Steele Steered Back

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Disclaimer: The story, the characters are purely fictional. Any resemblance to someone is co-incidence. The author at any point shows no discrimination either by race, colour, gender, identity or ideology. All fictional characters are at least 21 years of age.

Warning: Contains adult themes, sexual content. Reader’s discretion is advised.


Steele: 41 year old, gay man, a holiday planner.

It was a warm summer afternoon, Jensen walked along the hilly road after her mechanic towed her rental car away. The car was repaired when Jensen was driving home for summer. She had a light leather backpack and her naturally blond hair was tied into a pony.

Jensen walked in the sultry weather to the nearby bus station to see how see can reach Pittsburgh. She sat for a bit to give her sore legs a tiny break. Many cars passed her without stopping by. She reached for help. Suddenly a car pulled over.

Jensen noticed a man, with a tensed look above his short beard. He was very handsome. He asked her, “Do you need some help?”

Jensen recited that she wanted to get to Pittsburgh and the man said he was headed to Cleveland. He gave some thought and offered her a ride till the outskirts of Pittsburgh. He pressed that he will then drive ahead to Cleveland. Jensen got in and answered him, “I am Jensen. I am going home for summer. My rental stopped, just stopped in the middle of the road and I got it towed.”

The man asked where is she coming from to which she said, “I am coming from Tennessee. I go to college there.”

The man was happy to hear that and he said, “I never went to college. Moved out after high school. Lived in New York and then moved to Cleveland like 14 years, I think so, no, 16 years ago. By the way I am Steele Silverstein.” Jensen smiled.

Steele looked stressed and Jensen thought it might be the heat. He said, “I am driving from Birmingham. I just dropped my husband there. He is there on some urgent business. Birmingham you know… in Alabama.”

Jensen looked steadily and intently when he said, “I am gay.”

Jensen claimed, “I never guessed.”

Jensen asked, “Why are you driving towards Nashville when he could have taken the interstate back there to Knoxville.” Steele said he’s going there to pick some money from a holiday planning business partner.

After an hour Steele pulled his car and got out of the car. She observed Steele to be tall as a tree and a gym built body, as he got of the car and walked into the holiday planner’s office.

Steele came back and leaned on the window, “Do you want to get some coffee before we head back?” Jensen grinned and anxiously got out of the car for her dose of caffeine.

They got their coffee. Steele said as he sipped his espresso, “Listen lady, change of plans. It is another eight hours drive. I don’t wanna risk driving the mountainous stretch in the dark. My buddy there said morning view is great across the green interstate.

Steele paused, “Would you want me to drop you off at the airport? I can do that.”

Jensen said, “That’s so cool. Can I join you? Let us stick to your original plan of dropping me in Pittsburg. I am calling my folks to tell I will be late.”

Steele would love some company to describe the beauty of the green interstate and the steep roads. He said, “Let’s check into a motel.”


At the motel’s reception, they requested two rooms. Jensen checked in after mentioning her age with ID, declaring that she is 22. Steele wrote 41 and signed in the guest book. She thought, ‘He looks a bit old now but not 41. Not 31 either. What if he’s a serial killer?’ She knew her roommate makes her watch too many slasher movies on the weekends.

Steele knocked on Jensen’s hotel room door after some time and she didn’t answer. He heard the shower and left. Twenty minutes later Steele opened the door to answer Jensen. He thought it was the housekeeping staff had brought him some towels. He let her in. He was wearing only boxer briefs. It was white and he wore it grandly around his muscular lower waist. Jensen didn’t notice anything in the front except a bundle, inches below his navel.

Steele alerted her, “My buddy said there is a nice restaurant a mile away. Do you want to first get some beer and then go to the restaurant?”

Jensen looked ready in her dress that showed her legs from knee down. He withdrew to take a shower. Thirty minutes later, they were heading into the city for some beer.

The old bartender demanded an ID for Jensen before he served her the ale. She frowned saying, “Seven months ago, I turned 22.”

Jensen didn’t lie and they drank ale without getting intoxicated. She asked about Steele’s salt and pepper trimmed beard. Steele said, “I grew when I was in high school. It was the 80s. Men grew it. I shaved after reaching New York but grew it again. New York….. It was so dangerous back then.”

Jensen didn’t care of New York. istanbul travesti She said, “Tell me about your husband.” Steele described his husband as a caring but workaholic man. They married four years ago. They’d met a year before that and got married in New York.

