The Hitchhikers Ch. 01

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I was driving down I-75 when I saw them on the side of the road. Two young hitchhikers — a boy and a girl. Normally I wouldn’t stop for just a guy, but figured with the girl it would be okay. As I pulled over onto the shoulder, I could see smiles on the two faces as they ran up to my Lexus. .

When they reached the car I asked them how far they were going and they gold me Miami, which was about 5 hours passed my destination, but I could take them along for about an hour. I unlocked the doors and they climbed in. He went into the back seat, and she up front with me. She said her name was Carrie and she was about 5’4 with a cute face and incredibly tight curly hair. I couldn’t really see her body because she was bundled under some cold weather gear. Steve was her boyfriend and I would admit we was a good looking guy, although I didn’t think he was good looking enough to go hitching across the country with!

I pulled away from the shoulder and onto the highway and we began chatting. Seems they were from up north and had been hitching all the way down 75 because they wanted to see Miami and move to someplace warm. Both had gone to college, but decided it wasn’t for them and then the idea for this great adventure had come to them, and thus their journey began.

After about 2 hours of driving we came upon an exit and I began to pull off. They started to thank me for the lift and I laughed. Then explained I was hungry myself and asked if they were hungry or needed anything. karkamış escort They both hesitated, and I could read their expressions. Yes they were hungry, but did not have the money. So I told them it would be my treat, which again brought bright smiles to their faces.

We pulled off the highway and stopped at a fast food place and told them to order whatever they wanted. I had never seen people eat so much! Each of them had two combo meals as well as a chocolate shake and apple pies! It made me feel good to help someone out, so I didn’t mind spending the money.

After a quick bathroom break we all piled back into the car. I climbed in first and shut my door, and saw Steve pull Carrie aside for a second to speak with her. She smiled and nodded her head and then they both piled back into the car.

“Everything okay?” I asked as we began to pull out of the parking lot.

“Everything is perfect,” came Carrie’s reply. “We were just saying how glad we were that you pulled over.

“No problem,” I said. “Always glad to help someone out.” Then began to pull out on the highway again.

We had only gone a few miles before Carrie spoke up again. “We don’t have any money, but we would like to repay you for giving us a ride and lunch. That was very nice of you. ” “Just do a good deed for someone in the future and it will make us even.”

Carrie then reached over and put her hand on my thigh. “Well, ” she began” I can think of a good deed I can do right now for someone.” She then moved her hand up to my crotch and began to rub my cock trough the fabric.

This startled me and I accidently swerved into the other lane before correcting myself. “Whoah, no need for that” I told her.

She began to rub harder and faster and I began to feel my member become stiff under her hand. “Please, we appreciate it. Let me do this for you.”

From the backseat, Steve chimed in. “Seriously bro, let her do it.. She gives the most amazing blow jobs and I get a kick out of watching her. “

By this time, Carrie had reached her other hand over and undone the zipper on my shorts. Next she reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard cock. I am only average in size, but felt twice as big as normal with this beautiful woman running her hand up and down my shaft.

She pulled her knees up into the seat, and bent over the console. First she licked the head and swirled her tongue all around it. I moaned involuntarily as it had been months since I had seen any time of action.

Next she put the whole head into her mouth and began to suck as hard as she could. The feeling was amazing. She began to lower her head until she had the whole think in her mouth and was swirling her tongue around the base.

After coming up for air, she smiled at me and asked, “Do you like me sucking your cock? Does it feel good knowing you are going to shoot your cum in my mouth? “

I was floored by her words. Before I could responds she lowered her head again into my lap, quickly followed by another moan from me. She began to bob her head up and down on my cock never losing suction and moaning the whole time. I was in heaven!!

Looking into the review mirror I saw Steve had taken his stiff rod out of his pants and was stroking it. That was when I saw why she would travel with him. Steve had a monster tool, easily 10 inches long and 5 inches around. I am surprised it didn’t rip her in half each time they had sex.

Steve saw me looking at him and grinned. ” Told you man, watching her really turns me on.” I put my attention back on the road while Carrie bobbed up and down in my lap.

It wasn’t long before I felt my balls begin to fill and get ready to squirt. I warned her and Carrie smiled up at me and said. “Do it. Shoot your cum in my mouth. Make me swallow your seed. Please give it too me. I want to drink your cum so bad!”

This dirty talk put me over the edge and I began to groan. Carrie was true to her word and kept sucking the entire time I was shooting into her mouth. When I was done, she again looked up at me and opened her mouth showing me the huge load I had blown there. She then closed her mouth and swallowed, followed by her opening her mouth again to show me it was empty. “Mmmmm. Yummy. “

I was out of breath and could not believe this had happened. Carrie then leaned over and whispered in my ear..” You know we haven’t slept in a real bed for a week. If you let us crash at your place tonight, I can really show you how grateful I am…..”

To be continued…

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