Sunrise Fantasy Ch. 04

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“I’m…I’m not certain about this right now,” Josh said as I was swallowing his warm, creamy, load for the second time in three days, I was moving in for a kiss to share what I had gathered from a hearty and full release. “She swears it’s over with him.”

I pushed through his words, my lips against his, my tongue a conduit for our shared passion fluid, my hands now on his shoulders. I leant into me, reciprocating the kiss, gathering his cream from my mouth, as intense an exchange as I’d ever had in my life.

Josh Striker was a successful physical therapist, in a bad marriage with younger children, pairing that with my situation, becoming more frustrated each day with my wife. Together we had successfully gathered data as he trained me and delivered a recover treatment for runners, all while we had gotten close personally.

I pressured him in allowing me to go down on his 8″ cock a second time, finding a shadowy place, this time behind the abandoned K-Mart store, the setting so dirty and gross it was fantastic and erotic. I licked my lips and smiled after our kiss, reaching down to take a little more off his receding cock, on my first finger sucking it off, looking at him my eyes saying ‘she’ll never do this for you.’

“It’s not like you’re leaving your wife and…..”Josh began to ramble.

“Jesus Christ Josh!” I exclaimed cutting him off, the flavor of my work now warm in my belly. “This is sex. Hot fucking blow jobs behind an abandoned storefront. We just shared and hot fucking kiss, not exchanging promise rings.”

Emboldened I sat up, undid the tie at the waist and wiggled off my shorts showing him my raging hard on. I’d taken his, seen his, this was a cock he hadn’t seen or sucked yet, so I leaned back my chair back and stared at him.

“You owe me,” I said, meaning both the physical expression of him getting my mouth twice and for the work I had done fighting through pain during our recovery sessions. “Take it please.”

He wanted to talk, his sweet mouth, perfect dark lips opening for a second looking at me, then staring away before sighing and moving his head into my lap. This wasn’t going to take long, my load built up for over three weeks without touching my wife. He took it in, letting it push to the back of his throat, not getting it all before pulling back.

“Mmmmm Lover, just twirl your tongue around my head awhile,” I said, his hesitation showing a lack of practice. “Then just coax my clear liquid out sucking on the tip.”

Our roles now reversed, my instructions leading to expert action giving me head whereas he would lead me through the pain of exercises, long runs and plyometrics. He began to expand to licking down the shaft, laying my length on his tongue and sucking around the shaft.

“Oooo Josh,” I cooed. “That’s it. Fucking perfect.”

He demonstrated past experience, masterfully bringing his hand down to the base as he continued the head job. Stroking below his mouth and down over my balls, faster and faster.

“This is not going to be long,” I said. “I’ll let you know when it’s…it’s…Fuck Josh, I’m going to cum.”

Josh sank the cock deep into his mouth, closed his lips around and began to suck as I shot my load, pulsing, into his mouth, two spurts, three, four, his sucking ingesting and gathering. He moved off of it, looking and waiting, the small spurts sending white cream upwards and his head moving downward to capture it, swallowing each drop, watching and waiting until it stopped.

His hand stayed on my cock as he rose and kissed me, my own warmth and wetness on his lips, tongue and throughout as our mouths pushed and probed each other a second time. He finished, pulled his hands up, held my cheeks, kissed me one more time.

“You’re right,” the wet dribbles on his left hand making it all the hotter. “It’s just sex. Hot, fucking sex.”

We both smiled.


“Are you ready for Phase Two,” Josh asked me the next day, meeting for a run. “We’re just getting some base miles this week, but with the 1/2 marathon a month away, we need to go easy this week, go hard for two weeks and then taper the last week (go easy again)”

I nodded yes, knowing what the plan was and a little confused why he was seemingly repeating himself. I also wondered what was next with us, I mean we hadn’t talked much recently, and I had to almost order him into the car yesterday for our morning delight.

“And for motivation,” Josh continued as I was lacing up my shoes. “Well, we’ll talk about that when were done at coffee. Remember, you have to be within 20 yards of me, even on ‘slow’ runs.”

He was very clear on his expectations for the workout, not so clear in other areas. I followed him, 20 yards away mostly, cutting it to 10 or less on other times. My still swollen ankle was responding well, feeling good today, and my cardio levels were quickly coming back to pre-injury levels.

