The Experiment

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I logged into my social networking site and began skimming through the new posts. All of a sudden, I noticed a reply on one of my local groups. Could it be? The face looked so familiar. Rob! Sure enough, this guy’s name was Rob. Same last name too.

The memories came flooding back. We worked together. He was a year younger than me and I was his boss. He was tall, lean, and half Cherokee. He had gorgeous, thick black hair that tempted me to run my hands through it. His deep blue eyes seemed to see right through my soul. His high, chiseled cheekbones, gave him a manly edge and yet his lips were plump and kissable looking. His smile could light up a room! His voice made me melt. It was so deep and sexy. I used to set up situations where he had to return my call just so I could hear his voice. I wanted him so much! But I was his boss so I never acted upon my lust.

We did go places with a group of people. Out to eat, dancing, parties, picnics and the like, but I always admired him from afar. The times we were close together were difficult for me. I felt like he knew of my desire and yet I felt that I couldn’t act upon it. I also felt like he was constantly setting up situations where we did have to work side by side.

He quit that job nearly 40 years ago. I did see him once after that. He came in to buy something. We chatted. He had a good job and a girlfriend. I had a boyfriend. He needed to get home. We gave each other a quick hug and he left.

I did think of him from time to time over the years but I never expected to see him again. People move on. I moved on and to many different states before coming back here. And then I got divorced. I was newly divorced on the day that I saw his picture. I felt a bit of disbelief. Could this really be him?

I clicked on his page. That face! It was him for sure. His hair was just as thick and gorgeous as ever but now that beautiful shade of silver that almost sparkles in the sunlight. Ah, Rob. You are old now. So am I. I could see that his interests hadn’t changed. And better still, he wasn’t married!

I bit my lip and contemplated sending him a friend request. Then I remembered getting a friend request from a recently divorced guy. We had gone to school together. Back then he hadn’t been very nice to me. I did accept the request but felt like he was hitting on me. We really had nothing in common so he eventually stopped messaging me and married some woman. I didn’t want to make Rob feel like I was doing that to him. But, I’ve always been rather impulsive. I sent him the friend request.

Three days later, he accepted my request. Three days after that, he messaged me. We chatted about old times. And that was that. It went nowhere. Until it suddenly did!

I woke up to a message telling me that he was going to be in my city the next day on business and would I be interested in meeting him for dinner? I said I would and asked him if he’d like to see my friend’s band. They were playing in the neighboring city at a little restaurant/bar. I really wanted to see them but I couldn’t find anyone interested in going with me. He agreed to go.

We met about an hour before the band started playing. We had a really scrumptious dinner and listened to the band for about an hour. The place was small and the acoustics were not the best so it was hard to have a conversation in there. It also didn’t have a dance floor and I was itching to dance.

He told me to look at my phone. He had sent me a message. I laughed. We were sitting right next to each other and had to message each other because the music was so loud! Ha! He told me that he really liked the band but he wanted to talk to me some more. He asked me if I knew of a place where we could do that. That’s when we high tailed it back to my house.

He took a seat on my couch and I got us cold drinks. I put on some music but kept the volume down low. I hadn’t sat down yet. The first song that came onto my lineup was Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love. Oh yes! Luck of the draw there because he was a big Zeppelin fan.

He gazed up at me from the couch, drew a deep breath and said, “Can you still dance like you used to? You were so sensual!”

I giggled. I knew that there were a lot of moves that I used to do that I couldn’t do now, but I still loved to dance.

“Hang on. Let me slip into something more comfortable and we’ll see.”

I ran into my room and grabbed the new rose colored chemise that I had gotten a few days prior. I hadn’t tried it on yet but it fit perfectly. It was thin and slinky, felt like silk against my skin as it slithered down my body. The spaghetti straps were adjustable but I left them as is so that my breasts threatened to pop out. The bodice was sheer lace and the hem fell to my knees.

I danced out of the bedroom. He grinned up at me.

“That color is perfect on you! Do you remember that silk blouse that you used to wear? It was that color.”

“Oh yeah. I wore it with a purple wrap around skirt.”

“You wore no panties under that skirt. And the wind caught it one day and…”

“You saw that?”

He laughed. “We all saw sultangazi escort that! Oh man, that was hot!”

I knew that I should be blushing but I rarely get embarrassed. I just bit my lip, giggled, then looked at him, batted my eyes and smiled. I continued to dance, let my hips sway and gyrate, bent my knees and worked my butt closer to the floor as I ran my hands down my body.

