The Light

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Big Tits

Dear Readers, This is my first story here, so please provide as much feedback as possible. It’s obviously great if you loved it and want to give 5 stars, but it’s also totally Ok if you hated it and want to give it a 1-star. But if you read it, any and all feedback is helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

It must have been the narrow beam of morning sunlight shining right on her pubis that woke her up from blissful exhaustion. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the reason for that exhaustion on either side of her. The One and The Other lying prone on their backs, naked like her, of course, still asleep. Oh, how vigorous they had been last night! She now noticed the narrow beam of light focusing on her pubis, making her pubic hair, well trimmed but still present in plenty, shine like golden blades of grass.

She turned and saw the light shining on the cocks of her two lovers as well. She smiled at the memory of last night, and felt the re-awakening of desire. But this wasn’t the ravenous sexual hunger she usually felt with her lovers. It felt very novel and she couldn’t describe it. She got up from the bed, padded to the bathroom to pee and then to the kitchen to drink some water. While on that brief journey, she thought about sucking some early morning cock.

She came back to the bed, sat down next to The One and reached to grab his cock so she could suck him. But then that novel desire stopped her hand in mid-air. It perplexed her, and she didn’t quite know what to do. She decided to just go with her instincts and see where they led her.

She gently picked up his cock and cradled it in the palm of her hand. She examined it closely in the narrow beam of sunlight, which allowed her to focus closely on specific regions of it. It occurred to her that despite the innumerable times this cock had been hers, she had never really seen it up this close. She wanted to put it in her mouth and taste him again, but the fascination of this new front-row seat to his organ won out.

He had a more commonly shaped one, uncut, with about average uniform girth along the shaft, but longer than average length, a mushroomish head and a very slight curve to the right. Once when they had been playing around, she had measured him fully erect at 6.1 inches of length and 4.5 inches of girth, with the head being about 20% bigger than the shaft. She examined the bulbous head poking out of the covering of foreskin and spied a little residual cum from his night’s work. The desire to suck raised its head again, but she moved on.

The shaft and foreskin were smooth, with just a few stray hairs poking out in places. The blood vessel on the top of the shaft was prominent, especially as she moved closer to his pubes. She now lifted up his cock and placed it head first on his stomach so she could examine the underside.

She had seen the frenulum – the fold of skin connecting his foreskin to the head – plenty of times before, but very little of the rest! The foreskin a little less smooth down on the underside. Plenty more hair poking out, but escort izmir kept well trimmed, so they did not interfere when he was in her mouth. A prominent dividing line running along the underside of the shaft, all the way from the head to the underside of his balls. A large stretchy strip of skin connecting the cock to his balls. All of this was a revelation, and she was now irrevocably committed to her novel journey.

She placed the cock back to its original limp position and rolled up the foreskin, exposing his large pink-purplish head completely. It was quite wrinkly since he was still flaccid. The wrinkles ran down from his tip all the way to the base of his head, like ribs on a dome. She saw grains of red as well, likely servile blood vessels awaiting his brain’s command to attend to their king. Below that, folds of skin in the preputial sac greeted her eyes. She couldn’t see much there, so she pulled back the foreskin to look.

She had done this plenty of times before – after all, this is how she started when she was massaging, and ultimately sucking his cock – but she was now focused on closely looking at appearance and texture. The skin pulled back quite far, and she saw colors as those on the head, but a harder, rougher texture and more blood vessels. She let the foreskin snap back to its previous folded state and wondered how much of her spit collected there and came back into her mouth when she was most energetically sucking his cock.

She would have to slow down next time – if she could – and find out. Perhaps her juices and his cum collected there as well when he fucked her. If nothing else, it would be a new cock sucking trick to try. She had sucked all around his head, all along the length of his shaft and all around his balls, but never there.

Another thought flowed into her head. How did her vagina look and feel to him this close? After all, he had had a much better view of it than she ever had. She would have to ask him, and perhaps make him see her as closely as she was seeing him now. She smiled. This morning was already paying plenty of dividends, and she was inspired to keep going. She would be thorough, but she also had to be efficient. The beam of sunlight would not wait forever.

She had to shift position on the bed to study The Other, so that her shadow would not block the sunlight. His cock in contrast was cut, long and conical, and he wasn’t too small in a flaccid state either, probably as big as some cocks she had seen fully erect. Looking at it, she also got a good idea of what the term “well hung” really meant. She had never measured him like she had The One, but she knew that fully impaled on him, she went into a delirium of orgasm. If she had to take a guess though, she might put him at about an inch longer than The One.

