The Clerk

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Joan was a lover of a great many things, but none so much as a specific two; this thought was pondered as she stood stocking footed in the doorway of her enormous shoe closet. The closet was larger than some kitchens and housed a few hundred pairs of varying styles and colors.

The other love of so great an import to Joan were women, and she eyed two of her own, giggling and fussing within that closet as they selected a pair for her to wear throughout her day.

Other than the identical outfits the two girls wore: a classical French maid look, the two were quite different. Dawn was tall and lissome, blonde and blue eyed. Alicia, however, was a bit shorter and much more curved sporting a wild mane of ebony locks under her maid cap.

Both girls were quite happy of getting out of cleaning for this job of hunting down a pair of shoes for Joan’s day out, as their Mistress was a woman of great affluence, and this was reflected in the many rooms of her sprawling estate. It could be quite a daunting task to keep it neat and tidy, but each girl was allocated a small set of rooms and were not alone in their job.

The two agreed on a pair and flounced back out to the bedroom where Joan awaited them. They had chosen a basic but shiny patent black, with stacked sole and sky-high heel. Strappy and open to show off as much of the silk clad foot as possible. They kneeled and set about to adorning Joan’s feet with the lovely pair.

As they finished and Joan admired her form in the mirror, the two went about their daily tasks. Joan, lips curled in satisfaction slid her hands along the outfit she had chosen for the day’s excursion. The shiny black corsetry gleamed like an insect’s carapace, pushing and lifting her bust up deliciously so that all that creamy flesh was framed by the molded cups. The corset met a filmy flouncy skirt at its bottom, an almost sheer garment streaked in shimmering hues of black and purple, some white to lighten through and through. The flare of the skirt stopped just short of her knees. She had chosen full hose for her day out, but completely seamless in a basic nude, to show off her legs but leave it the creamy flesh tone of her skin.

Satisfied with her reflection, she scooped up her purse and sauntered out to the mezzanine, making her way down to floor level where one of her girls minced forward in front of her anticipating her Mistress’s readiness; moving to open the front door for her.

Her driver, Marissa, looked amazing. Sadly, she was dressed, but even in her prim and proper driving uniform she looked exquisite, perfectly rounded, an impish even wolfish grin under that polished cap. Her grin widened to a smile as she greeted Joan and held open the car door for her. Waiting as she slid into the luxurious cream leather interior, and then sliding in behind the wheel. Easing out of the courtyard with a gentle ride and purr of the engine as she followed the route to her Mistress’s destination.


At noontime, Brooke was alone on shift; her co-worker having left for her lunch hour. Luckily, the shop was quiet at the moment, she had one client browsing through beach sandals, unwilling to accept any assistance in their purchase at this time. So, Brooke had this time to tidy up after previous customers. She was a tall girl of the darkest raven locks. Her eyes of sky blue peering out istanbul travesti from under a ragged fringe.

Her cheeks were slightly flushed, as she was aware of the silky swish of her stockings as she moved about the display area. A furtive glance cast in the direction of the customer, wondering if she too could hear, as the noise seemed deafening.

Those silk clad legs strode from under a short professional grey tweed skirt, her slim bust hidden under the gossamer cream silk of her blouse.

As she straightened up one of the frontline displays, her one customer decided against any selection and drifted out of her life to other shops. The shy clerk found her glance lingering on the woman’s ass as she departed, and her face reddened even further.

She started as she heard the bell of the door ding announcing a new arrival, and what an arrival this was…

The woman was tall with an imperious air about her and yet a sly grin pasted to the lush ruby of her lips. Her bottom half shimmered in dark glimmering gauze and nylon. Her ample torso was constricted within a gleaming black basque that looked almost like fluid…like oil.

The woman laughed lightly in amusement and purred, “You look like you’ve just been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, my dear.”

Brooke paled as well as colored, but to her credit she recovered and composed herself just as swiftly. “Sorry Ma’am, might I be able to help you this afternoon?”

“Why yes, I think you might…”, the woman strode forward bags in arm and squinted at the clerk’s name plate. Laying the bags delicately down in a vacant seat she began to pick through her purchases.

“What I need Brooke is a few pairs of heels to go with my new lingerie ensembles…”, the woman held out a couple of exquisite silk chemises.

Brooke’s eyes alighted upon the fabric, much to her client’s delight, the silken shifts were followed by a few panty and garter sets. They were all so beautiful and alluring that she found herself reaching to touch them, but just as swiftly the woman whisked them away. “Now, what might you have for me?”

Brooke stuttered and flushed again as she excused herself to choose some styles to suit her client’s needs.

Joan’s lips tugged secretly as she spied upon the girl practically stumbling over herself to assist her, though stumbling was an awful word. Despite the girl’s rather obvious embarrassment, her poise and bearing were impeccable. She couldn’t wait to see what this sales specialist brought before her.

The girl brought back five boxes of varying brands, and Joan tingled with excitement to lay her eyes upon their contents, but first held up a finger at Brooke, indicating the one much larger box, “I will not be wanting any boots at this time, I will not try that selection on.”

The girl primly nodded and meandered back through the aisles to replace the box amongst the shelves, taking a few more minutes to peruse and select a fifth style for her client.

“I do hope that some of these will be to your liking, Ma’am,” Brooke stated in a pleasing soft lilt as she invited her client to sit.

Joan watched as the girl dropped to her knees causing her skirt to shimmy ever slightly up her thighs; the press of muscles pushing the silhouette of her garter buckles to stand through the thin fabric. It was all she could do to not lick at her lips as the young clerk rummaged through the tissue protecting each shoe.

Brooke travesti istanbul looked up, pausing at the vision of this beauty sitting before her, and she…she could not stop herself. She moistened her lips before inquiring in her delicious timid voice, “May I, Ma’am?” Her hands were moving towards her client’s feet, gesturing as if to remove Joan’s shoes.

