Study Break

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I had gone to the library to get out of my dorm room to get away from the sweet memories of our time together. I was missing you so much, and it was really starting to depress me that you weren’t there, and I wouldn’t see you for several weeks (or so I thought!).

Luckily, you had seen my suite mate Shannon and our friend Jennifer, and they were able to tell you that I was in the library. So, you go on there, and find me on the second floor, in the back corner where no one was around. You walk up silently behind me, and I am too engrossed in my investigative reporting notes, that I didn’t hear you. I have my hair up in a clip, leaving the back of my neck exposed.

Unable to resist, you place your hands on the back of the chair, and lean down to kiss my neck. You chuckle as I jump in my chair, and let out a little squeal. Scared to death, I jerk around, only to squeal again when I see you standing there. I jump up and throw my arms around your neck, my lips finding yours. After a heated kiss, I whisper, “What are you doing here?!”

You just arch an eyebrow, “Well, hey to you too Lisa. If you want me to leave, I can-“

“What?! Don’t you dare!” I said and hold you tighter to me. “I just didn’t expect to see you-not for a few weeks!”

You just grin at me, and kiss me gently, “What can I say? I couldn’t wait to see you again.”

I just giggle, and lean up to kiss you slowly but passionately, and you return the kiss. Your hands go to let çekmeköy escort my hair down to stroke it, moving down my back. Your lips travel across my cheek to my earlobe. I moan softly, and pull away reluctantly. “Andy, no…we are in the library.”

You just smile and continue to nibble on my ear, “Yes dear, I know.” “We can’t!” I whisper, trying not to moan out loud from pleasure.

“Yes we can,” you say, “remember when you mentioned one time about how you wanted to in the library?” I open my mouth and laugh, “well yes, but I really can’t do that!”

“Sure you can,” you whisper. You look up, “we are in a private part of the library, no one will come this way.”

“How do you know?” I ask, my eyes twinkling, and my body turned on by the idea of actually sucking your nice cock in the library. I look around, and notice the rooms that groups of students can study in. “hey, I got an idea!”

I walk over to one door, and sure enough, the door was unlocked. I turn around to you, and grin. You grin back, and grabbed my books and followed me into the room.

With the light already turned out, we just shut the door, and got down where no one could see us, laying on the floor. I begin to giggle as you kiss me, and you place your finger against my lips. “Sorry,” I whisper, after I had stopped giggling, only to start again. Laughing yourself, you kiss me. Feeling your hands slide up my cevizli escort shirt, I stop giggling and soon, I am lost to the pleasure you are invoking in me.

After our eyes adjust to the dark room, I move to remove your shirt, unbuttoning each button. With each one I unbutton, I kiss your chest, kissing my way down.

Hearing your breathing quicken, knowing what I intend to do turns me on. Soon, I am at your pants, and I move my hand over the coarse material, feeling the hardness beneath. I unbutton them, and slowly lower the zipper. I then slide my hand down your boxers (or briefs?) and we both moan as my hand touches your hard cock. I move the pants and boxers down, and begin to my my hand up and down your shaft.

“You know what turns me on the most at the moment?” I whisper to you in the dark room of the library.

“No,” you whisper back, “but I do have an idea…OHHHH” you moan.

“MMMMMMM,” I moan, “the thought of sucking you in here turns me on sooo bad.” And to prove my point, I take you in my mouth, fast and hard, and begin to suck for all I was worth. It must have been too much for you, because it was not long after when you moved me off your cock, and had me lay on my back. Next thing I know, you are kissing my breasts, as one hand moves down to tease my hot and wet pussy. I arch my back and moan, biting my lip from the pleasure.

“Now it is my turn to repeat the erenköy escort favor,” and I feel your lips latch onto my clit, and flick it with your tongue. Nibbling on it with your teeth, and making me jump from the pleasure. I bring my fist to my mouth to cover my cries. “Ohhhh…mmmmmm” You hear beneath my hands covering my mouth. It was not long before I reach an orgasm, and my juices spurting out.

You then lean above me, and kiss me deep, my juices mingling with the taste of your mouth. You whisper in my ear as you nibble on the earlobe. “I also want to get you on your knees, and take your ass in here.”

Turning over to comply to your wish, I feel you spread my cheeks, and slowly slide in my tight hole, letting me get used to the sweet invasion of your cock.

Again we both moan in pleasure, and begin a sweet slow rhythm, rocking back and forth, our bodies meeting in the most erotic way that any two bodies can meet. Soon you were pumping against me, your fingers playing with my clit, and one hand squeezing my bouncing tit. It didn’t take long for me to orgasm again, and feeling me constrict around your hard cock, you soon get close. Feeling you grow in me, I gasp, and feel yet another orgasm come on. Knowing that I had come one after the other, you explode inside me.

We lay on the floor for a few minutes, catching our breaths. I looked at my watch, and realized that the library was going to close in the next 15 minutes, we both jump up and get dressed. We then walked out of the library as if nothing but “studying” had been going on. After we get outside, we both begin to laugh, not completely believing that we got away with doing what we did.

We then went to my dorm room to relax, clean up, and begin again with what we had done earlier. Only this time, we took our sweet time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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