The Free Tan

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On my way home from shopping one night I decided to go to the Tanning salon to relax and pamper myself. The heat from the bulbs will feel good after the last 2 hours of shopping errand running I thought. There are a couple other reasons I like to go, besides the tan there are some absolute HUNKS working there on Friday and Saturday nights. Most are about 15 years younger, but what the hell they are still old enough.

Walking into the shop, I couldn’t help but smile as I seen Michael. He has a perfect body. He has dark hair and dark complexion with beautiful sky-blue eyes. He’s about 6’4, 220, muscles everywhere. He was gorgeous but wasn’t one of those guys that knew he was too. He was as sweet as he was cute. The first day I ran into Michael there, he sold me a tanning package, tanning lotion and after tan lotion. He could have offered me a piece of the parking lot and I would have bought it.

Anyway, Michael checked me into the computer and told me it would be a few minutes before the Tower would be available. We stood there and chatted a little about the weather and every day things. Finally, I get the nerve to ask him what his age is. WOW, he’s only 26 years old, 12 years younger than me. When he asked me my age I wanted to lie but before I could think I blurted out, “I’m an old woman compared to you, I’m 38.” Michael told me that I wasn’t old and he thought I was a lot younger. I told him I needed to give him a hug and kiss for saying something so kind like that to me.

Right about then the door to the tanning booth I was waiting on opened. Damn, I wanted to see where this conversation was going. Michael went over to the computer and punched in some numbers. He told me the booth would be ready as soon as he wiped it down. I followed him down the hall and waited for him to finish. I stepped in the door about the same time he was stepping out and we got real close. I could hear him kind of sigh and moan as he brushed against my breast. As I stepped on in the room, Michael asked me if I need anything else. I thought of plenty of things I needed but nothing he ‘would’ help me with.

The entire time in the tanning booth I thought of Michael and what he could do for me. Maybe I should have asked him to help me put my lotion on. Oh, well. My 15 minutes were up and I needed to get myself home. When I walked to the reception area Michael followed me out the door. He asked me to come back and keep him company one night and he handed me his schedule and cell number. He said he enjoyed talking to me and hoped we could talk again soon. WOW….What just happened there??? Was he kind of escort şişli asking me out? I noticed that his schedule was the same Saturday and Sunday night, 3 – 9 p.m. I asked Michael what was a good slow time of the day for him. He said if I come in about 8:30, he’d give me a free tan. And we could visit after my tan and before he locked up.

I left the shop that night on cloud nine. Driving home all I could see was his cute face with the small mustache and goatee with dimples. Before bed I decided to get my toy out. I had been so excited thinking about Michael, I needed to release some frustration. I laid down with me vibrator and started rubbing the head of it around my clit. Slowly sliding it up and down over and over pressing harder and faster. Finally, while thinking of Michael, I slide the tip of my toy in my pussy. I can feel the toy sliding in and the sounds of my wet juices sucking it inside me. The vibrations feels so good as I slide it in and out of my sweet hot pussy. Within minutes I could feel myself getting close to climax. I couldn’t hold it when I shoved the toy all the way deep inside and held it there while I fingered my clit. My legs went stiff and I started shoving the toy in and out…. Damn, that was good.

The next day I had calmed down about my dealing with Michael the night before. However, I did still plan on meeting him later that night. I carefully shaved my legs and carefully trimmed the hair on my pussy. I couldn’t actually dress up to go to the Tanning salon, so I wore a pair of black velour pull on pants and a white tee shirt. I pulled my hair up to the top of my head leaving a select few long curls hang down and applied my eye make up and lipstick.

Pulling into the parking lot I could see Michael showing a lady the different kinds of lotions. Just like me, she bought what he suggested. I watched as she walked into one of the tanning rooms and then I grabbed my goggles and headed for the door.

Michael was folding hand towels when I walked in. “Hey girl, you’re just in time!” What bed do you want tonight. I alternate bed and booth so I told him I wanted to go into the power house bed. He said that was cool and to follow him and he would set me up.

I followed him into the room and put my things on the bench. When I turned around to shut the door, Michael was standing there. CLOSE, very close. He took a hold of my hand and pulled me to him. He whispered to me that he has wanted to kiss me for a long time. I didn’t even answer, I just stretched up and placed my lips on his. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close as his tongue parted my lips and roamed around in my mouth. Oh my God was that ever the best kiss. When he pulled back he told me he hoped I enjoyed my tan session, he turned walked out and shut the door. I just melted right there on the spot.