Jensen loved their story. Steele briefed that his family is from New Jersey. Steele was a little mystified when Jensen detailed about her love life and safe sex.

Steele later took her to the restaurant and ordered pizza. Jensen asked to take it with them as she was not that hungry. Jensen called her sister to update about her slight change of plans. Then, Steele drove her back to the motel.


It was dark. Jensen moved into Steele’s room to talk, watch some baseball and eat the pizza. Steele quickly went into the bathroom to drain all the ale he drank. Soon Jensen repeated. She checked at herself in the bathroom mirror and saw a pile of clothes which Steele was wearing in the morning. She saw the white boxer brief. She reached for it, examined and inhaled it. It didn’t have any stains of precum or semen. She left it and came back. She saw Steele on the bed and his neck was red from the harsh summer heat.

Jensen sat next to him and ate the pizza. The night air filled her with erotism. He was old and gay. She inquired about his sexual past. “Steele have you ever fucked a woman?”

Steele wondered where it was coming from but he knew how the generation today is. He said, “No.”

Jensen continued, “Have you seen a pussy or boobs?”

Steele laughed to say, “Yes… in porn. I used to watch straight porn with my straight friends. Even when we didn’t have the computers.” Steele concluded that he never saw any pussy in flesh. He was asked out by few women in pubs but he always went home either alone or with some other men.

“Steele, would you like to see my boobs and tell me if you feel anything?”

Steele briskly refused.

Jensen opened her shirt to reveal her brassiere. Steele raged. He turned around to say, “I know you are young but eat, drink, dance, whatever you’re in the mood for. Don’t do this.” Jensen face shrunk, got up and she left the room instantly.

Steele followed her to call her. She didn’t even eat more than a bite of that pizza. She didn’t answer.


Jensen came back to Steele’s room after half an hour. Steele kept his door open for her. She defended herself, “I just asked to know you. Look, we are two strangers and we are having such a good time. I didn’t think you would get upset Steele.”

Steele said, “It’s alright. Come on in.” He explained, “I feel it is cheating to try something like this when my husband is away.”

Jensen said, “I wanted to show you. Cheating is when you fuck around a lot. We are not fucking.” Steele knew this she’s right.

Jensen sat and asked, “I just want you to see and tell if you like it. Just see… which no woman has shown you before.”

Steele added, “Why again lady?”

Jensen explained, “Try taking a peep at it before you turn too old. I am not asking you to play in the NFL. Just take a closer look.”

Steele laughed. He agreed to see, “Let us do this, just like you want.”

Jensen rose up kneeling on the bed and pulled her top off. She pulled her brassiere too. Steele went to closer to her tits, which was meant for his gay eyes only. They looked so firm and perky. He came closer to observe when she lifted his hands and placed on her tits. She said, “See them and feel them.”

Steele squeezed hard and felt her soft tit flesh. It saw the pain in her eyes when he squeezed and he said, “I’m sorry… so really sorry.”

Jensen cared less for the apology but asked, “How was the feeling old man?”

Steele added, “I am old but not too old, lady.”

Exposing her boobs to a muscular old man, with his hard squeeze made her pussy wet. He was a type that she wanted to try. But she knew he was gay.

Steele added, “It feels soft and feels like squeezing an ass.”

Jensen said, “You might have felt only asses of muscular or hairy men.”

Steele said, “That’s true lady.”

When Steele briefly thought it was over, she added, “Feel my ass and tell. See my ass to tell if it feels any different,” and she pulled her skirt down.

Jensen turned and Steele giggled, “What in this evening? Boob to ass comparison? For me boobs are something I lived without, ass is an essential. Only, only… my husband’s ass.”

Steele saw and touched it. Jensen spanked her own ass. She made him squeeze. He squeezed one side of her ass and squeezed her boob. He said, “Both are soft. Ass has more flesh to hold”. She made him squeeze both; her ass and boobs again using his big hands. He finally claimed he preferred the ass.

Jensen wondered what if she went a little beyond. She thought, ‘Will he throw up when he sees it?’

Jensen said, “Check my pussy out. Before you say anything, I wanna see how you react. Just see it. I would like a pussy istanbul travestileri compliment from a wise man.” Steele thought it is getting too far but he knew a compliment would not hurt.