I didn’t look at him for a time. I just danced like I always did. I find when I dance for someone, I have a tendency to stare at them too much and I feel like I am coming across as creepy.

He stood up from the couch with some difficulty. He has very long legs and the couch is low to the floor.

“Oh yeah, you’re still hot!”

His eyes suddenly veered to the left. He picked up a book and asked me what it was.

“It’s about various healing techniques. I haven’t finished it yet. But from what I have read so far, it works. I made someone’s knuckle pain go away and I’ve tried it on myself. When I finish doing it, I feel really happy. I feel like I’m glowing.”

“Do you think it would work on my lower back pain? It was nagging at me earlier and your couch didn’t help too much.” He shot the stink eye at the offending brown furniture as he pointed to it.

“I could try! Just don’t sue me if it doesn’t work. I haven’t finished the book yet.”

He laughed. “What do I have to do?”

“Oh well…” I had to try to think through the steps that I needed to do. “If you’re wearing any metal, you have to take if off. Empty your pockets and take off your shoes. And if you’re wearing a belt…” I looked at his waist. My eyes were drawn down to the crotch of his black jeans. I saw a bulge there. “Um, no belt, so… We’re good there!”

I grabbed a bar stool with no back to it and told him to sit on it when he was ready. “I’m just going to get things ready then warm up my hands to make them more sensitive and also loosen my diaphragm.”

He sat on the stool and watched me in an amused fashion as I went through the series of exercises.

“Wouldn’t a back rub be easier than all of that?”

I told him that it probably would but I was going to do more than that. I was going to cleanse his aura and remove any diseased or clogged energy, then comb through his aura and fill it up with good energy. And I wouldn’t even have to touch him to do it.

“Your whole body is going to feel wonderful when I’m done.”

“Oh yeah? Okay then. Let’s see what you can do.”

“You just relax. Put your tongue against the roof of your mouth and breathe deeply.”

I did the same but I made sure to do the measured breathing as I had read to do in the book.

“This might seem a little weird but I need to scan your aura first. I will do that with my hands. They will go over your body from about three feet away to within 3 inches of you. But I won’t actually touch you. I am just trying to see how far out your aura extends at various spots. And then I will work at clearing any blockages.”

An amused smile took over his face as I began my work.

Just as recommended in the book, I had a bowl of salt water nearby to flick the bad energy into and a spray bottle of witch hazel and lavender oil to spray on my hands as needed.

I spent about a half an hour scanning and cleaning his aura. I noticed that the main areas of distress were his lower back and his crotch. As I worked my hands over his crotch area in the dog paddle fashion, I could see his cock pushing up against the fly of his jeans.

“How are you feeling?”

“Damn! I feel really great. My back doesn’t hurt any more and I feel like I’ve had a nice long nap. I feel very refreshed.”

“Good! Good! That’s how you should feel. But…”

“But… What?”

I wasn’t sure how to phrase it without it sounding super sexual. And at that point I was more in healing mode than anything else.

“You seem to have a blockage around your sacral chakra.”

He looked up into my eyes with that amused expression again. “A cock blockage, huh?”

“Well… If you want to put it that way, then yes. That’s what you have.”

‘I see. And you can take care of that without touching me?”


“Right!” He laughed. “You’re just as silly as you used to be. But that’s what I like about you.”

I stood there blinking for a little while, not quite sure what to do. I hadn’t finished the book yet. Then I remembered something.

“I read something in a porno magazine some years back. There were two women and they found a guy to be their guinea pig for an experiment. They had him sit on a bar stool, naked. They talked to his cock and about 20 minutes later, he had an orgasm.”

“What did they do to make him cum?”

“They talked to his cock. That was it. It made him cum.”

“Mm hm. Bend down for me.”

I did. He patted me on the head.

“That’s a cute little fantasy. But that would never happen in real life. Sorry to burst your bubble. I know you somehow took my back pain away with whatever it was that you did with your hands, not touching me. arnavutköy escort But talking to a cock?”

Now I did feel like blushing. I still had the hots for him big time but I had to take that train into Sillyville. Instead of seeing me as sexy, he was probably seeing me as some sort of wackadoodle! Great. Just great. I twisted my mouth to the side and looked at him sheepishly.

