The Initiation Ch. 01

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It began six months ago. My wife Susan and I had just moved into the area as I had been relocated due to my recent promotion at work. We are both in our early thirties, with no children and a great sex life. My wife is 5’6″ tall, measuring 38D-26-35 and has dark black hair and is drop dead gorgeous. She literally stops traffic wherever we go, especially when we are at the beach. I am 6′ tall, 185 pounds, keep myself in shape and despite my slight build, have an 8″ cock that is also almost as thick as my wrist. Needless to say, we do enjoy a very thorough sex life.

When we first moved in, our neighbors, Donna and Ray were the first ones to make us feel at home in our new surroundings. Like us, they had no children. We went to dinner, to the theatre and to the beach with them. We became the four Musketeers. It was at the beach one day, after too much drinking, that I had confessed to our friends that without children we had ample opportunities, in our previous location, to enjoy as much sex as we wanted, even taking it as far as being part of a “swing” club. “Bob,” my wife said to me, “How could you say this in front of Donna and Ray?” “I guess it was too much beer,” as I began to apologize for what I thought made them feel uneasy.

Both Donna and Ray started to laugh out loud. “I knew something was a little different about both of you. The way you touch each other in public, stealing little kisses and touches when you do not think anyone is watching,” said Donna. “Bob didn’t embarrass you?” Susan asked. “Not at all,” remarked Ray. “In fact, we were trying to find the right way to ask whether or not you enjoyed a little extra with your sex life?” Donna continued. Donna, who by the way, is a blond knockout with measurements of 36D-24-36 is the same age as Susan, then rambled, “You see, Ray and I have had this open marriage since we got married some 10 years ago. In fact there is nothing that we both have not done individually and/or together when it comes to sex. We love the way we have the ability to please ourselves and, at the same time, share that pleasure with our friends.”

“It was natural for us” exclaimed Ray “to try and find a place where we can enjoy sex without the regular hang-ups. We may have found a way to do this, and would you be willing to hear about this?” “I think I am getting too worked up just thinking about this right now,” whispered Susan to me. “Can we discuss this when we get home?”

Seeing our apprehension, as we had only met Ray and Donna about three months prior to our day at the beach, Ray asked “How about joining us for dinner? You guys come to our house around 6 tonight and we will share our secrets with you.”

Susan and I agreed to meet for dinner. I do not think I can remember the rest of the day at the beach except to fantasize about having my cock imbedded in Donna’s cunt, while Donna was eating out my wife, who was giving Ray a blowjob.

If there were any second thoughts about joining Donna and Ray for dinner ended when we got home. It did not take me all of three minutes to rip off Susan’s bathing suit, and with no preliminaries, shove my cock, doggy-style into my wife’s well-lubricated cunt. As my wife keeps her dark bush well trimmed, it was easy to find her clitoris, which, by the time I entered her, was sticking straight up from the wisps of black pussy hair. “Oh my God, I am so hot. You bastard, you did this to me,” panted my wife, as I held nothing back. I was sawing in and out of her cunt and with every stroke; her wailing became a little louder.

“Fuck me; oh please fuck me with your big cock. I can’t get enough of your cock. My God, you are tearing me in two and I love it!! After what seemed to be minutes in this position, Susan was so close to cumming that I thought she could use some assistance. I gently, rubbed the head of her clit with my right forefinger and at the same time inserted my left forefinger into her asshole. She bucked and moaned, “Please help me cum. Oh please, it feels so good!” All it took was for me to thrust into her cunt once more along with my finger on her clit and one in her asshole, she screamed loud enough to wake up the dead. “I’m cummmmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg. Yes! Yes! Yes!! I’m cummmmminnng, Oh, Oh, Oh God!” as her body shook as I roared, “Me too!” as I let out about what appeared to be one week’s worth of cum, into my wife’s soaked cunt. All this in five minutes.

After she recovered from her cum, Susan was not shy about letting me know that she was eager to hear what our friends had to say. “I think it would be great if this worked out. I have noticed you staring at Donna.” “Can you blame me? She has a great set of tits, and perhaps she would even be a natural blond. I am sure you have fantasized about Ray” “You’re right. I have. Ever since Donna told me that Ray loves to eat her cunt for hours at a time and then fuck her until she screams.”

