The Lost Year: Forgotten

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The afternoon passed in a blur.

I hadn’t seen Susan a year. And it hadn’t been a good year. And now, after finding her again, that lost year was disappearing. Seeing her tonight was all I had been able to think of since we had fucked in the library.

And now it was time.

I was a little early, knocking on her door at just before 8. Almost before I finished knocking Susan opened the door. She stood there dressed in a black skirt and a silk top, looking as gorgeous and edible as ever. She walked out of her door, locked it behind her and said, “I’m hungry, lets to have some dinner.”

At this point I would have agreed to have a lobotomy if she had asked, so I was glad she weren’t asking for anything hard. Susan took my hand with yours. I felt as if she had just started up my life again. Like one of those machines they use on TV to revive people whose heart has stopped, her hand, her smile, her scent, her very presence brought me back to life. We started walking toward The Hill, the district just off campus with lots of restaurants and little shops. There was a small Italian restaurant that we had always loved. I hadn’t been there since we broke up.

I hadn’t really thought about it before this very instant, but I stopped doing a lot of the things I used to love, that we used to love, when we broke up. I keep saying to myself that WE broke up. Somehow it sounded better in my head than she dumped me for Raul. So I keep saying WE broke up, like I thought it was a good idea at the time. But if I could have convinced myself of that, maybe it wouldn’t have hurt so damned much for so long.

But now we were back in this little place we had loved, and the lost year was forgotten. We took a small booth in the back corner. I couldn’t stand that thought of being across from her and unable to touch her and smell her and have my hand on your leg. The 4 feet that would have separated us would have been too far. So I slid in next to her.

I think it was Chanel . We had often played this game where I had to try to recognize the scent from her perfume. I only got it right about one time in 4, but I kept pretending I could tell the difference. They all smelled like SUSAN. And that scent was intoxicating and overpowered anything she might have put on.

So tonight I said, in my best actually had a clue voice, “You’re wearing the Chanel tonight, aren’t you??”

Susan smiled at this reminder of one of our old games and said “Damn, you’re still good!!” Either she was teasing me or she had just forgetting that I was not really very good at guessing her perfume. Either way worked for me, I had gotten the smile I wanted. When she smiled the whole world seemed brighter. After a lost year, the world was great again.

The owner remembered us from before and stopped to chat once or twice. He didn’t know what was going on under the table, which was probably good. As soon as I slid into the booth next to her my hand had been on her thigh. The waitress, Tanya, gave us menus and we ordered wine. When Tanya brought our bottle of wine, my hand was moving higher on her thigh. By time our salads came I had discovered, much to my pleasure, that Susan was not wearing any panties. After the salad plates had been cleared but before our dinners came, I slid my finger into her. In and out once then brought my hand to my mouth to savor the scent and the taste. She smiled and said, “Let me taste.” She took my hand and brought my finger to her lips, sucking and licking her juices off my finger. I brushed my fingers against her nipples as my hand went back down to her lap and into her pussy. She was very wet and I slid back in easily. I turned to face her in the booth and started to finger her pussy and rub her clit. She just closed her eyes and moaned. She was enjoying the attention and starting to hump my finger when Tanya returned with our dinners.

She asked us if we were having a good evening, I started to say yes when Susan pulled my hand from her lap, my fingers wet with her juices and started to lick them, smiling at Tanya the whole time. “Yes, we are having an excellent time” Susan answered for us. At first Tanya seemed a little confused then she smiled as she served our meals. I am not sure, but it might have been deliberate that she rubbed her breasts on my arm as she reached across with Susan’s seafood pasta. After we both had our dinners, she said, “You two enjoy, I hope you are having a great evening.” She smiled again as she turned to return to the kitchen.

Susan and I had always nibbled off each others plate so she ate some of my lasagna and I had some of the shrimp from her pasta. It was all excellent. The food with all its tastes and textures, the scent that was rising from between Susan’s thighs, the memory of our quick tryst in the library, seeing her nipples poking through the silk of her blouse, it all came together. One of those moments that will forever be remembered with love and fascination.

She even ate pretty. sex hikayeleri There was something about the way Susan held her fork, the way she sat up with perfect posture (one of the stranger benefits of growing up in an Army household), the way she chewed closing her eyes and savoring what she was eating, all of it.

