The Endless Night Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 5

I left Mitch’s room a couple minutes later with a wad of toilet paper shoved up my ass to catch the rest of Mitch’s cum. While Bruno knocked on the next door I pulled it out, putting it in his hand. He looked disgustingly at it, and then left as the door was opened. “If you ain’t an angel sent down to take me to heaven then I am in deep trouble.” A deep voice said.

I had been watching Bruno walk away so was startled at the voice. I lifted my eyes to a smiling face with laughing eyes. I had to lean my head back to look into the face of the man standing there. He had to be at least 6’3 or 4. He had a broad chest which tapered down into a not really slim waist but not fat either. He had a bit of a belly but it wasn’t really enough to take away from his looks. What really shocked me however was that his hair was green? Yup, green. A dark forest green that actually looked attractive on him. His goatee was a dark brown. His eyes were a pale yellow. I called them cat eyes. He lifted his hand running long fingers over my face. “Hello sweet cheeks.”

I was beginning to understand that each man had a different pet name for their customers. I just shook my head as I followed him into the room. Like the others, he left me standing while he sat down on the bed, moving his eyes over my naked body. “So sweet cheeks, what have you learned so far this evening?”

His question surprised me. “Um…Well…” I moved over sitting on the bed beside him. “Michael fingered my pussy then fucked me. Tommy ate out my pussy, then I sucked on his cock then he fucked me. Mitch ate my pussy then fucked me up the ass.” I turned to look at him. “So what are you going to teach me?”

He smiled as he lay back on the bed, his arms behind his head as he crossed his legs at the ankles. “Hm…good question. One of the problems with us later guys is you’ve pretty much been fucked in all three holes so we’ve got to be creative to keep your interest.”

I just shrugged while he looked at me. “How have you been fucked so far sweet cheeks?”

I looked at him curiously. “Fucked?”

“Yea, what positions.”

I thought about it. “Hm…Michael fucked me on my back, Tommy and Mitch both fucked me with me on my hands and knees.”

He nodded again. “So I guess it is up to the rest of us to show you there are other ways of fucking then.” He sat up pulling me down onto him until I was lying completely on his body. I felt his cock resting between us as he kissed me.

I kissed him back as I ran my hands over his chest. I ground my pussy against his material covered cock making him moan. “Oh baby. You feel so good up there. You hungry?”

I smiled at him. “Actually I’m starving.” I dropped one more kiss on his lips then moved my mouth down over his body. I kissed everywhere I reached. By the time I got to his stomach, his hands were pressing against my head as he wiggled around on the bed.

“Oh god baby, Suck my cock please. I need to feel your mouth around me.” He begged pressing me closer to his crotch.

I let him press me down his body but dipped out my tongue so I left a trail of saliva over his skin. When my mouth touched his cock encased in the leather, I decided to be mean. I licked it through the material. “OH GOD!” He groaned deeply in his throat. I lifted my eyes to his. They were squeezed shut tightly.

I licked the material again and heard him cry in need. “Baby…Please…” He begged lifting his hips against me.

I hated to see a man beg, so I lifted the material with my teeth, pulling down. He groaned. He shoved his thong down with his hands as I pulled at it with my teeth. When his cock and balls were exposed I let go of the material and laid there just looking at him. He wasn’t very big. I guessed maybe he was 6 inches if even that. He was hard and throbbing, the foreskin pulled tightly against him. I felt his hand in my hair as he moved my face over him. “Suck me.” He cried as I ran my tongue over his length. “You are such a tease.” He moaned as he lifted his cock, aiming it at my mouth.

I closed my mouth when he tried to slide it inside. Instead, I kissed the tip making him cry out again. “Baby…Please…I am dying here.” He cried.

I wanted to laugh as I heard him begging me to suck him. But somehow I thought that would be too cruel. Instead, I opened my mouth letting his cock slide inside over my tongue. He let out a loud ragged breath as he felt my mouth move over him.

“Yessssssssss…” He cried, “Suck me baby. Please suck on my hard cock. It wants to feel your mouth sweetheart.”

I let him slide into my mouth until I felt him press against my throat. I wasn’t completely comfortable with deep throating yet so I grabbed the base of his cock, keeping him from pushing in further. I slowly jacked the base as I ran my tongue lovingly over him. Andrew was moaning like crazy, his hips lifting against my mouth. “Oh baby. That feels so good.”

