Sybian Games

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Howard Stern claims credit for a lot of things, but he’d actually have a decent argument for claiming credit for what happened here.

My wife Dani and I were just hanging out with Andre and Mira after a small party they had thrown for us. We had been friends for some years now but didn’t get to spend as much time as we would have liked with them lately due to our moving to another part of the state. The party was more-or-less in our honor — a chance to get some of our old friends together again. The old friends were now gone and were spending the night.

“I’m putting on my jammies,” Mira announced.

“You going to bed?” I asked.

“No, I’m drunk, I’m happy and I just want to get comfortable. I’m good for a few more hours at least,” she replied.

“Great idea. Me too,” Dani agreed. “You guys clean up.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Andre said, saluting.

We quickly gathered up all the detritus of the party while the girls changed. It didn’t take long, it was a neat crowd.

“Want a beer?” Andre asked.

“Sure, one more can’t hurt,” I laughed.

Andre was an interesting guy. An architect, he was capable of the whole corporate thing yet under the button down white shirt he had a tattoo sleeve up his left arm and pierced nipples. I envied him the ability to straddle different worlds that easily.

We cracked the brews and clinked bottles in salute before sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. The girls returned shortly and I was mildly amused to note that what they had on showcased their best assets. Dani’s a little green-eyed brunette. Short, small frame, small hips, small breasts. Her best features (aside from her face of course) are her toned legs and round bottom. The tee shirt she wore as a nightgown directed your attention right to them. Considering it barely covered her ass, it was kind of hard not to notice them. Mira, on the other hand is a tall, dark eyed brunette and has a very impressive chest, The boxers and tank top she wore reminded you of that rather pointedly. Two points actually, it was cool in the room.

“Nice!” Andre approved as they came over and sat with us; Dani and I on one couch and Mira and her husband on the other.

There had always been an ‘appreciation’ of each other between us that had never gone beyond some flirtation. Well, not much further. Mira had a habit of occasionally biting Dani’s breast when they were drunk. Seriously, she’d just randomly lean over, bite and then act like nothing happened to the point of denying she had done anything. Always in a public setting but never in front of anyone.

Of course this had always intrigued me. I had seen it happen once, Mira didn’t realize I was there and Mira’s denials were so convincing I would have doubted my own wife’s veracity if I hadn’t seen it for myself. It played right into one of my all time favorite sexual fantasies of watching my wife with another chick. Hell, I had even discussed it with Dani and she was intrigued by the whole thing. She liked getting bitten anyway and admitted that each time it happened it gave her a real zing. While she wasn’t sure about going ‘all the way’ with another girl, she wouldn’t be opposed to fooling around a little, especially if it were someone she was close with like Mira.

All this back story lent a little charge to the situation and it was nice to be snuggled on the couch with my wife wearing basically a tee shirt and panties while our friend snuggled on the next couch with his equally scantily clad wife. Like the man said; nice.

So we put the TV on and there really wasn’t a whole lot to choose from that late at night if you’re not looking to buy a Sham Wow. While surfing through the channels we came upon the Howard Stern show, basically video of his radio show. Anyway, the guest was Carmen Electra and they had talked her in to riding on something called a Sybian. She was obviously enjoying herself and watching her try to be a good sport yet at the same time not embarrass herself was hilarious.

“Do you think those things are real?” Dani asked, laughing.

“Absolutely!” Mira said. “Hell, we’ve got one.”

“No way!” Dani shouted. “Liar liar pants on fire!”

“No, really we do,” Andre said laughing himself.

“You freaks!” Dani laughed approvingly. “Why am I not surprised! OK, but it can’t be that good. I mean she had to have been faking some of that for the show.”

“No, it’s really pretty intense,” Mira said. “I don’t think anyone could sit on it for long without cumming.”

“Oh come on,” Dani, scoffed. “I’ve used a vibe before and while it was fun, it wasn’t irresistible.”

“Sounds like a challenge,” Andre said, quirking an eyebrow.

I almost choked on my beer laughing and liking where this was going. “Mira, I think she’s calling you out.”

“Hey, I’m not the one making claims of being Ms Self Control!” Mira said. “I fully admit that thing turns me into a puddle of Jell-o in about two minutes. She’s the one claiming to be the Ice Queen.”

“Ice Queen!” Dani protested jokingly. “Fuck you bitch, I can melt steel! izmit rus escort Tell ’em baby!”

“My wife is an orgasmic dynamo,” I solemnly assured them. “She has changed the course of history with the intensity of her sexual potency. The government has classified her as an alternative energy source. Pussy Power.”

