Sweet, Hot Morning Sex

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The ideas wake me from a sound sleep in the wee hours. I have to get them all down before they scatter and I drop the threads, losing what I wanted to say. I kiss your shoulder and slip from the bed to head to my office to write, snagging your shirt from the floor and tugging it on along the way. I love to have your delicious scent wrapped around me at least if I can’t be in bed next to you, breathing it in from all of the tasty spots where it’s strongest on your body.

In my office, my fingers fly over the keyboard as I write and write and write, delete and write some more. After making some good progress, my attention shifts from the thoughts whirling inside my head and begins to notice my body sitting in the chair. Little aches and stiff places make themselves known from your… vigorous attentions the night before, and that draws my mind back to you. I wonder if you’re still sleeping, though the sun is coming up now, the soft rays of morning casting everything in a golden glow.

When I make my way back to the bedroom, I lean against the doorjamb, watching you for a moment. Your chest rises and falls slowly as I drag my gaze across it, the sheet draped low across your hip with one leg kicked free. As I stand there, memories of what you do to me with that body, those strong hands filter through my mind rapidly, heating my blood until I can’t stand across the room from you anymore. I move toward the bed, pulling your shirt off and dropping it back to the floor where I found it, now smelling of our mingled scents instead of just yours.

I crawl my way up from the bottom of the bed to between your thighs while you sleep, eyeing your also sleeping cock. I need it. I need it in my mouth. I need to give you some unselfish pleasure this morning after you spent a night fucking me to oblivion, pinning me down and making me come over and over, until I begged you for mercy. I almost never just get to watch you unravel for me, and I want that so badly. I want to give you what you give me so often, to watch the sensations wash over you while I use my mouth and hands to turn you on and turn you inside out.

I drop my head and nuzzle your cock softly, brushing my lips up and down its length, leaving gentle kisses on your shaft and thighs in my wake. I love starting with a soft cock, watching it fill and harden for me. I lift you into my hand and tug forward a bit, licking your foreskin, circling it and nuzzling my tongue inside it before suckling at it and working it gently between my lips.

Your rapidly hardening length heats against the skin of my palm, and I lick you from root to tip with the flat of my tongue when I hear you gasp and groan as you come awake. “Good morning,” I whisper with a smile, looking into your eyes as I lick you from base to head again before I pull back your foreskin to expose the head of your cock and swirl my tongue around it. I tap your thighs to get you to make more room for me and settle in to get to work on my knees between them, my naked ass swaying as I close my lips around your head and take that first real suck.

I can feel your eyes on me and one of your hands sifts through my hair and runs a gentle gaziantep escort finger across my temple. I wrap my hand around your base and start bobbing my head, taking more of you into my mouth with each pass, my lips stretching wide around your girth. My saliva drips down your length, and my grip tightens as my hand begins to follow the path my mouth is taking. As I speed up, my hair tickles and drags across your thighs and stomach until you bunch it in one hand to keep the view of your fat cock disappearing into my mouth unobstructed.

I hum happily as I taste your precum leaking on my tongue, pulling back to flick my tongue into your slit and watch my fist pump your foreskin back and forth across the head until another pearly drop appears. Licking it clean, I follow the length of your cock down, tonguing and suckling at your balls while I continue working that foreskin over the head of your cock.

As you begin to writhe and shift a bit helplessly, I take you deep and suck harder, working my mouth and fist over you faster and faster, dragging and flicking my tongue over the underside of your cock with each delicious stroke. As you pant and start fucking gently up into my mouth, I moan and feel my pussy start to drip onto my thighs.

Shifting my hand out of the way, I breathe deeply, hum a little, stretch my jaw and take you so. fucking. deep, loving the little noises you make. As I swallow and gag around the head of your cock, you curse and start coming, pumping jet after jet of salty cum down my throat as I try to swallow it all, though some escapes from between my lips and drips down to your balls.

When your cock stops pulsing, I pull you free from my mouth and blow on your wet length, licking up the excess cum pooled at your base.

“Mmmmm… Good morning. Thanks for the extra protein. I’ve been trying to eat a more balanced breakfast,” I say with a wink and a smile before pressing a kiss to your hip and sauntering off to the bathroom to start my day while you lay there dragging in breaths. Mission accomplished.

I turn on the taps in the shower and step beneath the steamy spray, knowing that you’ll be crowding me against the wall any moment now, growling in my ear before you return the favor to help me and my pussy start the day off right. You know how much it turns me on to suck your cock, regardless of whether you’re in control or I am, and you never leave me hanging.

When I hear the shower door open, I smile and feel you step in beside me as you press your body against my back, your hand against my belly and your mouth pressing a kiss and a nibble to the curve of my neck.

“I like the way you sneak attack, baby, but you don’t leave my bed with a wet pussy. You know that. Now I’m going to have to make you come twice. Eat you and then fuck you. You’re going to be late to work,” you rumble against my ear.

Your fingers start making teasing circles on my belly, slipping closer and closer to the promised land as your other hand sinks into my hair to turn my face for your kiss. Your tongue tangles with mine, and I moan needily into your mouth. I nip at your lips and whimper as I feel you drag your fingers across my mound, parting me to sink your fingertips into my slit. You drag them back up to circle around my clit and drive me a little crazy.

