The Interlude

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You are working at your desk, it’s late, no one is in the office and no one is coming. We are alone. It is safe to enjoy some time together. I enter and you see me not realizing what I have planned or how badly I want you.

I would come up from behind you and kiss your neck, whisper in your ear that your lover has arrived. I smell your hair and it is delicious and soft. You smell so sweet.

I stand you up and I slowly remove your top, you’re not wearing a bra, you know I like to see your pointy nipples through your top. I slowly touch your breasts, rolling and tweaking your nipples. While still behind you I start to kiss your back and as I move lower you try to turn around. I hold your arms down and tell you NO! In good time I say as I kiss lower.

I very slowly remove your skirt. You have a thong on and thigh highs, which you know excites me greatly. I kiss lower and bite softly as I move a little lower, kissing the back of your legs to the tops of your stockings. My hands r running across the front of your body.

I start to move up kissing and licking along the way. Biting your ass cheeks softly. You feel my erection against your cheeks, as you again try to turn and I stop you. As I again lick and nibble your neck you feel me get harder as my hand slowly moves to your pussy with its warmth and wetness.

My fingers slowly caress you through your thong. You moan excitedly and push back. I turn you around to kiss you passionately as you feel my erection near your womanhood. I kiss you softly, passionately. I slowly introduce my tongue as you suck it in as we explore each other’s mouths.

Your nipples are hard as I feel them against me. Your delicious and sexy, the lover I have wanted and needed for some time. I spin you around again. You protest and I remind you — in good time. My cock through my pants is cradled between sex hikayeleri your cheeks. You push into me as my fingers explore the softness between your legs, as you gasp at my first touch. I kiss your neck and I whisper in your ear that I want you badly as you melt into me. I move my hand into your panties and slowly work my fingers into your wetness, the wetness I desire as you give yourself to me fully. My fingers softly slowly run from top to bottom as I slowly open your lips and introduce a single finger as you gasp again.

As my finger slowly enters your wetness my palm softly touches your clit. I can smell your arousal oozing from you, its sensuous and sexy, an aphrodisiac to my manhood. My other hand cups your breast, rolling your nipple as you push back into me and enjoy the feeling of my hard cock against your ass. You start to move your ass a little against me. You love the feeling of my hard nipples against your back. Your nipples are hard like pebbles on your heaving chest as your breathing is heavy and burdened. I am enjoying your womanhood on many levels as I whisper how soft and wet and wonderful you feel. Kissing your neck and shoulders. You are mine and you will give yourself to me fully. You open your legs wider to allow me easier access to that region that you want me to enter.

I lean against your desk to steady me as I insert a second finger. As I start moving my hand up and down against your clit and pelvic bone. Your wetness lubricates your clit and my fingers slip in and out easily. Your wetness is fantastic and erotic like you. You feel so soft and I want to spin you around and enter you in an instant, but hold off instead to build the passions and desires to greater heights.

I take my hand away from you and you gasp loudly showing your displeasure as I whisper I want to taste sikiş hikayeleri you. I bring my fingers to my mouth and taste your sweet nectar as you turn to kiss me at the same time tasting your own sweetness. You are so turned on you can barely control yourself, but you know you must.

I move my hand over your other breast, and roll your nipples with my wet fingers, you shudder and moan. I whisper in your ear you taste wonderful, and ask if I should continue. You moan and barely speak when you say, “yeessss.”

I move my hand down into your panties, and my two fingers find your wetness and slip in easily. I start rubbing my fingers and palm down and into you and up and out of you, not pulling out. You start to breathe heavier. You try to turn again, and I tell you NO! You are all mine and you will do what I ask, and you know you love the feelings and will not disobey. You are mine, body, mind, and spirit. You feel my cock against your ass and start to move your ass, and I whisper in your ear, no baby this is all about you as my fingers are sliding in and out of your pussy and my palm is rubbing your clit.

I kiss you as you turn your head to kiss me back. I whisper in your ear asking if you want me to continue and you whimper, “yes, don’t stop.” You can feel the passions in your loins build slowly. As my fingers roll your nipple. My hand and now thumb making motions that are soft yet direct and sensual on your clit.

You gasp when I pull my fingers out and lubricate your clit area. I start to rhythmically stroke into your pussy and over your clit and in and over and in and over, and your moaning starts to follow the rhythm. You can barely stand, but you know you must, as you lean heavier into me. Pressing my chest against you harder. Your breathing is more labored as the waves of pleasure start to sex hikaye build up higher and higher. You want me and you want the orgasm that is building. You smell your own arousal mount and you feel the blood rush to your wet swollen pussy.

You stop kissing me as you breathe heavier and heavier as your legs start to tighten, you feel your toes starting to curl, as you start to tension up. The orgasm you want is starting to build. Your muscles start to tense as you feel the waves start building faster and faster. You grab your other nipple with your hand and start rolling it and tweaking and pulling on it, and I start to do the same taking cues from you. Your moaning and gasping as the waves start to pound over you radiating from your clit, amplified by the feelings in your nipples. You feel the orgasm start to wash over you, like a breaking wave that is about to trash you into ecstasy.

You gasp and hold your breath as the first waves wash over you radiating out from your clit over and over and over. Like ocean waves crashing with you floating blissfully in there midst. Once after another wave crashes over you amplifying the sensual feelings you have.

You don’t move and can barely breathe as you are enveloped in passion and your orgasm continues to radiate outwards. You can barely stand. You can’t move and are locked in position.

I continue to move my fingers rhythmically. You start to loosen and I can feel you let go as the waves continue to radiate out over you. Your breathing again, granted its staggered. As the waves continue to pour over you.

You turn to kiss me softly yet with tremendous passion. As you gasp for air, and calm down. You can barely stand as I slowly move my hands away from your pussy and breast and hold you tight.

You slowly, haltingly turn your body around to face me as you kiss me and throw your arms around my neck and thank me for giving you what you have been missing for a long while. We kiss as I feel your worries and concerns wash away in your ecstasy. We kiss softly and passionately holding each other tight like we are one.

Should I continue with the Interlude II?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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