The Hike

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You pull on to the car park where I am stood waiting near the entrance to a small dirt track. Approaching me you see that I am checking out your firm milky calves on display because of your slightly short walking shorts. My gaze traces slowly up your body enjoying the figure-hugging thin top you have on. As I get to you breasts I am momentarily confused as they appear smaller than your 34 DD chest usually looks until I realise you must be wearing a sports bra. Continuing up I see you looking straight into my eyes with a beaming smile as you enjoy me enjoying you, your dark auburn hair fluttering lightly in the wind.

You hold my gaze as unspoken thoughts flash between us before saying “This way?” as you make toward the track you assume we will be walking along. You add a little seductive sway to your ass knowing I will check out your firm, rounded cheeks which your shorts hug showing sexily. After letting you get a few steps so I could watch each cheek rise and fall as you walk, I take a few strides to catch up with you.

To begin with we walk in sexually charged silence and then we drop into random platonic conversation. After a while however we start to walk closer together, slowly getting into each others personal space as the tension between us starts to build again. Eventually the skin of our arms lightly brushes the other causing goose bumps to instantly form, conversation slows as our fingertips start to play with the other’s. Then as fast as it starts it is over and I break away from you a half pace putting me back out of your personal space.

We continue to walk a few minutes until there is a small path running off the main path leading towards a wooded area. As you go to follow the main path I step in close and place my hand in the small of your back and guide you towards the smaller track. You feel the heat of my hand start to transfer through your thin top as it lingers in place ever so slightly too long as my little finger drops into your waistband where there the small of your back meets the top of the crack of your ass. Just as you turn to look at me I remove it and walk on ahead of you without a sideways glance and continue talking causing you to question if it had in fact been your imagination.

As we walk down this Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir rarely trodden path I look off to my left and say “ohh look over there” as I draw your attention to a dense cluster of trees which appear to circle a small clearing. Again I place my hand in the small of your back to guide you towards it, only this time my finger tips don’t just drop into your waist band but so my hand moves south and into it causing your waist band to bite into you as room is made for my hand. My fingers run down the crack of your ass before moving over the fullness of your cheeks.

You look at me but as you do you realise my arm is bending, pulling you in close to me so that we are face to face as I look down at you, eyes locked. After a few seconds which last a life time both of us aggressively kiss each other as though there is nothing else in the world, forcing our tongues into each others mouths, biting each others lips as we clumsily move towards the dense tree cluster.

Both your hands moves towards my waistline feeling for my button and zip with an animistic desire to free my quickly swelling cock. Just as you find the button I pull my lips from yours, the lack of pressure on your lips disorienting after being pressed so hard together. Firmly grabbing your wrist I pull it away and turn you round with your arm twisted up your back as you realise my strength. With my other hand I grab your shoulder pulling you back so you lean against me, my body being the only thing holding you upright.

Pulling your hair to one side I expose your neck as my lips move so close that there can only be the distance of mere atoms keeping the two from touching. First you feel the heat radiating from my lips and then a greater sensation as I let a breath out , the breath flowing down your waiting neck. You try to turn your head to meet my lips with yours but every time you try you feel the bite of pain as I pull on your hair refusing to let your head budge. My lips finally make contact with your skin and trace up your neck taking the very tip of your ear lobe into them and giving it a gentle nip,. Standing you back up and releasing my grip on your wrist as I walk away from you towards the clearing as I pick up the İstanbul Escort conversation we were having as though nothing had happened.

As we get to the clearing you find a big downed log with a large picnic basket laid out in front of it with a cooler next to it. I walk up to the cooler and remove a bottle of pink champagne and two glasses. I hand you the glasses and pop the cork firing it the short distance into the small crystal clear pond next to us. I pour us both a glass and then we sit back to the log as we both drink a bit too quickly, downing one after another until 2/3 of the bottle is finished.

I lean over you pretending to get the remainder of the bottle from the cooler however this time I run my hand under your top and pull it quickly up over your head; stopping as I get your arms above your head and your mouth and nose through the head hole leaving it tightly pulled round your eyes like a blindfold as I grab both your wrists in my hand pining them above your head.

Leaning in I kiss you gently, savoring the taste of your lips as your breathing starts to become shallow in excited anticipation. My lips start to trace down your chest until they meet the strong bulging fabric of your sports bra. I start to try and bite your nipples through the fabric, unable as it restrains your mounds. Finally I lose patients and let go of your wrists, roughly pulling your bra up over your tits, releasing them to the cool breeze as I again lift this up over your eyes reinforcing the makeshift blindfold.

Excited and exposed your whole body tingles with goose bumps as your nipples harden and you wait, helpless, for me to make the next move which doesn’t come. I lay there allowing my eyes to drink in every detail of your body, watching the subtle signs of your enjoyment it gives off. Eventually I whisper in your ear not to move a muscle as I let go of your wrists, watching your internal struggle of wanting to see how I’m reacting to your form vs wanting to allow yourself to be dominated.

Whilst your arms twitch, your desire to be dominated quickly wins out and you continue laying there with your arms above your head whenever it does I also massage your g-spot harder, holding you just shy of your Escort İstanbul orgasm. Just as you think you can take no more and you feel like you need to explode my tongue and fingers return to their speedy pace taking you over the edge. This causes your body to spasm and your pussy to pulsate as it clamps down on my fingers. Unexpectedly I continue the pace with my tongue and fingers which quickly forces you into another orgasm followed by a third.

As your entire body is quivering, your eyes roll back in your head and your mind goes fuzzy with the post orgasm high. You feel me lift you but you aren’t really aware of what’s going on until you feel the rough bark of the tree bite into your supple, sensitive flesh of your breasts and stomach which snaps your focus back. You are now bent over the downed tree, legs wide, ass up and my mouth is exploring your ass cheeks.

Just as quickly as your focus comes back it starts to cloud when I start to run my tongue over your pussy from behind as I reach round and play with your clit. I then quickly insert two fingers back into you and start to fuck you with them as my other fingers plays with you. This coupled with the biting sensation of the bark on your skin causes you to cum again, this time as you do I run my tongue over the bud of your ass adding a sensation you have never had and unexpectedly intensifying your orgasm.

Just as you are coming down I force my length into your slick pussy to the base in one go and grab your hair and start to fuck you harder than you have ever been pounded before. All thoughts of pleasuring you gone from my mind as raw animistic passion takes over me. My strokes get harder forcing the bark of the tree further into your skin as I feel myself build. Before I go beyond the point of cumming I pull out of you and throw you to your knees.

I force my cock into your mouth so you taste yourself before you start gagging on my cock as I fuck your mouth almost as hard as I did your pussy. You start to gag and spit but instead of pulling away to try and get some breath you lean into it grabbing my ass and pulling me that little bit further down your throat. Your desire to have your mouth used for my pleasure clear as spit and tears are streaming down your face and chin. I pull out of your soft mouth spraying hot cum in your hair, eyes ,over your lips and then the final few spurts dribbling out with less power splashing over your massive tits. I stand there a few seconds just looking how sexy you look before grabbing a cloth from the cooler and cleaning you before laying down, spent!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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