“Are you trying to get me hard again, because if you are, you are doing a good job of it?” “We don’t rus escort have time for more. We will be late for dinner.” “Fuck dinner. We can be fashionably late.” With that I spread my wife’s legs and dove in to eat her pussy. She came almost immediately. And for good measure, came again. With that, I placed my cock by the entrance to her already soaked cunt and proceeded to fuck my wife. Not make love. Fuck her again. Like I did only a few minutes before. It took both of us all of three minutes for us to cum together.

At 6:00 PM we arrived at Donna and Ray’s house. Set off the road, just as our house is, we were welcomed by our hosts with drinks in their hands and a plateful of chilled shrimp. “You guys look great. The sun really did wonders for you. Susan, I love the outfit you are wearing,” exclaimed Donna.

We were surprised to see another couple at dinner. We were introduced to Chuck and Marie. Chuck looked as though he stepped out of QC magazine. Tall and handsome, similar to Donna’s husband in looks and in size, both being around 6’2″ tall. Lean and rugged looking. Marie fit right in with Susan and Donna. Red hair, great legs, and a body that one could die for. She had a very slim waist, which made her ample breasts look even more imposing. She too had lacked modesty as her outfit showed off her best assets, with a top with a plunging neckline to a skirt that was even shorted than Susan’s.

Chuck and Ray worked for the same engineering firm. We found out that Chuck and Marie lived in the next town over. Over drinks we fast became friends. At dinner, it was hard to keep a conversation going over dinner as each of our wives paraded in front of us, serving the different courses. With their outfits leaving little to the imagination, I am sure there were 3 guys with erections throughout the meal. Thank goodness, none of us had to get up.

After dinner we moved into the family room. As the girls entered behind us I heard Donna yell, “Susan told us what happened when you guys got back from the beach. That’s okay Bob, Ray and I felt the same way.”

“Tell us what happened with you and Ray,” chimed Marie. “We were so hot from Susan and Bob telling us about how they belonged to a swing club where they previously lived, I had fantasized about the scene.”

“With Susan getting royally fucked by Bob and other men at the same time, that by the time we got home, I was all over Ray. I ripped his clothes off and then began first to suck his cock, and then I impaled myself on his 10″ masterpiece,” stated Donna. “I must have cum in three minutes.”

I could see that Susan had become a little embarrassed with Donna’s story; however, she stood up and took a bow! She was greeted by applause from all of us. Chuck started to speak. “Susan and Bob, you may wonder why Donna shared her sexual exploits with you.

First, let me tell you that after I tell you a little about my wife and myself and the club we started, if you feel uncomfortable, we will end the conversation at that point. Agreed. Good. Marie and I started a swing club about 4 years ago. We had mutual friends in the area and all of us had one common bond. We love sex and we loved sex with multiple partners. We have a big enough house, set off in the woods, that it ensures total privacy.

We do not seek out members. Friends often refer members to us. The club is very exclusive, with only 20 couples holding membership. However, the members of the club are all very sexual. This is not a club for one to “watch the action.” In order to become members there is an initiation process that usually weeds out those unworthy of becoming members. Would you like to hear a little more about us?”

I looked over at Susan, who in her own way, gave me a very small nod of her head indicating that she was interested in going further. “Tell us what we need to do in order to be considered for membership,” I asked. “Yesterday, Donna and Ray began the process. Even though we worked together, Ray did not know about our club until I was sure he and Donna could handle the information.

Let’s begin by viewing a short video.” With that, Chuck inserted a videotape into the VCR. The lights were turned down low, and the tape began playing. Susan was on my right and Marie on my left. Donna was sandwiched between her husband and Chuck. The video was a commercial for sex. “This is what our parties are like.” There were men and women with multiple partners, women with women all engaged in loud raucous sex. The movie was very graphic, and from what I was viewing it must have had an effect on all of us.

First, Susan began to fondle her tits as well as place on hand inside her skirt. Marie then turned to me and gave me a kiss that I felt down to my tonsils. The movie also affected Donna as she was quickly stripped by Chuck and Ray, and then mounted by Ray while giving her husband a blowjob. At least one of my fantasies came true.

