The Curvy Conductor

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“Town, town, Commercial!” Her voice sounded too smooth and refined to be touting for passengers on a matatu. In the pre-dawn light, I could barely make out the shapes around me. The temporary stalls, made of sticks and cutoffs, stood forlonly in untidy rows beside the road, and next to the bus stop. On the other side of the road, at the stop for vehicles coming from town, I could hear the loud voices of touts, almost more clearly than the woman’s. She came to where I was standing. “Are you going to town, boss?” She sounded as if it would please her very much.

“How much are you charging?” Her hand was laid gently on my upper arm, her breast brushing against me, and her body exerting a gentle pressure towards the door of her vehicle.

“Special for you chairman. Fifty bob,” she said, almost respectfully. I allowed myself to be led.

As I climbed on, she turned to call out to other customers. I couldn’t help noticing her narrow waist, flaring out to wide hips tightly encased in her dark red trouser. Her head was smothered in a woolen hat, but sharp, intelligent eyes looked out onto the world, shaded by thick lashes. I almost wanted to tell her she was unfitted for such work. At the next stop she called out in her too-melodious voice. Still, people came into her matatu, even when there were others calling out in strident male voices.

We moved on towards the next stop. As she came to collect my fare her tap on my shoulder was almost tender. Not that it was hesitant or timid, but it lacked the usual abrasiveness of matatu conductors. When she turned so that I could view her from the side, I could see her groin, with her pubis showing plainly as a samosa of flesh, from which thighs curved smoothly down towards her knees, showing their very pleasing thickness. Her bum was well-filled out and rounded. I could not help wondering how such an attractive woman kept conductors, drivers, touts and passengers at bay; she must field too many passes at her, for any normal human to bear. Her beauty seemed to me to belong to salons or possibly a supermarket attendant, yet she seemed blissfully unaware of how she affected the male psyche. Maybe she had become so used to being pestered by men who recognised her attractiveness, but were not really interested in her.

As the journey progressed, I watched her constantly, without ogling her directly. When, after Westlands she had collected all the fares, she sat in her seat near the door. I tried to turn in such a way that I could see her, without making myself obvious. Her thighs, pressed against the seat now seemed to be wider than before, but only because of being flattened. She sat with her hands in her lap, as if she were in a Catholic shrine rather than public transport. The fingers were smooth, tapering to neatly kept nails. What was this woman doing living the rough life, I wondered not for the first time.

Despite what I was pleased to call my discretion, she caught me admiring her charms. If she didn’t have a facemask, I fancied I would have seen her smile, but her eyes brightened noticeably. I too smiled behind my mask, as I averted my eyes.

In town the vehicle turned into the terminus and she stood to open the door. As the driver slowed behind the others, some passengers jumped off, while she swung her body expertly out of the way, without getting off. I neared the door with my phone in hand, the new contact screen open. By now the driver had stopped, and she stood beside the door. She eyed me doubtfully but then slowly took it from my hand and punched in her number and name – Edith. I took it back from her, lifted my eyes to hers and then made a kissing gesture onto the phone, before pocketing it and walking off, getting lost in the crowds.

In the office, images of her kept coming to my mind, but I fought to keep my discipline and not call her before the afternoon, letting her curiosity build. After lunch I dialled the number.

As soon as she answered I said, “Hello Edith! This is the man in blue suit to whom you gave your number this morning. My name is Robert.”

“I thought you would never call.”

I was not going to let her doubts interfere. “I will not only call again, çekmeköy escort but I want to meet you away from your work. I will let you know tomorrow evening when and where.”

She made a sound like a choke but I could not be sure as she was in the midst of traffic, whose noise flooded her microphone. “Ok,” was all she said.

As soon as I got home the following evening, I guessed that her vehicle would be going into parking at around 9:30, making it the best time to call her. “Hello Edith!”

“Hello Robert!” she sounded a bit out of breath. Instead of asking the reason, I assumed she was excited about my calling her.

“How was your day?”

“It was not bad. How about yours?” She still sounded excited.

“I promised to confirm today where we will meet. Come to Tai’s Chicken Inn Kikuyu at 6:30pm on Friday. Drop everything, and if you have to report sick do so.” My voice brooked no argument and I was betting that none of the men who wooed her would take her to a place like Tai’s. She probably had never been there.

There was a silence at the other end of the line for a second. “OK, I will try.” Her voice sounded a bit doubtful, but there was curiosity in her tone as well.

“There is no trying. Only doing. Good night, my dear Edith! Bye!”

“Good night. Bye.” It felt as if she expected more from that phone call but did not know how to prolong it.

