The Erotic Adventures of TJ Ch. 1

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Oh well, here goes. I haven’t done this before, so I’ll give it my best shot, as they say.

* * * *

She knew the instant he walked in the door of the hotel bar instinctively. The hair on the back of her neck began to tingle, & although she desperately wanted to, she refused to turn to look at him. They had arranged it like this. Neither of them knew what the other looked like in person, although they had spoken many many times about this. She knew she looked good. Sexy. Sensual. Provocative. She had bought the dress she was wearing specifically for this, & had chosen with care. True, she was a confident business woman, with a very profitable business left in the hands of her very capable assistant, but at this moment she felt very nervous.

Nervously, she lifted the glass of white wine to her coral covered lips, & sipped, more to calm her nerves than actually wanting a drink. As she swallowed, she became aware of the man standing slightly behind her. Tall, ruggedly handsome, dressed completely in black. The black Tee-shirt he wore moulded his muscular chest lovingly, & was tucked into the waist of his black jeans. She knew he had come straight from work, he had told her he would be, but she wasn’t prepared for the jolt that went through at the sight of him.

“Laura?” he asked, looking at her face. He already knew that she was aroused, her nipples were showing through the caramel coloured silk dress she wore, which dipped low in front, letting him know she was bra-less, & fell even lower in the back, just caressing the swell of her buttocks, leaving a wide expanse of tanned flesh open to his gaze.

“John” she acknowledged, a nervous smile on her face. Her wild auburn hair had been tamed into a sleek french plait, but he knew it would only need him to remove one pin, & the whole lot would cascade down around her, falling almost to her waist. He felt a tightening in the pit of his stomach, knowing he wanted this woman. Here. Now. And he didn’t care if it was in front of the patrons who were also in the bar. Without another word, he offered her his hand. She took it, & slid gracefully from the stool she was sitting on. As she stood, the dress tumbled down her thighs, falling into place just above her ankles.

His eyes traveled the full length of her body, smoldering glances that made her cheeks flush. He knew she was wearing little, or nothing under the dress, the way it clung to every luscious curve so lovingly told him that. Without a word, he led her to the lift in the foyer, his hand still holding hers. It felt small against his, & soft against the slight roughness of his own skin. She stepped into the lift first, & before the doors had closed completely, he had pushed her against the wall of the lift, his mouth ravaging hers hungrily.

Her soft moan was swallowed by his tongue, as her arms came up around his neck to feel the springiness of his hair between her fingers. Consumed by a hot searing passion he had not felt for a long time, John pressed his hard body against the softness of hers, his arousal pressing hard against the softness of her lower belly. Her hips molded themselves to his, gyrating slowly, & deeply. Neither of them had noticed the lift had stopped, until they heard an embarrassed cough from behind them. Laura flushed bright red, but John just grinned at the man, who winked at him.

“Don’t blame you, mate” he laughed. John almost dragged Laura along the corridor to the room he knew was to be theirs. He had booked it, & she had arrived a few hours ahead of him. She gave him the key, & he quickly unlocked the door. Laura went into the room first, but hadn’t gone more than a couple of steps, when she was hauled back against John’s hard body. He pushed the door closed with his foot, as his mouth took hers again. This time, there was no holding back.

Laura didn’t wait to be invited, she pushed her tongue through the barrier of his lips, wanting, no needing, to feel his tongue fight with her own. John’s hands were kneading her shoulders, & he pushed the dress from them easily. It pooled around her feet, & he lifted her out of it. He had been right. She wore nothing under the dress, except stockings. She was totally naked in his arms. Turning, John sat in the nearest chair, & pulled her onto his lap. His hand crept up to cup a breast, firm, tanned, with her nipples straining for his touch.

Slowly he lowered his head to first one, then the other. She threw back her head, & let out a guttural moan, which only aroused him more. With his hand, he reached up, & unpinned her hair, letting it fall freely around the both of them. He knew she was like putty in his hands, waiting to be molded into whatever he wanted. Her hands were under the tee shirt he wore, rolling his nipples in her fingers, gently scraping them with her long finger nails, making him draw his breath in quickly. Her mouth touched his Adam’s apple, her tongue hot against his skin, waiting for him to swallow. He wasn’t sure he could.

