The Cabin

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We make our way through the rolling hills, down the valley following a shallow stream towards our destination. As I negotiate our 4WD along the rough tracks, you have your hand resting on my thigh, you look over at me, a grin coming across your face, a glint of happiness sneaks out of your eyes, over your sunglasses.

You squeeze my thigh, I look over at you seeing you bite your lower lip, you feel my pulse quicken through your grip on my thigh. You say, I know we’re nearly there, but you deserve a break, how about we pull up over there? By the grove of trees near the stream and I can help you relax a bit. I grin a devilish grin and reply, sounds good to me.

I pull up, turn the car off and undo my seatbelt. I look over at you and you are licking your lips, you reach over and undo my belt, and unzip the fly on my jeans. You reach in and grab my ever hardening cock. You free him and start jerking it up and down a bit, with pre-cum slowly leaking out, and lubricating over the outside of my cock and your hand. You lean over and take my engorged head into your sweet warm mouth. I let out a deep sigh, close my eyes, and all my muscles relax. You begin to suck on the head, and swirl your tongue around the tip, licking along the eye of my cock. You begin to slide your mouth down my shaft, taking me fully into your mouth. I let out a groan at the pleasure of it all. I grab your pigtails, and entwine my hands in them, and guide your head up and down my cock.

I begin to pull your head up and down my cock faster and faster, the sounds of you slurping, sucking and moaning filling my ears. My cock covered in your saliva. My balls begin to tighten, you work harder now. Wanking and sucking me now. I dig my fingers into your hair, and hold your head down as I begin to ejaculate, you sucking down and swallowing every drop of cum. I groan loudly, silivri escort you keep sucking my spent cock, sucking up every last drop of cum. You lick my cock all over. Collecting the mixture of sweat, cum and saliva. You sit upright, look at me, lick your lips then kiss me. You zip up my fly again and redo my belt. I start the engine, we drive again…

We arrive at our cabin just as sunset hits, we take our luggage and supplies in, and I go out and switch on the LPG tank and generator. I come inside to find you unpacking the groceries, I put kindling in the fireplace and get a fire going. The sunset is short lived and a dark fog descends. Being the middle of winter in the snowy mountains, it’s going to get cold.

You join me on the rug on the floor infront of the fireplace, which is slowly crackling away. The warmth filling the room. You bring down a cheese platter and a bottle of wine and two glasses. I grin, you look at me and say what? I reply, I think I need to rethink my religious beliefs, heaven does exist, and I’ve just arrived. You roll your eyes and playfully punch me in the arm. I pull you over ontop of me, and kiss you deeply…and passionately. I take a deep breath and take in the peachy scent of your bodywash. You roll off me, and begin to slice cheese, I unscrew the bottle of wine, and pour us a glass each.

I wake up in the middle of the night on the floor infront of the now cooling fireplace, with you curled up like a ball next to me. I get up and put more wood on the fire, and grab the doona and pillows off of our bed and bring it back into the loungeroom. I stir you from your sleep from my movement, and give you a pillow, you strip off your clothes, I strip off mine. You curl up against me under the doona, your soft smooth skin against my rough hairy merter escort skin, on the rug. Your head resting on my chest, your legs partially over my own, and your vagina rubbed up against my leg, my arms wrapped around you. You begin to fall asleep again to the steady beat of my heart, and the soft rising and falling of my chest, your soft purring telling me. But my cock stirs against your waist and I have different ideas…

I slide my arms from being around you and begin searching your body, my left arm finding and cupping your smooth ass. And my right arm gliding down your taut midrift. I shift out from underneath you a bit, and slide my right hand towards your pussy. My right hand finds your clit and begins rubbing it. You moan slightly in your sleep but you do not stir. I keep rubbing at it, my left hand now groping and massaging your firm ass. I strum your clit with my right thumb, and finger you with my index finger. Despite being asleep. You are very hot, and dripping wet. As my movements get faster you begin to waken. You roll back over onto me, my left hand still on your ass, my right still firmly on and in your pussy. You then mount me properly and give me a deep kiss.

You then turn 180 degrees and get into a 69 position, you drag the doona over you and I to cover us. I pull your ass into my face and begin to lap at your now glistening wet pussy and suck up your sweet juices. I feel your mouth on my cock and you begin to swallow it whole. I suck on your engorged clit, twirling my tongue around it, I hear your muffled appreciations as you slurp on my cock, lubricating it. I dart my tongue in and out of your hot wet pussy. Your juices are flowing out of you now. I pick you up and forcefully turn you around again, a look of disappointment on your face as you enjoy mecidiyeköy escort sucking and slurping on my rock hard cock. But you grin at what we’re about to do, I position you ontop of my cock, and then you slowly impale your dripping wet pussy on my rock hard member. We both groan in pain and pleasure at the sensation.

You lean down, and kiss me passionately, your big boobs, drooping down, squished against my chest. I grip and grab your ass as you kiss me, and then kiss along my jawline and neckline, while slowly grinding against my pelvis, causing great pleasure to us both with me deep inside you. Both of us overheating now, you sit upright, and chuck the doona away, then reach back and undo your scrunchies and let your hair fall to your sides. You put your hands on my chest, and begin to ride me with a steady rhythm now, your boobs and hair bouncing in time. I reach up your thighs and fondle your boobs and tweak your nipples. You begin to bounce harder now, I rub your clit with one hand and tweak your nipple with the other.

The first wave of your orgasm comes over you, you collapse on my chest as your body gets orgasmic shockwaves. I then lift you off of me and turns you around facing the fireplace on all fours, and push your face into the rug, I line myself up behind your majestic ass, and ram your sopping wet vagina with my iron rod. I grip your waist and pump you hard, my balls slapping against your ass cheeks, your moans muffled by the carpet. I then grab your hair and wind it around my left hand and pull your head up and with my right hand spank your ripe plump ass cheeks as I pump you even faster, your vagina clamping my cock everytime I impale you.

My balls tighten, my cock gets harder, I start groaning as I fill your hot, wet, sweet pussy with my sticky hot seed. You yell out in pain and pleasure as my grip on your hair tightens, and your ass cheeks redden. Both panting we collapse back on the rug, you cuddle up against me, our spent bodies getting cold again, I grab our doona and drag it over us. You purr with the satisfaction of being freshly fucked. My cum leaking out of your pussy down my leg onto the rug. We both pass out from exhaustion and sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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