Donna sıhhiye escort was a natural blonde, although her bush was neat; there were some out of place cunt hairs. Donna was moaning and gasping for air as Chuck imbedded his cock into her wet cunt. Donna had trouble keeping her mouth glued to Ray’s cock as Chucks fucking made her scream, “More, please more fucking.” I need to be fucked by your large cock. Please, I will do anything to be fucked. Oh yes!”

Her husband moved away, wanting to see how Donna would cum. He was not disappointed when she let out a scream that could be heard for miles. Chuck turned Donna over onto her back and continued his fucking. Just as Chuck was planting his seed on her massive tits, Donna was in another world. Every nerve must have been touched, as she roughly played with her tits, pulling on her distended nipples crying out, “I am almost there, please just a little more, please, oh please, ah yes, I’m there…Oh, I am cummmminnnng, I am cummminnnnngg, I am cummmmmminnng!” Bob took Chuck’s place and before Donna could relax, he was fucking her. In and out. In and out.

“Not again, oh please I cannot take anymore cock.” Bob was deaf to her pleas and continued to fuck his wife from behind. He turned her over, and entered her in the missionary position, raised her legs and once again, began to fuck her. This time, Donna turned into one crazed sex toy. She could not get enough of her husband’s cock. “Oh, I love to fuck. I love to fuck…Please give me your cock, all of your cock. I am about to explode.” And then she did. She had never cum like this before. As Donna slumped to the floor Chuck and Ray stared at the scene in front of them.

Not to be outdone, Marie, turned to Susan, ripped off her blouse and gave her a tongue bath on her nipples. Susan’s nipples are very sensitive; often she can come by my just sucking on them. Marie was an expert; biting, pinching pulling them in every direction and finally sucking on each nipple. In no time, my wife was moaning, and tried to put her hands into her own skirt to play with herself in order to speed her cum. Marie would not have any of this.

She pulled out, God only knows from where, a scarf which she immediately placed over my wife’s hands and tied them in such a way, to the back of the couch that Susan could not move. Basically, her hands were above her head, she was topless and moaning from the tonguing Marie was giving her. “You have not enjoyed anything like I am going to give you during the next few minutes,” exclaimed Marie as she ripped off my wife’s skirt, leaving her in only her thong panties.

Marie scooted over to me and whispered in my ear, “At the appropriate time, I am going to ask you to fuck me. When I ask you to do this, there are to be no preliminaries. Take me from behind, and fuck me. I have no panties on, and I am soaking wet. Just fuck me and cum inside of me when I tell you to. Understand?” I could only nod.

Marie, once again began lusting on Susan’s tits. One minute later, the familiar cry of Susan having an orgasm permeated the air. Then Marie started to eat Susan through her thong! Susan went wild. Her nipples became diamond hard, lunging toward the ceiling crying out to be touched. “Touch me, my nipples, please touch me.” Marie complied while eating Susan through her panties. She stopped long enough to tear the panties from Susan and in the same motion, planted her face into Susan’s sex.

She immediately found Susan’s engorged clitoris and began licking with the flat part of her tongue. Up and down, up and down, while still pinching Susan’s nipples. “Oh my God,” Susan yelled as she had her second orgasm. Marie would not let up. While she continued to lick her clit, she removed her hands from her tits, only to place, at first one finger, then two fingers up my wife’s soaked cunt. She was rough on Susan’s clit, then soft as she only flicked at it with the tip of her tongue.

Then Marie found what she was looking for as her fingers found Susan’s G-spot. She thrust her fingers in the right spot and that drove Susan wild. Marie lifted her face from my wife’s cunt and spoke. “Bob, fuck me now but do not cum until you are told, otherwise I will stop what I am doing with your wife and I will take your cock out of my cunt!”

I pulled up Marie’s skirt. My second fantasy was true. She was a natural red head. However, while Susan and Donna had some hair on their cunts, Marie had a virtual forest. Her bush extended from her ass hole up over her mound and almost to her belly button. It was thick and unruly. I was truly impressed and horny. It had been a while since I had fucked a “natural” woman.

I shoved my cock into a very soaked pussy and began to fuck her in earnest when I heard Marie say to my wife, “Susan, I am going to make you have multiple orgasms in the next few minutes. Don’t fight it, enjoy it while you husband fucks me.” My wife could only sincan escort whimper and say, “Please put your tongue back on my clit, your fingers are driving me crazy. I want to cum so bad. Please don’t make me wait.”