I enjoyed his cock sliding in and out of my mouth but I knew I wanted more. I wanted to see if any of the ankara escort other men were like Tommy. I lifted my head off his cock as I looked up at his face. He was panting hard.

“You never told me your name baby.” I said huskily as I kissed the head of his cock.

He slowly opened his eyes looking at me with a lust filled gaze. “You suck me off baby and I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

I looked at him, saw how hot he was. With a shrug of my shoulders, I took his cock back into my mouth, this time letting him slide down into my throat. He let a loud cry escape his lips as he fed me what felt like a gallon of his precum. “Suck me…Oh god…Suck me.” He begged tangling his hands in my hair and slamming my mouth up and down over him.

I braced my hands on either side of him as I let him fuck my face. I was afraid that maybe I had pushed him too far and he was going to punish me for it. I sucked hard on his cock as my tongue whipped around the tender flesh.

“Oh baby. Suck me.” He panted raising his hips even as he forced my face down over him.

I felt tears fill my eyes as he pulled my hair. I tried to get him to loosen his grip but he was to far gone. His hips were pummeling upwards as he slammed my face repeatedly down over him.

I moaned around his cock even as I sucked him for all I was worth. I felt one of his hands leave my hair and run down my back until he had it buried between my legs. I pushed back against him when I felt him slide a finger into me. I cried out against his cock as he slowly fingered me. “Eat me baby.” He growled continued to batter my face with his hard cock as his finger flew in and out of me.

I sucked him for all I was worth, even as I humped my pussy against his probing hand. His thumb moved over my clit and I cried out against him as I came around his hand.

He groaned loudly as he thrust hard into my mouth, burying his cock deep in my throat as he started shooting.

He kept himself buried in my throat as he emptied his balls. I just let it slide down into my stomach figuring I would try to taste it later. His hand was still working magic on my pussy as he emptied himself inside me. When I pulled my mouth from him he lay back smiling but didn’t stop his moving hand. “Come here sweetheart.” He told me even as his hand continued to slide in me.

I moved carefully so I didn’t dislodge his hand, as I moved up until I was lying on the bed beside him. He pushed me gently onto my back then kissed me gently before he moved down my body. He did to me what I had done to him, kissing each spot he came to. “Oh god…I’m on fire.” I cried when his mouth touched my stomach. His fingers were still probing inside me but they had slowed to fuel the flame.

He didn’t laugh as I expected him to. Instead he nudged his face lower until I felt his tongue brush over my clit. “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” I breathed as I pressed up against him.

He kept his fingers moving slowly inside me as he licked gently, almost lovingly at my clit. I was so hot from sucking on him that I wanted to scream in frustration. “Please.” I begged mauling my tits with my hands.

He lifted his head so he was looking me in the face. “Please what sweetheart?”

I lifted my passion filled eyes to his. I realized he was getting even for the torture I had given him. I smiled at him as I wiggled my hips. “Please make me cum baby.” I whispered.

He smiled as he moved his fingers a bit faster inside me. “Hm…Is this what you want?”

I started breathing heavier as I humped myself against his hand. “Yessssssssss…” I hissed.

He continued to finger me until I was right on the edge. I slammed my body against him but I couldn’t push myself over the edge. Tears of frustration ran down my cheeks. “Please.” I cried.

He kept fingering me but not touching me in any other way. “Please what sweetheart?”

It was then that I realized he was enjoying this. He was enjoying watching me crying with need. He was getting off on torturing me. My eyes moved over to his cock. It was rock hard and throbbing. Suddenly I didn’t like him anymore.

This wasn’t what Paul had told me would happen. He didn’t tell me that there would be one who got off on torturing others. I felt the heat leave my body as I looked at him. “I would like to meet the next gentleman now.” I said through clenched teeth.

I don’t know what went through his mind as I said those words. What I do know is that he sighed, pulled his hands from my body and hit a button above his bed. He reached to put his arms around me but I pulled away. “I’m sorry he said. Sometimes I get carried away and you seemed to be enjoying it.”

I was saved from answering when I heard Bruno’s knock.

Jumping off the bed, I ran to the door, pulling it open. Bruno looked at me in surprise then looked at the man I had been with through narrowed eyes. “Please tell me you didn’t play your game with her Andrew.” Bruno said with a tight voice.

Andrew lowered his head. “I got carried ankara escort bayan away.” He looked at me. “I really am sorry.”

