Southern Woman Blacked at Club

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My wife and I grew up in south Georgia near Savannah. We dated through college and married several years after graduation. We have never wanted children. I guess we’re too selfish and wanted to keep our options open. She and I were attracted to each other because of our open-minded outlook on life, especially in the bedroom. We never brought anyone else to our marital bed until we moved to the Miami area several years ago.

My wife, Bobbi, never lacks for attention when she and I go to the beach. She is 28 years old, 5’4″, super-short blonde hair, blue-eyed and built for sex. Modest curves in all the right places. I, Mike, am 6’1″, 180 lbs, brown hair, green eyes. We are both fit but not super-muscular.

Our sex life was not boring but after 10 years, it needed a shot in the arm. We discussed what we each wanted to get out of opening up our marriage and the first thing we discussed was always be honest about our feelings to protect our love for each other. If either of us was feeling jealous or threatened, we both had to take responsibility to tell our partner. Our partner also had the responsibility to listen.

We had engaged in several satisfying threesomes and swaps with friends and one of the couples. I discovered Bobbi really enjoyed larger cocks. I am about seven inches and thick but one of the men we swapped with had a nine-inch cock and Bobbi really got off on that . One of the couples mentioned they had attended a sex club and had fun but decided they enjoyed the more intimate swapping with friends. Bobbi and I discussed the possibility of finding a sex club to see what it was all about. After we agreed to go forward, we contacted several couples through a swinger’s website and met for dinner and drinks and to become informed as to the pros and cons of what we were considering.

The first two couples we met were Jane and Lowell. Jane was 37, dark skin, hair and eyes with a beautiful, white smile and a very good figure. Lowell was 43, light hair and complexion, big and fit at about 6’3″ and 230 lbs. The other couple was Marty and Dennis. They were a little older, very attractive and exuded a very healthy glow. Bob was fifty and a little overweight but handsome and Elaine was forty-five and really beautiful. She had amazing breasts and a killer ass. She was a wet dream for someone like me.

Both couples seemed absolutely normal in every way except they were swingers. We hadn’t known what to expect, especially in Miami. We were still fairly new to the beautiful beach city and had seen some pretty rough and unsavory characters. We were pleasantly relieved to see our new friends were delightful and fun people.

As we talked, they explained some of the pitfalls and positives of the lifestyle. Some of the pitfalls were couples who were trying to save a relationship, which rarely worked; couples with good marriages but where one of the partners couldn’t handle the jealousy caused by seeing their partner being pleasured by someone and pleasuring someone else and single males who were too pushy or creepy. They suggested we stay away from single men or unmarried couples due to greater exposure to STD’s. They all felt single men or unmarried couples posed a greater health risk.

The positives were many. Couples who had a solid, supportive, loving relationship before getting into the lifestyle enjoyed greater communication, improved private sex between the two them, a renewed sense of commitment and overall a healthier respect for each other and their individual needs. They each were surprised at their lust at seeing their partner please someone else. They also said the eroticism and sensuality of swinging with the right people was a huge payoff.

Both couples offered to take us to an upcoming party, no strings attached. They explained how he on premise clubs worked and how off premises parties worked. No means no. The ladies set the parameters of what they will or will not tolerate, condoms are an individual or couple choice. Specific sex acts such as anal, double penetration, bondage, pain and other variations are decided by the individual or couple. Heavy drugs, other than alcohol, weed or Ecstasy were forbidden by the club. Bobbi and I enjoyed fucking on all those substances but had no interest in anyone using something harder. istanbul travesti I had fucked Bobbi’s ass numerous times, but it took a few tries and much patience on my part to get her to a point where she enjoyed it. She even asked for it at times.

After dinner and our talk, we all went our separate ways. We promised to think about it and get in touch soon. On our ride home we were horny and excited beyond belief. Bobbi spread her legs in the car and showed me her wet pussy, fingering herself while looking me in the eyes. She brought herself off in minutes and we made it home without tearing each other’s clothes off in the car. That night we fucked each other to exhaustion.

The next morning, as we awoke in bed, Bobbi looked thoroughly fucked and sated. She looked at me through those dreamy blue eyes and said, “Well? Do we go ahead with our plans?”

“I’m game if you are.”

“Ok. I’ll call Jane and Lowell and we’ll set it up.”

Bobbi showered while I prepared breakfast. She came out to the sitting area in her robe, her hair still wet. I sat our food on the table at sat looking at her. How did I find this incredible, sexy lady? As we sat and discussed what could possibly happen when we went to the club, I realized she was about to make all my fantasies come true. I felt like the luckiest and horniest man on the planet.

Bobbi and Jane talked, and they agreed to sponsor us for our first visit this coming Saturday night. We were so overwhelmed with lust, we stayed in bed all day leaving only for bathroom, food and drink breaks.

