The Chair (a short story)

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Note from the Author:

This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Please do not copy or repost any part or portion of this work without the author’s permission.

This story contains content of an adult nature. If you are easily offended, please do not continue. Reader discretion is advised.


He curled his finger towards me, beckoning me to him. My heart skipped a beat, my skin warmed up as my inside deliciously tightened. With my heart pounding, I was amazed I could stand. I slowly walked to him, I may have put am extra swing in my hips.

He didn’t smile but his eyes were intense, bright and focused. The tension between us grew, the air was thick with anticipation. He sat comfortably in his chair, never moving. I stopped between his legs and slipped the straps of my dress down my arms. I let the dress slide down my stomach and pool to my feet.

I waited a few beats, letting his eyes küçükçekmece escort take me in, the lacy bra, the matching wisp of thong, the heels that showed off my legs perfectly. His eyes reached mine and I grew even warmer, and my breathing grew heavier. I loved this type of foreplay.

I could feel a soft smile form on my lips. I reached back and unstrap my bra, letting it fall to the floor and then hooked my thumbs around my thong and pushed it off. I closed my eyes for a moment, tilting my head back enjoying the release of the tightness of my bra. The softness of my hair sensitized the back of my skin and tickled the top of my round bottom. I let my hands gently roam my body coming up to cup to the softness of my breast, I tugged my nipples gently enjoy the shock that runs through my body and heightens my sensuality.

I opened my eyes and stare in to the face of a man. He is fully dressed but had taken his manhood out, and it stood straight in command. I grinned and slid on top of him, my legs resting şişli escort on the side of hips. I roll my body against him, enjoying the feel of his hard muscles through the softness of his cotton shirt. I wiggle a bit feeling the roughness of his jeans against the softness of my legs. For now, I ignore the feeling his hardness against me, instead leaning in to smell his scent and run my lips down his jaw. His hands massage down my back, and cup the plumpness of my bottom, holding me firmly against him.

I nip at his collarbone, smiling when I see and feel his pulse speed up, and his breathing grows even heavier. He reaches up my back and curls his hand around my hair and roughly pulls it back and stares in to my eyes. I feel my wetness grow at his familiarity, and he slams his mouth against me, and I love the onslaught. I groan against his mouth as he takes what I freely give and soon I am gasping for air and rubbing myself against his body.

He smacks my bottom and I yelp in surprise and shock. I pull away şirinevler escort looking at him with surprise and he smiles widely, as he cups my bottom lifting me up and roughly slams in to me. I don’t even have time to groan at the stretching of him, he sets a wild pace that I can barely keep up with.

I close my eyes enjoying the heavy feel of my breast pump up in down, the roughness of him entering, withdrawing and then entering again over and over. My skin goes on fire, and my mouth opens to try and catch a breath. I can’t hear over my pounding heart, and I feel the weight of his hand against my buttocks holding me firmly to take him over and over. His other hand pulls on my hair again against the back of my head and I can’t stop the emotion.

For one split second I am calm, so calm I can open my eyes and stare into his. Then I feel my inside try to tighten against his hardness, and my buttocks tighten in anticipation, my toes curl and I start gasping, groaning and whimpering as my heart explodes, and he keeps going on. His eyes boring in to mine, and I feel him thickening and hardening and then he groans so loudly I can hear it over my heart, and he suddenly grabs me against him, and my nipples tighten even more against his shirt, and he pumps in to roughly, groaning his release out, his hands tightly against my skin.

We sit there for a long time, catching our breath, holding each other, so relax we meld together.

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