The Italian Stallion Ch. 02

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Mario and I had enjoyed ourselves so much that evening that we continued to talk. I was featured on the show “Chopped” and he asked if he could come see me. I was touched. Most of my lovers are in and out the door. He watched me cooking and joking around and to my surprise took pictures and video of the event. I hoping he would hang around.

I rushed out the double doors to the outside in a burst of energy and excitement. He had come up and tasted my creation and he loved it…and NOTHING turns his Chef on more than someone who likes her food. I infuse Magick into my food, and Love…the spirit of Divinity is channeled through me. Feed the body, feed the soul. I knew I wanted to be near him.

He met me outside and started walking with me and holding my hand. My heart skipped a beat…this is a Macho Italian guy that brags that “every woman falls in love with him because he’s so good at fucking'”? Well, indeed you are, my Love but what you just did touched my core and the pride on your face as I created an entrée in 30 minutes spoke of much more than that.

He carried my chef kit with ease…almost like a sweet little boy who had a crush on a girl. I had a vision of a little curly haired dark haired child proffering a daisy to a flaxen haired little girl. I smiled…

We went and had a drink at the bar. I am a big wine girl but he ordered a Dirty Martini…extra dirty…LOL. Of course I leaned in and said, “How dirty do you want it baby?” He just smiled and stroked my thigh.

We began to talk about when we had made love and we couldn’t believe how amazing it was and we both wanted each other bad, to be together again…I said I had off Wednesday and he said he could be there from early in the morning until late afternoon. Perfect, I thought…I very rarely have a day to make love…slowly…sensually…taking our time…the Tantric way. I started to kiss him and whisper erotic things in his ear.

Then he told me he wanted to eat my pussy in the car. No way I’m turning THAT down LOL!! We went out and he went right for it. Legs in the air, moans of passion from my lips. He was kissing me with such intensity that I took my Chef coat off and was essentially just in my bra…bare assed naked with a man who couldn’t keep his amazing lips off my pussy and asshole. I was in Heaven…until Security shut that Mofo down LOL.

It’s all good though… Wednesday he arrived looking like a million bucks…nice pants, dress shirt, suit jacket…Jesus, I thought…it’s like American Gigolo up in my crib…hahaha…only he has been telling me his cock is mine, all mine…and I fucking love the sound of that. But for now, I want to kiss him like there is no tomorrow.

And we do…we kiss and kiss and it is the most erotic kiss I have ever experienced, he’s so fucking amazing at it, stroking my tongue with his own, gently biting my lips…I cum, moaning into his mouth. I have told him that I am really attracted to a man, I will cum at almost anything. He pulls me on top of him and pulls my shirt off to reveal my tiny little camisole.

He was kneading and erotik hikaye caressing my beautiful large breasts with his hands and it was exquisite torture. He began to lick and suck the nipples and I was spasming from the feel of his full and erotic lips on my nipples. I watched his tongue lick my hardening nipples. He rolled them between his fingertips and watched my face as I threw my head off and reveled in the sensations he was giving me. The heat that his tall, muscular body was giving off was enticing. I could feel my pussy getting wet…and creamy…and warm. I felt a tingle in my clit. I had taken a Ritual love bath before his arrival and I could smell roses…perhaps my petals opening up?

Mario unbuttoned his shirt. I pulled his head towards mine and we were kissing passionately…I was tracing his pecs and stomach with my hands. His shirt tails were framing his beautiful cock so perfectly, we took a picture. He pulled my leather pants off and left my cute little panties on, pushing them aside and lapping hungrily at my clit. I swear to God, this man’s tongue is unbelievable. I have never in my life experienced someone who loves to eat pussy that much. It’s a HUGE turn on to see a really handsome sexy man’s head between your legs and he is moaning and burying his face in your pussy and ass. I love it so much. I just dream about it in my most erotic dreams and have woken to my own hand between my legs.

Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…fuck…he’s licking my asshole again…alternating between sucking on my puffy little pussy lips. vibrating the tip of that amazing tongue over my clit, licking inside of my hole. I am biting my lip because it is like his tongue is everywhere at once. And I love to kiss him and taste myself on him. We know at this point that I am panting for his cock. It’s so hard and proud like a Roman solider, which is how I see him. I have been to Italy, and to me, Mario is the David…who was modeled after Da Vinci himself.

I lead him into the bedroom…candles ablazing…the sunlight streaming in the room and the Chill music in the area. I lie across the bed watching…just watching…and looking at his magnificent body…as he slowly takes his clothes off…Slowly…I tell him…slowly…make it last…tease me, lover. This is not a race, but a seduction…of mind and body and spirit. Pour your essence into me. my Lord…join with me to fuse our bodies and be as close as two can possibly be.

As soon as his delicious cock is unveiled, I have to have it. He is standing by the edge of the bed and I take his manhood in my hands. So silky and smooth and yet full of masculine power. I understand at this moment the joining of the God and Goddess. I am licking up and down the shaft like a lollipop, taking him inch by inch into my petite little mouth. I hear his intake of breath as he remembers the feel of my warm wet mouth sucking on him…taking the whole length of him in my mouth, slurping and tugging on his shaft, tickling his balls.

