The Day After

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She could not believe it was real. After years of using a vibrator and pillow by herself, there was something more substantial that had her attention. Something that would grow hard at the slightest touch of her hand and that she could conform her mouth around. It was as if he had a cock that was made for her alone.

For months he had promised her three days and she had imagined taking all his clothes and hiding them under the bed. She wanted that luxury of seeing him in all his naked splendor.

She was thrilled her child bearing years were behind her and she was able to give him something that her husband did not have. He could go bareback and not be afraid of an unwanted pregnancy.

She had always believed in hugs and what the skin to skin contact meant.

When her husband was ill, she noticed how many people were afraid to touch him. This angered her all the more. She went out of her way to touch him.

She even went so far as to tell the nurses her plans. Early one morning she went into his room and stripped to her raincoat. She flashed him. He smiled and scooted over. He needed to be needed and she need to give of herself. She could not allow a negative thought to enter her psyche.

The love she felt for him intensified.

It shattered on the last day of his life. She had gone into the room where he lay and got no response when she kissed his lips or squeezed his hand. All that was left was the formalities. She had no strength to stay for his last breath.

She never expected to live this long.

She cried. She knew that emotional memories had no time stamp. For içerenköy escort the first time in her life she was alone.

She prayed.

She had forgotten that God answers prayers in His time.

She came across a name on the internet. They started a friendship that led them to this point.

This point where he lay in her bed asleep with the stirring in his loins.

She wasn’t sure if he was real.

He looked so peaceful with his arm touching her. She couldn’t resist and formed a small amount of saliva in her mouth.

She lowered her head and kissed the tip slowly opening her mouth allowing her saliva to moisten the tip as she slowly started to suck it and feel it grow under her ministrations.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the task at hand. His hand went to her head and started to massage her scalp as she smiled and sucked harder.

In all the years she was married there was no time for subtleties. The need outweighed the luxury of exploration. The need for him inside her far outweighed the desire for trying different techniques.

She had been sexually abused as a child, she had been called a slut behind her back in school. She knew what others thought of her and what she thought of herself for letting the assaults happen.

Only one man had made her feel special. That is until now.

This man in bed next to her, had made her feel the same way. This man who was responding to her ministrations had managed to see past her scars, emotional and physical.

He loved her without reservation kadıköy escort and condition. He loved her despite and because of the flaws.

He saw something in her that she could not find without him, and vise versa.

He had no desire to have her kneel before him, but her mouth was doing such delightful things to him and he wanted to respond in kind.

His mouth wanted to taste her pussy and his fingers wanted to push inside her sugar walls. He wanted to see her expression of bliss.

The first time in entered her was more of an introduction. The rest would be finding new and wonderful ways to give her pleasure.

Her scent intoxicated him the touch of her skin was silk. He could drown in her eyes and those lips…

He needed a lifetime to make her happy. He would show her the world. They would make love in all those special places.

He would hide her panties and no one would know she was going commando but the two of them. Her ass would be his to possess at his leisure.

He started to pant as he rolled over her and sought her lips. It excited him all the more to know that he was tasting himself on her mouth and on her tongue.

Much as he wanted to give her head, the need of her could not be denied.

There would be time for that and more.

He massaged her breasts and heard her moan as she led him toward her weeping pussy. She lifted her hips and rolled him back onto his back as she rode him and felt his lips and tongue suck on her tits.

She started to laugh and felt her walls encase his cock.

She kartal escort wasn’t sure who was fucking whom. She was a good catholic woman who never really used the word fuck before in her life and her she was saying it over and over in her mind.

The word itself was a release. Early in their conversations, he had said that Adam and Eve had done it.

As time as passed, she knew that finding someone for more than a dalliance was more important than a one night stand. She knew someone was out there.

She never thought it could feel this intense again. And yet it was happening again. She was tightening against his cock like a silk scarf. His naked cock was inside her and she was milking it for all she was worth.

She saw his facial expression. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain. She heard a sound come from both of them. It started to build until it was released and the climax was so deep…

She collapsed on him and managed to catch her breath. He possessed her lips and knew she belonged to him and only him.

She started to get up. He felt incomplete when she parted.

She smiled.

“I promised you I would dance for you as I cooked. Now I need to cook in the kitchen.” She said as she walked into the kitchen.

He stood in the doorway and watched her form as she turned on some James Bond music and rummaged in the fridge.

They had fed their souls and now it was time to feed their bodies.

He would have gladly taken her out, but that would require clothing and he was not ready for that yet.

He laughed at her dancing while cutting the veggies. She put them in the oven and shut the bedroom door.

He grabbed her mid stride and took her to the couch where his erection greeted her.

“We have time.” she said as his mouth slowly devoured her.

There was time enough for one more time before whatever she concocted would feed their bodies.

There was time enough to feed their souls…

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