No woman had ever done this to him before. Nature took over, & he had to swallow, her tongue atakent escort moving up & down as his Adam’s apple did. His hand crept along her thigh, & found the top of her stocking. Slowly, sensually, he rolled it down her leg, & off her foot, before repeating it with her other leg. His cock was pressing hard against the material of his jeans, & against her thigh, but although he knew she was more than aware of it, she ignored it, easing his Tee off over his head. She bent to kiss his nipples, as he had done with hers, tasting the slight saltiness of his skin. The sheer maleness of him made her skin tingle in anticipation of what was to come. He dragged her mouth back to his, & began to kiss her hard. Harder than he had done before.

Her hands traveled over his chest, & belly, teasing him, as she neared the waistband of his jeans, but not actually touching them. It was almost too much for him to bear. He grabbed her hand, & held it firmly against his cock, still encased in his jeans, his tongue, deep in her throat. She knew what he wanted. She wanted it too. Badly. Her senses were in turmoil. This man was a total stranger to her, & yet, she had never felt so womanly in her life. Maybe she was so turned on because they were strangers. Her fingers fumbled with the unfamiliar fastening of his jeans.

“Damn, why did button fly jeans have to be so hard to undo?” she thought, & then realised it wasn’t the fastening that was making it so hard. It was his cock, pulsating wildly against the material, straining to be freed. She slid her hand into the opening, expecting to find more material, from his underwear, but encountered hot flesh instead.

“I was a boy scout. I’m always prepared” he grinned against her mouth. “Just like you” Laura just smiled at him, & lowered herself to the floor, between his knees. Her lips travelled over his skin, kissing, licking, gently sucking each new inch of flesh that was exposed to her gaze, as she slid his jeans past his knees. John helped by kicking his boots off, & the jeans feel to the floor with out either of them really noticing. As her mouth, hot & eager reached his cock, John put his hands on the back of her head, & pushed it down, hard. She opened her mouth more, & took all of him into the moist warmth. Licking, sucking, tasting the full length of him.

John’s head was thrown back against the back of the chair, his eyes closed against the flood of passion he felt at the hands of this woman. Her mouth was sliding up & down his cock, right to the tip, & then back to the hilt, getting harder, faster, stronger with each movement. He felt his balls tighten, as did she, & she smiled up at him, his cock still in her mouth. He knew, without a shadow of doubt, if he didn’t call a halt to this now, he would cum in her mouth, right there & then. Not really wanting to, he lifted her mouth from his cock, & lowered his lips to hers.

“I need a shower babe” he said, & got slowly to his feet. Looking at the disappointment in her green eyes, he pulled her to her feet, & up into his arms. He kissed her hard, on the mouth, picked her up in his arms, along with her stockings, & strode purposefully into the bathroom.

Standing her on her feet, John lightly looped the stockings around her wrists, & then over the top of the shower rail, holding her captive. There was no fear in her eyes, she knew this man would not hurt her, & so she didn’t struggle against the restraints. he turned the shower on, & stepped under it, his eyes never leaving her body, so exposed as it was, to his gaze. His shower was completed quickly, but he stayed under the pounding water, letting it run down his hard body. His hands followed the path the water took, touching every part of him. John knew this was turning Laura on even more, she was wriggling, as though in discomfort, but he knew it was because she wanted him to make love to her. As his hands touched his still erect cock, she moaned out loud, & he laughed.

“This what you want babe?” he asked hoarsely, moving to stand just in front of her, so that he was just out of reach to her.

“You know it is” she answered.

You want it so bad”

“You know that I do, Please John”, she pleaded, trying to free herself from the stockings holding her bound.

“what will you do to get it?” he asked, enjoying the way her nipples stood erect behind the dusky aureoles.


“Anything? ” he repeated.

“Anything. Please,” she was almost begging him. Being so near to his cock was driving her mad. She needed him deep inside her, & she knew that John knew this. She also knew that if he was just half a step closer, she could wrap her legs around him. The hours she spent in the gym would help her in this, that she was certain of. John took the half step needed & she struck. her thighs wrapped firmly around his waist, she pushed herself down onto his cock. The sound she made sounded as though it had come from somewhere deep in her soul. Johns hands gripped her hips, pumping her up & down on his cock. He akbatı escort felt the moist wetness of her hot pussy tight around him, the muscles contracting & relaxing in the age old ritual.

