The Do Over

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I pull out on to the highway and set the cruise control for 75 mph. Just enough over the limit that I feel I’m making maximum progress, without the risk of a ticket. I connect my iPod to the sound system and hit play. I’ve still got plenty of daylight to make it home, despite the long day on the road.

My mind automatically wanders to Andy.

I had hoped to be able to drive back with him, for totally selfish reasons, even though that would probably not have been the best choice for me to be able to compartmentalize our activities last night and reset my mind for home. Still I can’t help but feel disappointed that he had to leave early and that we didn’t get more time together. I still have not been able to realize my fantasy of fucking him up against the side of the jeep on a gravel road off the highway. I’d also like the opportunity to give him a blow job while driving. I guess a blow job would be a good way to lead up the the road-side fuck. I’ll have to remember that for next time.

My mind turns back to last night and the speed with which it felt like it was over. The flirtation in the car on the way, and then over dinner and drinks was great, but I feel like we should have taken the sex itself more slowly.

I rewind in my head and replay the evening. Retelling the story to myself the way I wish it had happened…

The door is ajar. He’s waiting. The top three buttons of his shirt undone. He can’t possibly know how much I love to look at his chest. How much I want to run my nails over it. Bite it, kiss it. Aside from his graceful fingers, and his perfect, delicious cock, his chest is my favourite part of his body. I haven’t got to see it often, as we don’t get much private time together. I walk slowly over, and run my fingers through the wiry hair on his chest. Brushing my lips over it. Inhaling the smell of him deeply. I could do this for hours, but I also desperately want to fuck him. Hard. Now. “Hold on,” I say to myself, reminding myself that I had planned to draw this out as long as I can.

I unbutton his shirt, slowly, the rest of the way. Kissing each newly exposed piece of skin. His hands find my hair, and pull on it, bringing me closer in to his body as I make my way down his his neck, chest and kozyatağı escort belly with my lips, and on to my knees. I run my hands back up his body, losing myself in the feel of his warm skin under my fingers. Still on my knees, I slowly undo his belt and unzip his jeans, without taking them off. I slide two fingers into the opening and slowly massage his cock while I am kissing his belly, my tongue tracing the line from his navel to the top edge of the elastic on his boxers. He smells amazing, and where my tongue touches his skin, it almost tingles.

I rise from my knees long enough to strip my own jeans and shirt off, leaving me in my black panties and tiny, see-through black bra. I kiss him, full, hot, on his gorgeous lips as I slide my hand back into his pants. This time, inside his boxers, moving my hand firmly, but slowly up and down his hard cock, while my tongue finds his. Hot, wet and ready.

I pull away just enough to push him gently back against the wall. I return to my knees and gently start pulling his jeans down, helping him to step out of them. I return my attention to his body. I run my hands up his legs to his belly, stopping briefly at the elastic of his boxers again. My mouth is hovering over his cock, my hot breath amplified by the soft cotton fabric of his boxers. His hands are on the back of my head again, and I can tell by the pressure that he doesn’t want me to stop, no matter what.

I hook my fingers through the elastic and start pulling his boxers down, excruciatingly slowly, kissing and running my tongue over his skin as the boxers move down inch by inch. When they are close to his knees, I use my left hand to push them the rest of the way off, while I cup his balls in my right hand and run my hot, wet tongue along the shaft of his cock to the head. I shift my hands to his cock, and slowly lick down to his balls, gently sucking first one, then the other into my steaming mouth. I slowly start to jerk him off and I sit back on my heels to watch his face. His eyes are closed and his head is back against the wall. I can see his chest rise and fall and his breathing gets heavier.

Still, slowly stroking his head, I ask, “Do you küçükyalı escort want me to suck your cock?”

His head tips forward, eyes open. “Yes, please!” He smiles.

He watches as I move my mouth forward and down, slowly, towards his cock, fingers wrapped about the base. My tongue finds the tip of his cock and I slide my wet lips over it, down to meet my fingers firmly circling the base. I move my lips, mouth, tongue and hand in concert slowly up and down, stopping to pay extra attention to the ridge with the flicking tip of my tongue. He puts his head back against the wall again, and makes the most delicious, moaning sound. I love this sound like nothing else, and hearing it only makes me hotter. I struggle to keep the pace slow when all I want to do is consume him totally. I want nothing more in this moment than to make him cum as hard as I can. I have to remind myself again that I want this to last. I can feel all the muscles in his body tense, and it feels like his knees might buckle at any moment. I reluctantly stop, and rise from my knees to grab the back of his head, as aggressively as I can, and pull him into a kiss that’s meant to tell him how completely, desperately I want him.

With my fingers dug into the back of his neck, I feel his arms wrap around me and I instinctively press my body hard against his. I can feel his heart beating against my chest like he’s just been out for a run. My breath is hot, and hard. He pulls me even tighter to him and walks me backward towards the bed nearest the door. I feel the mattress edge contact the back of my knees, and he stops, moving his hands up from the small of my back, to my hair. He winds his fingers into my hair, pulling hard, kissing me even harder. He releases one hand from my hair and moves it down my shoulder to my bra, digging in with his fingers to pinch my hard nipple. The pinch is hard, and sudden and takes me surprisingly close to cumming. I gasp, and he takes the opportunity to drop to his knees, kissing my pussy through my silky black panties, breathing hot, and hard right over my clit. With his right hand he twists my nipple through his fingers. Intuitively he knows just exactly how far he mutlukent escort can go to maximize the incredible feeling, without crossing the line into outright pain. I moan, loudly. “Fuck me, please. Just fuck me hard.” I plead.

He looks at me with indescribable intensity and simply says, “No.”

I whimper.

With his free hand, he gently tugs on my panties, until they drop to the floor. I step out, and he runs his hands up my thighs, nudging them further open, and his hot tongue finds smooth, shaved pussy and my throbbing clit. Suddenly, there’s nothing else to my body but my clit, as he alternately circles it with his tongue, and sucks it gently into his mouth. My fingernails find his head, and I pull him in closer. He pulls back, just long enough to roughly shove me down on the soft bed, and spread my legs further, before growling, “I’m going to make you come now, you fucking slut.”

His words alone practically make me come.

He plunges his tongue back between my legs, pushing my legs as far own as they will go, his fingers in my hot, dripping pussy while he sucks my clit harder, using his free hand to squeeze my nipples harder and harder.

In an instant, I know, even if he stopped, I am going come, and fucking hard. I grab the back of his head as the most incredible orgasm tears through me. I arch my back and moan, “Fuck, Andy, I’m fucking coming so hard!”

He relents a little, but keeps flicking my clit with his tongue until I stop coming and can’t stand the intensity any more. I grab his shoulders and guide him up on top of me where I kiss him, hungrily, tasting myself on him, my nails digging, into his back. I can feel his cock against my wet pussy and I push him off so I can flip over onto my knees.

He grabs me violently by the hips and plunges his hard, hungry cock into me. Fucking me hard. He’s so fucking ready that when I moan, it sends him over the edge and I can feel his hot cum fill me. When he stops moving, I fall forward, with him on top of me, and we just lie there, catching our breath.

He rolls off me, and we lie, side by side for, a while. Not saying anything. I absently run my fingers over his chest, fingernails trailing through his chest hair. I kiss his neck, and feel him curl his arm around me. I rest my head on his shoulder as he runs his fingers up and down my arm.

“Fuck me!” He says when he can speak again. Letting out a deep breath and then laughing.

“I just did, I think. But am happy to again!” I say, also laughing. He responds by kissing me. I figure I’ll give him a half hour or so and then start again….

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