Steele said, “A wise man? Are you sure?” She couldn’t hide her smile. She quickly removed her dark pink panties. Her legs are still closed. Steele just saw the V shape and he imagined a hole that is still not in sight. She quickly moved to the farther end of bed and rested on the pillow.

Jensen made Steele come closer to open her legs. He saw two folds of skin covering the opening below her shaved pubes. He noticed the shiny, wet opening as she exposed the hole to reveal the tunnel inside. It was bright in pink. Steele noticed a pussy for the first time and got more than he expected. A close-up view and it was staring at him.

Steele wondered how straight men put their tongue and cocks inside and why they loved it. He didn’t see anything special. It was new and too much skin. He saw another hole below her pussy and concluded that’s her ass hole. His conclusion was that the pussy and ass were so close.

Steele complimented her pussy calling it, “Clean, moist, nice.” He withdrew and said, “Let’s have the pizza. Get dressed.”

Jensen urged come back and check again. She said, “This is my pussy before its excitement stage. It is different after getting excited. Stick your finger inside, carefully and feel my pussy.”

Steele said, “No,” and thought what if she runs back worried to her room. She didn’t.

Jensen proceeded to say, “When you stick your finger, you can excite it and watch it get tight”.

Steele thought only cocks changed shapes when they were aroused. Jensen knew he won’t stick his finger. She yanked his strong arm and said, “Just put a finger in. I want to see you do that.”

Steele slowly stuck his right middle finger. He pulled it out and she asked him to again put it back. He did put it back again. He knew, it pleased her a lot. Steele curiosity made him stick two fingers and he opened more to see how was it inside. He now smelt his fingers, full of her mild pussy aroma.

Steele saw the sheet below was wet from the heavy lubrication from his fingering. Steele wondered if ass could produce so much lubrication.

She told him to rub his pussy dipped fingers on her boobs. He squeezed thinking she wanted him to give a squeeze. She put her palm over his hands and made him squeeze it again. She asked him to take his shirt off to see his torso. He hesitated. He carefully removed his shirt to reveal his hairy torso devoid of any tattoo. He looked hot and moulded in gym fit shape. She wondered what ran down south of his belly. She wondered more. Steele waited for her to stop.

Jensen’s eyes enjoyed the characteristics of her tall man. She leapt forward and said, “Let me hold your ass. Let me feel a little.”

Steele allowed. She felt his muscular ass over his pants. His hidden cock didn’t reacting to the stimuli of Jensen’s soft hands.

Jensen asked, “Old man, can you unzip your jeans and get comfortable? I want you to get the finger back into my excited pussy. Give it a good fingering.”

Steele wanted to get comfortable and rest. Probably sleep! Steele refused, “I cannot get my pants off. I am not wearing any underwear.”

Jensen remembered his clean, white boxer briefs in the bathroom. Jensen said “I just want to see it. I want you to just show it to me, please. When have you ever shown your cock to a lady? Show it to me Steele.”

Steele remembered the times when women asked them to show his cock but he only chose to show it to men. Steele wasn’t shy. He found there was no need for unzipping his jeans to reveal his dic to Jensen. She insisted for too long and he unbuckled. Jensen made Steele pull down his jeans till his ankles. She saw his saggy balls and poorly dilated cock. He was not aroused. Jensen feasted her eyes on that.

Jensen lied down on the bed facing Steele and he put his finger back into her pussy. She wondered how he might have looked a decade ago or without beard. There he was a gay man, unaroused, sleeping close to a beautiful blonde, stimulating her pussy. She got up to free him the jeans stuck around his ankles.

Jensen asked him to stand and wanted to give him a handjob to make his cock hard. Steele got out of the bed and stood facing Jensen. He asked, “Why try me, my fingers or my cock and do all this? I am married Jensen.”

Jensen said, “I wanted some lust and wanted from the only man who helped me. I plan to give you a share of my satisfaction. You are so hot.” She justified that this is not cheating because Steele couldn’t get it up. She wanted Steele to thank her for the giving him his first opportunity to feel her body and her inside too.

Steele thanked her. She said, “I want to see your meat hard and strong. Do you want me to give you a handjob?”

Steele refused and stroked himself. She sat the edge of the bed, legs wide open and made Steele finger travesti istanbul her with his left middle finger. Steele was able to show his full growth of 8 inches by stroking and a moderate girth. Jensen wanted to taste this gay meat just like a vampire to blood. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Steele pulled the towel from the bed to cover his distended cock. He answered the door.

