Suburbia Ch. 05 – Mothers

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Part 1

It had been a long day and Sheree was glad to finally settle on the sofa doing nothing in particular other than channel hoping on the TV. Her husband was a fireman and, on the night shift this week, her son was at a sleep over at his friend’s house and her daughter Harriett was upstairs. She was meant to be doing some work on her dissertation but when Sheree had checked on her a short while ago the teenager had fallen asleep at her desk with her head resting on her hands but rather than disturb her Sheree had decided to leave her.

She had just settled down on the sofa when she heard a knock at the front door. For a few seconds she didn’t move hoping that she’d either heard incorrectly or that the visitor had decided to go but then she heard the wrap of knuckles once more and sighing ever so slightly she got up and walked to the door. Upon opening it she was glad she had done as stood on the threshold was her neighbour, Judy.

Judy was 9 years older than her and stood a little taller than Sheree’s 5 foot 6, had brunette hair as opposed to Sheree’s blonde but Judy’s one defining feature was her chest, which was simply magnificent. Sheree and her neighbour Jayne had experienced lesbian love for the first time a few months ago thanks to Judy and another neighbour Kay and she was delighted to see Judy wearing stockings and heels although the presence of her towelling robe was a little mysterious. With the door closed behind her Judy held up a bottle of Sheree’s favourite wine saying “Seeing as I would have been sat on my own tonight, I thought I’d pop round and keep you company. I know Malc is on nights are the kids around?”

“Harry is at his friends and Harriett is upstairs in her room, but I think she over did it last night as I’ve just gone up and found her asleep at her desk” was the blonde’s reply.

“Excellent” said Judy as she opened the robe to reveal a matching set of black lacy bra and panties to match the stockings and suspenders adding “Fancy having a bit of a party”.

“Mmm, what an excellent idea” replied Sheree adding “We shouldn’t really with Harriett being upstairs but she appeared to be out for the count, besides you look good enough to eat” as she stepped toward her friend / neighbour / lover to envelope each other in their arms.

After the first few frenzied kisses Judy pulled away slightly saying “I certainly hope you’ll be doing some action with your mouth”. Sheree’s only answer was to lean forward and continue the kisses, she still had an active(ish) sex life with her husband and yet her time with her lesbian lovers was what made her heart race. When she was in their embrace, she felt like a teenager over again.

Judy reached for the bottom of Sheree’s sweatshirt and said “I think you’re a little over dressed for my liking” while pulling the garment up and over her lover’s head.

Sheree assisted the removal by quickly pulling her arms out of the top and pushing the waist of the sweatpants down, so they sat in a crumpled heap at her feet apologising “I’m afraid my underwear is a little more functional than yours, but I wasn’t expecting any visitors or I’d have made more of an effort” as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Not at all” replied her lover “I think they more than show off that lovely body to admirers”. With that Judy pulled her friend into another long lingering kiss while she reached around the young blonde with her right hand and gently cupped the panty covered arse. Sheree felt compelled to return the complement, but her hand wandered higher to her favourite obsession, Judy’s breasts. They were so full and malleable, they flexed around Sheree’s caressing fingers as she gently moved them around the lace covered mounds. Sometimes Judy appreciated a hard, rough fuck, other times such as now she could spend the time luxuriating the soft tender side of female love. Sheree knew she was adopting the correct approach from the deep moaning the brunette was making through their kisses.

As was the usual practice in their love making Judy took the initiative, reaching up and behind Sheree and unclasping the plain white cotton bra. Pulling the garment off her lover’s shoulders as she pulled away from her, she exposed the perfectly shaped beasts. She always considered her own chest too big and envied Sheree hers avoiding the backache that her larger mounds were prone to produce. Returning to the kiss, Sheree thought how good Judy’s enquiring tongue felt in my mouth, returning the attention as it felt so hot. Sheree istanbul travesti felt Judy’s right hand slide down her side and upon reaching the blondes panties, wormed a hand inside the waist band, wriggling it down further until it came to rest on the enflamed clitoris. Sheree pushed Judy back slightly so that she could cradle her phenomenal breasts in her hand and moved her mouth to her large succulent nipple.