Even at rest, she could see a visible circumcision scar on the cock’s skin. Due to the lack of foreskin, the veins and arteries showed much more clearly, and she had considerably more area to look at than she had had with The One. She slowly ran her hand along the izmir escort bayan surface of his shaft. It felt softer, but not quite as smooth as The One with his foreskin. That surprised her, because no foreskin obviously meant no hair either, and that is what she would have expected to cause the roughness. He also kept himself completely waxed, and so he really had no hair at all on or around his genitals.

Absolutely no hair also meant that she had an excellent view of the underside of his cock, all the way down to the base, so she could very clearly see where cock ended and balls began. There wasn’t much different to look at on his underside. His whole cock was like one long cone, and it would maintain that shape when he was fully erect, blood vessels starting to bulge, his heart beating away frantically to feed his sizeable masculinity.

She realized at that point that a flaccid cock could look just as beautiful as an erect one, and while erections definitely made sex a lot better, the pure beauty of the human form, fully revealed and considerably magnified in a moment such as this, was an underappreciated constant of life. Somehow that thought again made desire swell inside her, desperately crying out to take the cock in her mouth. But she resisted; that time would come soon enough, she had to stay in this zone and keep going as she had been up to now.

She decided it was now time to repeat her studies with fully erect cocks. She wondered how much more time the sunlight beam would allow her before the sun continued its journey across the morning sky. To be safe, she decided to go at them both simultaneously. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lubricant standing there. It was still slippery outside due to the copious use it had gotten last night. She popped the cap and squirted another generous amount into her palm. She quickly rubbed her palms to get lube on both hands and took a cock in each hand.

During normal sex, she would be energetic with the cocks if both her lovers were present, because it was then very likely that she was extremely horny too. But this moment felt so different that she decided on gentle massage. She rubbed very lovingly up and down the shafts. There was no kneading of cockheads, no grabbing of balls. The lube was oil-based, since they didn’t use condoms, and the oil started to make the cocks glisten. She wondered how beautiful her lovers’ full bodies would look under these conditions. There was not enough time for that now, but it gave her another mental note to file away – find a way to massage them fully naked in the sunlight.

They were both stirring now, eyes still closed but low moans escaping their lips. The Other woke up first. He looked up at her groggily and started to say something, but she quickly put a finger on her lips and said ‘Shhh…’ He obeyed quietly and started to watch her hands more intently. The One awoke soon after, and the same procedure was repeated, but she also had to put her slick wet finger on his lips to make him continue watching izmir escortlar quietly. He took her cue, smiled and quickly sucked her fingertip in affirmation.

They were responding now, the kings being serviced by the brain telling the heart to pump blood to them, the limpness rapidly being replaced by hardness. As she massaged, the length and girth of the cocks grew quickly and new features came into focus. She noticed the slight curve to the right become more noticeable on The One, head bulging with the full force of the flowing blood. Once he was fully erect, his cock started to look like a beautiful purple mushroom growing out of a grassy knoll bathed in sunlight.

The Other was ramrod straight, just as she had expected after her examination of his limp cock. His circumcision scar was now even more prominent, but so were the myriad of blood vessels that The One’s foreskin hid from her view. As his cock moved from horizontal to vertical, it reminded her more of a shimmering skyscraper directly catching the rays of the sun.

She smiled with satisfaction as she saw what she had done, but this was a moment where nothing less than perfect would do. She was reasonably good at handjobs, but decidedly excellent at blowjobs, so she had to put them in her mouth now. She again started with The One. He gasped as the sensations of his cock being massaged joined forces with her mobile tongue. But she wasn’t sucking to make him come.

She quickly limited her movement, gave a quick nibble or two and simply moved a few times up and down the shaft before moving on to The Other and giving him the same treatment, with an extra dollop of licking on the underside. Just the anticipation of coming again was enough for them both to become erect to their absolute maximum capacity. To be completely certain that this was the case, she rubbed another small dollop of lube in her palms and stroked both their shafts simultaneously for another minute or two. Then she slid off the bed and stepped back several paces to look.

There they stood, the two pillars of masculinity, glistening and shining golden in the beam of sunlight, dust motes swirling around like servants to kings. She asked The One to grab the phone on her nightstand. She took a photograph, just for her memory, even though she knew that a photo on automatic setting would ever capture the magnificence of the lighting and this moment.

Another memory flashed sequentially in her mind, about a time when she and The One had been on vacation in the executive suite of that posh hotel, with strawberries and a chocolate fountain at their service. It made her giggle to think of the chocolate fountain replaced by a cum fountain (or two), but she then merely smiled and shook her head at the physical impossibility.

As if in agreement, and in acknowledgement of the culmination of these proceedings, the beam of sunlight moved away from its focus on the cocks. And as if to thank it in return for revealing to her the breathtaking beauty of nature and the human form, she walked over to the window and fully threw open the curtains so that the entire room was now bathed in sunlight. Then she got down to finishing what she had started, looking forward to starting her healthy day with two spurting, heaping mouthfuls of protein.

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