The Affair

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The affair began one day with a conversation on the Internet. We had met in one of those sites that specialize in married people. The site was for those that were unhappy, or at least unfulfilled in their personnel or sexual life as they sought someone else to fill the needs they had.

My story was one of loneliness. My wife left for long periods of time, going to exotic places. I stayed at home with the kids and the laundry. When my wife was at home, sex wasn’t part of the equation much anymore. After 20 plus years, two kids, and menopause about to happen, the feelings of sexuality got left behind the feelings of exhaustion. She didn’t notice the neglect she was giving me; only that I rarely touched her anymore, which seemed fine most of the time.

The woman I met was just as lonely, just as isolated. She rarely got a touch, a kiss, or a hug from her husband, He usually was asleep by the time she came to bed. Most of the time it was the alcohol he drank each night, and then when they did make love, it was over before she even got stimulated it seemed. After awhile, she thought why bother at all.

We began to talk via email. I was interested in her, and she seemed interested in me. I wanted to meet right away, but she held off until she was sure I wasn’t a pervert that would do something strange or worse, harmful to her if we met.

The day arrived for us to meet. She dressed in a plain shirt, and jeans, with little makeup. She didn’t know why, but she felt maybe it was safer that way, not to look too anxious or sexual. I was nervous and couldn’t sleep the night before. I arrived at the McDonald’s a half hour early. I’d gotten out at least twice to go piss, hoping I’d get back to the truck before she came. We had agreed to meet inside so each of us could not see what the other drove. I told her I would sit in the first booth on the right as you walk in the door.

It was time. I got out of the truck, and locked the door. I was so nervous, I did not notice I left the keys in the ignition with the engine running.

I walked in the door, and turned right. There was a woman sitting in the booth. I wondered, ‘Is it her?” Maybe, but she was a little different than the picture she had sent me. In the pictures, she had on a summer dress, more makeup and looked a little younger. I walked over to the booth.

“Hello there” she said, “I’m Molly and held out her hand.”

I sat down in the booth across from her. The conversation was strained at first, but we managed to laugh at each other’s joke or two, and finally I asked,

“Would you like to go for a walk? There’s a park right down the street!”

Molly agreed, and we went out to my truck, şehitkamil escort forgetting the agreement we had not to know what the other drove. I noticed the door locked, and the engine running, and looked at her kind of embarrassed. I told her I was nervous, and Molly smiled at my honesty. I opened the door with my spare key, and before I could say anything, she was beside me.

Molly said, “Can I sit next to you?” as she moved her hand to my wrist, almost touching my crotch.

I said of course, as I noticed her smile, and glanced down her shirt where I could almost see her nipples through the bra. I noticed I had a little trouble getting in the cab because of the now bulging form beneath my zipper.

Molly smiled at me as she brushed her hair back and put on her seat belt. Those nipples and breasts were right there again, and I wondered if she had unbuttoned a button or two? I put the transmission in drive and drove off as she touched my leg. I pulled out on to the street and headed down the block to the park, and put my hand down and wrapped my fingers around hers. She smelled good in the enclosed cab of the truck.

We got out together at the park and started to walk down the path around the lake. I put my arm around her waist and almost instinctively Molly looked at me, smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We walked slowly around the lake, smiling, flirting, and kissing lightly. We sat on the park bench, and I pulled her to me and kissed her harder now. She responded with a deep, French kiss. We almost forgot where we were as we touched each other. I ran my hands over her breasts, and down her sides as she started to pull, and rub at my crotch. Our kissing got more aggressive, more animated, and more erotic.

I suddenly pulled back, and whispered in her ear as I nibbled on an earlobe.

“Did you mean what you said in one of your emails that you liked sex when it was somewhat forced?”

She smiled and said, “As long as you don’t hurt me!”

I told her to tell me when it was too hard or rough, or she wanted to stop, and she said she would.

I looked her in the eyes, and said “Come with me then.”

I led her into one of the outdoor racquetball courts. I shut the door, and then pushed her back against the wall. My hands were all over her now, more aggressive then before. My kissing was passionate, my tongue probed deep for hers. She was wild with anticipation as I pulled her shirt out of her pants, and almost ripped the buttons apart. My hands found her bra, and I pushed it up to expose her hard, erect nipples to the cool air. I grabbed one nipple and pinched it, and then stuck it in my mouth. I knew she was excited as my tongue was going around and around each nipple, and my hands made their way down her stomach and unbuttoned her pants.