I nodded tightly, and then turned to Bruno. “I would like to move on now.”

He put his hand comfortably around my shoulders as he closed the door behind us, leading me to the next gentleman of the evening.

Chapter 6

Bruno led me across the hall and knocked keeping his arm around my shoulder. It took a few minutes but suddenly the door was opened. This man was tall like Michael with a soft smile. He wore his blue/black hair down past his waist, his eyes a chocolate brown. “I wasn’t expecting you so soon.” He said apologetically as he smiled at me.

I let myself melt in his smile for a minute then lowered my eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asked suddenly.

I lifted my head when Bruno’s arm left my shoulder. I saw him and my next lover talking quietly. The man in the thong fisted his hands and suddenly hit one against the door jamb making me jump. “Fucking jerk.” He said quietly.

When Bruno backed away, the man took me into his arms just holding me. I buried my face against his chest as I inhaled his scent. It was a cross between all man and musk. I wrapped my arms around him as I rested my head against his chest.

“Sometimes you get men like him sweetheart. We aren’t all like that.” He said softly stroking my hair as we stood there in the doorway.

“I know,” I said sniffling as I wrapped my arms around him. I felt him lift me up into his arms, so I wrapped my legs around his waist. He moved with me in his arms, into the room, kicking the door closed behind him.

He carried me to the bed, laying me down gently as he lay down over me. He brushed my hair from my eyes. “I’m Vince; I hope you enjoy being with me tonight Alisha.” He said softly before he brought his lips to mine.

I pressed my body close to his, as we kissed. I felt his hands roam lovingly over me. Almost in a caress and couldn’t hold back the moans. He kissed me for a couple of minutes then moved his mouth down over my body. He sucked at my nipples making me writhe around on the bed. “Please.” I cried as he moved slowly down my body until his mouth was above my snatch. He nosed at it, and then lifted his face.

“No…Not this way.” He said suddenly.

I looked at him in surprise as well as lust. “What?” I asked confused.

He smiled at me tenderly. “I’ve got a surprise for you baby.”

Then he pulled me to my feet, he kissed me deeply as he pushed me towards the empty wall. I felt the wall against my back and leaned against him. He pulled his lips from mine, still smiling tenderly. “If you feel like your legs are gonna buckle let me know.” He then kissed me on the nose.

“What do you…Oh my…” I moaned as he knelt before me, pressing my legs apart then nosing his face into my pussy. I felt his tongue run lightly over my clit as he slid a finger into me.

One thing I will tell you about Vince is he isn’t one to be rushed. He likes to make love that lasts. And believe me, that night he did. He ran his mouth over every inch of my snatch until I was gripping his shoulders tightly as moans of pleasure escaped through my lips. “Oh baby. That feels so good.” I cried when he brought his tongue back to my clit. He flicked it gently over it a couple of times then blew on it. I whimpered pressing against his roaming finger.

I felt his eyes on mine so I slowly opened my own to meet his gaze. His gaze was dark, passionate. His pushed his finger deeper inside me as his hand pressed against my hole. I cried out a bit in pain as he pressed a bit too hard.

He smiled softly then pulled his hand back until he could easily move within me. “You like that baby?” he asked running his tongue over my clit again.

“Oh yes.” I groaned rolling my hips so I could feel him everywhere. “It feels so good.”

His eyes sparkled as they met mine, then he slid another finger inside me, moving it as slowly as the first.

“Oooooohhhhh…” I groaned closing my eyes again as I pressed my back harder against the wall. My hips were grinding against his hand as he continued to attack my clit with his tongue. “Oh baby. Make me cum.” I cried tangling my fingers in his hair as I pulled him closer to my heat.

I felt, more then heard him moan as he dug harder at my hot snatch. His tongue moved all over me while his fingers dug into my hole, slamming hard against my flesh.

“Fuck…Yes…” I cried gripping my tits tightly. My hands squeezed my nipples so hard that they were throbbing against me. My pussy was mashing itself against his face, as my legs felt like two pieces of Jello. They were shaking so hard trying to hold me up that I was sure we were both going to end up on the floor.

I remembered him telling me that if my legs wouldn’t support me to let him know. I wanted to tell him now as my legs grew weaker as he attacked my tender flesh with his mouth and hands. But I knew if I did, that he would pull away and I didn’t think I could handle that. escort ankara

He seemed to understand my dilemma though, because suddenly I felt his hands under my ass, holding tightly to it as he continued to devour me.

