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Big Tits

You were listening attentively.

“I’ve been touching myself thinking about you, you know?” she asked, lying on the covers while the tips of her fingers rubbed her nipple and moved down her chest, her stomach, and followed the line of her ribs to her curvy hips.

“I can see you, and yet your face seems blurry. Suddenly the facial features fade away,” she said. Her fingers were playing now with the edge of her laced panties.

“Ever since we first talked I knew I was in for a good time. It seems that I’ve been wet for weeks,” she added. Now her hand was going down through the hairy pubis and pressing firmly down her labia and clit. A soft moan fled her mouth, and her back arched slightly.

“What exactly do you think of when you touch yourself?” you mumbled.

“Of you, of course, sneaking out of work and meeting up with me. Sometimes I imagine we meet in random places, but the one that I like the most is a dark room, where we can see just enough to make out our silhouettes, extending the doubt, teasing each other’s expectations. We don’t talk anymore, we just explore each other freely.”

“Elaborate,” you insisted.

“We get close, our chests almost touch, and our hands go through each other’s clothed bodies discovering soft curves and unexpected angles, learning the smells, removing the veils of anonymity and fantasy.

“I turn around moving away from you and your hands grip my hips from behind, pulling my body towards you. I arch my back and press against you, rocking my hips. One of your hands slides down to my thigh and between my legs, and into my vagina where the fingers get soaking wet with me.”

“I want you so badly,” you added, clearly running out of breath.

“My heart is pumping harder in my chest, I gasp when I feel you moving around my plump throbbing sex. You intentionally avoid the tip of my clit, even though I move my hips, but your fingers only go around, arousing me even more in desperate anticipation.

“You are swinging your body, rubbing it against me harder with every stroke. You nibble and bite, up my shoulders and around my neck, making me squirm and shiver. Your left hand slides up my stomach and grasps my breast, massaging, moving from one nipple to the other as you pull me in, and hit back with your crotch against the swell of my ass.

“I turn around, facing you. Our lips slightly touch. I let a thin sigh escape into your mouth as your hands grab my butt cheeks. The tips of our tongues meet playfully, then you nibble my lower lip. Your tongue licks mine and goes fully inside my mouth. My hands explore your chest, as I take your shirt off.

“Hands off,” she stated loudly.

“What?” you asked confused.

“Hands off, you’ll like it, trust me.

“You move your hands to the back of your neck as I push you onto the couch. You are sitting down and I am standing in front of you. I bend over and kiss you on the lips, then the chin, down the chest, licking and lightly biting your nipples, then down to your stomach. My hands are on your thighs, pushing them apart as I make space for me between them. The blood is pumping hard both in my head and between my legs. I am down now on my knees, my tongue plays around your belly button and my hands undo your belt. My arms, now resting on your aydınlı escort lap, sense the heat coming from under your tight jeans. I undo the buttons and my fingers play with the edge of your boxers.

“So, what do we have here, I wonder…” she exclaimed.

You chuckled, amused.

“I look directly at your face and notice it turning red. Your eyes appear lost somewhere between my lips and the promise of a good suck. Your head rolls back as I pull the elastic down and the thick, swollen tip of your phallus appears.

I look at you with curiosity, while uncovering the rest of it. The stiff tip of my tongue explores the edges, then moves on to lick from the bottom up. Your breath turns deeper and louder again, and your body slightly contorts as my tongue goes back to slide around the head. I take a big mouthful of you, suck for a minute or so and then pull away leaving it swollen and covered with a generous amount of saliva. Your hand tries to get my head back but I push it away.

“Hands off!” she stated firmly, startling you.

“I stand up again and slowly pull up my little dress uncovering my thighs and my black panties. I climb on your lap with your legs between mine, pressing my pussy under the damp undies against your hairy crotch.

“Your hips instantly push towards me; I can feel you between my moist and soft folds. My clit finally gets the full contact it has been longing for. I push down, and bite your mouth, and our lips and tongues search our mouths for what our sexes are desperate to get. My greedy hands go across your chest. You gasp. Your hands rest now by the sides of my legs, tense and still. My tongue explores your lips. Your mouth looks for mine and I pull back slightly leaving your mouth behind and climbing up to your ear, poking, flicking.”

“Hands on now,” she whispered.

“You let a big exhalation out of your mouth while gripping my butt, pulling and pushing down. I take the bottom of my dress, pull it over my head, and throw it over the side of the couch’s arm. Your hands move from my hips to my back, unhooking my bra and taking it off.

You can perceive a warm wave of humidity as it saturates the lace of my panties over your sex. I rock my hips back and forward rubbing against you, while you move yours up and down matching my rhythm. My back arches suddenly pushing my breasts against you. My arms turn stiff and tense as I spasm in sudden strikes while coming on top of you. A loud moan bursts out of my mouth, followed by shorter ones until the explosions subside and my body recovers.

My orgasm seems to have aroused you even more as one of your hands moves the fabric out of the way and the other one helps the penis find the deep of my wet, swollen vagina. I feel it thrusting in, pushing the soft walls on its way. A sudden lightening strikes down my legs, to my feet, faintly curling my toes back. I push up and away from you.”

“What? Why?” the questions appeared to erupt out of your mouth.

