Team Work

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Big Tits

It was late in the day on a Friday evening and everyone at the law firm had seemingly gone home. I only stayed to catch up on a few projects that I could never seem to quit find the time to complete.

At about 8:30 or so, I stepped into the hallway to use the men’s room. While washing my hands, I heard the door to the office close. I assumed it was the cleaning crew and didn’t pay it much attention.

However, on my way back to my desk, I noticed a light on in one of the other attorneys’ offices. Confused, I slowly and silently approached the office. As I reached the door, I could see that my paralegal, Heather, was furiously hammering away at the keyboard. I gave a friendly “hey there” which caused her to whip around in a startled panic. Her face was bright red and her face was clearly upset.

“Oh god,” she responded.

“Not happy to see me?” I replied.

Heather and I had worked together for several years. She was around 35, married with a couple kids. For whatever reason, ever since the day I laid eyes in her, I couldn’t help but picture her naked in my head. Heather had natural red hair, soft, pale white skin, perky tits and a nice, plump ass. She always dressed professionally, but every now and then, usually on a Friday when she planned to have a few drinks at happy hour, she’d wear a skimpy, low cut short dress. Usually her underwear line showed through the tight fabric on her ass, which always drove me wild. Today had been just such a day, and as I saw her leave to head home at 5, I couldn’t help but wish I was the one she was going home to fuck.

“It’s not that,” she said, “I just didn’t expect anyone to be here, that’s all.”

“I didn’t either. What are you doing back so late?” I asked.

Almost immediately, she burst into tears. She rambled on about a huge project that had to be turned in by midnight to our corporate offices that she had completely forgotten about. It was almost 9 already and she felt there was no way she could possibly get it done.

I leaned in to comfort her, her still seated in her chair, and she buried her face in my stomach, just above my groin, crying into my shirt. As I looked down at her gorgeous red hair, I couldn’t help but realize I had a realistic view of what she’d look like sucking my now awakening cock.

She continued crying until I volunteered to help her. We broke the project into two pieces and went to work. Lo and behold, at 11:58 pm, the finished assignment was emailed to corporate. After watching her push send, I told her good night and she thanked me profusely. I returned to my office to collect my things.

As I was sitting behind my desk shutting down my computer, Heather walked into my office. “I really don’t know how to thank you. You just saved my job. my career really. I owe you one. “

Laughing it off, I said “it’s nothing, really. I’m happy to help. You’re a great paralegal and I’ve always felt that we’ve had a great bond, I couldn’t possibly stand to see you fired.”

But she persisted, “You have to let me repay you. Anything. Your wish is my command.” It was almost imperceptible, but the way she lightly flicked her top lip with her tongue, I sensed a bit of flirtatiousness yenibosna escort in her voice.

Being one of her supervisors, I had to play it off. Jokingly and with a playful smile, I said “Anything huh? Surely you don’t mean that.”

She took a small step forward, put her hands on my desk and leaned forward. “You. Just. Saved. My. Job. . . Anything.”

“Now, Heather,” I responded, “it’s late and you’re going to cause me to say something that’ll get me in trouble.”

She said “I’ll tell you what. Let’s do it this way. I will give you one wish. Whatever you say, I’ll do. Anything. Anything in the world. If it’s too far, I promise you I won’t breath a word of it to anybody. Look at it this way. I just totally screwed up and should have been fired. If I say anything, you can rat me out and I’ll get fired. Believe me, I won’t talk.”

She had a point. She had made several mistakes lately and this latest blunder, even though we were able to correct it, would cost her her job.

“Ok,” I said. I took a deep breath and said, trying not to push things too far, “I’m going to regret this, but ever since we’ve met, I have been dying just to kiss you.”

“Kiss me?” she said with a slightly disgusted look.

Panicking, I tried to backtrack. “Haha, I’m just kidding. gotcha.” “You weren’t kidding” came the response. “I wasn’t offended, but ‘kiss me?’ That’s the best you got? I told you you could ask me for anything and you ask for a god damn kiss? That’s weak.” Heather was always a bit tough. She sat down at the chair across from my desk, and slowly crossed her gorgeous, white legs. As she did so, her dress fell slightly towards her hips, exposing her thigh almost up to her ass.

Ok, it was now or never. “Ok, ok, fine. Listen, since the very first time we met, I’m not sure what it was or why . . . but . . . I’ve just always wanted to see you naked.”

“Naked?” She said. The look on her face was somewhere between excited and surprised. “But I’m an old woman. I’m way older than you, why would you want to see me naked?”

“I just think your body is amazing and I can only imagine what it would look.”

“Well, I did say anything” she said, biting her upper lip as a small smile crossed her face and she gave a glance out of my office door. I could tell she was nervous, but she slowly stood up and closed and locked my office door.

Still facing the door, she slowly removed the dress strap from her left shoulder, then slowly removed the strap on the right. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” she mumbled.

Her dress dropped to the floor. She was wearing a black bra and matching black silk panties, which were pulled tight across her plump ass cheeks. Stepping out of the dress, she reached back to unstrap her bra and let it fall to the floor as well. She turned around, clearly self-conscious of her figure, which showed her age and her beauty all at the same time.

“Ok, here it is.” she said.

Realizing that I was in control and that she was possibly willing to do whatever I asked, I said “You’re not naked. I said naked.” Her head dropped to the floor and she fidgeted back zeytinburnu escort and forth for a second.

“Well, if I get completely naked, what do I get in return?” she asked bashfully.

