Stepmom Betrayal Ch. 06: Meagan’s Birthday

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Chapter Six: Meagan’s Birthday

Part One: Beach Trip

Mistress Casandra Hall could not be more pleased. Her new slave Meagan, is doing very well. In fact the whole house is running like clockwork. It had been 2 months since Meagan joined the Household. Meagan was doing very well in school. Lara was a very good teacher and with Tara assisting her, Meagan was learning a lot. Meagan was also learning about sex and what she likes.

While Casandra, Lara and Tara were not into bondage or S/M, Meagan had acquired a taste for it. So, at least once a week, Mistress Casandra takes Meagan down to the Bondage Room for a session. Mistress would use different bondage gear on Meagan and put her in different positions. Mistress would lightly whip or paddle her slave and make Meagan service her pussy. Meagan loved the sessions. Just loved them.

One morning Mistress Casandra thought, “We need a vacation.” She decided they would go somewhere, but “Where to go? I know, we’ll go down to Florida and the beaches.”

Casandra researched the trip. “It would take about 12 hours to drive straight through. No problem there, we’ll only take quick breaks and eat in the car.”

She found a high end Condo Resort that rents out for vacations. She booked the Presidential Suite, a two-storied unit with four bedrooms, three baths, a full kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a large deck. And it is on the top floor looking out on the Gulf. The photos of the interior and of the view are amazing. It is located right on the beach and is close to Naples. She booked one week. That evening, at dinner, she told her Slaves about her plans.

“We’re book from Sunday to Saturday, we’ll leave early Saturday morning and stay the night in a motel. Then drive on to the Condo on Sunday.”

Lara, Tara and Meagan were very excited.

On Friday they all packed and loaded the car. Everyone was looking forward to the trip. They went to bed at 9pm and rose at 5am. All the girls showered, shaved their pussies, and were ready to go by 6am. They were on the road by 6:15am with Mistress Casandra driving. That day, Casandra, Lara and Tara, each drove and they stopped every 2 hours or so, just to stretch their legs and hit the restroom.

Along the way, Mistress ordered each of her Slaves to expose themselves; made them show their tits; their pussies and show off by playing with themselves or each other. They almost caused a few crashes. They stopped and got fast food for the road; breakfast and lunch. They made good time and when they were about two hours away from the condo, they stopped for the day, checked into a hotel and had a nice dinner. When they checked in at the motel, they all noticed that one of the Front Desk Clerks was a very pretty young woman. Lara and Meagan asked Mistress if they could seduce her.

“Yes, I was just thinking that myself. Yes, go for her. Tara, see the Bell Boy. Fuck him good. But first, let’s go get something to eat, then you ladies can play.”

Casandra and her three Slaves went to a nice restaurant and had a good meal. The three slaves were all wearing short skirts and halter tops. When they returned to the motel, Lara and Meagan, with Mistress’s permission, when to talk, seduce, the young Front Desk Clerk, Robin.

Tara meanwhile, went to corner the Bell Boy, Bill, and, in Mistress’s words, “fuck him good.” Casandra herself went to the bar attached to the motel. She hoped to find someone there that was interesting and looked “fuckable.”

Mistress had told her Slaves to “have a good time and be at the room by 9pm.”

“Yes Mistress,” They each said with a smile. When they all gathered in their room later that night, they each told what they did.

Lara started, “Meagan and I sat in the lobby, making sure we were in Robin’s line of sight. As we sat, I started to flash Robin pretending not to know what I was doing.

Finally, Robin walked over to me and said, “Excuse me but do you know you’re showing a bit too much?”

“Who? Me?” I answered.

Meagan said, “How dare you look up her skirt like that. What are you a pervert?”

“What? No, she was flashing me, I didn’t think she realized it.”

“Do you always look at young girls down there? I want to speak to a manager.”

“Oh, please. I did not mean anything. Please don’t say anything.”

“I don’t know. What do you think Lara?”

I replied, “Dear sister, I think she should show me how sorry she is. Make her.”

And Meagan said, “I agree. Take us somewhere private.”

Robin looked confused but a look from Meagan and she said, “Come with me. There is a conference room right over there.”

Robin led us to the conference room and we all went in. Robin said, “Ok, how can I show that I am sorry. I’m sorry. Ok.”

I walked over to a chair, sat down and spread my legs. Robin’s eye got big but did not leave my pussy.