I watched his amazing body, dark skin and Büyükesat Escort hair, extreme fitness and his trimmed beard. I watched his arse, wondering if that day would come, I both wanting to receive his large cock in my backside and I have a turn riding him from behind. I’d never, but I’d never thought I wanted something more at this point.

My energy level was off the charts and I began closing on him, and he in turn picked up the pace. Soon I was running at a faster clip than pre-injury Donnie and he kept increasing the speed. I matched his increase and we blasted through the last 1/4 mile, meeting at the trail head, Josh laughing hysterically.

“My MAN!” he exclaimed, almost tackling me, lowering his shoulder and lifting me up, my weight about 50 pounds heavier. “How’s THAT feel?!!”

“Amazing,” I said, and he let me slide down, my crotch starting at his chest and pushing firmly against his torso until our aligned. I pushed my hips towards him and looked deep. “Let’s go somewhere. Now!”

His laughter hadn’t really stop as this went and he giggled through my demand, “Oh Donnie, you faux dominant side is so cute. Let’s go to coffee.”

He broke the embrace, pushing me playfully away, and almost ignoring me totally. It was a little off-putting, however right he was that my dominance was born from sexual need and a conscious thought, not a persona. The fact I was trailing him like a puppy right after him calling me out showed my true side and from that point on Josh would lead me through this journey.

I rated my pain level as a three of 10 and he smiled over the coffee, now staring at me holding in thoughts, ideas, desires or as I discovered all three wrapped up into one.

“Three more days of base miles, but I believe you’re ready to train now,” Josh said, pulling out a note pad and a pen, two pens actually. “I’ve enjoyed our dirty blow job sessions in your car, however we need to be a little more sophisticated. And I want you to keep that edge.”

I smiled, liked where this was heading and watched as he thought to himself, looking up at the ceiling and writing. He then folded the corner of the page where he wrote, tore into the fold and did it again.

He concluded with two semi-neat squares, he held one up that said – “Josh receives oral from Donnie in public” and the second “Donnie receives oral from Josh at someone’s work.”

“Oh you devil,” I said to him as he smiled as he put them into an envelope, promising to have a better container.

“If you preform well, meet bench marks on non-rest days, we will draw from a myriad of suggestions,” he went on to say. “We’ll each write something down that starts with our name and what will happen. We will not do this the last week so we each need to come up with four.”

He paused and then smiled before saying, “Actually write down six, we each get two refusal’s AND…” He wrote down quickly and then proudly showed me his next two.

“Josh ties Donnies hands and takes his arse at a hotel” and “Donnie showers with Josh and fucks him as he reaches for soap.”

“These are the only two that can involve us, well, sealing the deal,” Josh said and dropped them into the envelop. “Now, write down four things that you want sexually from me and be creative.”

He handed me a piece of paper and a pencil and I began to scribble things down, my mind racing, thinking of places in the city, things he could do to me, even one I would do to him that pushed the envelope and didn’t just involved my cock in his mouth.


I was hard and erect almost the whole ride home. I got there and Mel was washing her breakfast dishes, in her pajamas, short short bottoms and a soft, cotton top, her breasts firm and standing up. She turned to me and had a lear of a look for me, putting the bowl down she was drying.

“Mmmm, you look sweaty,” she purred and moved to me, the first aggression she showed towards, well anything in my presence. I had receded some moving from the car, and my cock recovered quickly, pushing against my shorts and spandex as her hands rested on my chest.

She didn’t have to say more, my hand quickly removed her shorts, my other reached around and found her breasts and lowering my shorts and spandex found us both half-naked and my cock buried deep inside her.

“Donnie!” she exclaimed, my old cock now used to filling to it’s youthful size. We hadn’t coupled in almost a month. “Yes! Baby, fuck me!”

I held her hips and imagined I was fucking her arse, like I had desired Josh’s, my cock raging hard, her head down on the island, just out of sight of the neighbors leaving for work I was hammering my wife’s cunt, slipping inside and out as she was unbelievably wet.

“Jesus, Fuck, Mel!” I exclaimed. “Here it comes!”

I blew my load deep inside her, holding it there, letting her grind against me as I stared semi-hard. She kept bouncing Elvankent Escort back.