Marie smiled and continued her assault on my wife, but with a twist. “Ray and Chuck come here and each of you take one of her nipples and suck on it while I eat her pussy and play with her cunt. Donna, who by now had reasonably recovered, “Come here and lightly touch Susan’s clit with your tongue.” As each of them took their place next to my wife, Susan was wild eyed with anticipation. Like clockwork, each of them began their tasks of pleasing my wife.

At the same time, I was doing all I could from not cumming into Marie’s very hairy cunt.

The explosion that rocked the room was unbelievable. Susan’s eyes opened wide as every orifice in her body was receiving attention. Marie had somehow placed on of her fingers into Susan’s ass. Susan was not in control of her senses as every suck on her nipples, every twitch on her clit caused minor orgasms. She was being set up for one massive final climax. Finally, after about 30 minutes of non-stop action, Susan’s entire body began to shake and she began to convulse as orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

She was crying, yelling and pleading, “Enough, let me cum, oh my God, I am on fire. Please let me cum. Marie turned to me and smiled, saying only, “You can cum anytime you want.” I am glad those word were spoken as I could not hold out any longer. With one final thrust, I came deep inside Marie’s soaked hairy pussy, saving a little to drip onto her bush. At the same time, Marie began climaxing, so did Susan who finally had the orgasm of a lifetime. Every sexual part of her body was racked by uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy. She came like Marie promised, like never before in her life. Susan was spent, as were we all.

It took all of us about an hour to recover. Susan was aglow as was Donna and even Marie felt great. No one moved to retrieve his or her clothes. It was Chuck who spoke first. “We came to dinner, not knowing what to expect. Oh yes, while Donna and Ray had told us about your discussion of earlier today, we truly needed to be sure, if you wanted to become a member of our club. That you were both uninhibited when it came to sex.”

“From what I just saw and participated in, you would be great members for our special group. I know that it may be hard to make a decision about going to through the initiation, but our next membership meeting is in one month, and if you want to be considered at that time, I need to provide you with some last details. Donna and Ray are going to take part of the initiation next month as well. What are your thoughts?”

“I have never, ever, had sex like this. Ever,” Susan said as she rose to one knee and move quietly over to where Marie was seated. “I want to thank you for the past hour or so of pleasure”, she said to Marie, as she bent forward and gave Marie a very soulful kiss. Susan looked at me with more lust in her eyes and stated, “I think I can speak for my husband when I say that we would consider it an honor to be considered for membership. There is just one thing I need to do before you tell us what we must do for the initiation meeting.”

“What’s that,” stated Chuck. Without warning, Susan pounced on Marie, pinned her arms under her back and then she attacked Marie, and stated, “I must have a taste of that hairy pussy! I am so turned on by that thick bush of red hair that I want to run my tongue in and our and over your cunt.” With that, Susan splayed open Marie’s legs. We all got to look at the enormous bush of unruly red-hair that covered the sex and then some I was even more impressed as Marie’s cunt hair, naturally red, started just below her belly button, and continued down her mound and back to her ass hole.

Not only was it unruly, it was so thick that it was, indeed a mound. Susan wasted no time as she placed three fingers inside Marie’s cunt and place a lip lock on her clit. She was a machine in overdrive. During the next five minutes, she gave Marie her “thank you.” She ate Marie’s cunt, up and down, inside and out, splitting the hair, finger fucking her, until Marie was gasping for air. Marie tore open her blouse to expose a huge set of tits. We came to find out that they were 40DD in size with nipples so large that two could have feasted on them.

In fact, that is what Susan yelled to Ray and me. We both locked our lips on those nipples while massaging her tits with our hands. Donna came over to lend us a hand by French kissing Marie. Chuck positioned himself behind my wife and as Susan was making Marie shout in ecstasy, Chuck slammed his cock into my wife’s cunt. Finally, the climax came with Marie humping her cunt on Susan’s face, as Susan fingered her to what was probably her fourth orgasm. Susan was now at the mercy of Chuck who, with his large cock, both in length and girth showed no mercy. He made Susan beg to let her come.

Finally, as Chuck was beginning his climax, Susan yelled “He did it! He did it! He is making me cum again and again. I love this cock. Please one more stroke. Just one more.” That drove Chuck over the edge as he filled my wife’s cunt with his seed. My wife also squealed as she came.

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