Meagan said, “I think she wants you to eat her pussy. You better because she can be such a bitch for a 12 year old.”

“But I never…I’ve kartal escort never even thought about…”

And I said, “Well you better start. Now get over here and eat me you bitch.”

Meagan said to Robin, “You better to it. Or I’ll tell our Mother and then she’ll have your head.”

Robin slowly walked over to me and then I said to her, “I want you naked, naked you hear.”

Shocked but more confused, Robin took her uniform off and soon was standing before me nude.

“Now get busy and get me off.”

She got on her knees and ate my pussy, a little tentative at first but then she started getting into it. And proved quite good at it. While she was busy with me, Meagan had moved a chair close to us. When Robin was done with me, Meagan grabbed her head and forced her to her pussy and made her eat her too. And while Robin was doing Meagan, I finger fucked her and played with her tits.”

Lara laughed and continued, “Boy, did she have an orgasm!”

“We left her laying there in a heap and walked out of the conference room but before we left, I said to her, “You should go Lesbian girl, you’re pretty good.”

Tara now told her story.

She began, “I saw Bill the Bus Boy standing just inside the main door and I walked over to a window and stood where he had a good view of me. For a few moments I just stood there, then I bent over showing him my ass. He got a good look. While I was bent over, I untied my halter top, so when I straighten up, it came undone.

I said, “Damn, it did it again” and I turned towards Bill.

His eyes got so big but he didn’t take his eyes off of them. I remained standing, with my top undone and my tits showing, for a few moments.

I then slowly walked to him and I said, “Do you like what you see Bill?”

He didn’t speak, he just nodded. I took hold of one of his hands and guided it to my left breast.

I continued speaking, “You’re cute. Take me somewhere private, I need some cock and I think you’ll do.”

And I kissed him hard while I rub his dick through his pants.

Tara giggled and said, “He almost passed out. He’s so sweet.”

Then I said, “Come on Stud. Let’s go, I need your cock in me now.”

And I took his hand and he led us to a large closet. I was like a bitch in heat. I was all over him. He didn’t fuck me, I fucked him. Used him like a dildo. He did pretty well too. He lasted pretty long. It was a good fuck.”

Mistress Casandra then spoke of her evening.

“Well, I went to the Tavern, walked to the bar and ordered a drink.”

Lara said, “I’ll bet every eye in the place was on you Mistress.”

“Yes” she giggled, “they were. Several men hit on me and then I noticed a young woman sitting at a table with a friend, another female. Both very nice looking. The young woman was trying to look at me but also trying to hide it. I thought, “She’s it.”

I walked over to her and said, “Hi cutie, let’s dance.”

And I pulled her to her feet and led her to the small dance floor. She looked back at her friend but did not resist. I took her in my arms and we started to dance.

“What’s your name honey?”


After a few minutes, I started to feel her up and I whispered in her ear, “I’m going to make you come right here and you are going to let me. Right?”

She didn’t say anything, so I said, “I’ll take your silents as consent.”

I kissed her and felt her up; her tits, her ass. And I rubbed her mound and then finger fucked her to organism right there on the dance floor, in front of everybody. I held her up and then led her to the restroom. I forced her into a large stall and told her to strip. She hesitated so I slapped her.

“I said strip, you bitch. I like my bitches naked when they service me.”

She looked like a “deer in headlights” but she peeled out of her clothes. I sat on the stool and forced her mouth to my pussy and said, “Ok bitch, I made you come. Now you make me come. Eat my pussy you little whore.”

And she did. Just as I was leaving the stall, her friend came into the restroom.

She said, “Carla! What did she do to you? Are you all right?”

I answered, “She’s fine. She said you would want the same treatment. Didn’t you little whore?”

Carla said in a quiet voice, “Yes, do what she says and do it now.”

Her friend turned to leave but I grabbed her, kissed her hard while I finger fucked her and in no time, she had come. I then told her to strip, just like her friend did. She took off her clothes and I leaned back on the sink and told her to eat me. She got on her knees and brought me to organism.

As I turned to leave, I said, “Thank you. You’ve both been very cooperative. You both eat pussy well, you should try each other out. That’s an order. Do it. Goodnight.”

And I walked out and came back here.” Mistress and her Slaves had a fun time.