The week dragged by. She and I were ravenous for each other but agreed to abstain until Saturday night. She wanted to be super creamy for her swingers’ debut in case we decided to play at the party. I told her I didn’t think getting wet was going to be a problem for her. I also told her I would have an especially large load of cum for her as well. We laughed at our naughtiness.

On the day of the party, she went to the spa for an overall body tune-up. Hair, nails, bush, the works. She also went shopping for some sexy lingerie as well.

I spent the day mowing the lawn and various other common weekend chores.

When Bobbi got back to the house, it was around 5:00 pm. We were supposed to meet Lowell and Jane at around 9:00pm at the club. It was roughly a one hour drive from our house. Bobbi and I spent the next several hours eating a light dinner and having a few cocktails. I showered and relaxed before getting ready. She had long soak in our tub and proceeded to prepare her body for a potentially long night of sex. She spent an inordinate amount of time applying light make-up, laying out her clothes and getting dressed. I was sitting on our back deck, nursing my drink when she appeared at the sliding glass door from our bedroom. She was wearing a matching emerald green bra and panties set with black 4″ heels. I don’t know how long she had been wearing them, but there was already a wet spot on the front of the panties. She was very excited for what might happen over the next six hours.

“What do you think?” she said.

I replied, “I think you are going to get righteously fucked tonight.”

“I sure hope so…” she said. Oh my God! She was so ready for whatever might come. So was I.

We arrived at the club at 9:00 pm. The building was completely non-descript. If we hadn’t been given clear directions, we would have driven right by it. There were probably thirty cars in the parking lot. After finding a spot, Bobbi and I looked at each other, both nervous.

I asked, “Are you still ok with this?”

“Absolutely! Let’s have some fun!”

Jane and Lowell were waiting on us just inside the front door. We were greeted by a drop-dead gorgeous woman in a black bustier, panties and heels. She was built like you might expect at this type of club, out of this world sexy. We paid our entry cover and were given a tour by our hosts. Jane and Lowell showed us to the dressing room/locker set-up, the bathrooms and explained the use of towels to cover ourselves after undressing. Everyone was required to strip and wear the towel in the private areas of the club. Bobbi and I disrobed and wrapped the towel around ourselves. Bobbi wrapped hers so her breasts were covered. Her towel came istanbul travestileri just below her crotch. I wrapped mine around my waist, but it was a shorty so mine barely covered my genitals as well.

Jane and Lowell walked us through the club, showing us a large orgy room, rooms with one-way windows where voyeurs could watch what was happening in that room, private rooms with doors and locks and finally the bondage room. It had all sorts of leather covered chairs, benches and tables for strapping down a submissive person. It also had a cross-type device and chains with handcuffs attached to the ceiling for another type of bondage fun. Bobbi looked at the room and then up at me and said,

“Holy fuck! Would you look at that? That might be interesting.”

I was somewhat taken aback. Bobbi and I had engaged in mild bondage games such as blindfolding and handcuffs but nothing like what might happen in that room.

The four of us exited the dressing area and entered the bar area. We drank and socialized with our new friends and were introduced to many others. We soon ran into Elaine and Bob who were already hanging with another couple. The man large, buff black man named Johnny. I noticed his cock was so long, the head peaked out from under his short towel. His wife, Ginger, was tall, thin, beautiful cocoa skin and small tits. Very sexy.

Neither Bobbi nor I had ever been with a black lover before, but we were open to anything at this point. When Bobbi saw Johnny and then the head of his large member, she grasped my forearm and squeezed, saying under her breath,

“Oh, my God! Look at that thing!”

I looked at her and she couldn’t take her eyes off it for several moments until I said,

“You like?”

“I don’t know . It looks huge. I’m not sure I could take it” she said “but I just might have to break a southern girl taboo tonight!”

Lowell and Jane led us out to the bar area and once we had our drinks, they introduced us to more of their friends, Bobbi glancing at Johnny every chance she got. Jane and Elaine both noticed her fascination with the large black cock and giggling, leaned into Bobbi and Elaine said,

“We’ve both had that monster in our snatches and I have even had him balls deep in my ass.” Bobbi had that look of,

“No. fucking way!” and looking at Elaine, “In your ass?”

Elaine and Jane laughed and told Bobbi to “Go for it! You won’t regret it!”

Bobbi first looked at me and I said, looking over my glass, “It’s our night to experiment here. It’s totally up to you, but I want to see you stretched by that cock and I can tell you want to be stretched by that cock.”

By this time Johnny and his wife Ginger were aware of our interest and he said,

“Come on girl. I’ll give your little tight pussy a fucking you won’t forget.”

All the women including Ginger, and their husbands confirmed what Johnny said.

Bobbi bit her lower lip, looked at me and I said, “Let’s find a room.”

