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“Where do you think your going bitch?”

Dana was hot and pissed. She gave her the evil eye. She wanted to fuck her up with her fist.

“Please, just put the knife away okay?”

Mandy had gotten herself in a sticky situation. She got caught with her mouth on another woman’s man’s dick.

“I don’t need a knife to handle your young ass.”

The knife dropped. Mandy thought she were safe. Dana couldn’t wait to get her hands around Mandy’s long white throat. Her chocolate fingers wrapped around Mandy’s neck. Dana slammed her against the bedroom wall. Mandy looked like she wanted to cry.

“I’m sorry. Please, Dana, I’m sorry.” She whimpered like a scared child.

Dana spat in her face. She hated young bitches like her that used their young, taunt bodies to seduce another bitch’s man.

“Did you fuck him? Huh bitch? Is that why you came here to get fucked?”

Dana examined Mandy’s body. The chick was tall with long Burgundy brown hair and dreamy blue eyes. She had the body of a young white slut with her really big breasts and long creamy legs.

“You shake your ass and titties on the stripper pole don’t you bitch?” Dana had no doubts. Mandy had a body so tender and ripe. “Is that where you met him?”

“No,” The bitch whimpered. “I’m not a stripper.”

Dana choked her. Her wrapped fingers around Mandy’s throat made it hard for her to speak. Dana didn’t want to hear her little white lies. She knows a stripper hoe when she sees one. Mandy was all breasts and legs at five-foot-eleven. Blue eye heifer.

“Don’t play with me. How much did he pay you for a lap dance?”

“He approached me at the club.”

“Liar,” Dana screamed then slapped her across the face. “I know a stripper hoe when I see one. Don’t you fucking lie to me.”

Dana dragged her by the throat and threw her down on the bed. Mandy might have been taller then Dana but her body was still too young to match the strength of a pissed off 28 year old black bitch.

“I know you take your clothes off for a fucking living.” Dana said and pulled off her favorite DKNY blouse.

“What are you doing?” Mandy looked horrified.

“What does it look like I’m doing? You dumb bitch. I’m taking off my clothes.”

Dana flung her bra to the floor. She pulled down her denim skirt. “Since you loved dark meat, I’ll let your eyes feast on my hot chocolate frame.”

Dana was five-foot-eight, mocha skinned and thick in the hips and ass. Her thick chocolate rump and cut arms reminder Mandy of Serena Williams. Dana weighed one hundred and fifty five pounds and could crush Mandy’s one hundred and thirty pound body like a grape.

Mandy tried to make a run for it. Dana snatched her by the hair. “Don’t run. You already ran your ass over here to suck my man’s dick. Didn’t you? Well, he can’t save now.”

Dana dragged her back to the bed. Mandy tried to resist. Dana slapped some color into Mandy’s face and forced her to take a seat. She sat down like a submissive bitch.

“What are you going to do to me?”

Mandy voice was full of fear as she watched Dana slide her bikini thongs to the floor.

“I’m going to give you what you wanted my dear.” Dana said with an evil laugh. “Since you like sucking on things you can start by sucking on these perky chocolate treats.”

Dana held her perky 38 C’s in her chocolate hands. Her nipples were long and thick.

“No, please, I’m sorry but I don’t swing that way.”

Dana grabbed her by the face. “You’re going to do whatever I say whenever I say it. I’m in control now.”

Mandy let out a cry. She didn’t want to get raped.

“Now open up your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

Mandy reluctantly flicker her tongue across Dana’s chocolate breasts. Dana groaned from her always wet pussy. Dana shoved her breast into Mandy’s mouth. “That’s a good stripper bitch. Suck these chocolate hooters like you sucked on my man’s balls. Ummm….That’s a good little stripper hoe.”

Mandy looked like she couldn’t have been older then twenty two but she slurped on Dana’s breast well.

“Stick your fingers in my pussy and finger me.”

Mandy gave her a crazy look. Seconds later Dana went pyso on her ass and pulled her hair hard. Mandy got her pretty face rapidly slapped and struggled to stop her.

“Stick your fingers in it. Move it in and out, in and out. Don’t forget to suck my breasts,” Dana felt turned on by Mandy’s humiliation. She was going to use and abuse her sexy body. Take out her frustrations of her mouth, ass, and tits. “Harder, goddam it, I’m not playing a fucking game with you.”

Once again Mandy whimpered but she was forced to obey. She swallowed Dana’s chocolate flesh in her mouth and stuck her fingers in a very wet place. Dana was getting wetter by the second. Mandy couldn’t believe her fingers were covered by another woman’s slime and felt disguised.

“You ain’t doing it right. Do I have to show you?”

“No,” Mandy voice was but a whine.

“Yea, I think I’m going to have to show you how to make a woman istanbul escort come.”