Laura was breathing hard, whether from the hard pumping they were doing, or from fighting the restraints, John didn’t know. She was moaning as she pumped him, harder & faster with each long stroke. he felt the tightening of her body, & knew she was going to cum. He withdrew quickly, ignoring her groan, & bent to drink her juices. His mouth was working her pussy hard, sucking all the juice from her, as it poured freely. Her legs were now locked behind his head, keeping him tight to her pussy. His fingers stole up inside her, fingering her clitoris gently at first, & then harder. By now Laura was moaning loudly, her thighs tightening around his head. Swallowing her cum, John got to his feet, his hands roaming her taut body endlessly.

“So, you want to fuck babe?”

“Now!” she said forcefully. John grinned, & stepped behind her. He pushed his cock between her thighs, forcing her legs wide with his hands , & began to rub himself against her soaking wet pussy. From her arse, all the way to her clitoris, he teased her.

“You’ve just cum darlin’,” he said. “You need to be teased some more first!” And he began to push the tip of his now engorged purple cock into her pussy. he felt her start to move against him, trying to take him inside her, but he moved away slightly. She groaned in protest, but he just put his cock against her arse instead. The hot wetness against her arse was making Laura’s stomach do back flips. John held her still with one hand, whilst the other found some of the cum juice from her pussy, & smeared it around the hot hole of her arse. She had done this only once before, but it had not been like this.

She wanted to push against John’s finger, which was tracing erotic circles on her arse, each one getting nearer to the hole she so badly wanted him to penetrate. John knew by the way her breathing was labouring that she wanted him again. He also knew that he was going to take her. Just not how she thought he would. Making sure her arse was wet, as was his cock, he rammed himself into her arse. She cried out in a mixture of pain & pleasure. he hadn’t meant to be so hard, but he couldn’t help himself.

One arm held her tight against his cock, as he began to pump, the fingers of his other hand sliding into her hot pussy. He could feel himself against the wall of her inner sanctum, his fingers feeling his cock as it pumped, rhythmically in & out. He liked the feeling too. His cock & fingers struck the same rhythm, hard, fast, & very erotic. They were both breathing hard & fast, but neither wanted to end this feeling of ecstasy. His balls tightened again, & John knew he was going to cum. Laura was moaning wildly, straining to keep her body moulded to his as the pace they were taking increased. They both came at the same time. John felt the hot wetness of Laura’s juices over his fingers, & released his own hot stream into her arse.

But before he spewed it all, he moved her around quickly, so that the last of his cum spewed over her glistening body. They both cried out loudly. His fingers were still embedded deep within her, still pumping her, draining every drop from her, till she slumped over, perspiration running down between her breasts. His fingers stilled, but stayed deep inside her, as he freed her with his other hand. She almost fell against him, so complete was her exhaustion, but he ignored that, sweeping her up against him, hard. She raised her eyes to his, & knew he wanted to fuck her again. Her tongue moistened her top lip, & she felt his swift intake of breath.

He pulled his fingers from her pussy, & raised them to his lips, tasting each in turn, & then letting her do the same. Licking your own cum from your partners fingers was very erotic, she found. His lips clamped down over hers as they moved back into the bedroom. She felt the edge of the bed behind her knees as her pushed her down onto the soft mattress, & fell on top of her. His lips, hands, fingers, explored every recess, crevice, & orifice of her ravaged body, bringing her back to heightened sensation much quicker than she would have thought possible. A little roughly, he hauled her up the bed. She looked at him in anticipation.

“You are insatiable!” he whispered.

“Only with you,” she answered, as he reached beyond her to the night stand.

From it, he took 3 silk scarves. He bound her wrists to the frame of the iron bed with two, & used the third as a blindfold, covering her eyes gently. She didn’t know what he was going to do, & felt a small frisson of fear, which caused her to quiver a little. “Don’t worry,” he whispered in her ear, “I won’t hurt you, but I promise you, you will enjoy this.”

Laura startled as she felt something cold drip onto her breasts. It was wine from the bottle next to the bed. John dribbled it down the length of her body, following it with his aksaray escort tongue, lapping it up as he went. this was a completely new sensation to Laura, & she began to squirm under the delicious torment of his experienced tongue. She felt him get up off the bed, & heard him moving around. This made her a little nervous, she could hear but not see, & she was wary of what he was doing.