There was a pizza, scheduled to be delivered to his room at midnight. Pizza was Steele’s midnight snack. The pizza guy looked inside and observed Jensen crawling back to the bed with white sheets covering her. Steele reached for his wallet grabbed few bills to pay him and shut the door. He placed his wallet, opened the door again. He peeped out and before shutting the door again, he turned on the sign that read ‘Please Do Not Disturb.’


Jensen crawled out of her bed and seized his cock and it took it in her mouth. She quickly stopped to say, “A return for your fingering services.”

Steele wished she didn’t try sucking since he never preferred women but his cock loved a mouth that sucked. Steele accepted the kisses raining on his pubic stubble and hanging testicles. He saw her tongue raze on his sculpted male Adonis belt. The blowjob was special in a special way. His cock was erect, leaking precum in her mouth. She was using a different technique with her mouth.

Jensen recollected their talk in the restaurant on how careful Steele was when he had sex due to the fear of catching a disease. His last test was before his wedding. Since their marriage, Steele and his husband have stayed monogamous.

Steele pulled out his heavily stimulated cock from Jensen’s mouth and said that he would like to cum on her or on the floor. She licked her lips.

Jensen asked him a question, “Would you like to fuck me now? Give your cock the feeling inside a pussy for once.”

Steele refused saying he has no condom. She assured him that she was always careful and healthy. She said that she always took protection before penetration.

Tonight, they did not plan an evening where two strangers would spend time together: feeling, tasting each other’s sex organs. Steele knew she was healthy but he was so ready to ejaculate his load now.

Jensen said, “Just touch my pussy with your cock, rub it. Push it inside and feel me through your cock.” Steele was now ready to ejaculate. He didn’t care.

Jensen continued, “Steele, give your huge cock a taste of the pussy. My pussy is a good spot.”

Jensen rubbed her pussy and made him eager to feel her lubricated fleshy cave.

Jensen said getting on to the bed, “You can touch, rub and enter. I want you touch my G spot. Touch with that huge cock.”

Steele stood and he still wanted her to go and take the pizza with her. Feeling adventurous, Steele stroked his cock again. She was sitting at the edge of the bed, legs wide open and looking at him. Her pussy and his distended cock touched.

Steele touched and rubbed her pussy. He knew the other source for lubrication now is his precum. He stood, resting his left knee pressed on the bed and the right leg stretched straight. Their bodies were closer. His cock pierced into an unknown but receptive territory called vagina. Steele pushed, caved in his cock. He sighed and she gasped. Her hands were on his Adonis belt.

When every inch of his big cock started to feel sexual, he drew out carefully. Steele pierced his cock back into her lubricated cave when she said, “Please go again.” He repeated by piercing her pussy again.

Steele was enjoying the pussy’s inward sucking force. He continued caving in his cock. She breathed heavily. He touched her G spot and she answered, “Yes,” with a moan. She moaned as he entered each time. He moaned with each massive thrust.

After thrusting for mere 10 minutes, he gave a very loud cum alert, “Yes, yes, I am gonna cum, I am gonna cum. I want to cum inside you.”

Steele ejaculated all he had into her cunt. He stood looking at her and after he dripped the cum at least 8 inches inside her pussy. He careful retracted his cock.

Steele moved to the corner of the bed and thanked her for the experience, “If you didnt make me try, I wouldn’t have tried that amazing cunt. Just a staggering amount of pleasure from that hole.” He was glowing after his bombastic orgasm and cum blast. She was happy with his excellent performance. Now she didn’t think about his ‘married’ or ‘cheating’ labels.


After two hours, Jensen had her head on the pillow, with her legs lifted up and folded. Her 41 year old man was caving in her pussy again. With Steele on top, his head sunk into her left shoulder and her soft hair, he penetrated into her pussy with large hip thrusts. The thrusts were solid and deep. It made her pussy quiver.

Steele hasn’t had sex in over a month. With his manifested lustful desires, he fucked Jensen. He thrusted more, staying hard in this position, fucking for thirty five minutes. He raised his head with louder sexual noises that echoed in the room. He spouted another fresh load of cum, safely blasting on Jensen’s pussy. He carefully spouted each semen drop on her fabulously wet cunt. He gave another push into the pussy with his cock.

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