The List Ch. 06: Finis

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*****Author’s Note*****

This is part 6 of the 6 part series. Although the chapter can stand on its own, it is highly recommended to read chapters 1-5 in order to get the full sense of the meaning behind the list. If you have not done so, please go read them first. Feel free to leave any comments. I appreciate all feedback.

I want to thank my editor for walking through the shadowy depths of the trenches with me. Without you this would never be a reality. I look forward to further ventures with you.

This is for you my dear.


THE LIST – Chapter 6 – Finis

Work finally returned to normal. The long days and nights ceased. Shane closed his eyes and thought of what had transpired since the reunion. The list was complete. Everything had been crossed off, yet he felt something was missing.

For weeks, nightmares invaded his dreams, and in the morning he did not remember what they were. Tonight, he figured out why his dreams haunted him. He was worried about Charlene. Shane had not heard from her since the day after the reunion. Her receptionist tried to comfort him and let him know that she was okay, but he wanted to hear it from her lips; her soft, beautiful lips.

He came to realize over the last couple of months, he loved her dearly. He always had. He tried to push his wistful thoughts aside. His heart ached as he longed for her. He wanted to touch her, feel her warmth, and show her the love he felt for her.

Shane put on a pair of boxers, and went to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed the bottle of pinot noir from the wine rack; it was one of his favorites. Shane reached toward the cupboard and retrieved a wine glass from the upside down holder. As he pulled the cork, he smelled the cherry and worn leather aroma. After he poured a glass, he stepped outside and gazed across the smooth water of the pool. The moon reflected off the mirror-like surface, elongated by the angle at which the light struck it. The air was cool, but comfortable.

He sat in a cherry stained deck chair to admire the brilliant stars dotting the sky. “Maybe tomorrow,” he said aloud as he thought about Charlene. Her smile sparkled brighter than any star in the sky that night. Shane finished his wine and retired to the bedroom. He desperately wanted to sleep. The wine helped calm his nerves and he was able to doze off after only a few minutes.

When he woke, Shane went about his regular Saturday routine. He had a light breakfast, and then worked out in one of the extra bedrooms he converted into a gym. Sweaty from his workout, he started the shower. He threw his clothes into the hamper and opened the glass door of the large steam-filled enclosure.

Shane entered the shower, and felt the hot water wash over him. He wet his hair; letting the water cascade over his face. He thought he heard a noise, but dismissed it as he mulled over the upcoming project for work. Seconds later, he heard the noise again, and recognized the doorbell. He left the shower running as he grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist. Who could be at the door this early?

Water dripped from his body as he secured the towel in place. He reached the door and peered out the peephole. A woman was turning to leave. Her cinnamon red hair shone in the morning sun. Shane unlocked and opened the door.

Charlene leaped at Shane and knocked him back three steps as she threw her arms around his chest and buried her head into his shoulder. Her body trembled as she cried. Shane, unsure of what to do, hugged her tightly. Her tears mixed with the droplets of water adhering to his skin as gravity pulled the merged beads down his pecks.

Shane felt her body start to relax as her embrace loosened. Charlene sniffled while he caressed her hair and gently pulled her head closer to him. Several minutes passed while they cradled each other without speaking a word. He tenderly painted her back with his fingertips until she released her grasp around his chest. She touched his bare, solid trunk with her hands, and looked at him intently. Her eyes were hazy and bloodshot. The bright blue irises seemed pale in comparison to the last time he saw them. “It’s okay, Charlene,” he said as he delicately kissed her forehead.

In his preoccupation with her surprise and heart-pounding entrance, he failed to notice the suitcase which was tipped sideways on the doorstep. He stepped forward and turned Charlene to his side as he placed his arm around her shoulder. Charlene fixed her arm around his waist and wiped the tears from her eyes as she walked with him toward the door. Shane reached down to fetch the toppled piece of luggage. When he bent down, the towel, which was secured around him, dropped to the floor.

“Oh my!” Mrs. Rupert gasped, as she stared at him with obvious disdain for his indecent exposure.

Shane waved in a neighborly fashion, “Nice to see you this morning Mrs. Rupert. We should get together sex hikaye for coffee one of these days.”

