The Company Party

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She looked around the room, feeling out of place, a stranger. Not sure why she had come, she got a drink at the makeshift bar. She had only been with the firm for 6 weeks. She barely knew anyone, had never even met the partner she was hired to assist. Drink in hand, she turned to face the room again, looking for a familiar face and not finding one.

A chair opened up and she scooted over to it and sat down. After taking a sip, she looked up and saw him. Tall, well built and with rugged good looks, he was looking at her, hungrily. The desire was all over his face and she felt naked before him. The instant reaction of her own body to his stare startled her. She had been alone for a while now, and her sex drive had been the least of her worries. Her new job had taken all of her time and energy. She looked down, convinced that he had to be looking at someone else. No one had looked at her like that in a very long time. After a minute she looked up again, but he wasn’t there. He must have taken her downcast eyes as disinterest. She sighed with both relief and regret.

Later, after a few too many drinks and inane chit chat, she finally deemed it safe to leave without ruffling feathers. Finding her coat in the small bedroom was difficult anadolu yakası escort – the room did not have a ceiling light and the lamp was a dim 15 watts with a dark shade. Of course, hers was one black coat in a sea of black coats.

Digging through the coats, she felt a presence behind her right before a hand covered her mouth. She could see that the door had been closed. He whispered in her ear for her to just relax, that he wouldn’t hurt her, but that she was going to be his. Now. And that she would enjoy it too. She thought she should scream, or try to anyway, then he reached under her dress and found her pussy. With his fingers moving expertly, she was soon wet. She could feel his rock hard cock against her hip. The drinks, her earlier arousal, and the knowledge that she was trapped, tore down her inhibitions. At his command, she reached behind her to rub that hardness. Her need was as real as his.

Turning her around, he replaced his hand with his mouth and devoured her with a deep kiss all the while pulling her closer and slipping his hand inside her panties. Frustrated with the wisp of lace, he pulled away long enough to pull them down to her knees. atalar escort She sat down on the bed, kicked off her panties and tried to undo his belt but fumbled it. In seconds he had it undone and had released his engorged cock, allowing it to spring forward in her face. Taking her cue, she grabbed the shaft and brought him to her mouth. She attacked with enthusiasm and sucked and licked his cock with some skill, catching the pre-cum on her tongue as she looked up at him. That look was all it took. With a growl, he stood her up and turned her around.

He told her to bend over. Spreading her legs with his feet, he ran one hand over her round ass while stroking the cleft of her pussy with the other. Hearing her moan, he then guided his cock into her waiting moist cunt. He entered slowly, deliberately, and to the balls. Holding her hips, he waited a beat and then started to stroke – slowly at first, then increasing his tempo. He felt her responding, rocking back onto his cock. He reached forward and brought her arms up behind her back, pushing her head down into the coats, he fucked her harder, faster. Her moans became louder with each thrust, he could feel himself nearing the ataşehir escort point of no return. Releasing her right arm, he tells her to finger her clit and she obeys, bringing herself closer to orgasm. This only encourages him to pound her harder. He is very close when he feels her shudder and buck and with that he explodes into her, feeling her muscles contracting around him.

She feels him cum deep and hard, her own orgasm an explosion of sensations leaving her weak and out of breath. With his final spasm, he falls forward onto her back, still inside her, they both feel his cum and her juices running down her thighs. He withdraws slowly, and she shudders one final time. Pushing himself into a standing position, he tucks himself away and zips up. He helps her pull up her panties and pull down her dress. The tops of her stockings are wet, soaked with cum but she didn’t care.

Finding her coat, they left the small bedroom. As she headed for the door, she turned to him to ask his name, but he wasn’t there. Looking all around, she was puzzled and a little disappointed. Turning towards the door to leave, she ran right into his chest.

Smiling, he turns to the man next to him with raised eyebrows. “This is our newest employee, Jim. She’ll be working directly for you. Janice, this is Jim Thomas, one of the partners. He’s been in Europe, as you know, but starting first thing Monday, you’ll be reporting directly to him and I’m sure you two will get better acquainted.”

“Nice to meet you Janice. I’m sure we’ll work very well together.”

Janice just smiled. “Yes, I’m sure we will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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