“Anything” was my response.

“Ok, I’ll let you take these off of me if you want to” motioning to her panties. I walked across my desk and slip my hands across both of her hips, sliding my fingers below the elastic of her underwear, sliding my hands onto her ass inside of her panties. I slowly slid my hands downward across her gorgeous ass until the panties slid off.”

I could immediately smell her pussy. I stood back, taking in the moment. Her breasts were large, probably C cups, sagging a bit but still fairly perky. Her nipples were puffy and fairly large. As my eyes drifted across her stomach, even though her legs were pressed together, I could see that she was freshly shaved.

We stood just feet apart for what seemed like an eternity. It had gone this far, but I was her boss and she was married. I was hesitant to take it further. Instead, I said “Wow. You are absolutely gorgeous. This was definitely worth staying a few extra hours.”

“Yes, it clearly was. I think seeing me naked is worth much more than 3 hours of work. Now it’s my turn to make demands.”

“Ok” I said. “What’s it going to be?”

Walking forward, she pressed her hand against my rock hard cock. “I want this . . . In my mouth,” she demanded, with a look of passion in her eyes. She unzipped my pants and whipped out my stiff member. Stroking my cock with her left hand, she began trying to unbutton my shirt with her right. Eager to move things along, I helped quickly took off my shirt, undid my belt, and dropped my pants, kicking my shoes off in the process. Now both naked, she pushed me backwards against my desk, and dropped to her knees. She slowly slid her wet tongue across my tight balls, while softly stroking my cock with her hand. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft several times and then slid it in her mouth. She pumped my cock with her gorgeous lips while I ran my hand through that gorgeous red hair.

Feeling my climax build, I thrust my hips forward as my balls tightened. Sensing that I was about to bust, she pulled her mouth off my member and squeezed the tip with her hand. “Not yet” she panted, “I want you to eat my pussy first.”

With that, she walked around my desk and sat down in my leather office chair. She lifted her left leg in the air and put her foot on my desk, exposing her dripping wet, engorged pussy lips. She leaned back and closed her eyes and began rubbing her clit with her middle finger, while I looked on. She dipped her fingers into her wet cunt, then brought them to her mouth tasting her own sweetness. I walked around the desk and leaned over her naked exposed body and slid my tongue in her mouth.

The familiar salty taste of female wetness immediately hit me. Kissing her mouth, then her neck, I lowered myself to my knees. Raising one tit to my mouth, I sucked hard at the nipple, causing her to arch her back and let out a slight moan. I kneaded her other tit in my right hand.

I acıbadem escort slowly worked my mouth across her stomach, licking every inch of her gorgeous skin. I pulled back and kissed her ankle, then her calf, slowly sliding my mouth past her knee, onto her inner thigh. I could smell the musty scent of her pussy s her hand wrapped behind my head and into my hair. She pulled my face in and I buried my mouth on her slit. I worked small circles with my tongue around her clit, feeling her hips rock with pleasure. Soon my tongue was flicking back and forth from her clit to her hole, causing her to buck her hips wildly while pulling the hair on the back of my head.

I lifted her other leg and put my hands behind both of her knees, spreading her pussy wide open. As she began rubbing her breasts and moaning loudly, I pushed her knees back and plunged my tongue deep into her tight snatch. I slid my tongue deep, then rolled and flicked it inside of her. Her thighs tensed and she squeezed her knees, unable to hold back any longer. I felt her insides tighten around my tongue as she screamed “OOOHHHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAA.” Her pussy exploded with cum all over my face and chin.

I let go of her knees and she seemed lost in the moment. She quickly regained her senses and told me to clear off my desk. I did so. Quickly.

She demanded that I lay down and I obliged immediately. She climbed on top of me, hovering her huge ass over my face and again began licking my cock. She licked for a few minutes, then began sucking, softly at first. Soon she began pumping my shaft with her mouth, her lips getting tighter and tighter while I stared at her dripping cunt and tight asshole. Finally, unable to resist, she slid her legs apart and dropped her pussy onto my face. I eagerly pulled her ass cheeks apart with my hands while my tongue probed her pussy and licked her clit, causing her juices to drip like a faucet. She began bucking her hips again while furiously bobbing on my cock. Finally, she lifted her torso and sat back, completely on my face, while I continued to devour her. Sliding her hips back and forth wildly, her pussy rubbing all over my face and mouth, she screamed out again


Exploding in another orgasm she collapsed again into my lap and again began licking and then sucking my dick.

REalizing that this may be my one and only chance to fuck her, I lifted her off of me. I laid her down on the desk, spread eagle and stood in front of her. “Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me hard.” I slid forward and she grabbed my cock and jammed it into her pussy, letting out a deep satisfied grunt. It slid in easily, as she was soaked, but her pussy was nevertheless much tighter than I had expected. I began slowly working my cock inside her. AS the pace quickened, she massaged her gorgeous tits and moaned softly. Sliding my hands behind her knees and spreading her legs wide open, I began pounding her fat pussy with my rock hard cock. She used her right hand to quickly rub her throbbing clit. After a few minutes I felt my cock begin to throb larger and larger. She felt it too. Her pussy tightened around my dick and she sat up and opening her mouth to scream but only gasping

“Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me” until I came deep inside of her and collapsed on top of her.

We laid there for a few minutes before she said “I should go.” She left and not before pulling me close and sliding her tongue in my mouth with a kiss and saying “We should do that again . . ” and walking out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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