Tanya came back after a few minutes to ask us if all was as we wished. Susan had a mouth full of shrimp so she just smiled and nodded her head, I looked at the waitress who seemed to be smiling even more than before and told her it was all excellent. She nodded her head as she put her hand on my shoulder, “Just let me know if there is anything I can get for you, anything at all!” I thanked her as she moved to her next table.

As we ate, my hand spent part of the time moving an excellent lasagna from plate to mouth and part of the time sliding slowly in and out of an excellent juicy pussy. We had never been fast eaters, tonight we were even slower.

Towards the end of the lasagna, as I was slowly fingering Susan’s pussy, she placed her hand over mine and pushed it in to her. I started to finger her faster and deeper trying to play with her g spot, gently massage her clit and just penetrate her pussy as deep as I could, all at once with only one hand under the table. I guess I wasn’t doing to badly because Susan started to cum. She gripped my arm, and whispered “Don’t stop.” I had no intention of stopping so that wasn’t a problem. As she started to moan and dig her nails hard into my arm, Tanya showed up. I don’t know if Tanya just naturally had good timing or if she had been watching us, but she arrived just as Susan hits her peak, squeezing her thighs around my hand, trapping my finger in her pussy, her pussy muscles grabbing my finger, her nails almost reaching bone on my biceps. I think Susan was enjoying it.

“Is everything coming out well?” Tanya asked with a smile.

For a second I just smiled at her while Susan slowly started to breathe normally again. Again she pulled my finger out of her pussy and brought it to her lips. She smiled back at Tanya and said “Everything is coming out wonderfully. An excellent meal with a wonderful finish.” With that, Susan started to slowly lick my finger as she looked up at Tanya. I was watching Susan so I didn’t notice at first that Tanya had brought a hand up between her breasts and was unbuttoning two buttons on her blouse. Then, as her hand dropped to her side again, she gently caressed her breast almost in passing. Susan asked her if she had tasted this meal and Tanya blushed a little and said no. Susan just pushed my hand towards her and said invited her to taste it herself. I was just sitting there, my cock almost painfully hard, watching Tanya lick Susan’s juices off my finger. She ran her tongue up my finger twice while smiling at Susan. She let go of my hand and smiled “That’s wonderful, creamy and lite.” One of her other tables signaled her so she turned and left I am certain she was swaying her hips more than before as she walked away.

Trying to maintain some sense of composure after what had just happened, I turned back to Susan and kissed her gently then took her hand in mine and smiled. “I’m having a wonderful evening.” was all I could think if to say.

Susan looked at me and just laughed and then said “Yes it is, not what I expected, but wonderful.”

We finished our dinners and Tanya came back to clear our dishes. As she was approaching our table, it looked like things were moving differently. As she leaned over me to pick up Susan’s plate, I could see down her blouse and she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was moving differently. I could see her nipples pushing against her blouse. Again she brushed her breast against my arm as she picked up Susan’s plate then she bent over more than she probably needed to while picking up my plate, giving me a long look down her blouse. “That was all wonderful,” I told her.

“I am so glad you enjoyed it,” she smiled and said, “Can I offer you any desserts?”

Susan smiled and said “What do you have?”

“I’ll go get the cart,” and away she went, coming right back pushing a cart, loaded with delicacies. An Amaretto cheesecake, crème brule, tiara misu, something called Death by Chocolate, a small parfait, Carrot Cake, and four different gourmet Italian Ices.

“What do you recommend?” I asked.

“The Amaretto Cheesecake is absolutely devine, but Death by Chocolate is almost as good as sex.”

Susan said “Then give me Death!!! Maybe it will lead to sex.”

The waitress giggled and said, “I suspect that was going to happen anyway, but I will be right back with your Death. Two forks I presume.”

I just nodded and she pushed the cart away, hips swaying beautifully.

I turned to Susan “I think she likes you and not just in a platonic way!!” We had done one group sex thing about 18 months ago. I had loved it, but Susan didn’t seem to like it as much so we didn’t do it again. And now she seemed to sex hikayeleri be flirting with a waitress who was obviously flirting back. It was going to be a great night.