“You know… I’m thinking back on it and pretty much all of the hair brained ideas that you had in the past actually panned out quite well in the end. So I’ll make you a deal. I’ll get naked for you and sit on this stool. I’ll give you 20 minutes. And if you haven’t achieved your goal by the end of that time, you’ll owe me.”

“I’ll owe you what?”

He chuckled. “That’s to be determined at the end of the twenty minutes. If you’re still like you used to be, I know you’ll go for it!”

I chuckled. “Strip while I get the timer!”

As I walked to the kitchen, I heard him muttering something about me but I wasn’t sure what he said.

I did feel silly at first. But I don’t think I felt as silly as he did on that bar stool, naked. His hands were sort of cupped across his crotch. I dropped to my knees so my face was at his crotch level. I inhaled deeply, his manly aroma filling my nostrils. Man fur. He had man fur. Not a lot of it though. Just little wisps but the hair down there was more salt and pepper than silver. More like black with touches of grey.

“If I’m going to talk to your cock, I’ll need to see it.”

He looked down at me, and rested his hands on his thighs.

“Hello cock. You’re looking mighty fine!”

“Oh my God!” He laughed.

I could see this going nowhere fast. I was going to have to change up my game!

“I used to dream of you, cock. I wanted you so badly. But I was afraid to act on what I wanted.”

I saw his cock which had gone flaccid, begin to stiffen a bit.

“But now, here we are together again. So close that you can feel my hot breath on you. You can imagine what my lips might feel like, kissing you all over, then wandering down to kiss your balls. Ohhhh… They look so full!”

His cock stiffened some more and it seemed to be growing larger before my eyes.

“I see you, buried in all that nice, warm hair. I’m watching you get harder and harder before my eyes. Just imagine what it might feel like if I could touch you with my fingers! I would stroke you softly like this.”

I ran my hands up and down around his cock very carefully, feeling his aura there and being careful not to actually touch him but to keep them close enough to where he could feel the heat, feel the electric sensations that the palms of my hands were emitting.

“Oh fuck!” He stretched his neck and looked up at the ceiling helplessly as his cock sprang to life before me.

“You’re such a beautiful cock. I’ve never seen such a beautiful cock before. You are just the right size. You would fit in my mouth so nicely. I would work my lips and my tongue all the way down to your balls, feeling your head slipping down my throat like it belonged there. I see the first drop of pre-cum glistening there at the tip, tempting me to lick it off. But I can’t because I can only talk to you.”

He stretched a bit on the barstool and I watched as the pre-cum began to trickle out.

“Oh you are leaking so badly! Let me put my hand under your head and try to catch all that sweetness.”

I felt the fluid plopping into the palm of my hand, hot and slippery. I pressed the palm of my hand to my lips and began licking it up, greedily.

“Oh my, yes. That’s what I want. Mmm… And you’re still leaking! You poor thing! You must be aching.”

Time and again, I let his fluids fill one palm then the other, lapping it all up and telling him how good it tasted.

“Look what you’ve done to me, cock. You’ve made my nipples as hard as you are!”

I looked up at him to make sure he was watching me. I put my hands inside my chemise and pulled my breasts up as hard and as high as I could so I could lick one nipple, then the other.

“I wish I could run my tongue over you like I am my tits. I would make you cum. But… All I can do is talk to you.”

Rob let out a moan, thrust his head backwards and thrust his cock towards my mouth. I had to move back so I didn’t touch it.

“You are making my pussy so hot and wet and swollen. My clit is just throbbing. You deserve to be buried deep inside of me, letting the walls of my pussy massage all the cum out of you.”

His cock was really dripping now. I moved my mouth very close to it, letting my hot breath out in little puffs all over his cock and balls.

“I think you need to cum. I need to cum. I’m going to cum. Thinking about what I want to do to you is making me…ahhhhhh…cum!”

I froze in place, felt my pussy tighten, my stomach suck in, and my back arch as the orgasm ripped through me. I had to grip the legs of the barstool to maintain my balance.

“Oh my God! Please!” Rob was rocking helplessly on the bar stool, his poor cock seeking başakşehir escort relief and finding none.

“You need to cum too, don’t you cock. I can tell that you are throbbing and your balls are aching. Don’t hold back. You can cum now. Get all messy for me.”

