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It was the longest day of the year for me. I had sat through exam after exam all week long but today was the worst. When I finished my last exam and decided to go get some coffee.

As I walked into the café, I was greeted by Tammy.

“Hey honey, what will it be?”

“Oh, just the usual Tamm” I replied.

Although I had barely explored my lesbian side, I still had to say that Tammy was one of the hottest things on this planet. She was most likely a few years older than me, probably in here early twenties. Tammy has red hair that she puts in a pony-tail while working. She’s around 5’10” and has a really sexy body with a tight ass. Tammy was wearing a small tank top that showed her stomach and really emphasized her beautiful breasts and some tight jeans but her apron didn’t hide anything.

I on the other hand am 19 and the youngest of three in my family. My elder sister is 5 years older than me and studying law when she’s not finding someone to fuck. My brother is only two years older than me and only goes surfing and stays with me after he got kicked out of my parent’s house. He works in a surfing store so he pays the rent.

Me, I am 5’5″ and have dark brown hair that goes down to my shoulders and amber eyes. The spare time I have is used to keep my body trim, my ass tight and my breasts firm and high by going mountain biking with my friends. I was wearing a cute pink tank top that clearly showed my full breasts; and a pair of my brothers baggy shorts (I woke up late and it was the only thing I could find). I’ve been bi ever since I walked in on my sister fucking her friend when I was 14 but I’ve never really explored my lesbian side.

Tammy leaned over the bar and stared me in the eyes. It wasn’t hard to see her breasts.

She said “my, my, long day?”

“Longest day of the year but I finished my last exam” I replied as best I could, trying hard not to stare at her breasts.

“Good for you, I’m having a party later and was wondering if you wanted to come?”

“Sure” was all merter escort I could say. She gave me directions and a phone number. I finished my coffee and said with a wink “I’ll see you later then.”

“Ok, bye” was her reply with a smile.

When I was getting ready to go over there, I had no idea what to wear. Knowing her, it would be casual but not to casual. I decided to keep my tank top on and a white mini skirt with just a small white thong underneath. I burrowed my brother’s pickup and drove to Tammy’s party.

When I got there, I noticed there were only 15 people and most were women. Most were paired up and dancing. I noticed that Tammy wasn’t there and that her sleazy boy-friend was with someone else. I decided to check the rest of the house.

I came to what I guessed was her room. Someone was crying in the room. I opened the door and saw Tammy lying on the bed crying. I closed the door as I walked over to the bed. She wore what she was wearing earlier today. As I closed in on the bed, she turned to face me.

“What’s wrong Tam?” I said softly.

“Its Josh, he’s such a jerk,” came her reply.

“I noticed; it seems like all men just want to take and take until they’ve had what they wanted and move on to the next girl.” I sat next to her on the bed, pulling her long red hair out of her face and wiping the tears away.

She gave me a hug while she was rebuilding her composure and said “Oh baby, you’re so right!” As she parted, her blue eyes stared into mine and I melted. She began to kiss me. Her tongue pierced my lips and dancing with mine. I let out a soft moan as her hand started moving around my body. She started playing with my erect nipples, twisting them and pulling them. I was starting to get wet. I started playing with her nipples with my right hand as my left slowly slid down to her thighs.

She broke the kiss and said in a soft voice “oh Berdine, I’ve always wanted you all this time ever since we first met.”

“I’ve wanted mutlukent escort you for a long time, honey.” Was all I could say.

She gave me a smile then pulled my tank top over my head revealing my erect nipples. She bent down and started to suck on my nipples. One of her hands was on my other breast playing with my nipple while the other went in between my thighs. I moaned softly in her ear.

“OOOOOH Tammy, that feels so good”

She broke of my breast and looked up and said, “Don’t worry darling, its going to get much better.” With that, she moved her hand to my mound. “I see someone is already soaking.”

She pushed my mini skirt up to my waist and pushed my thong to the side as I spread my legs. She gave me a quick glance and pushed me on to my back.

“Ooh shaven smooth, I like that”

She put her middle finger deep in to my dripping pussy. I moaned with delight. She then put in a second as she started to lick my erect clit. I put my hands in her hair and pushed her into my mound.

“OOOH yes Tammy, fuck me, suck me!”

My breathing quickened as she kept going. I could feel that I was coming to a climax as she kept going. I thrusted my hips into her face, wanting her to go deeper. She did. My pussy tightened around her fingers which were all the way in me and found my G-spot as I had my orgasm.

“OOOH Tammy that feels sooooooo good.”

I stiffened as my juices went all over her hands and face. She was licking up my juices. Her face and hand glistened with my juices as she kept going. I had orgasm after orgasm until I could have no more.

“Please darling, stop, I can’t take anymore.”

She stopped and lay next to me as I sucked her finger. I never thought I tasted so good. When I finished, we lay there kissing. I slowly moved my hands down her body as our tongue’s danced. My hands started to play with her erect nipples; pulling them, twisting them through her tank top. She moaned into my mouth as I moved one of otele gelen escort my hands slowly down her stomach then in between her thighs. She began to spread her legs a bit. I could feel that she was soaked as I caressed the inside of her thighs. I broke the kiss and gave her a smile.

I whispered in her ear “time to repay the favour.”

With that, she gave me a grin and we removed her tank top and her jeans. I gave her a kiss and then began kissing her neck and slowly moving down to erect nipples. I began to suck on her breasts, licking and chewing her nipple while my hand played with the other.

She gave a soft moan as I started to kiss my way down her stomach, my hands still playing with her breasts. As I reached her thighs I undid the lace on her thong and spread her legs wide to see her shaven mound. I flicked my tongue over her erect clit and began teasing her as I ran my tongue over pussy. She moaned again.

“Please Berdine, please make me cum, I want to so much, please!”

That was all the incentive I needed. I pushed one finger in her wet pussy while I licked her clit. She moaned even louder and put her hands in my hair. I put in two fingers as I continued to lick her swollen clit. She started to grind her hips into my face. I switched hands and inserted a finger into her brown pucker. I pushed my finger all the way to the knuckle and she moaned.

“OOOH Berdine that feels soooooooo good.”

I continued to fuck her holes and I could feel that she was nearing her climax. I could hear her breathing getting ragged as she ground her hips into my face. Her pussy began spasming around my fingers as I pushed them deep into her, searching for her G-spot. Her juices started to flow as I found it.

“Berdine, fuck me Berdine, fuck me like the slut you are!”

Slut eh? Well I’ll show her. Her nectar tasted soooo good; I tried to mop up every bit. My face glistened with her juices as I continued to suck her clit and fuck her holes. Her orgasms kept coming as I fucked her. I finally stopped when I thought she had enough.

I got up and lay next to her. I let her suck the juices of my fingers as I began to play with her breasts. We kissed passionately, our tongues connected. We kept on kissing for awhile.

Tammy broke the kiss and got up. She walked over to her bathroom and motioned for me to join her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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