I was a bit on edge the next day at work and even made a slight error. I was surprised at myself. But then I reflected that some time ago, I was weaker and would have called her, or sent an SMS. I kept distance even the following day, allowing her curiosity to reach a peak, and also to maintain the image of a man who was busy doing something with his life, and not staring at the phone all day waiting for her reply. I did send a confirmation message on that Thursday. “I will be at Tai’s a little before time 2moro.” She replied in confirmation and I let that be the last message between us.

On the Friday, I resisted contacting her, even though my old nature clamoured to hear from her, or just make some form of contact with her. But I stuck to my guns, keeping her on tenterhooks so that she would meet with me driven by her own curiosity rather than my persuading her.

The restaurant specialized in chicken dishes, served with a wide range of accompaniments. “You select the food for us,” she conceded, further confirming she was unused to this kind of environment. We talked as we waited to be served and as we ate.

“This government made so many promises during the election campaigns that they never fulfilled,” she complained.

“Are there any that affect you directly?” I asked.

“I cannot find a job in the industry I trained for.”

“Which is?”

“Tourism.” I stared at her for a moment. No wonder she had seemed ill-fitted to the matatu trade from the start!

“You’re doing the same thing only the tours are shorter and you do it with locals,” trying to make matters a little lighter.

She rewarded me with a laugh.

The following week I had another meal with her before inviting her to my place one evening. I bought chicken pieces which I told her we would cook together. They would go with ugali and greens. She was quite a good cook so that our meal was very good.

“How did you feel comfortable inviting me to your house like this?”

“You can be sure that if you had been the usual matatu conductor I would never have dared.”

She narrowed her eyes at me. “Am I different from others?”

I now told her of the early morning when she had herded me into her matatu using her breasts. She lunged at me with a friendly punch which failed to connect. “Seriously, the first thing to hit me was the quality of your voice. It is too refined for touting work.”

“Haven’t I been told that countless times? In fact I am ridiculed almost daily. Yet I fill my seats just as well as, if not better than, the men conductors.”

“Have those flatterers told you that you should be somewhere else?”

“Yeah, but not where. I am the one who could have told them. Speaking of different, cevizli escort I have never met anybody like you…”

“Without what?” I cut in.

She gave me a look. “You will not let me say my piece.” Her mock severity brought a laugh to my throat. “I caught you looking at me when I sat, but thought you were just like countless men throughout the day who ogle at me in lust.”

“How do you know I am lacking in lust, especially for you?”

Another ill-aimed punch went past my shoulder. “That moment when you passed your phone demanding that I give you my number. I wanted to refuse but was unable to. I reasoned that after all even if you called I didn’t have to take it.”

“All morning I was itching to call you, but I knew you were on the road, with your vehicle full, or trying to get it to be.”

“When we got back to Kikuyu there was a whole half an hour while it filled. I imagined you would call at that time. The stage touts were calling out to passengers, letting my voice rest?

“Actually that voice was one part of why I decided to take yours. Maybe others had the same response to that voice.”

At these words her lips trembled with emotion. “You make me sound somewhat special. I really am not!”

“Your beauty is the reason we are here this evening. I wanted to admire you from up close.” I lay my hand on her cheek, stroking softly.

“Oh Robert! What are you doing to my heart?” She did not really sound puzzled, but rather sounded eager for more of what I was doing to her body.

Suddenly I stood up from my chair and moved behind hers. I held her shoulders and caressed them gently. Her hands moved to join mine. She caressed my hands yet not hindering me in any way. I moved to her neck, fondling softly.

She moaned softly, “That is so nice!” I took the liberty to descend towards the tops of her breasts, but she did not stop me. I squeezed her shoulders in a mock-massage. “Yeah, attack that tiredness and stiffness.” I massaged her more in earnest for a few minutes, while she lay back in the chair. I moved locus to her full cheeks, pressing gently. She was now fully relaxed, enjoying my hands on her body, a promise of what I was going to doing to her sexual bits later on, though she could not know that. Perhaps she longed for me to move on to more sensitive areas.

I bent over and kissed the side of her neck, feeling her body stiffening in surprise. I kissed her cheek. “Aah, Robert, you are a witch!” I kissed her again and again, raising her temperature higher. My hands arrived at the sides of her breasts. I could bet no conductor or driver had taken her on such a slow and deliberate journey. They probably rushed like the matatus they worked with daily. Her head lay against my chest. It was time to move the theatre of war.