Mrs. Rupert turned abruptly with a huff and hauled her small white Pomeranian behind her.

Charlene laughed, momentarily uncovering the toothy smile he remembered only a couple of months ago in her office. It’s nice to see her happy, even for a moment, he thought to himself. He grabbed the suitcase, brought it inside, and picked up the towel. As he closed the door, Charlene hugged him again.

“Oh, Shane. I’m so sorry to show up unannounced and even sorrier I haven’t contacted you all this time.”

“Charlene, don’t be sorry for anything. I’m just happy you are safe. Your receptionist tried to reassure me, but I couldn’t help but worry. The important thing is that you are here now, whole, and safe in my arms. Do you want to talk about it?”

“Mom passed away. I’ve been isolating myself, trying to come to terms with it, but I realized I can’t do this alone.”

A cool breeze blew through the opened back door. Shane could see Charlene’s hardened nipples protrude from her shirt, which had absorbed most of the moisture from his body. The wet, air-cooled cotton material clung to her.

“I’m here for you,” Shane said. “I’ll make sure you’re not alone. If there’s anything you need, just say the word and it will be done.”

“I need a place to sta-“

“Say no more,” Shane interrupted. “You are always welcome here for however long you need.”

She looked at Shane’s wet bare-skinned body and said, “You should probably go dry off and I think I hear the shower running. Feel free to stay undressed, if you’re comfortable that way.” She giggled and smiled.

“Actually, I was jumping into the shower to clean up from my workout when the doorbell rang. Do you mind if I go finish up? Will you be okay?”

“I’ll be fine, go get your shower.”

“Make yourself at home. I’ll be back in a few minutes. There’s bottles of water in the fridge, some wine too if you want any.”

Charlene shooed him away saying, “Go! I’ll find whatever I need. Now get in there!”

Shane entered the bathroom, barely able to see through the misty cloud of steam. Dewy particles lingered on the mirror and glass shower walls for a mere second, before streaking down the glass. Shane stepped into the shower. I can’t believe she’s here, he thought. The water warmed his cold skin as it rained down on him.

The pressure in the room changed as it became less humid. The misty fog, which hung above him drifted. Before Shane could turn, Charlene’s soft, graceful arms encased his abdomen. Her breasts pressed into him as she laid her cheek on his back. The intoxicating smell displaced the thick air as it wafted to Shane’s nostrils, and filled them with her sweet and spicy scent. He situated his hands over hers and felt the warmth of her skin touching his backside.

“You said to make myself at home. I hope you don’t mind. I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“I will always be here for you,” he said as he turned to face her.

He looked deep into her bloodshot eyes and saw the brightness of her blue irises rejuvenating. Her cold metal piercing against his chest sent a chill through him.

Charlene lifted her head toward him; separating her lips, she brushed them against his. Shane accepted the advance of her enchanted mouth as he pulled her under the sprinkling shower head. The water pitter pattered rhythmically against the milky white skin of her tender breast, enticing her nipple to stiffen.

Shane and Charlene continued to kiss lovingly as her inner thigh slid up the outside of his leg. Shane’s hand chased the stream of water flowing down her back and his fingers slid across the creamy flesh of her ass. Increasing pressure, he moved his hand along the back of her leg until he reached the hind portion of her knee and pulled it up to his waist.

Charlene moaned softly at his tender touch; pushing further into him as he held her leg high. Shane’s erection was captured between their bodies. She hopped up and wrapped her legs around him as he used both hands to cup her round ass while supporting her weight.

Laying her head on his shoulder, she clutched him tighter and whispered in his ear, “I missed you.” Her hand rested on the nape of his neck as the other roamed his back. She traced the defined muscles with her fingertips, sending small electric shocks through his body.

“I missed you too,” he said softly.

Shane pushed the swinging glass door open and carried her to his bedroom. He laid her down on the bed with a smooth fluid motion. The blue silken sheets darkened as it absorbed the water from her body. Charlene’s hands rubbed his shoulders and she tipped her head to the side, smiling at him invitingly. The blue of her eyes stood out against the contrast of her cinnamon hair and luscious white skin.

Shane knelt over her and lightly touched her neck with his lips. Her skin responded to his hot porno hikayeleri breath as it rose to form tiny goose bumps. He felt her body shiver as her knees drew him up by his hips.