“Yah, yah, yah and her cunt cures cancer,” Mira scoffed. “Prove it. Ride that thing in front of us.”

“No way!” Dani said.

“Chicken,” Mira drunkenly teased. “Brawwk, brawwk! ‘I’m Dani and I’m all talk! I’m a big chicken!'”

“Oh you did NOT call me a chicken you bitch,” Dani howled with laughter.

“Brawwk! Brawwk!” Mira called.

“Fine!” Dani said. “Bring that thing out and I’ll show you hot.”

I’m not stupid. I kept my mouth shut.

“Andre, go get it!” Mira commanded.

“I’ll need a little help,” he replied mildly.

“Sigh!” Mira, said. “He’s helpless without me.”

“Riiiggghhht,” Andre smiled.

The both got up and went down the hall.

“Not that I’m complaining,” I said, “but are you sure about this?”

“S’matter?” my wife asked me, slurring just a little bit and giving me a beery but nice kiss. Adding, “You don’t want me to cum in front of our friends?” after it ended.

“I would love to watch you cum in front of our friends,” I whispered in her ear, cupping her breast through her tee shirt and stroking the nipple into hardness with my thumb. “I would love to watch you do anything you want to do tonight.”

“We’ll see,” she smiled and kissed me again, deeper and longer this time.

“Break it up you two,” Mira said coming into the room, “She’s got a date with a machine.”

And machine it was. Andre carried it and it was pretty impressive. Basically it looked like a wooden drum cut in half the long way and covered with black leather. Andre held it by a pair of hand grips on either end and put it down in the middle of the living room floor.

“Looks heavy,” I observed.

“Strong like bull!” Andre announced, giving us a gun show after putting it down.

“Holy crap!” Dani said seeing it. “That thing looks like it belongs in a dungeon or a factory.”

“Oh you have no idea,” Mira giggled, plugging it in.

The thing had a heavy duty power cord and a remote control with two switched and two knobs attached by a lighter cord. A tubular metal bar sat on top of the machine where the ‘rider’ would go.

“Do you sit on that metal thing?” Dani asked.

“No,” Mira said holding up a bag. “There are attachments that go over it that make things a lot more comfortable.” Mira put a low, leather covered stool finished to match the Sybian in front of the machine

“I’ll do this like Carmen did,” Dani said. “I’m not getting naked.”

“Party pooper!” Mira said.

“Hey, one thing at a time girl!” Dani said. “Don’t make me change my mind.”

“Yah, yah,” she said as Andre took his place back on the couch.

He smiled and winked at me, toasting with his beer and I toasted back. This looked to be a lot better then late night TV.

Mira had taken a rubber something or other out of the bag and was fitting it over the metal bar at the top of the Sybian. Basically it was a ridge with little nubs on it merging into a larger, quarter sized nub that stuck up about an inch followed by a smaller, smooth ridge.

“OK, time to put up or shut up,” Mira said to my wife sitting back on her heels next to the machine.

Dani kissed me one more time and got up from the couch, stretching and putting on a little show (my wife is a bit of an exhibitionist if you haven’t figured that out by now), The thin cotton of her tee molding itself to her small breasts and hard nipples. You could just make out the shadow of her dark areola through the white fabric.

She sashayed over to the machine and asked, “So what do I do?”

Mira looked up at her friend and I swear she was looking under the hem of Dani’s tee shirt. “You straddle the machine and sit on this,” she said, gesturing to the attachment. “I’ll work the remote. You can grab a hold of the stool if you need to support yourself, and you will,” she added with a grin.

Dani just smiled and threw a leg over the Sybian. She knelt with one leg on either side of the machine and before she lowered herself onto it, she pulled up the hem of her tee giving us all a look at her pink cotton panties and her lower belly.

“You have to center yourself over the ridge,” Mira said.

Dani sank down onto it and positioned herself. The ridge basically split her lips open through her panties as she centered herself over it, giving us all a very interesting view.

“Oh!” she said, making a comic face as she sat down on the attachment. “That nub thing goes right into you! Thank God I’ve got the panties on!”

Mira laughed and said, “You’ve no idea.”

“Now what?” Dani asked

Mira just smiled and flicked one of the switches on the remote.

It immediately started a low buzz and Dani jumped up a little in surprise.

“Holy izmit escort shit!” she said, laughing and lowering herself back down.

She giggled a little bit, rather nervously I thought but after just a few seconds her expression melted away into an almost blank look.

Mira smiled and turned one of the knobs on the control and the hum of the machine rose in pitch. Dani twitched and her eyes widened.