I looked up at Rob. He had a pained expression on his face. His body tensed up. I looked down at his balls to see them draw up towards his body. And then it happened. But not like I expected it. He didn’t exactly shoot. The cum came out more like a slow steady ooze that didn’t seem to want to stop. It just drooled and drooled. I caught what I could with my hands, lapping it up as fast as I could. It covered his thighs and his tummy. His cock was sort of jerking all over on its own and making a huge mess!

“I guess I can touch you now!” I put my head in his lap and began trying to clean him up with my tongue but his cock was very sensitive as I licked him there.

He screamed out in pain and told me to get a washcloth or something.

I ran to the bathroom, wet a washcloth with warm water, and returned to clean him up. I found him hunched over and shivering. The air had gotten chilly. I ran the washcloth over him as quickly and gently as I could. He grabbed my hands and pulled me towards him.

“Fuck! You did it! And the timer didn’t even go off!”

” I… Uh… I forgot to set the timer.”

He let out a laugh. “I don’t even care. That was so fucking intense! Wow!”

“It’s freezing in here. Let’s get under a blanket.” I tried to lead him to the couch.

“Not the couch!”

We both let out a laugh.

“The bedroom it is then!’

I wrapped my arm around him and walked the few feet into my bedroom with him and eased him back onto the bed, tucking him under the soft purple blanket and snuggling up with him.

“You know… This evening did not end at all like I had envisioned it. But damn! I am not complaining!” He pressed his lips to mine and we kissed each other deeply for some time. He looked sleepy and contented. But then suddenly he shook himself awake again and stretched. Let’s have a little bathroom and beverage break and then it’s my turn to talk to you. I won’t put you on the bar stool though. I can use this!” He took out the puck light that I keep next to my pillow. It comes in handy for finding sex toys in the dark. He pushed on the crystal top and the bright light snapped on.

“Okay then. I’ll get us some refreshments.” I hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen.

I returned with a tray of grapes, cheese and crackers and two mugs of hot tea. He grinned up at me from the bed. We took our time nibbling, sipping and not saying too much. The room was dimly lit with the soft orange glow of the salt lamp.

Rob told me that he would be right back and he wanted to find me naked with my legs spread. He ran off to the kitchen with the tray, and returned with a jug of ice water and a couple of glasses.

“I want you naked, but it’s cold in here.” He took some blankets and arranged them carefully over me so most of me was covered except for my pussy and part of my thighs. He wrapped himself in a blanket and settled with his head between my legs, then pushed the top of the puck light to turn it on.

I shivered, despite all the blankets. The puck light gave off a harsh, blue/white glow. I felt like I was on display. I didn’t really like that. But after what I had put him through, I knew it was my turn.

“A little uncomfortable, isn’t it?” He ran his hand lightly over my inner thigh, causing me to shiver again.

“Yes. It is but you’re not supposed to touch me.”

“Okay then. No more touching until you cum. He let out a satisfied moan. My, what a nice wet pussy you have. It’s just begging for me to fuck it!”

I could feel juice dribbling out of me onto the sheet below me. I had failed to tell him how wet I could get and there was no towel underneath me.

“It’s such a nice pink color and getting darker as your wetness trickles out. I see nice plump lips that want me to suck them. And a clit that looks like it is throbbing and needs attention.”

I squirmed a bit on the bed.

“Hold still!” He touched the blanket covering me, moving slightly. “I just need to move in a little closer.”

I could feel his breath on me now, warming me. He stayed there for a time, saying nothing. He just smiled and breathed on me.

“God you smell good. I’ll bet you taste good! I’ll bet you know how you taste, don’t you? Sweet and slippery! Such a tight little pussy, it needs so much attention. It’s radiating heat. It needs to feel my cock, prying those lips open and burying itself deep inside you.”

That was it. I lost it. Those words pushed me right over the edge. I cried out and pushed my crotch up towards him.

“Oh wow. That was nowhere near 20 minutes! You poor thing! You’re really horny, aren’t you? Will you let me put you out of your misery?”

“Mm hm.” I looked up at me and he grinned down at me, his eyes looked so soft and sexy.”

He wasted no time. There was no foreplay. Neither of us needed it. I felt his hard cock, thrusting deep and hard inside of me. I bent my knees and thrust my hips up to meet him, fucking him back. We worked together like that, moaning and sighing and giving each other pleasure. I had several orgasms, and felt his hot load as it flooded me. He pressed his lips to mine, kissed me deeply, and then laid his head next to mine on the pillow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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