Joan inclined her head to the girl, a delighted smile playing upon her lips. Extending one stiletto clad foot towards her.

Brooke tensed her flesh prickling as she eyed that irresistibly sexy foot, her fingers reaching again very tentatively as if unsure if she was worthy of touching so beautiful a foot. She slipped Joan’s foot free of the shoe with the same swish that accompanied her every step. She could swear that she heard her client issue a satisfied purr upon her touch, which silently electrified her all the more.

She started with a dark black peep-toe pump whose walls were sheer lace panels to match the lace trimmings of each chemise. The woman bobbed her head appreciatively, “Gorgeous…I do not own any such as these as yet…. I’ll take them.”

Joan admired all of the girl’s choice’s noting her wonderful taste in sultry footwear. She planned on taking the first four pairs that were presented to her.

Lastly, she brought up a stunning stiletto of a stark fiery red. The shoe matched one of the panty sets she had been shown and had a slim strap to encircle at the ankle. The cap of the stiletto tip was of a gleaming burnished gold color with a lacy filigree of etchings running along its length which would similarly match the lace overlay along the garter.

Joan issued the softest of gasps as Brooke concentrated on fastening the buckle around her ankle, excited by the girl’s reverent manner at every slight brush of her fingers. She peered down at her and slowly widened the space between her knees, knowing she was affording the young girl a perfect view of the sheer filmy hose clinging to her sex.

At the moment, Brooke’s eyes were still firmly on her task, but eventually her gaze lifted and was caught upon that diaphanous heavenly vee in the dark shadow of Joan’s skirt. “Ohh…” she breathed despite herself. Coloring in quite deeply yet again to the amusement of the beauty sat above her.

The words came to her as if from afar. “Brooke…Brooke…?” The woman was calling her. She looked up seeing her client crook a beckoning finger at her, and then pull at her skirt, lifting that shimmering feathery hem, exposing so much more creamy flesh toned silk and the lovely flush of her pussy.

Brooke bit her lip and knelt there rigid, seemingly not believing the way customer was coming on to her. But the idea of that beautiful sex was locked in her mind…and an invitation no less!

She found herself gingerly sliding forward on her knees, insinuating herself between Joan’s thighs, brushing her cheek along the soft inner flesh, and inhaling softly. She bit her lip yet again and lifted her eyes up under that fringe of black in a demure plea.

Joan simply nodded again in a rather assuming commanding manner accompanied by a further crook of her finger.

That was all Brooke needed to shed her professionalism and press her face against the sheer panel of the hose, inhaling deeper this time, and slowly drawing her tongue along the concealed slit, moistening the fabric and evoking further sighs from the woman. “Mmm…more…. more…”

Brooke istanbul travestileri set about lapping at the woman’s pussy like a thirsty kitten, eager for the musky essence that her client would provide; but more than that, eager for pleasing the demands of the being before her.

She licked continuously until the fancy hose were soaked through and through, and her client’s body had bowed back knocking the display behind her clattering to the floor, her legs spread widely, skirt bunched up round her hips.

Joan grasped the girl’s head and mashed her up against her core, letting out a careless moan to resound round the empty boutique. Her hips wriggling as the clerk’s fingers reached up and peeled her of her nylon encasement, hungry to get at the flesh behind that sheer wall. She practically melted when the girl’s warm tongue speared between the flesh of her lips, digging fervently.

Brooke rolled the sides of her tongue like a scoop, shoveling within the tight confines of the woman’s delicious cunt. Purring in her excitement, quivering in the building of her own heat; her ass lifted, pushing her client back into that chair as she fed upon her delectably delicate parts, feeling the flesh heat up round her as she delved down within her again and again.

Joan was crying out over and over again thrilled by the swiftness by which this girl had brought her, each moan urging the clerk on. Her body quivering exquisitely, fingers clutching the rounded grain of the wooden chair arms, rocking and wriggling feverishly.

Brooke hooked her thumbs within those sweet, flushed labia, pushing her tongue in as deep as she could reach, letting her chin lift so her nose could prod against the excited pearl just above her.

Before long even Joan could no longer hold out against the younger girl’s fervent hunger, finding herself spilling over Brooke’s ready lips.

Brooke groaned as she drank deeply of the woman’s essence, taking her fill, dining upon that nectar scented flesh as her client was coated in her own juices. Swiftly drinking and cleansing the woman of her release.

Both panting from the exertion of their pleasures, Brooke leaned back, repacking the shoes gingerly as she fought to compose herself. Blushing hot as she simply listened to the disheveled beauty taking in gulps of air, she lifted her eyes to the woman, her body hot at the very sight of her.

Slowly, they collected themselves, Joan pulling up her hose carefully, and smoothing her skirt; bending to collect her previous purchases. Brooke set about gingerly settling each shoe back into each box; she then wrapped them in the tissue and piling them to bring them to the counter.

Joan slung her purse over her shoulder and sashayed to the counter where the clerk inquired, “Which of this selection would you like to take, Ma’am?” Her fingers affectionately patted the top box lid.

“All of them, you have quite good taste Brooke..”, the last of which delivered with another secret smile.

Brooke ran up the transaction and brought up a special bag with a longer handle to assist the woman already heavily laden down with items. She came out from behind the counter and walked with the client back towards the boutique door as far as the fallen display from during their passions.

She knelt started to reset the prior presentation, shoes angled perfectly to entice future buyers.

Joan half turned with all her packages and smiled fondly at the little dark-haired creature, “Enjoy the rest of your day, My own. Then come home swiftly, your sisters miss you.”

Brooke cast her glance towards the door and her departing client and smiled brightly, “Thank You Mistress.”

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