She continued to pull him until he straddled her chest. His cock was hard and throbbing as it established a position between her breasts. A devilish grin came over her face as she brought his engorged manhood closer to her lips and stroked him, lovingly, with her dainty hand. She kissed his perfect pink crown then gently flicked her tongue across the small opening. Shane moaned, longingly, with anticipation of her lips enshrouding his cock. Shane wound his fingers in her thick, wet tendrils and pulled gently, encouraging her to look up at him. As she traced his cock with her tongue, her blue eyes flashed before sinking him into her soft, pouty lips.

Withdrawing him from her mouth, she continued to discover his cock, teasing him with her tongue, tasting the length of him as her piercing blue eyes stayed locked on his. Her tongue sauntered across his throbbing balls as she closed her eyes and took each of them, one at a time, into her mouth. She sucked them as if to melt a delicious chocolate, working her tongue gracefully along his skin.

“God baby, you feel so good…” Shane mumbled as he tilted his head back. A small sexy laugh escaped her mouth as she began to rub him with her hands, encircling his girth with her fingers. Growing inpatient, Shane nudged his hips closer to her willing mouth. Charlene smiled at him then leaned in close to encompass him with her lips and swallowed him.

Shane rocked back and forth, meeting her warm eager mouth. He watched himself penetrate her blood red lips again and again, each time forcing his length down her throat. Keeping one hand on the back of her head and one on her breast, he kneaded her silky flesh as he pumped faster and faster, pulling her head toward him. The heat emanating from her tender mouth enveloped him, inviting him to fill her.

Gripping a handful of her hair, he pulled her close burying the entire length of his shaft deeply inside while he held her pretty, angelic face close to his body; pinching her perfectly pink erect nipple. He twisted; pulled; and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger, watching her pelvis move and gyrate. He could sense her body’s reaction to the nipple play, knowing he could easily make her cum. Her musky, nectar-like scent permeated his nose, installing in him the desire to taste her velvety juices. With a final grind he unloaded his salty cum down her throat.

Breathlessly, Shane looked down at her attentive gaze, and relaxed the firm grip he had on her hair. A dazed grin crossed his lips as he watched Charlene sucking and swallowing, tasting and savoring; giving him a satiated smile; letting him know her appetite had been quelled.

Not wasting another second, he picked her up and carried her to the kitchen. He roughly set her down on the white marble countertop of the island, resting her quivering legs at the edge. Charlene leaned back and placed her hands flat on the frigid surface behind her. With one leg dangling and the other planted firmly with her heel on the ledge, she threw her head back as Shane supported her arching spine. Shane’s mouth followed the curvature of her neck; working his way down; finding the silver piercing which perforated her nipple. Inserting the tip of his tongue between its edge and her nipple, he tugged; coaxing her erect nub toward his mouth.

Charlene shifted to sustain her weight on one hand as she grasped the back of Shane’s head; capturing it; and pulled him into her breast. She rolled her head forward to watch as Shane slipped the ring into his mouth; consuming her nipple in the process. He could smell the savory aroma of her juices accumulating within her slit, as he allowed her nipple to slide from his mouth between his teeth. He caught the end of the piercing and pulled his head back, elongating her nipple, extending it slowly from its soft fleshy home.

Charlene moaned and closed her eyes as Shane released the ring from between his teeth then licked around it, flicking it up and down as he stimulated her puffy nipple. Charlene brought her dangling foot up to the ledge of the counter-top and lifted her hips while Shane’s tongue composed unseen words on her stomach. He inched his way down toward the crevice which contained the delicious and sweet ambrosia he longed to taste.

As Shane’s mouth reached the crest of her smooth mound, he looked at Charlene. A definite spark to her bright blue eyes spurred him on. Shane’s spanning hand attempted to discover the words his tongue scribed along her stomach; exploring her body. He nuzzled her mound with his mouth and blew his hot breath across her clit. Charlene broke eye contact only for a moment, as she closed her eyes and grabbed the back of his head; emitting a whimper from between her red pursed lips. Pushing him down and thrusting her pelvis up, erotik hikaye Shane’s lips established a forceful bond on her pussy as he sucked and licked at her clit.