She kissed around the nipple in a circle until the nipple popped into her mouth. At first, she was soft and tender, feeling her lover tremble under her attention, but gradually increasing in intensity for all she was worth. Pulling the nipples of the breast with her teeth made Judy grab her head and hold on. As Judy wormed her enquiring finger deeper, she found Sheree’s pussy was on fire and the fell backwards to the sofa behind them while Sheree remained furiously sucking on those magnificent tits.

Sheree reluctantly disengaged her mouth in search of a more stimulating target. Kissing her way down her neighbours’ flat stomach, with the gentlest of touches she eased her lover’s thighs apart, Judy willingly complied knowing what was about to happen. Easing Judy’s panties aside Sheree licked down to her clit and onwards gently licking the full length of her pussy lips. The brunette started to run her hands through her lover’s hair, luxuriating in the tingling that her attentions had started. She’d been wet through down there from the moment she walked in and that was just from the anticipation of what she hoped would happen. Sheree slipped her hand down to the pussy in front of her and started fingering the fleshy folds. In no time she had two fingers in the wet pussy as her tongue flicking her clit, Judy was only capable of a moaned response.

Upstairs Harriett roused, flexing her neck to diminish the ache down one side from where she had been sleeping. Stretching and yawning she realised that she was thirsty and made her way down the stairs. She wasn’t deliberately descending slowly; she just wasn’t fully awake yet. As she reached the last few steps, she could hear soft moaning. At first, she thought it was her Mum having some time to herself with her Dad being away and had come to an instant decision to leave her to it and return back upstairs. Just then she heard it again and the realisation that it wasn’t her Mum piqued her interest as it was obviously still female, just not her Mum.

Pushing the stairs door open a fraction, just enough to peek through, Harriett temporarily paused and was rooted to the spot. A figure she could just make out as their neighbour Judy was slumped down on the sofa with her stockinged legs held wide open, her dressing gown discarded on the floor. Although she couldn’t see any of the action unfolding before her because of how her Mum was positioned it didn’t take a genius to work it out what was happening.

Her Mum was knelt down in front of Judy, from her head movements, the elbow working forwards and backwards at an increasing rate and Judy’s reactions it was obvious that her Mum was tonguing away at Judy’s pussy with good effect. She didn’t know how long she had been watching, it could have been a matter of minutes or hours, but it was a very conscious, all be it reluctant, effort to pull herself away.

She turned but stood still before the step. What did she feel? Revulsion? Arousal? Shock that her mother would do these things with another person. Shock that she’d do THAT with another woman. She was having a hard time processing it all particularly as she was still a little groggy from sleep. This is the sort of thing that would turn the life upside down of everyone in the two families. With her head still spinning she slowly climbed back up the stairs and sat on her bed for the longest time trying to work through what she had seen.

Judy heard a faint sound as Harriett stepped on a creaky step. In a clearer mind she would have reacted differently. As it was, she was hurtling towards her imminent second climax of the evening as Sheree was pistoning three very wet fingers in and out of her drenched pussy all the while sucking hard on the extended clit at the same time as her tongue was battering the tip.

Just then it hit, the most amazing climax that she had ever experienced with any of her lovers. Sheree never failed to make her cum, but this time exceeded all her past achievements, so much so that her pussy had squirted on Sheree’s hand as she came, a feat she’d never achieved before. Judy was staring up at the ceiling but was unable to focus with the stars blurring her vision, every nerve ending pulsing and tingling.

‘Oh baby’ was all Judy could pant by way of appreciation. With very weak arms she raised her lover from the kneeling position and slid down so that she was sat on the floor with her face staring straight at Sheree’s very aroused pussy. A tentative lick reminded her how good she tasted. Sheree crouched down slightly so that she was effectively sitting istanbul travestileri on Judy’s upturned face so that she could access her throbbing sex so much easier. The blonde soon felt a tongue against her lips, flicking and working the fleshy folds – it felt soooooooo good!