Mandy didn’t like hearing Dana say those words. Dana could really give a fuck less. She pushed Mandy down on her back and slapped her heavy breasts.

“Ouch, that hurts.” Mandy cried. She had a mad woman pulling and squeezing her breasts.

“Shut the fuck up.” Dana said angrily. She wanted Mandy to feel the pain. She grabbed her by the throat and slid her other hand between her legs.

“Don’t, please, I don’t swing that way.” Mandy begged and squeezed her legs together.

Dana punched her in thigh and demanded that she open up. “Don’t act like you don’t like it. I bet I can make you come harder then Melvin can.”

Dana’s fingers dug into her pussy. Her lips lowered down on Mandy’s thick breasts. She finger banged her like a young sexy slut with three fingers and enjoyed sucking on her breasts. Dana felt her nipples thicken under her tongue and felt her pussy juices flowing free. “You liked being dominated by an evil black bitch me. Don’t you hoe?”

Dana was hot as fuck. Anger mixed with her lust. This woman sucked her man’s dick. The sounds of her slurping on her man’s dick burned in her ear. She could still see Melvin’s long chocolate dick in that bitch’s mouth. His lustful groans of satisfaction she could still hear.

“You are getting so wet. I know what you stripper hoes like.” Dana finger slammed her until Mandy moaned.

Mandy started to cry. Her pussy was stuffed by another woman’s hand. Her nipples were in another woman’s mouth. Her body was over come with emotions. She wanted her to stop.

“Stop crying, bitch. I know what you want. You want to suck dick don’t you. I have something chocolate and thick for you to suck on.”

Dana mounted Mandy like horse. She sat her thick chocolate ass over Mandy’s white hips. Her pussy rubbed against Mandy’s belly. She exposed her chocolate pussy with spread legs. Mandy noticed the Hitler mustache over her chocolate mound and how her pussy lips hanged. Dana had a fat pussy, lined in bright pink and surrounded by dark meaty flesh. Mandy wondered what she was going to make her do next.

“Why are you are looking so sad? Open your mouth bitch and suck it. You like sucking on things right?”

Mandy eyes widen when Dana stuck her foot in her mouth and forced it down her throat like a harden dick.

“That’s right bitch suck it. You like sucking black dick right? You thought it was cute sucking on my man’s dick like a fucking white whore. You know you like it. You white bitches love sucking on those big black dicks. Don’t you?” Dana moved her foot back and forth. “Well, I have a black dick for you suck.”

Mandy face turned red. She soaked Dana’s toes with her spit.

“Do you want to taste my come?” Dana leaned forward and got all in Mandy’s face. “Tell me that you want to taste my come.”

Mandy didn’t answer fast enough. Dana returned to being craze black bitch. She grabbed her jaw again and violently jerked her face side to side. “I asked you a question. Do you want to taste my come?”

“Yes, I want to taste you cum.”

“Open your mouth. I said open your fucking mouth.”

Dana slapped her ass silly.

“Don’t make me say it again. Open your mouth.”

Dana licked her thick lips then spat in Mandy’s mouth. “That’s it. Swallow it all down like a good stripper hoe.” She teased as she massaged Mandy’s face.

“Want to taste it again?”

Mandy eyes opened wide.

“Open your mouth.”

Mandy eyes screamed no. She wanted to scream get off of me you crazy black bitch.

“I said open your mouth.”

Dana spat in her mouth again. “I thought you stripper hoes love swallowing come, especially black come. Why you acting funny? Huh bitch? After tonight you will think twice about seducing another black woman’s man with your big tits and slut dance.”

“I’m not a stripper. Please, stop, I’m sorry.”

“Shut your lying whore’s mouth.” Dana’s hand left both her cheeks red.

Dana felt Mandy’s body shiver under her. She caressed her with her free hand. Mandy’s breasts felt incredibly soft. Dana felt a wetness gathering between the cracks of her thick ass.

“Please, stop” Mandy begged with Dana’s other hand wrapped around her throat “I will never ever see him again.”

Dana reached back.

“I won’t see him ever again.”

“I know you won’t.”

Mandy damn near jumped out of her own skin. Her young body shook like a leaf. Dana fist forced itself inside of her young tight pussy. Mandy screams made Dana’s pussy wet.

Dana wanted to punish that young slut pussy with her big black fist and laughed. Mandy’s face was creased up and hollering in pleasure and pain.

“Melvin always did like them thick.” Dana licked her lips. She was hot and ready to fuck. “Keep your fucking legs open. I said open your fucking legs, hoe.”

Mandy never felt a woman’s touch like this before. She was strictly about the dick. Now she had something kadıköy escort lodged deep in her pussy. Too bad it was a woman’s big black fist.

