The Christmas Party

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Christmas Party

Looking around the hotel’s large hall, you have to admit to yourself that your company does at least know how to throw a party.

There must be more than a thousand people here; most of them either queuing at the bar for drinks, or else swaying on the dance floor occupying the centre of the room. Even though it’s early in the evening, you can already see a few people who’ve had more than their fair share of the open bar – or maybe they started before they even got here!

The rest of the room is decorated with red, gold and green streamers, glowing light strips and smaller Christmas trees, whilst an enormous tree stands in one corner of the room, presents scattered haphazardly beneath it. Christmas music pumps out through hidden speakers, and everything smells of pine needles and cinnamon.

You had thought about skipping this event; the week leading up to Christmas was always mental, and you were ready for a rest. Your friend had begged you though, and you didn’t want to let her down. Worst case scenario, at least you’d get some free booze and a chance to get your dance on. Anyway, you’d already chosen your outfit, and you hoped to turn some heads and maybe break your dry spell.

The appreciative glances you were getting seemed to suggest that the outfit was working well, anyway. Red and sparkly, trimmed with white fur (fake, of course), and low cut enough at the front to show off a good few inches of cleavage. A single strand of white pearls at your throat, and red heels beneath black stockings. If this didn’t get you some attention, nothing would!

So many people. You’d be lucky to find your friend in this, much less get to the bar any time soon. Luckily, waiters were circling the room with flutes of champagne; you plucked one off a passing tray and took a swallow. That’s better.

It being a formal occasion, everyone had dressed up to the nines. Most of the men were in dinner jackets or tuxedos, most of the women in dresses of a similar style to your own, either more or less daring; Philippa from Accounts swayed past, her breasts practically falling out of her tight top, clasping the hand of a much younger man who (you were fairly sure) wasn’t her husband. You grinned to yourself, admiring the glorious chaos.

“Enjoying the party?” came a voice from behind you. You turn around to see who was talking to you; Kevin, from IT, although looking very much smarter in a tux than he did in his usual office wear of band name t-shirt and jeans. He grinned at you, taking a sip from his own glass of champagne.

“It’s pretty wild,” you say, smiling. “And the night’s still young!”

Kevin smiles back. “How many people do you think are going to wake up in the morning with some random person and no memory of how they got there?”

“A fair few, I imagine. Lucky them!”

Kevin blinks. “Lucky?”

You look more closely at him. Scrubs up well, you think. “Yes, lucky. At least they’re getting some.” You can’t quite keep the jealous tone out of your voice, and he notices. He takes a step closer, and you can smell his aftershave.

“If that’s what you wanted, why didn’t you just say? A beautiful woman like yourself shouldn’t be going home alone tonight.” He reaches up to brush a strand of your hair out of your eyes. You feel the heat of his gaze as his eyes lock on yours, seeming to peer into your soul.

“Who said anything about going home?” you grin, cheekily. You take hold of his hand. “Come with me. Now.”

You lead Kevin out of the main hall. Glancing around quickly, you spot a few couples making out in the corridor – they don’t notice you, and you soon find a fire exit. You push the bar down, half expecting to hear alarms blaring out, but it must not be active. You pull Kevin outside. Being December, it’s cold, but you know a way to get warmed up in a hurry.

You quickly drop to your knees in front of Kevin, your hands going to his belt, releasing his cock from his trousers. You barely pause for a moment to admire it before taking him in your mouth, eliciting a soft groan. You pull back a moment and look up at him. “Sssshh…” you say, before swallowing his cock again.

Your hand pumps his shaft as you suck him hard and fast. Somehow, he manages to keep his groaning to a minimum as you pleasure him, your tongue flicking around his mushroom head, your red lipstick smearing down his shaft. His hands are in your hair, guiding you to take him deeper and deeper, but mostly he’s letting you set your own pace. Even so, under the onslaught of your talented mouth, he was never going to last all that long. He moans… “Gonna cum if you keep that up much longer…”

You don’t respond, just taking him deeper. You feel his balls tighten, and you know what’s coming next… his cum floods your mouth, jet after jet. You swallow it all down eagerly, then withdraw and lick his shaft clean, looking up at him. “Fuck me…” is all that Kevin can say.

“Oh, I will…” you smile, getting to your feet, steadying taksim escort yourself on his chest. You kiss him for the first time then, making him taste himself on your lips. “Come with me…”

You lead him upstairs to your assigned room.