In a conscious effort to repeat her friend’s actions Judy had two fingers fucking her neighbour and a tongue against her clit again. Sheree was trembling and quivering to the extent that she pushed Judy flat to the floor and swung around so that they could pleasure each other’s pussy. Neither paying attention to how many climaxes they had rung from each other but as they both lay on their backs panting Sheree noticed the clock on the mantel piece read 11pm, they had been making love for a good four hours.

Time had stopped and neither cared. Slowly the pair stood up and embraced one last lingering time before they dressed and parted company. Both returned to their respective beds, their whole bodies tingling and pussies pulsing.

Part 2

Lainey turned the corner and stood still in her tracks. Before her she could see the neighbour’s daughter, Harriett, sat on a nearby bench but it was her posture that made Lainey halt. Harriett was a little shorter than herself, bright blonde hair and two years younger than the Brunette. From this distance it looked like Harriett was shaking her shoulders, as Lainey stepped nearer it was obvious, she was crying and so she went straight to the younger girl, sat down next to her and immediately put her arm around her shoulder.

“What on earth is the matter Hun?” enquired Lainey. The only reply she got was a shake of Harriett’s head and more tears as she leant into the offered shoulder. “Come on now, there is no need for all these waterworks.” Thinking about the fact that Harriett had recently started to date a lad Lainey’s age, the older girl went on “Come on, you know you can tell me anything, we’ve hung out together. Is it an issue with Dan?”.

The tears started to reduce but all Harriett would answer is “I wish it were that simple. I don’t think I can tell you, especially this”.

Lainey’s curiosity was more than piqued now, “This is obviously something quite serious, you can’t possibly keep it to yourself. Look at you, you’re shaking. Besides a problem shared is a problem halved. If it’s not something you can tell your Mum who knows you better than I?”

Harriett burst out laughing at that last sentence “It’s about your Mum, isn’t it?” Lainey asked making a leap of faith, “Please tell me she isn’t cheating on your Dad with another man? I couldn’t bear to think of them separating”.

“Sort of, only it’s not a man” before she went any further, Harriett buried her head in her hands realising she’d said too much already.

Lainey’s face matched her shocked expression “No” was all she said but as Harriett didn’t reply the older girl questioned further “Are you seriously telling me that she has been found with another woman. Sweet Jesus” was the best Lainey could offer but she was determined to get all the detail and as Harriett was still remaining quiet. “Come on I need all the details. Is it anyone we know?”

Once again Harriett barked a derisory laugh but wouldn’t budge. Lainey was getting a little frustrated at this point “You can’t drop a bomb shell like that and not tell me. Come on, you’re killing me. Who was it?”. If she had to hit the girl to make her spill then that is what it needed.

“I seriously doubt you’ll want what I have rattling around my head” Harriett tried one last time to deflect the older girl’s questions.

“Come on, how bad can it be? If it’s someone we know, is it Jayne from down the road, they’ve been hanging around a lot… “Lainey then went quiet before continuing “… please don’t tell me it’s my Mum”. Harriett’s face changing imperceptibly from a pleading expression to one of enlightenment.

She sat quiet for a few moments while Lainey digested the revelation but even she was surprised when the older girl eventually spoke. “The sneaky bitches. Fancy them being rug munchers. I wonder how long that’s been going on? It all makes sense now why Mum used to go around your house of a weekday evening while both our Dads were out at work. Come on tell me the detail, how were they found out and what was their response?”

Harriett shrugged her shoulders and confessed “They don’t know I saw them. I was studying upstairs and came down to make a drink. Just as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I could hear moaning. At first, I thought it was my Mum having some time to herself if you get my meaning and went to go back upstairs but then I heard it again and realised it wasn’t my Mum, so I had a peek around the door”.

By now Lainey was sat on the edge of the bench, taking in every word the young blonde was explaining, nodding vigorously she prompted “Go on”.

“I pushed the stairs door open just enough to peek through” Harriett temporarily travesti istanbul paused.

Growing impatient Lainey pushed “And?”.

Harriett smiled and went on “And your Mum was slouched down on the sofa with her legs opened wide, her dressing gown was on the floor but I couldn’t see much more because my Mum was knelt down in front of her and guessing from her head movements and your Mum’s reactions my Mum must have been licking her pussy and very practiced at that”.