Then she felt his hands on her foot. he gently bound her feet with the stockings from the bathroom, tying them to the foot of the bed. She was now completely at his mercy. her arms & legs were bound to the bed, her legs wide open, exposing her pussy to him. She felt him kneel between her thighs, & then something cold on her pubic mound. His tongue followed it. She guessed it was more of the wine. More of it dribbled into the lips of her pussy, waiting for him to taste it.

His tongue began to lick it from her , & then start to dart in & out of her pussy, licking, biting gently but hard enough to make her cry out. Her cries spurred him on more, & his tongue began a furious pace. He knew she was working up to cumming again, & wondered how many times this woamn COULD cum, before she was completely empty & spent. His cock, although spent, was not flaccid. it was in fact erect & ready to go again, but he didn’t want that. he wanted to take this woman to the limits of her endurance, before he fucked her again, hoping that he would be able to keep his own needs under control. Still he continued to suck & nibble her pussy.

She almost screamed when she came, so high was her pleasure. John was still tasting her cum, his tongue spreading it over her pussy, trimmed pubic hair, thighs & arse. Then he moved. Laura knew he wanted to fuck her again, she could feel his cock pulsating against her inner thigh, but he was making no attempt to fuck her. then she heard him pouring wine in to the two glasses she knew were at the side of the bed. He put his hand under her head, raising it a little, so that she could drink form the glass he held to her lips. It felt so sensual to drink this way, she thought.

After a few sips, John moved the glass away. She heard him drink a little, then fill the glasses up again, before she felt him move again. This time , he slid over her body, his legs either side of her head, his cock, hard & erect, at the entrance of her mouth. As she opened her mouth, as he had known she would, his mouth took possession of her pussy again. The classic 69 position. Laura was not inexperienced, she had an ex husband & four kids at home, but never had he done this to her. Not like this, with this much intensity, & passion.

She sucked on John’s cock, rolling her tongue around the tip, into the hole his cum had so recently spewed from, tasting it, still a little salty from his cum, & heard him groan. His hips began to grind his cock further & further into the deepest recesses of her throat, whilst his tongue kept up it’s relentless assault on her pussy. Faster he pumped, harder she sucked, wanting him to cum in her mouth. She needed to taste it, feel it hitting the back of her throat, to swallow it down hungrily. But she also knew she was dangerously near to cumming again. So did John. He raised his head from her pussy, her juices all around the edges of his mouth, & slid his cock out of her mouth. “NO” she wailed.

“Don’t worry princess, you’ll get it back in a minute,” he said. She felt him move slightly, & then move back over her again. he had turned around, so now he was facing her rather than away from her. She felt him lowering himself to her again, & then felt the hot pressure of his lips on hers. She felt one of his hands opening her pussy wide, as wide as he could, & wondered why he was doing that. the next minute, she knew. John pushed home hard, something cold, & she screamed. His mouth swallowed the scream, & as it subsided, & she became used to the feeling in the pit of her stomach, he raised his mouth from hers.

“I won’t hurt you babe,” he said. “It’s just the empty wine bottle.” As his lips clamped over hers again, he began to move the bottle in & out of her soaking wet pussy. Her hips rode up & down to the pace he set. Slow at first, letting her get used to the feel of the cold glass inside her, & then faster, his tongue mirroring the movements of the bottle. Laura was moaning, but his kiss drowned out the sound, her hips lifting & falling to the rhythm. He dragged his lips from hers, & slid down her body, to see the bottle ramming in & out of her most secret place. She was taking most of it, he had known she would, but he had underestimated the effect it had on his own needs.

Seeing this woman riding the wine bottle like this was more of a turn on than he had thought it would be. Despite all his efforts, he knew he was going to have to take this woman again. Now. Hard. Fast. Then he had another idea. he ceased the movements of the bottle, & heard her whimper. He took one of the pillows from the top of the bed, & slid it under her hips, raising them slightly. then he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her hole. She sighed sexily, & eased herself towards it. John took the bottle, & placed at the entrance to her arse, but just out of reach for Laura to feel it. As he leant down to kiss her again, his cock pushed into her pussy, & the bottle rammed home in her arse. This time he didn’t drown out her scream, but let it ring out around the room.

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