“Oh my God, what the hell is this thing,” she said.

“Still think it’s fake?” Mira asked with a grin.

Dani’s nipples were obviously poking through her shirt and she squirmed a little, back and forth, rocking on the attachment.

I was had as a rock and had to shift on the couch. I looked over at Andre and he was staring at Dani in rapt attention, a small smile on his face.

Mira looked positively hungry as she turned the knob again. The pitch of the machine increased and Dani let out an involuntary gasp. Her face turned beet red in a mix of embarrassment and excitement. Mira’s eyes gleamed and her own nipples poked through her tank top as she watched her friend ride the toy.

Mira upped the vibrations yet again and Dani shuddered, mewling softly, her eyes now closed, her head down. She reached forward to support herself on the stool but that just pushed her clit down harder on the ridge. Her mouth dropped open and she began to shake.

“Oh,” she groaned out in a long, low moan. Her body shuddered and twitched as she came against the machine vibrating between her legs.

Mira put the remote down and sat up on the stool, capturing Dani’s face in her hands, leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Dani didn’t even hesitate, kissing back for all she was worth and holding onto her friend for dear life as she came again from the machine’s relentless vibration.

“Mmmm,” she moaned into Mira’s mouth, changing to an, “Ung!” as Mira’s hand reached out to tweak Dani’s nipple through her shirt.

Mira broke the kiss and pulled Dani’s tee shirt over her head. Dani raised her arms to help her and now rode the Sybian clad in only a pair of flimsy pink panties. Mira leaned in again and the girls kissed as Mira’s hands roamed all over Dani’s breasts.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” Dani moaned again, cumming for a third time, breaking away from Mira and lifting her bottom off of the machine.

“OK, OK,” Dani gasped, “I need a break. Oh my God I take it back, that was amazing!” she panted.

Mira laughed delightedly. “That’s only half of what it can do too.”

“Jesus,” I said through a throat gone very dry. “Does it make you breakfast after too?”

Mira looked over at me, “Enjoying the show?”

“Oh hell yeah,” I answered.

“Not feeling left out are you?” she asked her husband, looking over at him.

“I’ll let you know when I am,” he laughed. “Right now I’m enjoying the view.”

“I’ll bet you are,” my topless wife smirked. ‘So what else does this thing do?” she asked Mira.

“It rotates.” Mira smiled primly.

“Rotates?” Dani asked. “Like you mean spins around?”

“No,” Mira said, reaching into the bag of tricks and pulling out another attachment.

“I mean it rotates,” she said, demonstrating with the attachment in her hand.

The attachment she held was similar to the one Dani and just ridden with one ‘big’ exception. The ‘nub’ in the middle wasn’t a nub, it was a five inch dildo and it rotated in the same way that you would rotate your finger if you were drawing a circle with your finger tip.

Dani’s eyes opened wide, “Mira!” she squealed. “No way!”

Mira laughed low and throaty, “Oh yeah!. Ready to try it?”

“Um,” Dani stammered, glancing over at me and then at Andre, “Um, not yet, I need a break. You show me,” she added with a mischievous look.

Mira grinned, “OK. You work the controls,” she said, handing the box to Dani. “This switch turns on the vibrator, this knob controls the speed, you don’t need to move it much, I never got you past 60%. This switch turns on the rotation and this one does the speed of that.”

Mira gave Dani a side-long look. “I might need to hold onto you during this, will you stay here?”

Dani smiled at her friend and said, “What are friends for?”

“Well in that case…” Mira smiled and changed attachments on the Sybian.

“Jesus, that almost looks scary,” Dani said, referring to the phallus jutting up from the machine.

“I know, huh?” Mira agreed standing up.

She matter-of-factly pushed her boxers down over her hips to the floor as she spoke. She stood there casually displaying a neatly-trimmed brown landing strip and the hint of a cleft underneath.

“It took me a little while before working up the nerve to use it,” Mira went on. “I’m glad I did though.”

Mira bent over, rummaging around in the bag and presenting me with a spectacular view of her round ass. Mira’s hips are much wider then Dani’s — whose, to be honest, are pretty narrow. Dani has more of a bubble butt then Mira though. Mira shaves her lips too.

Mira straightened up, holding a bottle of lube. kocaeli escort “Found it,” she said.

“Point of order please,” Andre said from his couch.

“Yes dear? Can I do something for you?” Mira said mock sweetly.

“Yeah, we’ve got two half-nude women in here; one with no top and one with no bottom. I just think it would make a lot more sense if they were totally nude,”

“I’ve got to agree with my esteemed colleague,” I added.