“Oh, baby…it’s still there,” she said riding my softening shaft until it did finally recede and fall out. She spun around and kissed me, deep with a lot of tongue, her hand down on my cock, pulling cum out and smearing it on her lips and kissing me again.

Half naked, her fine bulbous arse swaying when she turned, picked up her camera and then looked at me. There was that sexual lear, hot eyes like we were dating, holding my attention pushing the phone out toward me to see.

“My girlfriend Tina runs in the morning, along the same route you and, ummm, you and…”

“Josh,” I said.

“Josh. Yeah, Josh,” she said, looking down and smiling about something on her phone. “Tina sent me this.

She drew her phone closer and I saw a picture of Josh and I’s first kiss, our lips smashed against each other, holding each other like that for the first time.

“This is SO fucking HOT!” Mel said moving in to press her lips hard on mine, her hand back on my package massaging it’s limpness.


I didn’t know if we were pulling something from the “reward bag” on our last day of base miles. My math said Josh was going to have to if we were going to get to all of the suggestions by the end of training.

I kept up with Josh just fine and my ankle, though swollen some, was not hindering my gate or ability to push forward. We were stretching, my eyes following the skin tight spandex up to his delicious cock, wondering what it would feel like.

“I like this new trail Donnie,” Josh said, not knowing the motivation, not knowing my wife had seen a picture of us kissing. “I hope the coffee shop you’re taking me to is as good.”

I deserved an academy award for the performance I put on for Mel and for getting it up a third time in one morning. After a second fuck, this time in the living room, I pushed the kiss off on Josh, his problems, his tendencies. I denied Josh three times, in very Biblical and convincing fashion, though not regretting a moment of performance.

She was not going to steal this from me. It did felt good to connect with her in such a raw and carnal nature, spurred on by her interest in having a bisexual husband, and upon seeing the picture I immediate resented her for the intrusion.

We had drove separately to the coffee shop, Josh coming in just moments after smiling holding “the bag”. He bounced it as he returned with his coffee, mixing the handwritten notes, neither knowing what the other had written. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the possibilities, now that shit was getting real.

“Remember, you get two refusals which will cause a redraw,” Josh said, still mixing the bag. “You draw today and I’ll draw next. Oh, and we have just 48 hours to complete whatever it is that is drawn. You ready for this?”

“You have no idea,” I said, leaning forward, getting ready to reach out into the bag. He opened the tie at the top letting my hand reach forward inside. I felt a piece of paper, pulling a little and it slipped out of my hand, my fingers then gathering the next and pulled it out of the bag.

I laughed as I read the note, “Josh AND Donnie will stroke each other off in a public theatre while watching ‘Top Gun Maverick’.

“You devil,” I said to Josh, knowing he wrote it as I did not. “You just like the beach action scenes.”

“You know it,” Josh said and immediately began scrolling his phone for movie times. It was Thursday morning and I had the next two days available since Mel was heading out of town for a conference. We settled on the early time tonight as it would be less crowded and at the oldest theatre.

I travelled home, excited about the date we had that night, Mel was about ready to leave for work, then fly out to Chicago later that afternoon.

“How’s your boyfriend,” she said, a reference she would keep using moving forward, “You need to invite him over sometime.”

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and was gone for the next 48 hours.

Getting ready for work I was giddy with the thoughts of Josh stroking me in the dark corner of a theatre, fighter jets buzzing around on screen, mixed with male testosterone. I nearly stroked it in the shower but restrained, wanting a fountain of warm, white cum to cover my man’s hand later.

Josh texted me a trailer to the movie, and there is a beach scene where they are playing football, not volleyball. Shirtless men, Josh thinking of me and the minutes just seemed to crawl by, almost time went backwards at work.

I told Mel, checking in with her that afternoon, that I was headed to the movies with a friend from work, Tyrse who was in the Air Force. She told me to “behave”, that Chicago was “a bore” and to check in with her before bed.

The next text I got from Josh was the movie time and location, “The Adler” at 4:55 p.m., Beşevler Escort be there by 4:30. Instant erection in a meeting with my supervisor when my apple watch read the details. I checked out at 4 p.m., a little early but I had gotten there an hour early that morning.

I had wore boxers all day, found decent shorts, a polo with a light sweatshirt I figured I could tie around my waist if my shorts became cum soaked. I was humming the original Top Gun Kenny Loggins Danger Zone song as I drove to my date with Josh.