I inserted my arms under her armpits and lifted her to her feet. Turning her to face me, I kissed her full on the lips. This caused her to seem to sink to her knees, but she held up bravely under my assault. I led her to my room, trying to walk in step with her, while holding her by the waist. I kicked the bedroom door closed, then kissed her tenderly. I unbuttoned her top and let it fall to the carpet, before unzipping her hip-hugging trouser and peeling it down her legs, revealing the smoothest thighs I had ever seen, just as I imagined they would be. I fondled the softness, avoiding the elastic of her panty.

I turned my head to look at our joined figures in the full mirror on my wardrobe. I reveled in the sight of her full buttocks, thighs and the slight bump on her tummy. I ran my hands all over this vista, as far as my arms could reach, drawing a moan from deep in her. Then I pulled away from her and quickly, efficiently removed my clothes down to my underwear.

“How do you like our uniform?” I chuckled.

She looked me up and down, then at herself. “You have nothing on your chest,” she said as she cast about for something to make the uniform complete. Then she thought of another solution. She reached back to unclasp her bra. My heart beat wildly anticipation of my first look at those boobs I first encountered erenköy escort in the dim light of dawn.

Slowly they came into view. They were lighter than the rest of her body and the aureolas puckered together in the sudden coolness of the air. Then the nipples peeped out, of a dark brown colour. My hands could not resist them for even a single moment. My finger and thumb trapped the nipple between them and squeezed it gently. My mouth went for the other brown raisin, pulling it fully in. When she seemed to collapse under the powerful emotions rushing through her, I was thankful that the room was not so large that the bed was not near. We fell onto it, mouth and finger busy on her boobs, and the other hand freed to explore her pubic regions. The flesh samosa that I had first noticed tightly encased in her trouser now became my oyster. My finger traced the line down the panty leg and up the other. Then it attempted to trace the furrow of her slit as far as it could go before being stopped by the press of her thighs, which she parted to allow more of the sweet invasion. I could feel the wetness already gathered at the lips.

“Please take off my briefs,” I told her. As if she had been thinking of it, she swiftly pulled it off, barely giving me time to raise my hips off the bed to let them pass. “Now the uniform has been ruined again!”

“How to fix that, now,” she asked her head to one side as if she were genuinely puzzled.

For answer I hooked my thumb on her panty’s elastic, giving her no time to lift her body either. “Ah, good we are smart again.” Her fingers wrapped around my cock, causing it to rise more.

Revenge is sweet, I thought, as I lay one forefinger along the full length of her slit. It was damp with desire. “Wet for me!” I exulted. I could feel the well-trimmed pubic hairs softly pricking my skin. I then did what had never failed to excite any other woman; I covered her mound with my open palm, squeezing the fingers into the heel of my palm. She could not resist squealing, “Oh, my gawd!” and her hips doing a little dance on the bed.

Then I brought the finger back to her slit, pushing it deeper into her wetness. On feeling how ready she was for me, my cock did a little jump, which she felt in her fingers, still entwined round it.

I sucked each of her nipples harder into my mouth and released it. This sent her into ecstasy. “Oh, darling give me that cock. Don’t keep me waiting.” That she was eager for her fucking was music to my ears.

So I did as bidden. Lifting my body over hers, I kept from pressing her by supporting my torso on my elbows. “Show me the way to paradise.”

She grabbed my cock again and placed it smartly at her entrance. Even before she had time to move her hand away, I pushed gently, gaining admittance to at least two inches of her. “Aaah, you’re so hard, my darling!”

“Yes, for you. This cock is all yours,” I answered, while drawing back slightly and pushing forward again to embed myself deeper. I felt her thighs trembling against my hips, as my eager cock speared her. Soon I was all the way inside her welcoming cunt, almost overcome by the warm tightness. I stopped to let us savour the sweet sensation.

Then the moment we were both eagerly waiting for arrived, when the cock began its insistent movement in and out. I drew out all the way, leaving only the head encased by her lips, then sunk all the way into her folds. Both of us were beyond words at this point. Faster and faster I went, taking us inexorably to the point of no return. Her legs were thrashing wildly and the sounds from her throat were more animal than woman. She was completely transported into the world of delight. Her walls grasped my cock so snugly that I was hurtling towards my defeat.

It stole upon me so suddenly that I feared I had left her behind. My ball sac contracted as juice shot out from them burning my urethra on their eager journey. I felt it firing forth like a jet into her folds. Thankfully I felt violent contractions of her walls as she too hit her first orgasm. My cock pulsed powerfully several times, sending her into new peaks of delight. I did not slow down, even as I felt myself begin to shrink inside her channel. My movements sent her into orgasm again and again.

“Oh my gawd, you will finish me, darlingggg,” as another wave hit her with great force. Finally I was able to slow my movements and relax some muscles on my back. She had given me the best fuck of a century; I could not remember any other woman taking me to such heights.

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