In the lift on the way upstairs, you deliberately stand in front of Kevin. His hands slip around your waist, his strong fingers tracing circles over your tummy as he leans in to place gentle kisses on your neck and shoulders. You shiver, enjoying the sensation, the anticipation of what the rest of the night holds.

Luckily, nobody else joins you in the lift, and it soon arrives at your floor with a jolt and a ping. The doors slide open and you lead Kevin out into the corridor, walking slightly ahead of him, swaying your hips so that he gets an excellent view of your firm backside. When you reach the door of your room, you take the key card out of your purse and swipe it through the lock before entering.

Before the door has even closed behind you, Kevin is pushing you up against the wall, his lips meeting yours, an open-mouthed kiss full of unrestrained passion, your tongues wrestling. He pushes your dress up to your waist, revealing the lacy tops of your hold-up stockings and the lacy black thong. His hand snakes between your thighs, pushing them apart, and a sudden rush of heat flashes through you as he pulls your thong apart and plunges two fingers deep into your throbbing cunt.

You throw your head back and moan as he expertly fingers you… this guy definitely knows how to handle a woman… and he rains kisses on your neck as he presses you back against the wall. Suddenly he drops to his knees and then his mouth is on your clit, licking, sucking, nibbling, his fingers pushing deeper into you.

You can’t hold back any longer… your moans of pleasure become louder as your first orgasm of the night rushes through you, your juices flooding out to cover Kevin’s face. He doesn’t pause, but he does slow down… and then he’s rising, kissing you… letting you taste yourself, much as he tasted himself earlier on.

“Fuck… you’re delicious…” he tells you.

You smile at him. “Not so bad yourself, lover. Where the fuck does an IT guy learn to eat pussy like that?”

He just grins. “Everyone’s entitled to a few secrets.” His voice turns sterner. “Now, you either take that dress off, or I’ll do it for you.”

You grin back. “Like that, is it?” He nods. You reach under your hair, undoing the row of buttons trailing down from the nape of your neck, then pushing your dress off your shoulders, letting it pool at your feet. You stand before him, naked except for your thong, hold-ups and heels.

“You’re absolutely fucking gorgeous,” Kevin remarks.

“So how do you want me, sir?” you emphasise the last word.

“On the bed. On your knees.” You smile, and slowly climb onto the bed, making sure that Kevin can see the delicious curves of your body, your breasts hanging loose beneath you.

Kevin approaches. He takes off his jacket, swinging it over the back of the room’s single chair, then reaches out to caress your backside. He leans in… trails kisses across your firm bum, then grabs hold of your thong and pulls it down over your hips. It clings for a moment at your crotch, soaked through with your fluids, then comes free. Kevin pulls it down your legs, and you wriggle a little so that he can get it over your knees. He lifts it to his nose and inhales the scent of you, then slips your thong into his pocket. “As a memento,” he grins.

Having pocketed your thong, Kevin reaches out again, his fingers tracing over your skin. He moves slowly, but deliberately, over the curve of your bum, down your leg, around the lacy top of your stocking, then back up your inner thigh. He leans in, kisses your bare skin, each kiss sending a lightning bolt of excitement through you. You close your eyes and moan softly as he explores the delicate folds of your pussy, still so wet from his previous onslaught, his fingers becoming coated in your fluids.

With your eyes closed, all of your other senses are heightened. You hear him undoing his belt. Taking his shoes, socks and trousers off. Taking his time unbuttoning his shirt. The cool air from the air conditioning washes over your skin as you wait for his next move…

You feel him stepping closer. Feel as his hard cock touches your thigh, as he repositions it, pushing it through your folds, lubricating it with your juices… and then it’s sliding into you, oh so slowly. He applies gentle pressure, gripping your hips as he guides himself home, balls deep inside of you.

He lets out a quiet moan as he feels how tightly you fit him. “You feel so fucking good,” he says.

“Not so bad yourself,” you breathe, trying to push yourself back against him, trying somehow to take him even deeper.

He begins slowly, pulling almost all the way back out, before dipping back in. Soon, you find a rhythm topkapı escort and pace that works for both of you, feels so good. Your bodies move together in unison, both of you moaning together; it’s no longer clear who’s meant to be in control, it no longer matters to either of you as his cock ploughs into you again and again and the passion rises between you.