The next morning they had a good breakfast and drove on down to the Condo. Check-In wasn’t kaynarca escort until 2pm, so they checked out the area a little. At 2pm they returned to the Condo and Casandra checked them in. When they got to their unit, they found it to be as good as advertized. They were all so exited and could not wait to get to the beach, so they all changed into their bikinis. When they walked through the lobby, everyone stopped what they were doing and just watched the four beautiful females. Such stunning beauties had not been seen here before.

And the Four Beauties, that’s what they called themselves, were soon running the condo. What a week they had. Each of them, Casandra, Lara, Tara and Meagan, had sex, sex and more sex. Sometimes, we each other. But mainly they seduced anyone they wanted. And no one could say no to one of the Four Beauties, whether they were a fellow guest or a staff member, male or female. Over the next week, The Four Beauties seduced many of the staff members and had them all “eating out of our hands” and they could refuse them nothing. And, they seduced many of the other guests as well. It was a great vacation.

For example, when Lara would be sunbathing on the beach, she would expose herself at times. And when the “victim” reacted in some way, Lara would make her move. She would either act “all innocent” or “very aggressive”, both were very effective.

If she acted “all innocent” her victim would keep looking, try not to be noticed and would, sooner or later, approach Lara and lie down next to her. They just could not help themselves. Sometimes Lara would pretend to be asleep, to see how far the person would go. Often, they would lightly touch and caress Lara and if Lara did not move, they would get bolder and rub her mound and her tits. And some would even stick a finger or two inside Lara’s pussy. At some point, Lara would “wake up” and the person would stop. Lara would say, “You either get me off right now or I scream.” They always “got her off.” With some of them, she would then tell them to take her to their room, so “we can do some more.” No one ever said no. This way worked on women real well.

On men, the “very aggressive” worked better. Again, Lara would expose herself, knowingly, and when a man reacted, she would walk over to him, bend down and whisper, “Come with me Lover, I want you bad. Take me to your room and fuck me. Now.” No one said no. The other three of the Four Beauties, did similar things and were just as successful. No one could resist their charms. It kept them all very busy. There was a rule set by Mistress Casandra. “Never bring a guy to their condo unit, only go to his or another place.” Only women were allowed in their unit.

The first evening there, Tara seduced the desk person on duty, had sex with her in the back office and when her male coworker showed up, she fucked him too. All the desk staff were young, good looking and very willing to be fucked by The Four Beauties. That first evening, Meagan called down for more pillows and when the hot little maid showed up, Meagan seduced her into a love session.

Mistress had said to all, “Have fun, have as much sex as you want to.”

The slaves were just following orders. Also that first day, Lara and Casandra, when down to the pool. And, while there, Lara had fun with the Pool Boy and Casandra had her way with the female attendant. What a day and each was the same. Sex and more sex, all day, every day.

Another rule by Mistress Casandra was, “We will have meals together, every meal. Breakfast at 9am, lunch at Noon and dinner at 6pm. We will meet at our unit for meals.”

Sometimes they ate in, either Lara and Tara cooked or they called up room service. For dinner, they would go to a nice restaurant. Usually, one or more of the Beauties, would seduce one of the staff or another customer, and have sex with them. Sometimes it was a woman and sometimes a man.

Other than meal times, Mistress gave each of her Slaves permission to do whatever they wanted to do, and with whoever they wanted to. Every night, each told of her day and what she did. By the time all were finished telling their stories, all were so hot and horny that they made love. It was a glorious vacation.

After the 2nd day, the Resort Manager, Mr. Parker, came up to their unit and asked to speak to Miss Hall. Casandra invited him in and they sat down, Mr. Parker on the sofa.

“Yes, Mr. Parker. What can I do for you?” Casandra asked him.

And he replied, “I have gotten reports on some activity going on centered on this unit and its occupants.”

“Oh, what activities?”

“Well, activities of a sexual nature. We cannot have that here.”

Casandra motioned to her Slaves and replied to Mr. Parker, “I do not know what you are referring to. Perhaps, you could show me.”

And with that said; Lara, Tara and Meagan, joined Mr. Parker on the sofa and practically tore his clothes off. They then had sex with Mr. Parker, almost raped him. Lara sucked his kozyatağı escort dick while Meagan kissed him, then Tara fucked him. And Casandra got it all on her phone.