“Wow” exclaimed Lainey as she leant back, “How long did you stay and watch?” Lainey’s nipples were standing proud, not at the thought of her mother in a lesbian affair but of Sheree her next-door neighbour who was a bit of a hottie in a MILF sense.

“To be honest, I watched longer than intended. I was rooted to the spot and couldn’t move. I haven’t seen your Mum since and have been keeping out of my Mum’s way as well. How do I look them in the face after seeing that” was Harriett’s reply just before she once more started crying.

Lainey sidled up next to her, put her arm around her and pulled her younger friend so that Harriett laid her head on the brunette’s shoulder. “Now look here, you are not at fault and therefore shouldn’t be the one getting upset” coaxed Lainey, encouraging Harriett by tilting her head up to look her square in the eye’s “Besides two women loving each other isn’t so bad, I imagine sex with your Mum is a darn sight more exciting for my Mum than with my Dad sometimes”. Harriett gave a snort but laughed all the same.

“I suppose so. Each to their own, as my Dad always says and seeing as I’ve never tried it I suppose I shouldn’t judge them. It’s just I’m still trying to process the fact that both of them cheated on our Dads “This confiding stuff was actually making Harriett feel a whole lot better.

Taking control of the conversation Lainey responded “With another girl, it’s a different type of intimacy than a bloke. Don’t get me wrong, sex with a bloke is very nice in an animalistic sort of way but another girl it’s more intense, more tender, more loving.”

This last comment made Harriett pull back slightly and asked “Do you mean to tell me that you’ve done it with another girl as well? Am I the only round here that hasn’t” all be it with a mixture of disbelief and mischievous tone in her voice.

Lainey simply shrugged her shoulders and replied “I don’t know many my age that haven’t. Just because you haven’t tried doesn’t make it a bad thing, but I’d certainly recommend trying it”, just then Lainey leant forward and kissed Harriett squarely but gently on her lips. At first Harriett tensed slightly but didn’t pull back and soon started to respond back — she actually quite liked the way her heart started to race faster.

Pretty soon time stopped and the two stayed locked together for quite a while. Initially Lainey held her arm around the younger girl who sat stiffly next to her but ever so gradually as the kiss progressed Harriett relaxed and melted into the brunette’s arms as they encircled her. The whole world could have walked by and the pair would never have noticed. For Harriett time seemed to stop and her sole focus was Lainey’s moist full lips. Eventually Lainey pulled away and pointed out “I think we need to find somewhere a bit more private”. Meekly Harriett stood up as Lainey did and tugged at the hand she still held adding “My Aunt lives around the corner and is at work for a few more hours so we continue in private.”

Sure enough within five minutes Lainey led Harriett around the rear of a house and after extracting the spare key hidden under one of the many garden ornaments, the brunette led the younger girl by the hand to the sofa only Lainey didn’t sit down with Harriett. Instead, she started a slow deliberate striptease, slowly unfastening each button of her crisp white blouse with a broad seductive half smile across her lips.

Harriett was sat memorised by the vision in front of her. Somehow the retelling of the tale had got her wondering about Lainey’s words about lesbian sex. If anyone had said this morning that she would not only have kissed a girl, but eagerly waiting for the next button to reveal a little more of her friend’s deep cleavage. The blouse was pulled clear of her skirt and tossed aside. Lainey, still grinning pushed Harriett back against the sofa and straddled her knees, sitting her full weight on Harriett’s legs before ducking her head down to continue the earlier kissing.

Harriett’s head may have still been spinning but she still had the sense to reach up with her left hand and cradle Lainey’s bra covered breasts, feeling the fabric and flesh beneath flex in her hand. Lainey moaned delightedly into Harriett’s mouth, pulling herself backwards she tossed her hair out of the way and reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Like her blouse it was discarded as she pulled Harriett’s head into her deep leverage. From her earlier remarks Lainey knew Harriett was a virgin where girls were concerned but she would never have guessed from the way the young blonde worked her tongue, teeth and lips over those boobs. Harriett felt possessed, it felt like the most natural sensation in the world to have Lainey’s rubbery nub in her mouth. Without realising it her panties were soaked.

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