat, with only the two of them there. Having and audience – even when it was her very best friend – sitting ringside and watching every detail, was something entirely different. But she knew she would handle it reasonably well after all. Angela was in the same situation, and there wasn’t even the slightest sign of any kind of embarrassment on her part. That again was perfectly in line with her personality, obviously, so she hardly had any reason to be surprised. But it just underscored the fact of the matter, the way she saw it. Why should she be embarrassed when Angie wouldn’t be? When was she ever going to get over this silly childish ideas that kept haunting her far into her mature years?

A faint feeling of stubborn anger was totally subdued by a violent surge of shuddering passion başakşehir escort as the tongue moved up close to the base of her clit and started flicking rhythmically back and forth in a way that made her body almost numb. The hormones raced through her veins with such ferocity it made her feel all weak and almost helpless. Her body trickled and twitched in ways that were almost a bit frightening in the way they made her feel out of control, and she had to grasp onto the bobbing head with both hands in order to get some kind of control of the situation. Still she knew that there was no way she could prolong this for any reasonable amount of time, the way she was now.

“Oh, dear Linda… please… just make me cum right away, will you? I can’t stand this much longer right now, and besides… Angie is waiting for her turn… oooohhhhhhh!!”

Linda took her by the word and let her tongue tip twirl around the excited clit nub in a swift and firm swerve. Actually she had been hoping that her mistress would be in for a quickie after all. She was very curious about the taste of Angela, and she knew there would be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the rich body of her beloved mistress on numerous occasions during the course of the evening.

The pubic bone started bouncing frantically against her nose, while the oil-glistening belly convulsed and shuddered in front of her heated vision. The delicious tits jumped in rhythm with her abdomen, wobbling wildly until the body suddenly stiffened and Mary squeezed her head back as the ecstasy hit her.

The juddering thighs smashed in around Linda’s head and the persistent grasp on her head transformed into a merciless tear in her brown hair as an overwhelming quantity of pussy juice flooded her mouth. The insane yell of ecstasy made Angela raise an arm in an instinctive move of self-protection as she followed the unfolding scene with a wildly mounting itch in her own groin.

Linda did her best to gulp down the gush of liquid as it flowed at her, but this time she stood no chance, no matter how well and enduring their training had ever been. All of a sudden she choked, and the next moment a jet of sticky, white cream shot out of her nose. Immediately tears filled her eyes, and the coughing reflexes made her sputter strands of pussy juice up along Mary’s belly. The outburst came in the middle of Mary’s orgasm, and her pussy continued its aimless bouncing against her lips as another couple of squirts splattered over the girl’s face. The woman groaned almost like in pain as the contact was broken, and instinctively increased the pull in the stained hair to get the mouth back in position.

Then she seemed to realize what kind of trouble her lover had, and she let go as she mobilized all her strength to tolerate the lack of stimulation throughout the last sweet shocks of her waning orgasm. Another lamenting groan escaped her as she practically forced her uneasy hips down on to the bench to get calmed down a bit.

Angela burst out laughing. “Well well; that wasn’t very convincing, I must say.” She used her fingertips to wipe tears of laughter from her eyes. “I thought you said you’ve been training, didn’t you?”

Mary almost completely overheard her friend’s remarks, taking off her sunglasses and working herself up in a sitting position as she watched her little worshipper with concern written all over her face.

“Linda… I’m sorry. I – I didn’t… uh… it must be this long time… uh…”

Linda had found a towel, and buried her face in it as she continued coughing and gurgling in order to finally get some air. It took her some seconds to regain control, and then some more to stop her running tears before she could put it down and face her wonderful mistress with a meek, but brave smile.

“Sorry about that Mary” she gasped, putting a hand on her lover’s knee to indicate to her to relax.

Mary was on her way out of her chair to help pat her back or something, and only hesitantly sat back down again.

“You sure you’re okay? Should I get you something to drink?” Mary was still not convinced that the girl was completely well, and continued watching her with a motherly warmth in her eyes.

“Of course she’s fine.” Angela had stopped laughing and watched the two lovers with an amused smile. “Pussy juice never killed anybody, and you gave her quite a load, I can tell!”

With some more gasps to fully regain her breath, Linda came around to plunge into her role of devoted servant once again. “Oh Mary, I’m so terribly sorry,” she exclaimed as she folded the towel and started rubbing the sticky strands of cum off her mistress’ belly. Mary made an instinctive move to interfere, but then she stopped and let herself sink back again, trying to concentrate on enjoying the sensation of being cleaned up.

“I hope I didn’t destroy your pleasure entirely,” the girl sighed, a thick lump building in her throat as she let the towel slide caressingly over the perfectly rounded belly. Was it any good for you at all?”

Mary put up her most reassuring smile as she saw the girl’s lower lip tremble on the verge of crying. “Oh yes, Linda! Just relax. Rest assure it was a cum well worth all the waiting we’ve been through, I can tell you. I loved it, and as usual your tremendous efforts made me feel like the queen of queens, just the way you’re so incredibly good at!”

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