“You like black dick. Your pussy is so wet. I know you seduced him. You white bitches love having that big black dick. Taste how wet your pussy is.”

Dana rubbed her wet hand over Mandy’s face.

“That’s right. Be a good little whore and suck your own pussy juices.” She said with an evil smile on her face. “Since you love sucking black dick that must mean that you also love tasting black pussy, right?”

Mandy shook her head. “Please no, I’m not gay. I’m not gay!”

“What did you say to me?” Dana slapped her real hard. “You must love sucking black pussy since my pussy has been all over Melvin’s dick for the last three years.”

Dana moved closer to Mandy’s face. She used her knees to pin down Mandy’s arms.

“Stick out your fucking tongue.”

Dana liked being perched on top of her young body. Dominating Melvin’s fuck slut turned her on in ways that spent a jolt of desire through her body. She reached down to spread her pussy lips wide and moved her ass back and forth. Her clit slid over Mandy’s tongue.

“Don’t move.” Dana saw the bewilderment in Mandy’s eyes as she pulled Mandy’s face into her pussy by her long hair. “You know you like it. Stripper hoes love the taste of pussy.”

Mandy could barely breathe. Dana’s pussy juices dripped down your throat. Her nipples poked into Dana’s thick ass.

“Don’t struggle. Don’t struggle. Eat my pussy. I know you stripper hoes like going down on other women so don’t front. Eat my pussy right, bitch.”

Dana felt that Mandy was being selfish and that shit really pissed her off. She wanted the same enthusiasm Mandy gave her man a blow job with.

“Awl…poor baby… Mandy has my pussy juices all over her chin.” Dana said as she repositioned herself next to Mandy. “You didn’t eat my pussy right so I guess I will have to show you how. Do you want me to show you? Do you want me to show you how to eat my pussy right?”

“Please don’t,” Mandy cried. “I’m not gay. I’m not bi-curious. I’m catholic. Please don’t send me to hell.”

Mandy words angered Dana to no end. “Bitch,” Dana shouted with her hand around Mandy’s throat. “Do you think I give a fuck what you are? I found your naked white ass in my bed with my man. Bitch, I pay the bills around here. You better not fucking move.”

Dana moved toward Mandy’s feet. “Open your fucking legs, bitch.”

Dana punched Mandy’s inner thighs. Mandy was forced to obey. Dana was going to taste her sweet vanilla pussy. She pulled Mandy’s legs apart, got down on her knees with her thick chocolate ass high in the air and stuck her face between Mandy’s legs. “Give that pussy. I’m not playing with you.”

Dana pressed down on Mandy’s inner thighs to extend her legs high in the air. She took Mandy’s sweet young pussy with her invading tongue. She gave her pussy an ice cream lick.

Mandy’s body erupted from Dana’s sexual deed. She cried like a raped slut but melted under Dana’s skilled tongue. Was this really happening? Did she really have a woman’s tongue stroking her pussy? Mandy slammed her fist against the mattress. She felt provoked and embarrassed.

Part 2

Mandy was shame ridden as she lay paralyzed in a state of shock. Her pussy was soaking wet. Her breasts were hot and sweaty. She had the taste of cum in her mouth. She was forced into a 69 position and could barely breathe from the thick girth of Dana’s ass. Mandy shook her head in disbelief. What would her mother think of her if she found out that Mandy licked another woman’s asshole? Dana demanded that she spread her cheeks wide and rim her. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t even noticed that Dana had left the bed. Her thoughts were with her emotions and the betrayal of her womanhood after multiple orgasms.

Another woman made her come.

In fact, Mandy came first and showered her womanly juices into Dana’s mouth. Dana eagerly slurped them up and shot her own hot juices all over Mandy’s mouth and dimpled chin. The thought was too much for her to take.

“Here it is.” Dana said as she held a 12 inch life like dildo in her hands like a night stick. “I know your ass know who Lex Steele is. Well, this is a dildo molded from his cock.”

“No more, Dana. I can’t. I just can’t.”

“Yes you can and you will.” Dana waved the huge black dildo in Mandy’s face.” This right here can tear a young pussy apart. I know it’s not too big for you right? I mean you did fuck Melvin right? His dick is nearly eleven inches.”

“It’s too thick.” Terror made Mandy’s already white skin seem paler. “What are you going to do with that?”

“First, I’m going to make you suck it. And then I’m going to fuck you up with it.”

“No more, please, I beg of you.”

“Bitch, you didn’t say no when you were fucking my man now did you?”

Mandy’s body trembled from the thought of having that kağıthane escort huge latex dick slammed into her tight cunt.