You feel another orgasm coming on, and you ride the wave as Kevin’s moans and groans also rise… “I’m so close…” he lets out.

“Cum in me… fill my pussy… you know you want to…” you pant hard. It’s like the thought pulls him over the edge with you, and he begins bucking against you as his balls empty into you, shooting deep inside you. Your own orgasm flares suddenly and your pussy tightens on his cock, squeezing him dry. He pulls back from you and you turn quickly, taking his cock in your mouth again, tasting your combined fluids as you lick him clean.

“Fuck…” is all he can say to you. “I’ve never known anyone quite like you.”

“Having fun?” you grin, your skin warm with the effort. “If I’d known you could fuck me like this, I wouldn’t have waited nearly so long to give you a try.”

He grins back. “I’ll take that as a compliment. It takes two to tango, though.” He climbs onto the bed beside you, and pulls you into his arms, delivering a soft kiss to your lips. “I need to take a breather… you’ve not quite worn me out, but I’ve not been fucked this well since college.”

You settle into his arms, resting your head on his chest. “The night is still young…”

You didn’t even realise you’d drifted off to sleep until you wake up a couple of hours later, curled up against Kevin’s chest.

It takes you a few moments to remember how you got here; your lips curl up in a smile when you do. Well, you think to yourself, I was hoping to break my dry spell.

Your movements wake Kevin, who mumbles slightly before his eyes open and he sees you there. “Hey there beautiful,” he grins at you, leaning over to kiss you.

“Hey yourself,” you grin back. “Look, I know this isn’t very sexy, but I need to pee.” He laughs as you slip out of bed, padding over to the bathroom on stocking feet. When the bathroom door closes behind you, you do the necessary and then take a look at yourself in the mirror. Your make-up is a bit of a mess; slightly panda-like around the eyes, and there’s not much lipstick left (probably all on Kevin’s cock, you think). Your teeth feel slightly furry, so you brush them and then clean yourself up a bit. Your stockings get tossed in the corner for now.

Naked and slightly more presentable, you take the few steps out of the bathroom and climb back onto the bed. Kevin spreads his arms to gather you up again, and you sit between his legs, body pressed back against his chest and his arms around you, just underneath your breasts. “I still can’t quite believe we did that,” Kevin tells you as you settle against him.

“Any regrets?” you ask, half afraid of what the answer might be.

He grins. “Only that we didn’t do this a whole lot sooner. Think anyone at the party missed us?”

“Probably not,” you smile back. “And if they did, they’ve probably forgotten by now, the way those drinks were flowing.”

Kevin’s hands move to cup your breasts, squeezing gently, fingertips circling your nipples, sending a wave of heat straight through you. “Fuck, you’re good at that,” you tell him, as he continues to tease your nipples, already hard to the touch. He kisses your neck, and you can feel the hard length of his cock against your lower back. You reach behind yourself, wrap your fingers around it, squeeze… Kevin lets out a soft moan in response.

You slowly masturbate him, taking your time, feeling him grow harder in response… smearing pre-cum around the mushroom head of his cock, feeling it pool on your fingers, providing extra lubrication. “Fuck, you’re good at that,” he says, mirroring your earlier comment.

You grin. “I know.” You squeeze his cock harder for a moment. “Think you can manage to fuck me again with that thing?”

He growls in response. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk straight.”

You laugh. “Big words, mister. But, I’ve got to admit, you’ve done a pretty good job so far.” You withdraw your hand, and he grumbles for a moment, until you lift yourself, repositioning, and guide him into you. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding as he slips inside you. You hold the position for a moment, relishing the feeling. You turn your head to look up at him, and smile. “If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll let you fuck my arse.”

The heat in his eyes is obvious as he considers that possibility. “Deal,” he growls. Then he’s lifting you with a strength you didn’t know he had, repositioning you so that he can bury his cock deeper inside you. You couldn’t resist even if you wanted to. In moments, your legs are spread wide, held open by his hands, bouncing on tüyap escort his cock. Every stroke hits exactly the right spot, and you can’t help but moan at the sheer animal passion Kevin is unleashing on you. Kevin moans along with you.

“Fuck me harder,” you demand, and he redoubles his efforts. You reach around to your clit and begin playing with yourself just above where Kevin’s cock is practically splitting you in two.