Tanya brought our Death by Chocolate, with two forks. It’s hard to describe Death by Chocolate, except to say it’s a taste treat. It had chocolate cake, chocolate icing, drizzled with chocolate sauce, with little wedges of chocolate orange stuck in it with a ball of smooth chocolate ice cream on the side and it was huge. It was almost as good as sex.

Susan and I took out first bites, then fed each other bites of the sumptuous dessert. I wiped my finger through some of the chocolate sauce. I carried the sauce on my finger under the table and spread it over and into Susan’s pussy. I grinned and said “Something to eat later.” Susan giggled and shook her head then blew me a kiss.

“Looks like you two are enjoying your Death,” Tanya said as she arrived at out table. “Can I get you anything else, coffee or an after dinner drink?” She smiled as I brought my hand out of Susan’s lap and laid it on the table. She said, “Looks like you are enjoying the chocolate.”

I smiled and asked her if she wanted to taste it. “It’s a very unique taste combination.” I said.

She took my hand and licked my finger clean then lowered it past her chest, allowing me to stroke her nipple as she place my hand back on the table. “UMMMM, that was lovely!”

“Yes, it is a wonderful treat,” I said, “but I think we are done, we are headed to Tulagi’s for some dancing. Could you box up the last of this dessert, its wonderful but we are both stuffed.”

“OK,” Tanya said, “I am headed over there in about half an hour myself. You are the last table in the restaurant and we will be closing in about 10 minutes.” She handed me the check and took the remains of the dessert back to the kitchen.

Susan leaned over and took the check from my hand. “That’s mine.” She said. After all, she invited me out.

Tanya brought the dessert in a to go box and Susan handed over her MasterCard.

While Tanya was getting Susan’s card processed, I leaned over and started to kiss Susan. We were making out furiously when Tanya returned with the credit card slips, my hand was on Susan’s breasts and her nipples were poking against her silk blouse. We broke our kiss and Susan added a generous tip to the credit card and retuned it to Tanya.

We slid out of the booth as Tanya was standing there. “You have a great time” she said, “I hope to see you at Tulagi’s.” Susan hugged Tanya and we headed out, my hand riding on Susan’s ass. On the walk to Tulagi’s, we passed a homeless man, begging from a doorway. I gave him our to go box. It was a short walk to Tulagi’s but there was a line to get in so we were still standing outside when Tanya arrived. She had changed into a long sun dress and a sheer white blouse. It was obvious she had not put her bra back on. “Hey you two,” she said. “Have you been waiting out here the whole time?”

She hugged Susan again and they kissed briefly then she hugged me, hugging me tight as she felt my hard on against her belly. “I like the feel of that,” she said. “Come on, I know the doorman, I will get us right in.”

She took my hand and I took Susan’s and we walked to the head of the line, she said something to the doorman and we were welcomed into the club. It was loud, smokey, and crowded. The band was really hot tonight and the dance floor was a mass of moving bodies. I let go of Tanya and turned to Susan, “I want us to be alone tonight, as enticing as Tanya is, I am with you.” She smiled and kissed me hard. Susan took be by the hand and let me onto the dance floor. We were dancing wildly, bouncing with the beat of the music, and getting bounced off people all around us. We danced for a while then went to find a corner to rest. We caught a small table just at the previous occupants were leaving and sat down. I went to get us some drinks. When I cam back I saw Tanya sitting with Susan and they were talking and laughing. I pulled my chair in between them and handed Susan her drink. I thanked Tanya for getting us in, we had been really looking forward to doing some dancing. Tanya started stroking my thigh and told me she was glad to help since we had been such great customers in the restaurant. Susan just smiled and started to stroke my other thigh. I was trying to carry on a conversation with the both of them while they played worked up and down my thigh slowly and softly. Occasionally one or both would slide their hand over my hard cock. Susan took my hand and Tanya’s and led us both to the dance floor. I ended up sandwiched between to beautiful, sensual women trying to find a way to grind them both at the same time. At one point Susan was straddling my left thigh with Tanya on my right.

The started to play something slow. Tanya looked at Susan and said, “You are going to have him for the night, can I just have him for this dance?”