Once again Dana took control and forced Mandy to blow her huge sex toy. “That’s it. Choke on it, bitch. Take it down your throat. Gag on it. Don’t stop. I know you can take more. Don’t run from it. Suck it down.” Mandy gagged and Dana’s pussy got extremely moist. She loved the slurping wet sounds of oral sex. “Get it good and wet. I wouldn’t want it to hurt you with it when I stick it in your pussy.”

The sarcasm in Dana’s voice made Mandy want to throw up. This woman was insatiable.

“Get off the bed and drop down to your knees.”


“Don’t make me say it again.”

“Okay,” Mandy replied as she wiped her lips.

They both climbed out of the bed. Dana headed back to the dresser. Mandy stirred at her. Dana grabbed a black harness and fastened the straps around legs and ass. Mandy watched in horror as Dana then attached the 12 inched dildo in the middle.

“Didn’t I say get down on your fucking knees?” Dana barked.

“Okay, Okay,” Mandy lowered her knees to the bedroom floor. Mandy opened her mouth and took the thick black sex toy in her mouth.

“Suck my dick, hoe.” Dana had her left hand wrapped around the base of the monster sized dildo. She had wicked smile on her face and demanded that Mandy do an excellent job or else there would be consequences. “Come on, bitch. Suck it. Suck on momma’s big black dick.” Dana watched the thick head disappear between Mandy’s lips. “You supposed to stroke and suck, stroke and suck. I know you didn’t give Melvin this sorry ass head. Pretend that it’s his big chocolate dick.”

Mandy opened her mouth wide and stroked the thick girth of the dildo while covering it in her goo of saliva. The thick girth and length excited her and reminded her how it felt to have Melvin’s long chocolate pole in his mouth. She reached between her legs and played with her pussy like she had whenever she sucked his dick.

“You dirty bitch.” Dana snatched her by the hair. “Really? You really going to fucking moan and groan and play with yourself with thoughts of sucking on my man’s dick. Get up bitch and bend your white ass over the bed.”

Minutes later Mandy was bent over the bed and screaming at the top of her lungs. “Oooooh shit…Ooooooh……ooooooh…….oooooh….”

Dana slapped Mandy’s ass and long stroked her.

“Fuck…fuck….fuck….fuck…” Mandy’s pussy set ablaze by a protruding thick dick.”Dammm….Dammm….Dammm….”

She took deep breaths and sweated like a pig in heat. Her thick breasts slapped violently together. Dana’s heavy hands left stinging reminders of her anger all over her tender white ass.

“Take this dick… take this dick…take this dick…” Dana sang. Her own pussy was slick and greasy. She almost wished she didn’t chase Melvin away. The sight of Mandy’s ample apple bottom ass made her pussy ache.

“Oh god, Oh god, oh god…” Mandy called out the Lord’s name. She hadn’t felt this full since last Tuesday when Melvin fucked her in the backseat of his SUV. She lost herself. “Melvin…” She cried out passionately. It was only when Dana stopped that she realized how badly she had fucked up.

“No this bitch didn’t. I know this bitch didn’t just call out my man’s name.” Dana was enraged and she knew exactly how to work off all her anger. “You fucking slut.” Dana took a powerful stroke and rammed as much as that thick dildo in Mandy as she could. “It’s on bitch! No more Mrs. Nice Bitch.”

Dana didn’t stop until she reached the curvy surface of Mandy’s sweet oval ass. She was all in and took short, jolting shots at her pussy. She used her right hand to jerk Mandy’s head back and her left hand to spank her ass. She never heard a bitch scream louder.

“I’m sorry.” Mandy yelled at the top of lungs as her knees knocked together. She never had that much dick plunged inside her pussy in her life. Most men took their time and savored the sensation of her young hot pussy. Melvin took her that she had a juicy hot spot between her thighs. God, she wished he was there to save her.

Part three

“What the fuck is going on in here?” Melvin screamed as he burst through his bedroom door. It sounded like someone was being murder. Melvin dropped the assortment of white roses, Dana’s favorite, he held in his right hand.

Dana whipped her head away. “Get the fuck out.” Dana screamed as she continued fucking Mandy standing up.

“What the fuck is she still doing here?”

“She’s raping me.” Mandy cried then bit her tongue when Dana increased her pace. Dana was fucking the shit out of her and all she could do was moan and whine.

Dana felt excited having Melvin’s eyes on her while she fucked his little cum bucket slut. Melvin was so fine. He was dark brown with long dreads like LiL Wayne. He was tall and slim with long cut arms and legs. He had a rack of muscles on his stomach and a long chocolate dick dangling between his legs.

Melvin watched Dana’s thick, round ass jiggled as she fucked Mandy. His eyes traveled between the deep crease that separated her juicy ass cheeks down to Dana’s dangling pussy lips. The same round ass and hanging pussy meat that used to memorize him when Dana shook her ass in the strip club. He hated having to share her with other women. Dana loved fucking women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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