I like to reach around him and gently probe his asshole. I would never hurt porno hikayeleri him, or do anything he wouldn’t like but I like to feel the warm pucker of his spinchter. He pushes me down on the bed and enters me and we anticipate every move. It is like we have been together for years and it is so passionate and yet sooooo fucking dirty. It’s like porn sex except with two people who can’t be close enough to each other. I just want him deeper…and deeper…and deeper…almost like inside of my body, inside of my mind. And he is riding me so good, with a natural rhythm that stirs my vaginal walls with want. I am in a state of such bliss, it feels like I just can’t get enough. I tell him, “I can’t get enough of you”

He moves me into a 69 position…I don’t know how he knows this, but I like being dominated, I like it when a man takes charge. Which is pretty funny considering I’m a highly confident Alpha Female Russian woman. But he knows…he knows. Oh my God, Oh my God, oh my God…he has his incredibly strong and curly tongue up my ass again, he has me pinned, I can’t move, I have to surrender. He is rubbing my clit and I am SCREAMING…Somehow…with his finger, he is expertly stimulating my G Spot, giving me orgasms in my ass and my clit…I tried so hard to get audio on that bc I don’t think I have EVER cum that hard, I felt like a wild animal, like his tongue and his fingers were my drug.

“I am so getting even with you” I tell him smiling. I then begin to massage him. Years ago, I was a PT Assistant, and we learned massage. I am pretty strong and before long he was moaning with enjoyment. I performed Reiki on him. chanting to myself and tracing symbols into his muscular back. I worked down to his ass and then down to his feet. I kissed the back of his knees and began to rub his feet, particularly his insoles. I know when I go for Pedicures and they do that it is incredibly sensual. Then I tell him to spread his legs. I begin to suck his toes. I wet my finger and I start to finger his ass. I curve my finger up and massage his prostate while sucking on his one toes and rubbing his other foot all across my tits. He starts to moan louder and hump the bed, raising his ass in the air. I take this as an open invitation…I put my face in his ass and start licking his asshole while rubbing his balls with my tits. I tried to put my erect nipple into his asshole but hey, some things are hard to pull off lol.

He turns me on to my back and we stare into each other’s eyes. The eyes are the window to the Soul Wild Gypsy blacker than black eyes…Blackbeard…Casanova…the intensity of his stare I felt down to my toes. Do you see me, Lover? Do you see into the Depth of my being? He is inside of me and gently rocking his penis inside of me. I am loving the circles he is making with his hips, he captures me moaning into the camera, my face is flushed and contorted from the multiple orgasms he is giving me Contraction after contraction after contraction. He pulls out to rub that silky mushroom head against my clit and slides down to lick my pussy sex hikaye again, with our combined juices coating his tongue.

“It’s lunchtime”, I say, laughing…”I have to feed you”. Russian women are raised to care for their men. But this Chef also likes to teach. On the menu today, one of the staples of Italian Rustic cuisine. Risotto. I showed him how to make it, I chopped all the onions and garlic and peppers and taught him to pan fry the Arborio rice before gradually adding the stock. I use a combo of veggie and chicken stock, as well as wine and milk. Risotto makes its own sauce but the milk adds a bit more. I added saffron, some herbs and smoked Gouda. It rocked.

Now, I am a natural nudist and Mario is too. I just tied my chef apron around me so I wouldn’t get splashed. I didn’t realize he was taking pics of me cooking and he got a really hot one of me. I am always very playful so I plated the risotto and put his dick on the plate with it lol. Told him it needed a little stir…LOL. We were cracking up. I’m very happy with him because he has the same vivid imagination and sense of humor that I do. My best friend calls me “The Crazy Russian” It’s a pretty apt description lol.

We go back in the bedroom because it’s HIS turn now to cum. But I want to rock his world. I get on top of him and lick and suck his nipples…running my tongue back and forth and lightly biting them. He moans and says, “Oh fuck baby…fuck fuck fuck” I kiss down his body to his straining cock and instantly deep throat him. I am alternating between sucking the head and applying pressure to his shaft to sucking his dick like a porn star. I LOVE porn…and I like to study techniques but I am also very attuned to what my lover likes. I was licking the opening of his cock while simultaneously massaging his shaft with my warm wet mouth. I then jammed the entire length of him down my throat so he could feel the head hitting my tonsils.

I came up for breath and was rubbing his balls with my enormous breasts while sucking up and down on the shaft. At this point, my lover was squirming all over the bed, cries of “Oh my God!” and his legs and ass were shaking so hard I knew he was going to blow. I had told him I can teach him to orgasm without ejaculating. The look in his eyes was of a man possessed.

I got on top of him and rode him like a horse, taking his hands and making him slap my tits. He then threw me on my back and was fucking me hard, the pelvic thrusts were deeper and deeper and I was getting louder. His lips never left my lips, the amazing feel of his tongue inside my mouth and his rock hard cock inside of me was intense. He said, “Baby, I have to cum”…and he did…I felt what seemed to be a volcano inside of him and he was groaning as I was milking all that delicious spunk out of him.

Oh my God…the bed was soaked…it looked like gallons of our combined cum. Such a sexy sight. We cuddled and soaked in the bliss that comes from amazing lovemaking. He is amazing. I am amazing. We are amazing together. And, as he likes to do because he knows I like surprises, he got down there to my cream filled cunt and started licking it. Mama loves her some Creampie…

He turned me on to my stomach and had his tongue deep inside my asshole again with his nimble fingers playing with my soaked creamy slit. It was bliss…

…To be continued…

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