The Church Harlot Ch. 01

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Sorry that I haven’t written in a while, has been quite a busy and wild life for the last couple of years. My husband John passed away from a massive heart attack some time ago. My children had all since grown, left home and married. So this left me both very distraught and lonely. Fortunately through our church I had quite a circle of friends who offered a strong support group and I received daily visits from couples to console me. In time I got passed my grief and found myself owning a large home but with no income. John had been a businessman and had provided well for us, but with his passing I had only the house and some savings, but no monthly income to pay the bills.

My solution, as you probably gleaned from the title of this story, was to sell my body. I had long ago admitted to myself that I was clearly a nymphomaniac who knew few limits and I had sucked and fucked men pretty much every day for many years now with John’s consent. He knew that he could not provide for me adequately in this department and could see the depths of my needs and desires, and so embraced my being a slut rather than the alternative of simply losing me.

Becoming the church harlot occurred quite naturally actually. As mentioned, many people came to console me during my time of grief. Married couples would often visit, with the men making excuses to visit me again later by themselves. With age my weight had increased a bit, but most of the weight went to my chest. I was now a solid G cup, and I had a hard time keeping these men’s eyes off of my tits. Their wishful glances toward my exposed cleavage filled me with desire and impulsively I would clutch them in a grateful hug that was a bit too tight, a bit too prolonged, a bit too desperate. This then often led to a long shared stare, a brief kiss, a deep kiss, his hands on my breasts and ass and mine on his groin, and then inevitably me on my knees sucking cock and then my laying on the couch with my legs spread wide begging him to fuck me and use me as his new slut.

Word seemed to spread and I received almanbahis more married visitors. Typically the husbands visited alone but sometimes the wives would also visit alone. At the slightest hint that they would enjoy using my body I would eagerly start pleasuring their vagina’s with my mouth and fingers. Single men and women, both young and old, also soon began to fill the entrance to my house. As well couples would visit together, eager to experience a threesome, or a group of young men would show up, shy and reserved, asking if they could use me in a gang bang. I willingly accommodated all requests. Having quickly established myself as the church slut and recognizing my dire straits with regards to needing an income, I contrived a simple plan. I posted a notice on the coat closet door just inside entrance to my house, which read:

“I am a grateful hostess for the wonderful attentions you deliver to me, but am now also a poor widow. To be able to remain in this house and to continue to provide you the services that you have become so fond of and accustomed to, I humbly request that you offer a small token of tribute before you proceed to use me as your submissive and obedient sex toy. Please note requested contribution amounts below, payable in cash into the bowl below this notice.

For the gentlemen:

Blowjobs: $50 — additional $25 to cum in my mouth, another $25 to have me swallow

Tit fucks: $50 – additional $25 to cum on my tits, another $25 to have lick your cum off of my tits

Pussy fuck: $100 — additional $25 to cum in my cunt, another $25 to have me scoop your cum out of my twat with my fingers and to watch lick my fingers clean

Ass fuck: Due to limited availability, $250 — additional $25 to cum in my rectum, another $25 to have me scoop your cum out of my anus with my fingers and to watch me lick my fingers clean

For the Ladies:

Pussy eating: $50 per 15 minutes until you cum

Eating my pussy, finger fucking my pussy, dildo fucking my pussy: FREE — my cunt is available for the almanbahis yeni giriş ladies to play with, use and abuse all they want, any time they want, as much as they want.

And for the couples:

To watch me suck your husband off: $75, includes blowing his load over my face and tits and into my mouth

To watch me fuck your husband’s cock until he cums in my cunt: $100, additional $25 to use your fingers to scoop his cum from my twat and feed it to me

To help your husband stuff his cock into my asshole and to dump his load deep into my rectum: $250. Spanking my ass, slapping my tits and calling me a slut and a whore while helping him ass fuck me: FREE. I have to admit that I love that part so much I would feel too guilty charging for it.

Eating out the wife while her husband bangs me from behind: $100. Includes having me licking up husband’s cum from anywhere on his wife’s body.”

While the reaction of each person or couple visiting was unique, ultimately I lost no patrons through making this request, and in fact my customer base has only continued to rapidly grow ever since. By maintaining myself as the church harlot, I can easily pull in a thousand or more dollars a day, which is more than adequate to maintain my preferred lifestyle. I have an open door policy, in which anyone can walk in and receive gratification at any time, day or night. By day I am available in a negligee on the couch, while by night I am naked in my bed. This does lead to many sleepless nights and interesting situations.

Through the day there is often a line-up of single and married men waiting their turn, all watching intently as their predecessor enjoys stuffing his cock into me. Once I gratify my current customer, the next sonders over and assumes his position. I have even had cases where the gentleman fucking me at the time is cordial enough to offer the waiting line of men to join him and soon I am deep into a heavy gang bang. So without question everyone knows everyone else’s business, but the affairs of individuals almanbahis giriş privacy is generally maintained in the public setting.

Sometimes a woman or a couple is being gratified and as there is no shyness within our ranks, this offers men who are patiently waiting their turn to get to enjoy watching their neighbor’s wife laying naked on the couch getting her cunt eaten out in some intense lesbian action. At other times a husband may offer the sexual services of his naked wife to the next man standing in line while he himself stuffs his dick into me. Initially I was surprised by how many married women enjoyed having their cunt’s eaten by another woman or who willingly let their neighbor or some stranger fuck them while their husband watched on. But then, in reflection, I should actually be the least surprised by such blatant depravity by women.

The more people I meet, the more I have come to the conclusion that while men are pigs and will fuck any cunt they can get hold of, women are the true sluts. Once a woman, any and all women I am convinced, get passed their initial reservations, she will quickly become a true slut, eager to feast upon the cock of any man she finds handsome and charming, taking him willingly into your mouth, between her breasts, in her twat or up her ass, letting him use her body over and over again, as often as he wishes. And the greater the number of men that she is at the disposal of, the happier she will be with her life. Any woman who has four or five cocks that she must continually gratify throughout the week is truly in heaven. And if she happens to be married, and if the husband is open to watching her while she uses her body to pleasures her harem of studs, the more delighted she will be in doing so. Every wife loves to let their husband watch and see what a slut they truly are.

So anyway, with that said, in this series I will post some of the more exciting adventures that I have participated in since becoming the church harlot, which I offer up for your reading amusement and pleasure. In future entries I will continue to update you on both my further adventures, as well as the sexually intense stories disclosed to me by other ladies I have met through the church, often during shared intimacy with them within the relative privacy of my own home/brothel.

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