I pulled into a parking spot across from the theatre, my cock bristling with anticipation, people walking around the bustling downtown area in the late afternoon. Who would be strolling into a late matinee looking for mutual masterbation? A business analyst and a physical therapist, thats’ who.

I walked towards the door and didn’t see anyone inside. It was 4:25, so I had five minutes and didn’t want to walk in and hang there, so I paced down to the coffeeshop and back a few times. I got a little worried around 4:29 when the man in the baggy sweats, hat, sunglasses, holding a diet pop, said semi-loudly – “Donnie!”

I laughed, seeing it was Josh under cover and suddenly wondering why I was just out there as myself. I didn’t know whether to walk to him, let him come to me, self-conscious and embarrassed I froze.

“Jesus, man,” Josh said moving to me. “Let’s go inside.”

He walked past me, leaving me behind and I just moved naturally, not catching up. He quickly bought a ticket, and headed to the concessions, ordering a super large popcorn while I got my ticket. He held up the large popcorn, pointing at it, and disappeared into the theatre, the gesture telling me to do the same.

The bucket was at least a gallon and cost $12, I gathered mine in and headed towards the same entrance my jack off partner moved through. The darkness was just enough, my eyes adjusted and I saw Josh against the wall, 3/4 the way back and only a dozen people scattered, at least 10 rows or so in front of us.

I walked to him and he held his popcorn tub up, showing it was empty and the bottom was punched out. Ah, ha, a perfect lap cover for our objective and before I could dump mine and do the same he motioned me over.

“We need something to eat, so let’s share this one and use mine alternatively,” His devious smile needing a kiss, my self consciousness preventing me from moving in for just that. “It’s almost two hours, we have time.”

We chatted about next weeks workouts, standing and sharing the popcorn. No one cared we were there, no one filled in close to us and when the lights went down, Josh sat up quickly, slide his sweats and shorts down to mid thigh and put the empty, hollow tub over his waist, centering his rising cock.

I placed my popcorn between us, my arm and hand around it, naturally giving me inconspicuous access to jacking him off. He smiled, fluffed himself, balls and shaft, before taking a bite of pop corn.

“It’s all yours,” he said as a trailer began and I slipped my hand down and under the bucket. “Mmmmmm”

I had decided earlier in the day this was going to be a slow burn, that I was going to hold and caress him as long as I could, his balls now in my palm, my hand under them, my fingers caressing and holding.

Josh sighed, closed his eyes, opened them again and looked at me, his expression soft, thankful. I stayed on his balls, letting them rest on my fingers, pressing a nut through his sack with my first finger and thumb, letting it travel back to my palm. Letting them switch, then with my pinkie finger, while my finger and thumb caressed the base of his cock.

I stayed there as the trailers seemed to roll on too long. I looked around, we were away from the entrance, no one was the wiser to what we were doing. My fingers still working him from the bottom of a cock my mouth was getting to know pretty well.

“Oh, Donnie,” Josh sighed, my hand moving up and down as the movie started. I moved my popcorn to the next seat, the cover no longer needed. “Mmmmmm.”

I just focused on the shaft, his was a couple inches longer than mine, my estimate was 8″ or more, and my hand have that much to slide over when jacking alone. I enjoyed it’s thickness, hardness, it was warm in my palm. He moved the bucket away, no one in could see his erectness standing up proudly.

I began rolling the head through the gap in my thumb and first finger, letting it pop through, precum now accumulating and helping me lubricate. I just kept a slow, steady pace, letting the movie settle in, not really knowing what was going on, Tom Cruise’s bottoxed face on the screen.

“Mmmm, Baby, get me there,” Josh asked, looking at me, his eyes pleading and commanding all at once.

I just quickened and added flipping my hand over the top of his head and sliding down reversed the other side and back. He pushed his hips up a little, giving me more of his shaft. I looked down at his dark pubic hair, reliving the pungent smell it as I gobbled him up in my car.

“Yes, that’s it,” Josh said, settling back in, rolling his hips up a little on long strokes.

I began and rhythm and cadence, based on his breathing, soft moans, and hip action, finding what seemed to peak him. My cock was screaming hard, just the thought of what I was doing, seeing and feeling his hardness get almost firmer, my strokes getting him closer.

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