“Ask me,” you say. “You’ve got to ask me for my tongue in this pussy.”

I whimper and feel my nipples tighten further, the warm spray of the shower still gliding across them and down my sensitized skin.

“Please, oh God please. I need you to lick my pussy. I need to come so badly.”

“Mmmm… gladly,” you say as you turn me to press my back against the shower wall, kneeling and lifting one of my legs over your shoulder. You kiss and nibble at my pussy lips before dragging your tongue heavily between them, licking up the sweet juices spilling from me and fucking me with your tongue.

You circle my hard little clit slowly, and then faster, slipping two fingers inside me while I whimper and toss my head back against the shower wall. You pump and scissor those fingers inside me while you thrash my clit with your tongue, my hips bucking helplessly against your face as you eat me so good. And when take my clit so so gently between your teeth, flicking your tongue across it before closing your lips around it and sucking, I start coming with high-pitched cries, clenching around your fingers. When my knee buckles and I start to sink to the shower floor, you follow me with your mouth and fingers, drawing every last pulse out of my climax.

“Holy shit.” I lay there, twitching with aftershocks, spurred on by the way you pet my pussy gently, helping me come down while avoiding my oversensitive clit. “I don’t think I can come again. I think I’m fried.”

“You always say that,” you say, dragging kisses across my thighs before standing and pulling me up, “but I always find a way to get you shaking and coming around my cock. You fucking love my cock.”

“I do,” I say with a sigh, staring at where the cock in question has started to recover and harden temptingly. “I love it a little too much.”

“No such thing,” you say with a wry grin and drag me from the shower. “Might as well wait to actually do the showering part of showering. You’re just going to need another one in a minute anyway.”

You drag a towel over our dripping bodies, drying my full breasts with much more attention than you pay to your own body when you finally make a halfhearted attempt to distractedly dry off yourself.

“I want to watch those tits bounce while I fuck you,” you whisper, more to my tits than me, your eyes directed at them. You push me to the vanity and step behind me, pressing your hard cock into my ass and your chest against my back while you reach forward to cup my breasts, squeezing them. I watch your fascinated gaze in the mirror, watch you watching your hands and the way my flesh spills around them, overflowing your palms.

I love the way you love my body. When you roll my nipples between a finger and thumb, my breath catches in my chest, and my pussy starts tingling anew. When you start to pinch and tug on them harder, my head drops back on your shoulder and a moan tears forth from my chest. I grind my ass back against your cock and reach up to wrap my arms behind your neck, leaving my body totally exposed to your exploration.

“Mmmm… beautiful,” you say against my neck, giving my breasts one last squeeze and rocking your cock against the crack of my ass. “You seem to be awfully squirmy for a woman who couldn’t come again. Is that pussy greedy today?”

I blush and nod, meeting your gaze in the mirror, biting my lip as your fingers go in search of the heat and wetness that will tell you just how needy I am to be fucked.

“Good. Now bend that beautiful ass over the vanity,” you say as you press a palm to my back and push me low. I watch from my bent position, spreading my legs to give you room, as you lift your wet fingers to your mouth and lick them clean, savoring the taste of my pussy.

I close my eyes and wiggle my ass, hoping to prompt you into action, and I feel your fingertips trail down my back to the curve of my ass as you step into place behind me, rocking your erection against my round cheeks, sliding your cock through my crack a few times. As I wiggle against you, you shift the head of your cock and drag it through my slit, up and down, gathering my wetness to ease your entry.

“Please,” I whisper, looking over my shoulder at you, needing you to fill me now, to chase away the ache from my pussy with your thrusting cock.

“Always, baby,” you say before you sink deep, slowly, parting my pussy walls with the fat head of your cock, pushing and pushing until you’re in me to the root. You lean forward to kiss my shoulder and whisper in my ear, “Hold on, babe. This is going to get a bit wild.”

You pull back and lunge into me, jarring me against the vanity, my tits and ass bouncing with the force of your thrust. I gasp and widen my stance, flattening my palms against the countertop to hold myself in place.

You grab my hips and pull me back onto your driving cock as I gasp and moan as you fuck me deeply, whispering sweet naughty nothings about how my pussy feels wrapped around your cock, how much you love my ass, my hair, my skin.

I reach down to rub my clit, letting my fingers graze lower and feel you fucking into me, feeling my pussy lips spread around you. My clit screams for release and as I work it in fast, tight circles while you fuck me stupid, wrapping my hair around your fist and pulling it tight.

“Come on, baby,” you demand, “Come all over my cock. I want to feel your pussy squeeze me tight.”

The feel of your thrusting cock, my fingers on my clit, your hot words in my ear and your hand in my hair… it’s all too much, and I fly over the cliff, coming hard and creaming all over your cock as I cry out with each of your thrusts.

“Yessssss,” you moan through clenched teeth, and I feel you start coming a breath behind me, your cock pulsing as you give me your cum deep in my pussy.

I feel you collapse over my back for a moment, and we lay there, breathing hard in the silence of the morning.

“Alright, you broke me. That means you have to keep me upright in the shower and help me wash,” I tease with a smile.

“I think I can manage that,” you return, eyes moving over my face before we manage to get ourselves upright and moving again.

We step into the shower and begin our day even better than the way I’d imagined it. Together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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