Charlene lay flat on the marbled surface, spreading her legs as her hands traveled from her inner thigh to her wide hips and continued up the sides of her midsection. Shane dipped his tongue into her slit to taste her; savoring her succulent juices. His hands collided with hers as they waltzed and led each other to her perky breasts across the smooth dancefloor of her abdomen.

Their hands interlocked and massaged her breasts before Shane’s forefinger and thumb trapped her nipple between them, plucking and teasing it. He tweaked her erect nipple as he slid his tongue to the apex of her pussy and then tapped her clit softly. Her body jumped at the constant tapping of his tongue. Shane could feel the secretions of her essence on his chin as he continued to pinch and roll her puffy rose bud between his fingers; immersing his tongue into the crux of her wetness.

One of Charlene’s hands navigated the sea of her body, charting a path to the destination of her clit. Shane’s hand proceeded to cruise the soft fleshy island from which hers departed; delicately mapping the contours of her breast. He could feel the wave of pleasure roll through her body, ending at the tip of his tongue engaged in its dive of her soaking crevice. Charlene began to gyrate and pivot her hips under Shane’s control and manipulation of her enlarged nipple.

“Oh Shane, don’t stop,” she voiced breathlessly as she raised her head to look at his hazel-green eyes. Like a lighthouse across a pale sea, Shane watched her bright blue eyes shine; signaling him to journey further into her. As she quickly massaged her clit with her hand, Shane’s tongue dove deep into her until he found that mythical patch of flesh. He ran his tongue over the rough area, stirring the waters.

“God! That feels so good…” Charlene muttered between her clenched teeth. Shane knew he found the landmark when her body convulsed and she closed her eyes. Her mouth flew open and she screamed “YES!” as the violent sea of her essence flooded Shane’s tongue and lips.

Residual waves of her orgasm continued to lap against his tongue as he steadied her shuddering legs. Charlene caught her breath as the storm, which had ravaged her body subsided.

Shane tenderly kissed at her stomach, making his way up her body while she sat up to meet his moist lips. Her tongue uncurled and slid across his lips tasting her own sweet juices before he devoured it. Her hands lightly cradled his head as his arms wrapped around her. He gently lifted her and planted her feet on the floor. Their lips separated as they rolled their heads forward until their brows met. Hot, steamy breath escaped both of their mouths and mingled into a warm vapor rising between them.

Charlene smiled. “I think the shower is still running.”

“We should probably go get cleaned up then,” he said as he cradled her in his arms and ran toward the bathroom. With her legs entwined around his torso, she giggled.


The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house naked, enjoying each other’s company. Charlene told Shane about her mother’s death. She cried on his shoulder and smiled when he comforted her.

They enjoyed a glass of wine together before deciding it was time to get some sleep.

“You don’t have to sleep alone. You can sleep with me. I promise I won’t bite…much,” Shane said with a smirk.

Charlene stepped to him, hugged him and then led him to the bedroom. After they crawled into bed Shane spooned against her and held her tight. He could tell she hadn’t been sleeping much. He put her head on his shoulder and ran his hand through her hair, watching the cinnamon strands glide effortlessly through his fingers.

Minutes later he looked at her. Her eyes were closed and he could feel her deep, even breathing. Charlene had finally fallen asleep. Sweet dreams my love, he told her telepathically.

The next day he woke and realized he did not have a nightmare. A comforting feeling washed over him as he reflected on his love for Charlene. Where is she? His hand searched the bed for her slender body.

Shane heard the clanking of pots and pans and cupboards being opened and closed. He headed to the kitchen where he found Charlene cracking eggs into a bowl. She was wearing one of his t-shirts and as she turned, he could see the cusps of her ass cheeks.

“Look who finally decided to get up.”

“What time is it?” he asked.

“A little after nine, I think. Do you want some breakfast?”

“I’m starving.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I was craving bacon and eggs. Is that okay with you?” she asked.

“Bacon and eggs sound great.”

“Good. I decided that if yesterday is any indication of how things will be while I’m here, we’re going to need more protein.” Charlene winked at him.

“We’ll have to make a trip to the store later in order to stock up then.”

Charlene finished making breakfast and then prepared two plates. She took a seat next to Shane on the bar stool near the marble-topped island.

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