When the girls were done with him, Casandra went to Mr. Parker and whispered, “I would sure hate for your wife to see this video. We own you now. Make us happy, understand.”

Mr. Parker laid there for a few minutes and then slowly got dressed.

He looked at Casandra and the girls and said, “If there is anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable, just ask.”

He then walked out. There were no more problems during their stay. In fact, the next morning and every morning during their stay, fresh flowers were delivered to the unit.

It was a great vacation but it had to end. On Saturday, they packed up and checked out at 11am. Some of the staff members, especially the females, were sorry to see the Four Beauties go. The drive home took two days. They drove about 7 hours that on Saturday and arrived home about 4p on Sunday. They were all so tired from their vacation that they just drove, did not have any adventures. Vacation was a lot of fun but it was good to be home. On Monday, the schedule was resumed.

Part Two: Meagan’s Birthday Celebration

Mistress Casandra Hall and her Slaves; Lara, Tara and Meagan; had been back for about one month when Casandra realized that Meagan’s birthday was soon.

She thought to herself, “She turning nineteen. We’ll celebrate.”

After thinking on it, Casandra decided they would all go to the city, get new dresses, have a nice dinner and then take Meagan for a special treat. And, when we come back home, I’ll have another surprise for her. So, she sat at her desk in her Office and planed out the Celebration. In a few days, Casandra had made all of the arrangements.

“This will be a great birthday for Meagan.”

Casandra told Lara and Tara about her plans but told them not to tell Meagan.

“I want it to be a surprise.”

“Oh, she’ll love it Mistress,” Lara said.

Tara agreed, “Yes, she sure will.”

Since no one mentioned her birthday, Meagan thought they had forgotten it or that they did not know.

All Mistress said was “We’re going to the city and spend the night. It will be a nice get away.”

They each packed a small bag and on the morning of Meagan’s birthday, they left the estate at 7am and arrived at the Hotel at 10:30am. As they were driving to the City and had been on the road for an hour, Mistress Casandra said to her Slave, “Happy Birthday Meagan! We’re going to celebrate your birthday.”

And Lara and Tara shouted, “Happy Birthday Little Sister!”

Meagan was so surprised and said, “Thank you Mistress. Thank you Big Sisters” and she hugged Lara who in the back with her. And Meagan started to cry.

As Lara held her, Meagan sobbed, “I love you all so much. Thank you. Thank you for letting be part of your family.”

Casandra stopped the car and turned to Meagan and said to her, “We love you Meagan and we are so happy to have you with us. Now, no more tears young lady. This is a happy day.”

Meagan wiped away her tears and smiled.

They were booked at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Check-in is at 4pm but Casandra was able to pre-check in. They left their bags at the Front Desk and then went shopping. Casandra had booked a limo service for the day and the limo was waiting for them. As part of the arrangements, the store she had chosen had already had a huge selection of dresses ready for the four to try on. They tried on dresses for hours, the store had lunch brought in, and by 4pm they had all made their selections. So many of the dresses were so beautiful that Mistress bought three dresses for each, including matching jewelry and matching shoes.

Then for the next step in the arrangements, the foursome went to a Hair Salon and each got their hair done. The hair styling took an hour and then the limo took them back to the Ritz by 6pm.

Each of the girls got ready to go out on the town. They were all ready by 7pm and they were in the limo and on their way to the restaurant, a very fancy restaurant. Before they left the Ritz, they all stood in front of a full length mirror and looked at their reflection.

Casandra said, “Damn, we are spectacular. I would put us against any other four women in the world, both in looks and intelligence.”

Casandra had told the Manager of the restaurant the reason for their visit and the restaurant did not disappoint. They had a seven course meal and the food and service were excellent. At the end of the dinner, the whole staff surrounded the table, brought a birthday cake for Meagan and all sang Happy Birthday to her.

Meagan loved it all and was touched by Mistress doing all of this for her, and she said to her Mistress, “Thank you Mommy, thank you.”

“You deserve it my sweet. And your nights not done yet, just you wait.”

They got up to go, Casandra paid the bill, with a generous tip, and off they went to the next destination.

While they were in the limo, heading to their next stop, Meagan was just glowing and she asked “Where are we going Mistress?”

“Patience little one, patience” replied Casandra.

A short time later, the limo arrived at a lesbian bondage club called The Club. Meagan’s eye got so big and she smiled.

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