“Oh that’s a surprise,” Dani rolled her eyes.

She stood up and before she pushed them over her hips, we all saw that the crotch of Dani’s panties was soaked. The quickly wound up on the floor and she kicked them to the side.

Not to be outdone, Mira pulled her tank top off and her magnificent breasts jiggled as they were freed.

Dani put her arm around Mira’s waist and leaned against her as the girls faced us. “Happy now?” she asked us, challengingly.

I find the variety of women’s bodies a glorious thing. Mira stood a head taller then Dani. Dani’s hips were much trimmer then Mira’s, her shaved pussy showing prominent outer lips making a pronounced cleft. Mira’s lips were much more subdued with a little dimple at the top of them. Both women’s skin tone was about the same with the hint of last summer’s tan lines still showing lighter. Dani had dark, small nipples tipping firm little mounds while Mira had larger, lighter pink nipples crowning her beautifully shaped orbs. Like her husband, Mira was tattooed, she had a Chinese character on her hip and a tribal symbol on her lower back. Both women had pierced navels.

“You could say that,” I grinned.

“You could say that?!” my wife asked in outrage. “Look at these tits!” she said, reaching around her friend and holding Mira’s breasts out to us. “They’re mag-fucking-nificent!”

“I hate you!” she said conversationally to Mira as she turned her head to her, rose up on tip-toes and kissed her cheek.

Mira turned her head and kissed Dani full on the lips, not being satisfied with a peck and then turned into her friend. The girls kissed deeply, pressing their naked bodies together in a delightful way before Mira pushed Dani back and then bent down and bit her left nipple.

“Owe!” Dani said! “You bit my tit!”

“No I didn’t,” Mira said. “I most certainly did not bite your naked nipple like I’ve wanted to for some time. Nope. Absolutely not.”

“Let me just add,” Andre piped up, “That good things do, indeed, come in small packages and Dani is a nice little package indeed.”

“I’m glad somebody appreciates me around here,” Dani said, blowing Andre a kiss and wiggling her hips cutely. “Now show me how this thing works,” she said to Mira.

Mira squirted a big glob of lube in her hand and reached between her legs to spread it on herself.

“Sexy: not,” she said, rolling her eyes.

My cock didn’t agree with her, it came back to full staff as I watched her spread it around.

Mira straddled the Sybian kneeling and guided the probe to her opening with her hand then lowered herself very slowing onto it. We watched it disappear into her as she slid down it and sighed as she hit bottom.

Dani sat on the stool in front of Mira, mirroring her posture and holding the remote in her hands. She raised an inquiring eyebrow at her friend who nodded.

“Give me just the vibe to start off,” Mira instructed her.

Dani flipped the switch turning on the vibrations and the machine started humming. Mira shifted herself around, getting comfortable and then met Dani’s eyes; and burst out laughing.

“This is possibly the weirdest thing I’ve ever done,” Mira gasped as we laughed along with her.

Dani smiled and turned up the vibration. Mira stopped laughing and put her arms around Dani’s neck. Dani turned on the rotation and Mira twitched slightly. She put down the remote and reached out to Mira’s full breasts, cupping them and playing with the nipples as the other woman rode the machine.

“Oh, that feels nice,” Mira murmured before leaning in to kiss Dani.

The women kissed deeply for a time. Dani reached down and nudged the knobs on the remote higher. The hum increased in pitch and Mira began to moan against Dani’s face.

“Ohh, that’s so good, Oh God Dani,” Mira sighed.

“Are you going to cum?” Dani asked her breathily. “Are you going to cum for me? Come on, let it go.”

Dani pinched Mira’s nipples and the other woman groaned again, “You like that?” Dani asked. “You like to bite, how does this feel?”

Dani bent down and bit Mira’s nipple then sucked it deep into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus! I’m cumming,” Mira gasped as she convulsed, holding on to Dani for dear life. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she chanted over and over.

Mira grabbed Dani’s hand and pulled it to her cunt. “Oh God, I’m going to cum again.”

Dani rubbed the other woman’s clit as she rode the Sybian and turned the vibrations up with the other hand.

“Oh shittttttttttttt,” the other woman groaned out and threw her head back, eyes screwed shut, cumming hard.

“Ride it out,” Dani crooned, “ride the wave baby.”

Mira grabbed Dani’s hand and pushed it away from her, “Stop, please, stop, enough.”

Dani said, “I should make you keep going,” but pressed the switches to turn off the Sybian.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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