She probably thought about telling me no, but the words couldn’t get out of her mouth. All that came out was a slight moan as my teeth bit lightly down on her nipple and my fingers found her wet cunt.

I worked fast now, pulling her panties down to her angles as I kissed my way down her stomach. She grasped as my tongue found her wet pussy, and she squirmed when my tongue entered her. I spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers and probed her with my tongue. Her eyes started to glaze over as she barely managed to stand there and let me make work of her flesh.

I straightened up about the time Molly thought she would squirt all over my face, and my stiff hard cock entered her. She barely had time to wrap her legs around my back as I thrust myself deep into her, pounding and working her pussy like she wanted and needed, but never got from her husband. She exploded before she knew it was coming, the orgasm sending ripples through her body. She could hardly hang on to my back and her legs felt weak. I stopped and stared into her eyes, and smiled.

“Have you ever tasted your own love juices,” I asked.

Molly shook her head and I’m sure she wondered what was next. I pulled out of her, and let her go. She barely could stand, but it didn’t matter any longer as I took her by the shoulder, and pushed her down on her knees. She couldn’t believe what I wanted her to do, but she licked at the wet juices that now covered my cock. I was very hard, and stiff, and she licked at it carefully at first.

She told me it tasted salty, and sweet at the same time, a mixture of my cock and her juices. She decided it wasn’t so bad, so she put my cock in her mouth and swallowed pre-cum and juice as she took it all in. She started to rub my balls as I pushed and pulled on her hair as she fucked my cock with her mouth. Cum oozed out of her lips as she got into the rhythm and the desire to give me the pleasures I had given her.

She stroked my balls with her fingernails and played with the top of my cock with her tongue. She could barely hear my moans above the wind and the muffled laughter of the children from outside the court. Molly wondered what they would do if they knew the erotic scene that played out just inside these walls.

I stopped my thrusts suddenly and grabbed her hair harder. She could taste more of my pre-cum now, and she suddenly wanted to taste the hot juices down the back of her throat. She pumped her mouth harder against my shaft and suddenly her mouth and throat were filled with my juice as my cock pulsated against her lips. She let it all shoot into her mouth, filling it with hot, salty cum. She swallowed, and then licked the head of my cock as she pulled away from me.

She thought we were done, but I pulled her up, kissed her hard, and then told her to turn around and grab the wall. She bent over as I pushed her down into position. My fingers found her wet pussy again, and I rubbed it with one hand as my other began to rub her nipple and breast. She reached down between her legs and grabbed my slightly limp member. She rubbed my balls and my cock and wondered if I would get hard enough to enter her again. To her surprise I did, and I thrust my cock in to her in what seemed like no time. She turned and faced the floor, her hands against the cinder block wall as she felt my cock begins to work inside her again.

Finally after a few thrusts she spread her legs apart a little more to get a better position. There, I found it, her G-spot. Molly threw her head back and closed her eyes to the feeling she was having. I worked her hard now, knowing I had touched the spot that made her feel good. She rocked with pleasure against my thrusts, letting her hips sway with my motion to better let me get deep and touch her zone.

I rocked her hard as she grabbed the wall with her fingers until they almost bled. The orgasm rose slowly in her at first, then it came over her like a freight train going down the tracks. She let it come on fast as she enjoyed it, this pleasure with a man that she had only met. She wanted it to last; and she grabbed harder now to make sure I was on the place that felt so good.

She shook with pleasure, and her knees buckled under her. I grabbed her around the waist to keep her from falling to the floor. I twisted her around now, as she held on tight to my chest. Her breathing was rapid at first; her throat was dry from the heavy breathing. I held her tight and kissed her neck. She nuzzled against my neck and shoulder, and didn’t want to let go…ever.

Molly knew it would be over sometime, but she said she wanted to smell my body next to hers, and feel her nipples and breasts against my chest.

She wrapped one of her naked legs around mine, her wet sticky pubic hair against my leg. She said, “I hope you don’t mind”, as my warm naked leg felt good against her swollen cunt.

We held each other for a long time, and finally she looked at me and smiled. I looked at her, and kissed her lips, not caring that I could taste the sex from both of us. I just knew I wanted her again. I wanted her here, and in my bed. I hoped she would agree to meet again, and I hoped that I hadn’t been too rough or crazy with her.

I looked into her eyes, and her smile told me all I wanted to know.

She wanted me again, just as much as I wanted her…

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