Johnny and Ginger let all eight of us to a private room in the back part of the club. It had soft lighting around the edges, plenty of comfortable sofa-like furniture against the walls. A king-sized bed was in the center with small spotlights focused on it. Candles were already burning, and the room smelled of vanilla and women. Johnny led Bobbi to the bed and had her sit on the edge.

The rest of us found places sitting on the sofas with other spouses . I was with Ginger and could not believe she was already playing with my cock while all of us watched my wife about to be fucked by her large-cocked, black Adonis of a husband. The tension in the room was palpable. I was delirious with lust and some trepidation. I knew Bobbi was not scared because she quickly removed Johnny’s towel and marveled at his equipment. She lightly touched it at first, hefting it as if to judge its weight and size. She wrapped her small left hand around it at the base and squeezed. A large dollop of pre-cum came out and ran down the large, plum like head. She then spread the liquid all over his cockhead and emitted a light ,

“Ummmmmm.” She reached around the shaft with her right hand on top of the left and leaning in, took the entire head into her mouth. At this sight, Ginger squeezed my cock very hard. travesti istanbul My head and cock were filled with lust.

The large member in Bobbi’s mouth grew to even more enormous proportions. It had to be eleven inches long and very thick. It grew to the point that Bobbi had to take it from her mouth and begin kissing just the head. Johnny was encouraging her, “Come on babe, you can do better than that. Suck that dick!”

She was not giving up. She stretched her mouth as wide as possible and shoved as much of his man-meat into her as possible. Even with both her hands around his cock, she still had 2-3 inches to handle. She was now worked up and slobbering over his cock, mewling and groaning trying to please him. She was in the thralls of big cock fever and had not even had him in her cunt yet.

Johnny was holding her by her hair and feeding her his black shaft. She was in cock heaven. Johnny was getting close and pulled his glistening member from her throat. She was not done but he lay her back on the bed, pushed her legs up toward her chest, spread her already blossoming cunt and totally covered her mons with his mouth. He was licking her clit, then down to her asshole and back up again. He sucked her clit into his lips and pushed his large middle finger into her quim. She bucked and moaned while humping her crotch into his mouth. He then took his finger from her cunt and slowly worked it into her ass as he continued his oral assault on her pussy. She went absolutely crazy, convulsing, curling her toes and begging him to fuck her. He wasted little time, pulling his finger from her bum, lining up his cock and spearing her almost to his balls. She made a noise I had never heard. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and drove his cock fully into her. She was completely lost in the fucking he was giving her. He had both ass cheeks in his hands and was pile-driving her when he reached further into between her cheeks and re-impaled her asshole on his middle finger. That broke the dam. She was flexing and groaning and shoving her pelvis up to meet his thrusts, cumming continuously. His cock was covered in her froth that we all could see. That was very erotic, and I came in Ginger’s hand as it happened.

Johnny continued his assault on her cunt and soon flexed his legs and ass, spewing his cum deeper into her womb than anyone ever had. The sounds coming from them were animalistic and erotic. The group looking on was having their own little mini-orgy as we watched, our breathing elevated just being in the same space as my sexy wife and her lover.

Bobbi was completely rung out, as was Johnny. He rolled off Bobbi and lay beside her as their sweating, shiny bodies returned to normal. They lay, side by side, caressing and lightly kissing each other. Sex that night was amazing. I fucked three different women, including Jane, Marty and the lovely Ginger. Sex with her was almost dreamlike, looking into her eyes as a thrust into her creamy pussy.

Bobbi and I sat holding each other as Elaine took Johnny in her ass and Lowell in her cunt. And another large member in her mouth. He came in her mouth as he hovered his balls over Lowell’s face. When he came, Elaine couldn’t swallow it all and it poured out of her mouth, around his cock, down her chin and onto Lowell’s face. Once the cock fell out of her mouth, she deeply kissed Lowell, cleaning his face and eating the cum.

The sight out Elaine’s mouth pouring cum sent both Lowell and Johnny over the top. Lowell thrust upward into her pussy as best as he could, considering he had little leverage. Johnny though, standing in a crouch, his massive black cock imbedded in Elaine’s back passage, squeezed his ass and thrust into Elaine multiple times, I’m sure ejecting her rectum with a massive load of his seed. Elaine was squealing and moaning, her whole body spasming and jerking as she felt their cock’s pulse and spew her holes.

The man who had just drowned Elaine’s mouth, backed off the bench, his now frothy, withering cock hanging between his legs. Johnny, Elaine and Lowell just staying in place, sweating and trying to recover their breath. When he was sufficiently in control, Johnny eased his still tumescent beast from Elaine’s ass. His huge load spilled from her, down over Lowell’s balls. They all groaned when that happened. Elaine kissed Lowell again and fell to her side, Lowell’s greasy member sliding from her like a snake.

Bobbi eventually let Johnny in her ass several weeks later and in fact allowed us to DP her but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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