“I smile mockingly, and carefully move away from you. You smile back and ask where I am going. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ I respond as I keep moving backwards. The eyes have now gotten used to the dark and I can see my way around. bağdat caddesi escort You leave the couch taking your pants off, while still looking at me. You are smiling too. I know you see me as your prey, and I gladly let you believe so. ‘If I have to chase you, you’ll have to pay for it, you know?’ you say as you move gradually towards me. I keep my distance but still move deliberately and nonchalantly as if I were not worried at all by your threat.

“You start walking towards me, with a smirk on your face. I walk slowly, making eye contact from time to time checking where you are and trying to keep some distance, looking for escape routes in case you get closer. The small room does not allow me to move much. The big bed in the middle of it creates a couple of alleys that, with the wrong move, can easily become traps. I try to stay in the front of the room, going around the coffee table and in between the couch and chairs. You follow my every move with your eyes, still and quiet.

“I am waiting to see who gives in first, you finally fall for it jumping suddenly over the coffee table towards me; I take off and climb up the bed, standing at the head of it, waiting for you. You walk cautiously again and approach from one of the sides. I move away from you and towards the opposite edge of the bed. This game is never going to end, you will never give in; your ego is too fragile. I can’t stand the idea of letting you win this one either. It is our first time, and I need to make a point. I wonder if either of us will give in eventually, out of tiredness or boredom. After a few attempts to get me, you slip from the edge of the bed and hit your leg on the side table. I ask how you are and you don’t answer, rubbing your leg and looking away from me. Slightly concerned and curious I walk closer to you. You jump and grab my ankles, pulling me down and onto the bed. ‘Dammit!’ I laugh loudly. You laugh too as you climb up the bed and on top of me, with a cocky smile on your stupid face.

“You grab my hands and pin them over my head with your right hand, while you kiss me on the neck and whisper in my ear, ‘Are you ready to pay now?’ A chill climbs up my legs, and into my spine. I keep my cool, smiling. ‘I am not afraid of you,’ I say back, looking directly into your eyes. You push yourself up and away from the bed, looking for something on the floor. I look at you, and even though I know the answer I ask, ‘What are you looking for?’ as I sit up. Without looking at me you mumble, ‘Wait, you’ll see.’ I keep following your actions and start moving away and towards the other side of the bed; I am not giving in that easily.

As I reach the edge of the bed and touch the floor with my feet, you pull me back by the shoulders. ‘Where do you think you are going?’ I am initially shocked by the surprise, and then I giggle, with a mix of nerves and amusement. I am now on my back, pinned again to the bed by your hands over my shoulders, your face is upside down as you stand on the opposite side of the bed. ‘I am ready now, I will fuck the laugh out of that pretty face.’ I can’t contain the laughter exploding out of my mouth. To me you look all but scary, upside down, struggling to keep me immobile bostancı escort as you try to make your way around. I can tell you are not impressed with my reaction.

“I stop the laughter and try to get a straight face. You are on top of me holding my hands over my head. ‘You cannot say I didn’t warn you,’ you say now with your mouth next to my ear. I get closer to you and whisper, ‘All I hear is talking, are you planning to talk me to death?’ Your right hand pulls my undies down and off past my feet. Then it makes its way up to my thigh as your whole body presses down on me making space for you in between my legs. Your crotch is now pushing and rubbing against my pubis while you lick up my neck.

“The sound of your breath, the warmth of your hairy chest and the swollen penis in between my legs have set me off again. My inner thighs are drowning and my heart pounds faster in my chest. Your hand is up now, kneading my breast, and you nibble around my nipple. I try to kiss you and you dodge my mouth and bite my neck. I attempt to push you away; I want to tease you even further. You try to keep me in place while unrolling the condom over your engorged cock, but I keep moving away, slipping a leg under and in between yours, and pushing your hips away from mine. You wriggle and push your way in once more.

“Your free hand now goes directly to my thighs and your fingers slide in through the bristles of hair and in between the enflamed, wet labia. Any opposition has been suddenly annihilated. The tension in my legs goes from pulling together to pulling away as the fingers push firmly back and forward, and inside and up the vagina.

Your left hand finally lets go of my wrists and you pull yourself up over me, your damp hand helps your penis towards my pussy as your hips push shoving its way inside me. The hit makes me jump, forcing my body up, as my hands clutch your shoulders. I bend my knees to work my way in to the next orgasm and to ease the pressure of each wave of your hips ramming against me. Your thick, lubed shaft moves in and out starting ripples of tremors that grow from my womb and around my pelvic floor. It’s not long before a series of explosions rising in intensity one after another expand from inside and onto the swollen clit and back. I gasp and moan contorting until the last tremor recedes.

“You observe my body shuddering in between your arms and under your body, while moving gently to help me come. You are getting closer too as my tense arms press against your chest.

“I want to be on top.

“You shift your weight to your side and roll over onto your back, my right arm around your neck holds my body next to you, until I am sitting over your hips, with you fully inside me. I tilt my hips back and forward rhythmically. Your hands, now grabbing my butt, pull and push away letting me know what you need as you get closer, in a luscious and feverish swaying of our entire bodies. I work it for both of us as your thick, fully engorged dick presses the front and back of my vagina, getting me going for a double treat this time. You move in and out, faster and harder until I come again, pressing down and around you. Your body contorts as the spasms from both our bodies collide. We moan and grunt until I collapse over your chest, and your arms surround me, pulling as the aftershocks strike you one after the other, until they melt away, leaving you exhausted.”

“I am crazy about you, you know?” you said as you recovered your breath, and started wiping the sticky cum from your hand.

“I know. I have to go now. I’ll call again in a few days, when I am back in town,” she adds and hangs up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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