It was a good thing he had a hold of me, because just then my legs gave out as I screamed in pleasure, my body rocking with the force of my release.

“I’m cummminnnggg…” I screamed as my legs went out from under me. I felt my body start to fall then he tightened his grip on my butt cheeks holding me up as he continued to torture me with his tongue. “Oh god.” I cried as I started flying upwards once again. My nails dug into his shoulders until he was groaning from the pain. “Eat me.” I cried humping the best I could against his face.

He started driving his tongue deep in my little hole as I cried out in joy. I clawed at the wall behind me trying to get some kind of purchase but all my nails did was scrape at the wall behind me. When I suddenly came again, I bounced so hard against him that he lost his balance, knocking both of us to the floor.

He landed hard on his back while I landed on my knees above him. My pussy was still leaking and spasming as I continued to cum.

“Oh fuck darling.” He groaned lying beneath me as my juices drowned his face. Finally I stopped quivering, resting my head against my arms as I tried to catch my breath.

I felt his tongue touch me lightly, sending a shiver through my body. “Oh no more.” I protested even as he slowly ate me out once again.

He laughed, and then moved out from underneath me. I felt his arm encircle my body as he lay down beside me, spooning me against him. “Did you enjoy yourself baby?” He asked kissing my ear.

I snuggled back against him. Suddenly I wasn’t as interested in having more sex or moving on. I was sure I could go to sleep right now and not wake up for 2 weeks. “Hm…I loved it.” I purred running my hand over his arm.

He chuckled softly. “Hm…comes in a woman, leaves a cat. Not that’s interesting.”

I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard that tears came to my eyes. It was a tension breaker, nothing else. Just a release of all the stress and tension I had held in so far this evening. Rolling over, I kissed him softly on the lips. “Thanks. I needed that.”

He nodded solemnly. “No problem darling. Even though you reacted quite well to my actions, I could tell you were tense. I figured you needed a release that wasn’t sexual.

I was tired, both physically and emotionally. I had cum so much tonight that my body was in a state of half arousal all the time. I knew the night wasn’t over. Not even close but I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. I wrapped my arms around his chest as I rested my head against him. “Can I just stay here?” I asked sleepily even as my eyes started to close. “I’m so tired.”

He said something but I didn’t hear what it was. My body had already relaxed and I slept.

When I awoke, I was laying cocooned against his body. One of his arms was running lazily up and down over my back while he held his book with the other one. “How long did I sleep?” I asked sitting up.

He put the book down then pulled me back into his arms. “About a half hour.” He kissed me gently. “Feel better?”

I nodded. “Yea, I feel refreshed even though I didn’t sleep very long.”

He nodded. “Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Just need a bit to let your body recharge.”

I ran my hands over his body, while my eyes drifted to his cock. It was hard against his stomach. “Does this mean I move onto the next gentleman?”

He glanced at a watch on his wrist I hadn’t noticed before. “No…It’s only a little bit after 1. You still have all night.”

I nodded as I stretched. “Five hours. Five hours of mind blowing orgasms and I still had seven more men to go. I knew I would want to sleep for a week after this was over. I was pulled from my thoughts by his mouth moving over my mouth as his hand cupped my breast. “Mmmmmm…” I moaned pressing against him.

“You taste so good baby.” He groaned against my neck as he nibbled playfully at it. “I could spend all night just moving my mouth over your neck.

He caressed me with his mouth as I giggled. “I wouldn’t mind.”

He gave a deep throated laugh as he pulled away. “Ah…but to disappoint the rest of the men who want to have fun with your luscious little body.” He pinched my nipple. “That would be unfair.”

I lifted my eyes to his, realizing he was teasing me. It made me feel good that even through all this; I still had a sense of humor.

I pressed him gently over onto his back, pressing my lips to his in a passionate kiss. He moaned against my mouth as he wrapped his arms tightly around me.

When I pulled my lips from his, I was smiling. “Hm…Guess we’d better get to work then. Don’t want to disappoint my other clients.”

He laughed as I took a cue from his book. “Oh, you are a little minx.” He pinched my butt lightly then pushed me off his body. “Well you are in charge my lady.”

I slid over onto the bed beside him as he slid gracefully out of the bed. He held his hand out to me. “Come my dear; let me see if I can send you to heaven again before I let you go.”

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