Susan leaned in and gave Tanya sikiş hikayeleri a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Have fun.” She gave me a wink as she brushed her hand against my cock then turned and headed back to our table.

Tanya melted into my arms. Her breasts pressed against my chest. Her nipples hard and hot. As we started swaying to the music, she started grinding her pubic mound against my cock, which was straining against my pants. She looked up and me and our lips met in a kiss that started gentle but became increasingly intense, our tongues doing their own dance as we kissed and nibbled on each other’s lips. I started to fondle a breast through her blouse, pinching and rolling her nipple. She melted into me some and just lay her head on my shoulder as we danced while I was playing with her nipple. Time slowed down and things seemed to last forever, but all too soon the song ended. We stood there still swaying to music that had ended when the band went back to playing hard driving rock. Finally, as the other dancers were bouncing against us and flowing around us, we let go of each other and headed back to our table. Susan was just returning to the table as we got there.

Tanya looked at us and said she had to go but she really wanted to see us again, Susan said we were leaving soon as well but she would love for the three of us to meet up some other night. We all finished our drinks without sitting down and headed out of the club. It was a glorious feeling to have my arms around two incredible sexy women as we crossed the club and went out the door. When Tanya told us where she lived, we were both surprised and pleased to find it was only about 2 blocks past Susan’s place. So off we went, one arm around each woman, playing with their nipples as we walked home. When we got to Susan’s, Tanya gave me a good nights kiss while I played with her nipples some more. Then she gave Susan a kiss. Not just any kiss. Not a little peck on the cheek. I watched in awe and lust as Susan and Tanya devoured each other in a kiss of such intensity and passion I almost came watching them. Finally they broke the kiss. Tanya took a step back from both of us, said “Goodnight you two, have fun”, turned on her heel and headed down the road towards her place. Susan moved to me and we both watched her walk away, my arm around her shoulders. Then Susan took my hand and we headed into her house.

As she was finding her key and unlocking her door, I was standing behind her, unbuttoning her blouse and playing with her breasts with my hard cock pressed up against her ass. She opened the door and let me into her house. As soon as the door was closed she turned to kiss me. I finished opening her blouse and then unhooked her front clasp bra. Her tits were exposed to my hands and tongue as we kissed and fondled just inside her front door. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out of its confinement. It felt soo good in her hand. Leading me by the cock, she headed off to her room. As we passed one of her housemate’s rooms we could hear the unmistakable sounds of some heavy fucking going on.

Just before we got to Susan’s room another house mate came out of the kitchen. She was wearing an open robe and didn’t seem to have anything on underneath it. I could just make out her neatly trimmed bush . She stopped for a minute and smiled at Susan and I, Susan’s tits exposed and me being led by my cock. Susan introduced me to Jo. I gently shook Jo’s hand and said “Nice to meet you”.

Jo just smiled and muttered “lucky bitch” as she was looking at my hard cock. As she brushed past us down the hallway she gave Susan a quick kiss and ran her fingers across my cock. She looked me in the eyes and said “Be good to her”.

“I will.” I replied with a smile. “You have a good night.”

Susan led me into her room and we quickly finished undressing each other. I pulled her blouse and bra off and let them fall to the floor. As I was unbuckling her belt and trying to open her pants, she was trying to pull my shirt up over my head. I think it almost looked funny for a minute as we kept getting tangled up trying to get each other’s clothes off as quickly as we could. She pulled me as she backed up until she fell onto her bed with me on top of her. “FUCK ME NOW!” was all she said.

I pushed her further on to her bed then slid my cock into her in one stroke. Her pussy was soaked and she was ready. She wrapped her legs around me. As I started to fuck her, she started bucking her hips to match my movements. Very quickly we were fucking hard and fast and deep and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long. But neither was she. After only a dozen strokes or so I could feel my orgasm starting to build. I was pumping harder and faster. She was whimpering and moaning. A few more strokes and I lost all control, my body just twitched and jerked as started to cum harder than I ever had before. I was making my own meaningless noises as I wrapped my arms around her and shoved my cock as far up into her pussy as I could. Susan screamed. Not so much words as prayers, something about god was all I could understand. I could feel her pussy grabbing my cock, as Susan’s whole body went tense with her own orgasm.

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