“Gonna cum soon…” Kevin groans.

“Fuck fuck fuck, me too,” you moan, the combination of your clit play and his cock bringing you to the edge. “Fill me, fill me up, make me yours…”

Kevin groans, all words lost to him as you feel him expand within you, flooding your pussy. For a moment, his rhythm slows, but you clench down on his cock and he keeps fucking you just long enough… your orgasm hits you like a ton of bricks, you arch your back and grip his legs as the pleasure rushes through you.

It takes a few moments before either of you is capable of verbal communication again. “Fuck, I swear that you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever known in my whole life,” Kevin says, quite seriously.

“Good to know,” you grin up at him. You know you’re going to be sore in the morning… but this was totally worth it. “Reckon you’ve got enough in you for one more rodeo?”

Kevin smiles. “I think I can accommodate your needs,” he laughs. “But I’ll need a little while first.” You pout at him. “Look, three times in one night is more than I’ve had since university. It won’t take long though, promise.”

You pout again. “Better not, mister,” you tell him, poking at his chest with a long slender finger. “Or I’ll start without you…!”

“Oh really?” Kevin remarks. “Dare you.”

You growl at him. “Don’t think I won’t.”

He grins, eyes locked on yours. “Double dare you.”

“You asked for it, mister.” You slide across the bed, reaching into the drawer of the bedside cabinet. From inside, you take the small bag you stashed there when you checked in. “This was just in case… well, just in case this didn’t happen.” From it, you pluck out your favourite vibrator, and a small bottle of lube.

Kevin leans back against the pillow. “Go on then… show me what you’ve got.” You poke your tongue out at him, then settle back on the other side of the bed opposite him. Looking into his eyes, you very deliberately lick the end of your vibrator, taking it into your mouth for a moment, sucking at the tip. Kevin grins, watching you intently.

You slowly lower the vibrator, teasing the tip across your body… touching it to your nipples briefly… moving it down over your tummy. You use your other hand to spread your labia, then touch the vibrator to your clit, groaning slightly as the sensation washes over you. “Sometimes I can cum just from doing this…” you moan in a breathy voice. You slide the vibrator over your clit, relaxing into the show you’re giving. All of Kevin’s attention is fixed on you, just as you wanted.

You glance down at his cock; it’s not quite recovered, but there are definite signs of life, it’s twitching. You decide to take things up a notch. “This feels so good… but it’s not like having a real cock buried deep inside me…” you moan, directing the vibrator towards your pussy and pushing it inside, just the tip at first. “Not like having your big fat cock buried deep inside me, Kevin…”

He grins, grabbing hold of his cock and giving it a squeeze. “This old thing?” he laughs. “Keep this up and you’ll be getting your wish soon enough.”

“Oh?” you ask. “Are you going to fuck me with your big fat cock, Kevin? Are you going to fuck my sexy little arse?” Your voice catches a little as you tease your clit with your fingers.

The show is definitely working. Kevin is now almost fully hard, jerking his cock with his hand. “Ohhhh, you just wait, I’m going to be balls deep in your arse real soon now…”

You grin at him. “Better make sure you use plenty of lube, lover boy…” He nods, taking the bottle from beside you, and pours a large dollop into his hand, using it to grease up his cock from head to base, coating it liberally.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” he asks.

You smile. “Not quite, lover boy… I need lubing up too.” It dawns on him what you mean, and his smile widens in response. He repositions himself, and none too roughly flips you over onto your knees. You go with it, not being afraid of a bit of manhandling, but you’re still a little surprised when he spreads your bum cheeks apart and starts eagerly kissing and licking your tight little rosebud. “Fuck…” you moan.

Kevin moans against you, his tongue probing at your anus… then pulls back. “Just looked so tasty,” he explains… then guides a well-lubed finger inside you. Even having experienced this before, there’s still a momentary tightness before you’re able to relax, allowing his finger entry. He coats your anus thoroughly with lube, stretching you a little, adding a second finger, and then, after a few minutes more, a third.

“Did I tell you how much I love having my ass fucked?” you moan.

Kevin laughs. “No, but I’m starting to understand… are you ready now?”

You don’t respond verbally, but by lowering your head and reaching back to spread your cheeks. “I’ll take that as a yes,” Kevin smiles, positioning his cock at your entrance.

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