I couldn’t lie still on that bed for anything. The only thing it was doing was making me hotter. Ten minutes had gone by and it seemed like 30 minutes. I was just about ready to push open the bed door and sit up when I heard a noise in my room. No time to react, the tanning bed door pulls open and there stands Michael with no clothes on. He told me that we were the only there and he wanted me to grab my clothes and things and follow him to the lounge room in the back of the salon.

I watched Michael’s firm ass glide down the hall in front of me and into a small dark room. There was a table, 4 chairs, kitchen cabinets and a sofa in the corner. He led me to the sofa and before I could sit, he pulled me to him and kissed me hard on the lips. His hands were cupped around my breast and he was playfully pinching the nipples. Being very gentle he sat me down on the edge of the couch and told me to lay back. He knelt down between my legs and started kissing my thighs. He suddenly spreads my legs apart and dove his head in. OH MY GOD I was in heaven. It had been such a long time since I had had any sex let alone having my pussy ate out.

He’d slowly spread my lips apart and run his tongue deep in my clit. Sliding his tongue up and down the clit. He moved his fingers started inserting one or two fingers and pushing it in and out. I couldn’t take much more. I told him he was going to make me melt. He came up and took a breath. He told me he dared me to cum on his face. When he put his head back between my legs and put his tongue on my clit I couldn’t stop, I started bucking and I grabbed his head and tried grinding his tongue and nose deep in my pussy. His tongue kept going and going.

After the waves had calmed down, he scooted up next to me where I could see his HUGE ROCK HARD COCK. He laid me back on the couch and started kissing my lips. I could smell and taste my cum on his lips and breath. He told me that it turned him on to see my lick my cum off his lips. I could no longer control myself. I had to touch this guys cock. It was begging me to lick it. I rolled out from under Michael and crawled down between his legs. His cock stood straight up. It was at least 9″ long and about as big around as my wrist. I held his cock while I leaned in and started sucking each ball in my mouth. I ran my tongue up the sides of his cock and flickered the tip until I heard him moan with pleasure.

That’s when I opened my mouth and slowly and firmly sucked his cock in. He started squirming and telling me how great that felt. I was so turned on at how turned on he was that I realized that I had my hand buried in my pussy fingering myself. I kept sucking Michael’s cock in and out, carefully cupping his balls up. I let his cock slide away from my mouth as I ran my tongue down the side of his cock, around both balls and on down to his crack. I wasn’t sure how Michael would react if I rimmed his ass with my tongue but I thought he would surely enjoy it if I tried. I pulled his cheeks apart a little and stuck my tongue in the crack of his ass. He started moaning louder as I moved my tongue in and out of the rim.

I was so into making him moan, I didn’t realize that someone else was in the room. I was kneeling over Michael’s cock sucking his cock, balls and rimming his ass when I felt a hand slide between my legs and fingers start fingering my already soaking wet clit. I turned around and found Craig with one hand in me and one hand wrapped around his cock. Michael told me it was okay and too slide up and down on his cock and slide it deep. Well, I couldn’t pass that invitation up. I squatted over Michael’s cock and feeling it slide in deep as I sat down. Behind me I could feel Craig fingering my ass. I was trying to relax but was so excited that I was starting to cum already. Michael could sense it and he started fucking me harder. Oh man, I was cumming again for the third time that night. Michael had me get up and on my hands and knee’s.

Craig stood in front of me while Michael started fucking me doggy style. He was pushing me causing me to suck Craig’s cock almost down my throat. Craig didn’t last long, he came right away. Michael kept pumping me. I reached down and fingered my clit as he fucked me fast and hard. I could feel his balls as I rubbed his cock. “where can I cum?” he asked “right where you are, don’t you dare pull out now. I want to feel your hot creamy stuff in me….” That was all it took, Michael started moaning louder and louder. He held my ass firmly on his cock as he shot his cum deep in me. I just stayed there, grinding back on his cock as it was still deep in me.

Craig stood up and started getting dressed, he apologized to me for intruding. I told him it was okay that I had more than one fantasy come true. Michael stood up and handed me a towel. Craig got what he was looking for and left the salon. Michael finished locking up the shop while I cleaned up and got dressed. When he came back to the lounge he asked me if I’d be interested in coming back the next night.

You know, this could work out. What a Tan!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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